Impeach Joe Biden for the Deplorable Treatment of the Trump Detainees

Al Qaeda fighters detained in Guantanamo Bay during the George W. Bush administration were never treated as badly as the 50 (at least) American citizens being held in a fetid Washington, DC jail. Most of the detainees have been jailed for months without bail and without access to attorneys. I guess we are supposed to believe that Trump supporters’ ideology is much worse than that of Islamic terrorists who fly airplanes into buildings. But since the left was hell-bent on impeaching George W. Bush for the “mistreatment” of Al Qaeda terrorists, I say fair is fair. Joe Biden must be impeached for torturing political prisoners whose main crime is not believing in Biden’s legitimacy.

The 50 Trump supporters remain in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day, seven days a week. The psychological torture is taking a toll on all of them, according to stories that are leaking out through attorneys. They’re not allowed to receive visitors, but some have managed to write letters to family.

I wrote previously about the psychological toll that the torture and abuse is having on the detainees, including Richard Barnett. He’s the burly older gentleman who was photographed with one boot up on Nancy Pelosi’s desk. Barnett turned himself in to authorities back in January on good faith, only to end up being charged with carrying a “deadly weapon” to “attack” the government. (The weapon was his walking stick, which he never actually used to hit anyone.)

Barnett was released finally after begging a judge to let him out. His attorney says that the first thing Barnett asked for was a pair of nail clippers. All 50 detainees are forced to share one set of nail clippers, which are never cleaned or sanitized. Barnett hadn’t trimmed his nails in four months.


Remember when Congress was supposed to impeach George W. Bush because Guantanamo detainees were being denied prayer mats and Korans? It was a breach of the First Amendment rights of foreign enemy fighters.

Apparently that standard doesn’t apply to Christian Trump supporters. Nearly all of the 50 detainees are Christians, but they’re not allowed to have Bibles in their solitary confinement cells. Nor are they let out of their cages for an hour on Sundays to attend church services. As one of the nasty DC jail guards yells at the detainees on a regular basis, “I hate all white people and your honky religion.”

Defense attorneys for the Trump supporters say it’s impossible to provide basic legal services to them. They are only allowed to meet their clients in an open room with other people and guards around – no privacy at all. This violates attorney-client privilege and is a violation of the most basic constitutional protections under the Bill of Rights. They won’t get fair trials, even when their trial dates eventually arrive.

Jacob Lang sent a letter to his father and describes the horrifying conditions that he and the other detainees are being held under. They don’t have toilet paper. During the one hour per day when they’re released from their cells, they are not allowed to use the showers.

No toilet paper. No showers. No wonder Richard Barnett did not want to use the nail clipper. And many of them have been incarcerated going on five months now on trespassing charges.

There’s nothing in the solitary confinement cells. They don’t have chairs, they don’t have blankets, they don’t have toothbrushes. They’re being denied all human contact. Oh, and Jacob Lang says the tap water in his cell comes out brown and “has chunks” in it.

Lang wrote to his mother, “They are literally torturing me exactly like they do to political prisoners in China. I’m a united states [sic] citizen and Constitutional patriot and they are . . . torturing me. I’m not even convicted of a crime!! This is how they treat ‘innocent until proven guilty people in America???”

These people are being tortured. Even if there had been an actual attempted insurrection (which there wasn’t), nothing justifies this sort of treatment toward American citizens. The reason why we have protections against this type of treatment in the Bill of Rights is because the British crown was committing those sorts of abuses against the early colonists.

The difference between then and now is that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson decided not to put up with this sort of crap.

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110 thoughts on “Impeach Joe Biden for the Deplorable Treatment of the Trump Detainees”

  1. The UNITED STATES now has a double standard, of course Trump Supporters are treated differently. They are supporters of president Trump so they must pay for that!!
    Everyone needs to accept the fact that Biden’s in office for four years the media and Democrats are working to cover up all his mistakes and bumbling around. Unless he does something Impeachable theirs nothing we can do .
    We’re stuck with the old Bas””rd .
    Now we need to consecrate on 2022 and 2024 .

      1. Joe Biden is a criminal person, a traitor and Americak hater.
        Impeach him and put him in jail with other american traitors like Kerry

        1. You are correct. The Marxist Democrats are the enemy of the State. They have been subverting our Republic for years. They attack our Constitutional rights, freedom of religion and speech along with our Second amendment rights. They don’t enforce our laws and even aide and abet criminals. They use ANTIFA and BLM terrorist to destroy our statues, burn buildings, intimidate citizens and attack police, all designed to cause Social unrest. They brainwashe our children with CRT in our schools . All they want is power and money. They use any crises like the corona virus to control the citizens. They destroy jobs and Spend trillions of dollars we don’t have to provide free healthcare, education, lawyers, housing and welfare programs to illegal aliens. We already have a housing and homeless problem! What do they do? Implement open borders for millions of people which also leads to increased crime, drugs, and human rights violations. They need to be impeached immediately before it’s to late.

          1. You are so completely correct! This senile pretender and his mental midget minions all need to removed from office post haste by any means possible and imprisoned at Gitmo from the remained of their lives! Execution by firing squad, for being traitors, would be acceptable!


          3. We do not have “open borders”. On the other hand, we do not shoot the women, men and children that try to enter our country illegally . We arrest them. We have a system for vetting them and sending them back. That is what a democratic country does. You blame Democrats for everything you object to, and hold them responsible for a lot of things that they are not in charge of.
            The freedoms and opportunities we have here will draw both legal and illegal immigration. The majority of illegal immigrants in the US have come here legally and then never left, when they were supposed to. When our country looks more attractive, more people will try to come in and to stay. It is a management problem, but the alternative should not be to make our country unattractive or to mistreat those who can be deported. Note also, that the crime rate among illegal immigrants is lower than that of the legal population. Of course, they are more concerned about being apprehended. But it puts the lie to your exaggerations.

          4. Hell will be hot for the democrats and the dumb people that back them and fake news. Liars will
            have their place in the lake of fire.

          5. Preston,
            I totally agree with you about everything you posted! I’ve read most of the other comments here, the real question here is how do We the People stop this crap? It’s time for some action not a bunch of complaining. Again the Question what do we do?

        2. I only wish we really could do that but we can’t unfortunately. There has to be a legal way to get Biden/Kamala out and the fraud proven and Trump back where he belongs.
          This is such a disgrace for our country and is making us laughing stocks of other countries. Neither one of this team has brains that are working. Kamala can only laugh like a hyena at everything and never can give a straight forward answer. She is a disgrace Biden has dementia to some degree. What a pair we have in our White House !

          1. I agree with you. Sally, I don’t know what dream world you live in, but the crime rate has been growing exponentially because of the illegals that are crossing our border in the thousands and overwhelming our border patrol. The China/Obama puppet, has told the border patrol to catch and release. These illegals are not given a court date, which they will not appear for, but just released into the country. I work on the border so I see this first hand.
            So Sally, please go back to sticking your head in the sand and let this illegal and fraudulent government take away all of your rights guaranteed by the constitution. The rest of us will work on the means of removal of the village idiots in office.

        3. I think we would all agree with you.biden is a criminal along with his son,family and is getting away with all his evil deeds pathetic. He needs to go now.

      2. Joe Biden isn’t a president … he’s a dictator. Between the children being held in squalor on our borders, and these innocent souls in lockdown for an “insurrection” that didn’t touch the enormity of riots elsewhere in the country, this man has commited political atrocities that he needs to be held to account for. He’s no different than “Little Rocket Man”. What this lowlife piece of shit is doing to American citizens is beyond reproach. Impeachment is a bad joke, this man deserves a public hanging.
        His family are criminals, guilty of one felony after the next.

        Criminals belong in prison, not the White House

        1. And let’s NOT forget this sick perverts propensity for little girls……. WHY IS HE IN THE WHITE HOUSE?!!! This is worse than a bad dream, at least when one has a bad dream, when you wake up , it’s over… this gets increasingly worse by the moment!

          1. What the h is taking so long to impeach and imprison the revolting disgusting criminal beijing biden?!?!

        2. Biden is the devil incarnate here to distroy anything and everyone,impeach him and put him in solitary.

      3. Welcome to “THE PEOPLES’ REPUBLIC OF AMERICA” where a persecuted prosecuted subject is judged guilty even if proven innocent. The Communist traitors are the citizens and loyal Americans are the subjects.
        Good news, however, the day of reckoning for the criminals in charge is rapidly approaching, almost here.

      4. Don’t forget he is a pedophile . He is on tape molesting children and some adults. These children were molested right in front of the parents and he belongs in prison !

    1. IF WHAT IS BEING DESCRI ED IS TRUE, PRESIDENT Biden NEEDS TO BE REMOVED AND IMPEACHED Immediately for treating individuals in such inhumane manner. In fact he should be sent to the same incarceration for his crmimal behavior.He needs some reality orientation.

    2. This is terrible. No one should be treated with such disrespect. Biden and he’s crew are scared that the truth will come out. There liars and do not care about America. Impeach them!

    3. Joe Biden is a lost, old, doddering fool playing nasty to try to look like he knows what he’s doing. He,s a looser and another lying Commie! He thinks he’s President but he is merely a broken down old puppet who needs Jill to speak to him since he is out of touch and has dementia. This dark time in our nation will pass and so will Joe, Nancy, Chuckie, Schiff, Hillary, Obama and the rest of the bastards who are trying to make slaves out of the American people. Think again, jerks: The God Who made the Heavens and The Earth will judge us all! No exceptions!

      1. Very well said, Adrienne. It’s ludicrous what a travesty joe and his ho are pretending to care about at Arlington Cemetary. This farce has to be stopped,

    4. Everyone needs to contact there Representatives and complain about the treatment of the so called home land terrorist, who have never been found guilty of any crime. Biden needs to be Impeached for the crimes that are having against these people right now. He thinks he can do what he wants when he wants. If this would have happened under Trump. He would have been Impeached.

    5. Biden is all that you aid, however to impeach him would be a v bad idea. Look at who would take his place. Camelwhore. That would be as bad or worse. I am afraid we are stuck with this sick trio for 4 years. All because some people didn’t like President Trump’s personality.

      1. Stand by ,Patricia, Biden should be out of office in July or August due to a supreme court ruling on election theft. Treason charges may follow.


    7. We need to HANG all these DEMORAT COMMIE COCKROACHES IN OUR GOVERNMENT before we have no country. Then we won’t need to vote the COCKROACHES will just appoint more COCKROACHES. EXTERMINATE AND ELIMINATE IS OUR ONLY CHOICE.

  2. These people are political prisoners. They are treated like political prisoners are treated in Communist countries. This is more than shameful.

    1. The disgust with which these people are treated is purely Communistic and up until 2020 would have never been experienced in our Constitutionally run nation. Sadly we are seeing the undoing of the worlds greatest nation. Sadly is also the fact that people of other nations are also seeing these travesties of law. Biden and Harris were put in office illegally to bring and end to America and usher in a new Communist Dictatorship. These 50 are just the first of millions of other Conservatives who will face the same if we allow the these corrupt Politicians and their propaganda media to finish what they have started.

  3. We need a Congress that can do the right thing. This sounds like a third world dictatorship not the United States of America. This needs to stop.

  4. IT IS UNBELIEVABLE THAT THIS IS Happening in the UNITED States of AMERICA. When are we going to hear about this in the NEWS??? NEVER!!!

  5. Why are they able to hold these people without bail, legal representation, and humane treatment? Under what rules is this travesty allowed? If these people have not been charged with a crime other than trespassing, they should be given bail and released. We all need answers to these questions NOW!

      1. Yes Biden and his administration must be impeached. Biden is a communist and have no respect for the Citizens of America and our Constitional Rights.

        1. President Trump is ans hasbeen our President! He was wrongfully labeled and convicted of crimes he did not commit! Biden, Pelosi and the other Commies don’t want a good President! We were thrown under the bus by them! Bring back the true President, Trump! The Swamp will not be here long due to their age. Pelosi isn’t getting any younger and neither is Biden the Moron! Drain The Swamp!

    1. I agree with all the comments I am reading. All Americans should be treated equally and they should be given bond and bail until they have a fair hearing. What about the Bidens and their ties to Ukraine & China both why were they not investigated and arrested. They all profited from my understanding for their dealings but now nothing is being said or done about that. Nancy Peolsi needs to unseated from her position in Washington too seems to me she does not need to be holding this position. Is she trying to destroy the American Dollar? Biden has undone some of the good things that former President Trump did letting all the illegal people into our country. We have enough going on here now without more problems. I have read also that former President Obama has given millions to the Lab in China supposely where the virus was created and form President Trump stopped it. Why are our American Dollars being given out so these places why not give it to the American people here who deserve it.

  6. This clown administration we have now all these idiots need to be in prison and throw away the key they are not American or even human all they care about are other countries not its citizens they all need to be impeached they are not doing us any good they are pigs

  7. This sounds like something out of the Soviet Union or China.
    Where are the lawyers for these guys? Where is the representation that they are guaranteed by the Constitution? I agree that what they did was not lawful and was rather stupid, but no one was killed or injured by them, nothing was stolen that I heard of, and their conduct was certainly not worthy of treatment by standards of the Middle Ages.
    Is someone providing proper lawful representation for them?

  8. Well my friend you did strike a good point about CHINA, for the leader of this country is in with them if you been following the e-mails that you receive. Where do you think some of the money he received from his son came from. Why do you also see them pushing for SOCIALISM for our COUNTRY, didn’t we fight to stop KEORA for becoming a COMMIE STATE and now were looking to become one under this DUMB NUMB SKULL. SOCIALISM doesn’t work look at CANADA it takes months to see a doctor if you lucky and who pays for it, do we really want to be a SOCIALIST COUNTRY??


  10. Biden deserves executed by firing squad! He has done nothing but became the enemy of the free world! Holding these people without charge is against the CONSTITUTION LAWS! WHERE ARE THOSE ANTIFA that were arrested for their role on January 6th? We have read were JOHN SULLIVAN WAS RELEASED! But Trump supporters still being held against their rights! This is wrong! We all know these DEMOCRAT are behind this! Especially PELOSI AND SCHUMER! PELOSI REFUSED TRUMP REQUESTS FOR 10 THOUSAND NATIONAL GUARD DAYS BEFORE THE RALLY!



  12. I could just cry for what they are doing to those poor people…!!!! And the bad guys are the ones piglosi and shumer had dress up as Trump People…They are truely the scum of the earth…They are not scaring us…!!! They are pissing us off…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. It was Antifa that had on their website to dress like Trump supporters. They wore Trump hats, but Trump people don’t wear helmets, and black outfits, and combat gear. ….or horns

    1. This ain’t America anymore! Obiddon isn’t running this country! The “actors” pretending to be
      President should be outed and executed and all those who have been following them jailed
      for life! God be with those 50 prisoners and all the rest of us Constitutional believing American

  13. All Biden Democrats from the days of Barack Obama are all Marxist evil people. They treat their own Americans with disgust and they want to kill all republicans,Who oppose them. It’s time to round up the goddamn Democrats and Biden and all Obama‘s people and charge them with treason and hang them out to dry as this is America this isn’t Communist China or Russia. It’s the Obama Marxist way of life and they’re imposing it on our people here in the United States yes. Impeach Biden now.!!!! THEY ARE TRULY THE REAL ENEMY WITHIN AND MUST BE DESTROYED…NOW …CANT WAIT TIL 22 OR 24

  14. There are no words strong enough to describe these atrocities. These people are plain evil! I am praying for God to move quickly! We have some good decent people out there but they need a miracle to overturn this disgusting group of UnAmerican deplorables!#

  15. The joke is on them. Those prisoners are NOT Trump supporters! The FBI timeline said that Trump had 12 more minutes of speech a mile away from the capitol when the groups. broke into the capitol.. Trump people don’t wear helmets or war gear and look like bums. Trump people are mostly middle age and look at his rallies. Antifa had on their website to dress like Trump people, with hats and flags and infiltrate his group. It was Antifa, BLM, Proud Boys, insurgence UASA, Oath Keepers that caused the riots. The FBI said who they arrested. A couple of Antifa said that Trump invited them, but that is a lie. Trump wouldn’t associate with those bums. Let them stay in jail and maybe they will think twice about their behavior, destroying cities around the country..

  16. Congress has to stop biden ,pelosi, harris, schumer, sanders and the squad ( they don’t deserve a capital letter on their names) as soon as possible. Congress better grow a pair of B—s and represent the people of this great country as they were elected to do. The above mentioned people should be either impeached or arrested and charged with sedition and traitors for destroying this country in less than half a year.

  17. Lets not forget that his and his cronies money invested into the Wuhan Lab was a direct violation of the NATO ban on biological weapons creation and testing!!!!!!!!!! Lock them all up!!!!!

  18. Biden is an inept puppet of the left. He is not capable of being a President and can only act via mandate and orders. He no longer has a mind of his own and is easily swayed by the likes of the Lefts worst including Pelosi and Schumer, the Squad, even his wife who is a fraud and detriment and his Son who is a Communist China Sympathizer and Drug addict and one who pulls Joey around by the nose. Impeach Joe NOW and be ready to take out those that will replace him. Harris, Pelosi and Schumer are equally bad for America!!

  19. Impeach Joe Biden for the Deplorable Treatment of the Trump Detainees
    Replace the Trump people with Biden/Harris and the Communistic demo party in orison

  20. One truth that has become crystal clear, we cannot trust anything the MSM reports. Exposed lies and repeated mass deceptions are proof, MSM is no friend to America or her citizens.

  21. This sounds like the plot to a horrible movie. Unfortunately, our country is so divided that it may take another civil war to undo the hatred caused by Obama and the extremists who have undermined the rule of law. There are several examples of reasons why Biden must be impeached. Start with treason and war crimes to American people and finish with special treatment and financial stipends of foreign terrorists and criminals being allowed to freely cross our Southern border.

  22. One small problem with impeachment of Biden. Giggles, our current vice president would replace him. How would that work out? Why not impeach both of them?

  23. President Trump is ans hasbeen our President! He was wrongfully labeled and convicted of crimes he did not commit! Biden, Pelosi and the other Commies don’t want a good President! We were thrown under the bus by them! Bring back the true President, Trump! The Swamp will not be here long due to their age. Pelosi isn’t getting any younger and neither is Biden the Moron! Drain The Swamp!

  24. “Sleepy Creepy,” Kamala, “Nutty Nancy,” “Crying Chuck,” and ANYONE ELSE in the line of succession to the Oval Office need to be impeached and tried in a court of law for crimes against humanity in the mistreatment of the alleged “trespassers” of Capitol Hill infamy. Upon swift and certain convictions for said charge(s), ALL should be imprisoned INDEFINITELY and subjected to the same conditions of confinement as the alleged “trespassers,” who should be immediately and unconditionally released AS WELL AS being awarded compensation in the form of punitive damages for their lost time, medical issues acquired as a result of mistreatment/torture/solitary confinement, and general denial and deprivation of Constitutional Rights! This is the USA , damn it all, not some Soviet Union gulag (NOT YET, anyway)!

  25. It’s time to arrest and remove the entire corrupt, hidenbiden administration, the military needs to do it. Hidenbiden, has already been caught in the pay to play scheme with the russian pipe line. He was selected by the deep state,not elected, we have proof that hidenbiden, took a pledge to secure our borders, and our national security, he has done neither, that is grounds for impeachment and removal. He needs to go now, he’s a traitor like obuthead.

    1. I have been under the impression that the Dems always wanted Biden out, so then hey would have Harris in as the first women, and the first woman of color much like that of the last president that tried his best to destroy America–Obama the non American president (also a first and quite illegal is anyone would read the Constitution!)

  26. Evil begets evil. This man has been a political leach on the American people for over 50 years. Then is enough ENOUGH!!! Public office was once a service , honorable and considered a privilege. It was not, and was NEVER to be a career. Much like Biden, Pelosi was never held a job in her career, but is a multi multi millionaire; what is up with that????? Biden’s son was caught receiving millions in bribe money from our nation’s enemies and nothing is being done about it WHY?? Ii know our politicians have become people above the law, but why their relatives??? Why do you suppose “INPEACHMENT” was the word for 4 yrs of a good president and nothing for this man set to destroy this nation????

  27. You would think that this issue would be important enough for the U S SUPREME COURT to address.
    But, it seems to me that the highest court in the land is a pretty LAZY court.

    1. Yes, impeach Biden for being one of the worst presidents. He should have never been voted in inthe first place. Trump did far more than the last few presidents that we have had. President Trump should still be our president now. Remove some of the top Democrats also. They aren’t making things any better, if anything, things are far more worst and will keep getting worst as long as the Democrats have their way and Biden and his side kick are in power.

  28. Yawn! Yeah, right. Impeach Biden. LOL.

    One, they don’t have the votes in the House to “Impeach”, accuse, him of anything. Second, they don’t have anywhere near the votes to Convict him of anything in the Democrat Senate.

    And even if it got as far as the Senate, no doubt the RINOs would charge across the aisle to vote Democrat as they always do. Remember their solemn pledge to repeal ObamaCare? LOLOLOLOL.

  29. Way back to the democratic nomination there were 22 nominees! Kamala was on the bottom, joe was 21! It’s not only ironic, but unbelievable, that biden ended up winning the nomination! His whole candidacy was non-existent while he hid in the basement! Trump was the greatest president we ever had! There’s no way that he lost to that bumbling idiot!! NO WAY!!!



  31. They all need to go to be charged with crimes against the United States of America and they need to be put in prison.

  32. Let me start, by saying, i am not in favor of any impeachment, even for the marxist/islamist/cartel democrat crooks who stole an election for power, and for the wealth their fake and phony ccp wuhan con-demic garnered their tycoons, tyrants, and terrorist supporters are making- after all the ‘big-lie-ten-percent guy’ must get his cut! Doing a trail, or even making speeches about one, would only play into the hands of the democrats! The same way it played int their hands when Mr. Trump was buffaloed in shutting down the economy! With that being said, WHERE are the republican senators, congressmen/congresswomen, judges, and pundits, ye ole fox, breitbart, oann, newsmax, and so on, concerning these people locked up in D. C. ??? Hello? Any of them out there??? Mr. Trump? Will you NOT go to bat for these people??? Yes, I will vote for Trump, if he runs, and yes, i will try to vote out rino crooks in primaries, and yes, i support the traditions behind the maga movement; but my question is, do any of these who lead all of this SUPPORT these poor folks being out-ccp’ed by the district of crooks in Washington??? They seem to be able to endlessly send texts, mail, emails, and calls, all seeking dollars to deal with voting out the crooked; they bluster in sound-bite terms about fraud, somewhat. They even mention in half-way airs the need for fair elections- pass a few bills here and there! BUT what about these purges, proscriptions, and illegal treatment of these poor people! Where are they???? Me and the eighty plus real, actual people who voted, plus all the percentage of people who voted for Trump that switched to the democrat counts, we all want to know: WHERE ARE YOU ON THIS!

    1. Man. Come on! Impeach! It is my right to have high Crimes and misdemeanors in my presidency! C ‘mon! Man(woman ?)

  33. Impeach president Biden (Not my president). I never voted for him and I feel so sorry for the voters who voted for this IDIOT because he betrayed all of you. I honestly think my President Trump won the elections but were robbed!

  34. What is being described are the inventions of the anti-Democrat mind. The policing system and the decisions of how to handle particular policing problems do not magically change overnight when a new president is elected. Furthermore, when a new president comes into office, he does not immediately interfere with the federal and state systems of policing, arrests, criminal prosecutions, etc. He has other more important things to keep him busy. Think about it.

  35. God Bless those who are in jail. That takes a communist to treat people like that. What does it take to impeach Biden, Kamala, Pelosi, Omar. Oh! Obama said Biden is finishing the job he started when he was in office.

  36. If this is true what the hell I want to call Joe Biden out he needs to tell the American people the truth the dems are all liars especially Piglosi all Americans and myself demand these people be turned loose you talk about criminals look at the dumbassacrates they will all pay the piper one day


  37. This is so awful. It seems something could be done to help these people. Even the worst criminals are not treated this way. How is this legal or constitutional. The Jan 6 protest was encouraged by the Dems. The videos show a different story than what the left media is reporting. There is no end to the evil these people are supporting, I can only hope that someone in power will step up and condemn this horrific abuse of power and justice.

  38. President Joe Biden is endangering us all. He has let Hamas attack Israel with rockets. He has killed American jobs, and he has caused run-away inflation. He is a friend to Communist China, and he favors trans-people at home. He has let the Southern border clog up with illegal aliens. His foreign policy is weak, and he is a tyrant at home. The Constitution of the US has been shredded. Private property is a thing of the past. He insults our women and men in in uniform and wants to “defund” the police. Why dosen’t someone remove him, before it is too late!

  39. Well, by all accounts, this regime is Marxist/Communist/ Socialist/“Woke” Progressive in ideological persuasion, so what conclusion could any otherwise relatively intelligent, sophisticated student of politics arrive at? Such treatment of political prisoners/detainees/prisoners of conscience is SOP for such like or similar political systems in their paranoid panic to maintain and secure their own political power! WHY should the Biden-Harris regime be any different?

  40. yes get rid of the sicko he belongs in jail so he cant infect others we thought the virus was bad damn

  41. This horrendous detention is the rehearsal for the gulags and joycamps that are to come when the party of Marx, Mohammed and Mexico feels it is strong enough to establish a dictatorship formally. This will probably be after another rigged election in 2022 if they can pull that off, or after the Chicoms loose another plague on us (and the evidence is string that they are working on them). It is also possible that some terrible white supremacist Trump-supporter conspiracy will be uncovered that will require a crackdown. The riot season is just getting ginned up now, and this year the anarchists, communists and black supremacists will have the police power of the state and the newly-purged and -vetted American Peoples Liberation Army behind them, so it is possible that “peaceful protests” will progress to the revolutionary action that Antifa and Burn Loot Murder clearly plan. Down with the dictatorship! Biden and his gulags delenda est!

  42. it’s time to give joe biden pelosi and the rest of the tratiors a taste of thier own medicine jail all the traitors! NOW!! THEY ARE TRATORS! WHY are they not in jail if anyone else ignored the laws this country has they would be under the jail! DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE done unto you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! burn THEIR BUSINESSES HOUSES AND BEAT AND KILL THEM SEND EVERY ILLEGAL TO THEIR HOMES AND DEFUND THEIR SECURITY AND IGNORE ANY DAMAGES DONE TO THEM THE WORD leaders DO not APPLY TO THIS PACK OF SELF SERVING THEIVES

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