Joe Biden’s Lame Duck Status is Permanently Established This Week

Americans have a lot of reasons to feel sad this week. Our nation didn’t have to be in such terrible shape. If only the you-know-what had not happened in November 2020, we’d be in much better shape right now. But I also feel like gloating and preening a bit this week. If you’ve been reading these pages for a while, you know that we predicted back in April that if Joe Biden didn’t manage to shepherd a big steaming, nation-destroying piece of legislation through Congress before Memorial Day, his lame duck time in a stolen office would effectively be moot.

Even CNN is copying my homework now. On their website, CNN Editor-at-Large Chris Cillizza wrote this week that Biden’s agenda will be “stalled” until 2023 unless they pass something in the next few days.

As I’ve been saying for the last few years, the Democrat Party’s trip down Identity Politics Lane will one day seal their doom. They don’t have a cohesive coalition; the party is made up of minority special interest groups that all secretly hate each other. Without a strong, patriotic pro-America champion like Donald Trump to bind them together, I predicted that they’d all soon start cutting each other’s throats. Which they’re doing now.

The brother-marrying progressive “Squad” wing of the Democrat Party in the House refuses to vote for the $1.2 million “compromise” infrastructure package that has some actual infrastructure in it. Meanwhile, Democrats in purple states or districts are refusing to vote for the gigantic and stupid $3.5 trillion “infrastructure” reconciliation bill that doesn’t have any actual infrastructure projects in it.

Senators Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), being the last two Democrats who are capable of math, are refusing to budge on the $3.5 trillion package while the nation is going through Biden-induced inflation. They’re the only two that are publicly opposing the bill. But I’m also hearing through the grapevine that Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Ron Wyden (D-OR) and some of the other dinosaurs won’t support the reconciliation bill either. They’re not even close to passing it.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders (D-VT) has apparently taken a break from sticking balloons to his head to entertain children and has decided that neither the $1.2 trillion or the $3.5 trillion bill is expensive enough, so he’s refusing to support either one.

If anyone is having trouble keeping track of that, here’s the simplest way that I can explain it: The socialists in the House won’t support the $1.2 trillion bill unless the Democrats in the Senate pass the $3.5 trillion bill. But the Democrats in the Senate don’t have the votes to pass the $3.5 trillion bill. The Democrats are in a Mexican standoff with themselves. (Whoops! Am I allowed to call a Mexican standoff a Mexican standoff still? Could someone check that with the language police for me?)


Biden’s agenda was set back even further when the Senate Parliamentarian saved America by ruling that the Democrats can’t include amnesty for a gazillion illegal aliens in the reconciliation bill. Oops.

All of this means that Joe Biden is the first Oval Office occupier in any of our lifetimes that hasn’t been able to pass a single piece of permanent legislation. There’s not going to be a Biden equivalent of Obamacare or George W. Bush’s “No Child Left Behind Act” (authored by Ted Kennedy). There’s nothing. He has accomplished nothing. His legacy will be a big fat goose egg. His agenda has stalled so badly that Kamala Harris is probably praying for Joe to live a couple more years.

The only thing they’ll have time to pass with the remaining three months in this year is the budget – and even that will come down to the wire. Then it’s 2022, and no Democrat in a swing district will dare to support any of the crazy things on Biden’s Official List of Crazy, because it will bite them in the midterm elections. And after that, it will be 2023 and candidates will be declaring for the 2024 race. And nothing will get done by Congress until after that. Beautiful!

Don’t get me wrong. Things are still terrible in America right now and it’s all Team Biden’s fault. If we didn’t have an imposter in the White House, does anyone really believe we’d be paying $5 a gallon for gas? Not a chance. Here’s something to pin your hopes on, though: Even though it’s going to be tough until Donald Trump is back in the White House, he or another Pro-America Republican will be back. And Biden will not have managed to do any permanent damage to us.

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25 thoughts on “Joe Biden’s Lame Duck Status is Permanently Established This Week”

  1. The first “president” to NOT pass a piece of permanent legislation.
    50 years of nothing gets you……… nothing. And in the debates he referred to Trump as “ clown”.
    And just look at the three ring circus this imbicle is in charge of. Gimme a break!!

    1. This country was founded on priciples of freedom, liberty, and God given rights. Our founders drew up a wonderful plan that worked until……….

      Well, in my humble opinion, it worked well right up to the point where we welcomed in a black man as president with open arms.
      You see, a non-colorized union is what the left is vying for here. I woke up this morning realizing that since 2008, the white population of this country is under immense attack.
      As a doctrine for this nation, all nationalities, colors, and creeds have been more than welcome to the USA as immigrants to this great place. Do what?!! Learn the language, live by the rules, assimilate, and everybody lives happily ever after. A GREAT CONCEPT.

      Enter Obama.

      Racial tensions long gone now spur up all over the country. The man refuses to let us know his real birthplace, (is he a Muslim), etc.
      Then comes the “Fundamentally change America” speech, which, ( I don’t know about you)… left me not only confused, but pissed off that this isn’t what any of us had voted for.
      Then of course there is his pet project….Black lives matter, where he entertained the communists no less than 8 times in the White House.
      Everything past this point was about destroying America at its roots and Hillary was going to be the one laying the asphalt down on the roads ( if you will ) to make sure his evil agenda took hold.
      Enter Trump…… need I say ANYTHING else?! They ( the left, and the media, and big tech ) did their best to make this man who loves his country and his people look just like WHO THEY ARE. The Hillary paid for Russian hoax, the endless stories of tax evasion, and getting too rich, let’s see your taxes as we impeach you twice blah, blah, blah …. let’s just knock your dick in the dirt evil manifestations these kooks perpetuated at every turn.
      To ruin a man who put us FIRST!!!!!!
      So they steal 2020, implement a 1000% buffoon into Trumps house, and install a Cheese brained sex fiend ( but, she’s a woman of color, so it’s ok) as our Vice President !!, and from day one they’ve reimplemented the SHIT that Hussein Obama started.
      Well, it’s “ people of color “ they wanted to run the show, they got their wish didn’t they?!
      Who’s calling the shots America?
      Joe Biden?!!!!!!!
      Lol.. lol… lol… lo motherf—-cking L!!!!
      It’d be Obama, and more importantly Susan Rice. The “ un-whitening” of this nation is set in full force. Never mind that these are the same white people who have been embracing others to immigrate here for 250 yrs., now these white people are “RACIST”, and a detriment to the whims of our new black Marxist leaders.
      Del Rio is just the beginning. We don’t absolve the problem in the White House now we’re all going to pay……. infinitely. This attack on white Americans is a travesty. The race problem in this country was reintroduced by Obama and this administration is doing all they can to finish the kill.
      It’s disgusting and dispicible. These tyrants days are numbered. We’ll NOT LIVE BY DICTATORSHIP PRINCIPLE!

  2. Stalled? Are you kidding? His Destroy America Agenda is running at Warp Speed!

    The borders are WIDE OPEN. He and his Communist allies are inviting in even more while inventing reasons to insult the CBP agents with juvenile accusations of racism. His destroy our alliances and wreck the military agenda have already succeeded. His shameful running retreat from Afghanistan has resulted in bringing in over 30,000 new MUSLIMS to be seeded all over the country.

    The nation is BROKE and going “broker” while his Congressional masters look for even more ways to spend trillion$ we no longer have! All the while the government finds new and better ways to clamp Unconstitutional dictatorial despotism upon us all.

    Stalled? LOLOL. I don’t think so! STOP GIVING US FALSE HOPE WITH THESE ARTICLES! Articles like the “we got ’em now” blurbs about election fraud! And Impeachment. LOL. All hail President Partytoy!

    Unless our sold-out treasonous defenders and the GOP(LOL) step up IT IS OVER.

    1. Now is the time to show why we are a Constitutional Republic and do this now.We are in a new era the end of time coming!

      Repent of our Sins .get behind our County Sheriffs and Use the 1902 Dickie act ,create mini Militias train and gather supplies get ready to stop any Section 8 urban killing Sanctuary Cities and begat Bounty hunts now as Crimes on an Air Force base by two Afghan men begate and two or more Haitians Hijacked a Bus in Del Rio taking them back to the Airport to Be deported on demand are now missing.

      Its enough how much crime has opened up under Hijacked the POTUS Joe Obiden Obama

      Arm UJp defend our Land now Gert after Bill Gates and Soros and FAUXI and The CCP Scum who want to take control of the USA and the world.

  3. This President is making America look like idiots. and he’s doing nothing but hurt the middle class and the poor. He needs to step down.

  4. Afghanistan, and the Border issue has put this country in danger. Disaster in 9 months of leadership. I’m afraid to think about what a full term will bring the American people.

    1. Fiscal cliff is coming. Biden drags USA to a recession, then depression… why the big infrastructure..leading .financier of the world’s energy prog..

  5. Thank God for Manchin and Sinema — the only “2” Democrats who actually have a brain !!! Hold Fast to our true American way of life ! Elections are coming, the “IDIOTS” will be going, and, hopefully, pay for it down the road. Still Proud to be an American ! May God Bless All ! In God We Trust !!!

    1. Thank God for those 2 who oppose the rest of the marxists???
      Don’t hold your breath , people !!!
      They will be forced to comply one way or the
      other !!!
      The Marxists in chiefs , Pelosi, Obama, know how to handle those 2 !!!

  6. Somebody please tell the people in this country how the G O P is supposed to get back in the White House.
    They can’t even figure out how the Democrats stole the election.(or even look at the evidence that has been found).
    Nothing here but a dog & pony show.

    1. Everything went exactly how was being “planned”
      by the marxists in charge !!!
      They’ve been doing their job of destroying America for at least 25-30 yrs !!
      Our so called “ representatives “ ( GOP) and a lot of the American people we’re playing nice-nice with the devil and we see the results now !
      Do we remember what Hussein O promised in 2008 ? ( fundamentally transform America) !!!!
      Well, they are Doing Just that !!!!

    2. Only if you let it are you a self defattes or afraid to get Killed Standing up for our Constitution? We are not a Democracy Know the history man and man up.

      Yes, It will be hell if they try to put Ignorant Turd worlders in National GUARD or NATO Uniform to confiscate firearms. They will lose and Patriots in Uniform now will turn the barrels on them watch and see.
      I did not take my Otah for nothing!

      Get back to God or Die a Horrible death Stop Looking out behind your Window curtain man and Man Up[ for your Children’s Children!

  7. Bozo Beijing Biden & the Cat house Clowns 3 ring circus using the USA as their laughing stock. The do nothing GOP JOKE with the likes of Benedict Romney, Pile of Dung Pence & Chin Nuts Cheney all Cowards, Traitors & Treasonous Waste of skin do nothings except destroy the USA. The Globalist Back stabbing Bush regime. All have enriched themselves while crapping on the American People. A complete dog & pony show, is an understatement.
    The MSM controlled by the CIA for propaganda pushing their unconstitutional agenda on the American People.
    The demonic infiltrated & Run Government controlled by Satan has reared it’s serpent head.

    1. “ soldado” , sir !!!
      Unfortunately, you are so right !!!!
      It looks like we have reached the point of no return!
      The globalists movement, the msm, Soros, the big tech and lots of the inside traitors ( from within) have managed to destroy our country!!!!
      USA will be very soon re-named the USSA ( United socialist state of America), basically the next Venezuela!!!
      Sad but true !!!

  8. With all the imirgratation from far of lands it will be not far off that that we are attacked on 2 fronts inside and outside!.Maybe just inside on many fronts in many areas on the same day an attack will happen why? the Afghanistanistan,cuban,Haitian all others have mostly Not been Vetted Bidden is a senile fart should be removed Harris incompetent my 3 year old great nephew could do better smarter too.

    1. But it will be hard for them to do so The sleeping Giant lives for peace but we will not fall,but only if we do not get back to our basic Blueprint One Nation Under the God of Abraham!

  9. We have conclusively proven Professor Thomas Sowell’s observation that the US electorate is “IGNORANT AND GULLIBLE”

  10. We are doomed. The next election will have even more fraud. We are caught if they invoke the 25th we get Harris which could be even worse.

    1. At this point, Harris, Pelosi, AOC or any other marxist, it doesn’t really matter anymore !!
      If they will manage to push that crazy spending bill of $ 3.5 trillion ( most like $ 7-8 trillion), plus the so called “ election law “ ( making sure they will stay in power for the next 100 yrs) … does it really matter who would go to the WH after this bubble head idiot ( since they will “ win” every future elections with 99% of the votes ???)
      You don’t believe it ???
      Well, this is how Fidel Castro stayed in Power, Maduro, Stalin, and now Xi in China who was already “ elected” for life !!!
      Thank you to all our brainwashed millennials, our
      so called “ GOP representatives” plus of course the media, Facebook, Tweeter, big Corp, the globalists movement and some of our fellow citizens, still asleep and dreaming….

  11. They who ever they are that Brainless Biden keeps talking about that control him, will probably dispose of Biden as soon as they program Kamala on what lies to say to the American people till ” THEY ” think they have destroyed America and it people and our government enough to be able to take over our government and our country and of course our FREEDOM. Of course THEY don’t know what its like to have millions upon Millions of teed off Americans coming after them to Destroy them or They once and for all. THE END NEAR.


  13. “(Whoops! Am I allowed to call a Mexican standoff a Mexican standoff still? Could someone check that with the language police for me?)”

    A Mexican standoff. A Mexican standoff! Sounds to me more like a Chinese fire drill…Dooouuuuh…

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