Landmark Legal Case Forces Maine to Make Their Voter Rolls Public

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Dirty voter rolls are the absolute worst thing about our elections in America, especially when combined with mass mail-in voting. It’s how the 2020 election was stolen from President Donald Trump.

Democrats know that dirty rolls and mail-in voting provide them with the opportunity to cheat in elections. They make it as difficult as possible for anyone to see the voter rolls and check for accuracy or ineligible voters.

Thanks to a landmark court ruling this week, the State of Maine is no longer allowed to hide its voter rolls from the public.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) has been suing states that make it especially difficult or nearly impossible for their voter rolls to be examined. A trick that states use to deceive the public about their voter rolls is to charge exorbitant amounts for a copy of them.

The only way to examine a voter roll effectively is to look at two different copies—for example, one from right before an election and one from the day immediately after.

That way you can tell whether a bunch of ineligible or fake voters were injected into the system and then erased right after the election. A public voter roll also lets individuals check for accuracy as well.


In Maine, people and groups are prohibited from seeing the voter rolls because the state charges $9,500 for one copy, and you can only get one if you are a representative of a political party. It would cost you $19,000 for two copies to do a reasonable comparison and check for accuracy.

That’s not a “public record.” It’s a wildly expensive dirty trick to prevent conservative nonprofits like PILF from examining your voter rolls.

Other states are even worse. Wisconsin charges $12,500 for one copy. As we reported almost one year ago today, when Omega4America finally got its hands on a copy of Wisconsin’s voter roll, they discovered one person had been registered 180,000 different times.

Each of those registrations used an invisible character on the voter registration forms in Wisconsin’s computer system that wasn’t visible to the naked eye. That’s not a clean voter roll and it’s definitely not cheap.

Alabama charges $30,000 for a copy of its voter rolls, so this dirty trick to prevent the public from investigating our elections is not limited to blue states. California and Virginia will throw you in jail if you try to look at their voter rolls. You have to be a state party or a political candidate to look at the rolls in those states.

In other words, the integrity of our elections in many states is impossible to verify because the voter rolls are effectively hidden. That’s why PILF sued Maine and is suing other states as well.

The First Circuit Court of Appeals just ruled that Maine’s voter rolls are, in fact, a public record. The state is no longer allowed to hide its voter rolls through exorbitant fees that no one can afford.

Congress enacted federal legislation back in 1993 called the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA). The law requires states to maintain clean voter rolls. It also prohibits states from preventing transparency and openness.

States have been arguing that charging tens of thousands of dollars for multiple copies of their voter rolls is “transparency,” but everyone knows that’s complete horse hockey.

This case dates back to 2019. PILF asked for a copy of the Maine voter roll but was initially denied because they’re not a political party. The Democrat-controlled Maine legislature then changed the law, so that PILF could access the rolls—but they could only conduct research that had been pre-approved by the legislature.

PILF wanted to compare Maine’s voter rolls against New York’s rolls. A ton of New Yorkers have second homes in Maine, so PILF wanted to check and see whether any of them are illegally registering in both states. Unfortunately, it was illegal for PILF to use the Maine voter roll like that. The Maine Democrats wouldn’t allow it!

The First Circuit Court wrote in its ruling, “[T]he restrictions imposed by the Use Ban erect an impenetrable barrier for those seeking to use the Voter File to evaluate and enforce compliance with the NVRA nationwide.”

This is the third state where PILF has successfully sued to gain access to the voter registration file. They won previous cases against Maryland and Illinois and have another pending in Hawaii.

It’s a long and slow process, but the result is going to mean cleaner voter rolls and fair elections. It’s going to be hilarious when blue states start turning red because they’ve finally been forced to clean up their dirty voter rolls.

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22 thoughts on “Landmark Legal Case Forces Maine to Make Their Voter Rolls Public”

  1. I’m so happy to hear we may finally get a fair chance to vote. It’s the one shot we as Americans can have a chance in getting this country back on track and stop Immigration to take Our housing heating food healthcare social security retirement funds we worked for us Not these Illegals. Thank you . Just when we were looking elsewhere to live . Again God Bless America

    1. Don’t kid yourself Heidi the satanist demonrats have around 50 million illegal aliens in this country and they will be voting in the 2024 election. Why is it you think 12 million will arrive from the southern border without vaccine status or any knowledge of who they are plus free housing, free health care, free food, free money, etc all at the hard working tax payers expense. You are too naive but will find out come November when all hell breaks loose. 2020 was a pre-amble. Fake news msm are paid to lie find an alternative. Good luck.

      1. A Sheriff in Arizona personally saw $5000 pre-paid VISA CARDS being handed out to each adult illegal alien. VISA is not giving these out as a donation. WE ARE PAYING FOR THEM and Biden and his Puppet Masters are arranging people to hand them out along with other freebie access info instructions. Some states are giving them Driver’s Licenses, too. No ability to drive or testing required. Telling them can use for official IDS, and who knows for what else.

    2. I totally agree. The only reason the democrats want illegals into this country is because they want them to vote. They will give them anything for their votes. Losers and cheaters. We can’t let them do it again!!!

      1. Will also help them in redistricting and population based numbers each state can send to Congress to make our laws, financial money acts allotted at Federal requests, etc. Current Administration and Puppet wants them all put on Social Security and Medicare, likely hoping speeds their plan to bankrupt them. Also want education and Healthcare for the illegals WE get the privilege of paying for it all and ha ING our benefits dedtroyed.


      2. Secondly, the Biden Amenstruation is all for paying off college loans to con our youth into voting for him or any Democrat. Him letting illegals in, putting VISA cards in their hands, supporting them and his paying off student loans is nothing other than “quid pro quo” that the Democrats were yelling and screaming at ever possible juncture when Trump was in office!

    1. Yes, Now that pulled this crap on Trump with not giving him immunity for stuff he didn’t do then that means that Biden should definitely go to prison for stuff he did do!!!

  2. I have personally experienced voter fraud when I voted for Trump in 2020. My ballot was rejected three times. I had voted for a split ticket below the President because my local Democrats were doing a sufficiently good job. I went to the proctor who reviewed my ballot and found no box filling errors. The proctor resubmitted my ballot and it was again rejected. The proctor next correctly converted my ballot to an electronically filled ballot and submitted it. Again rejected! the second try was successful but the required confirmation was not provided. That was when I learned that the ballot collectors were the real voters. Not me. My ballot could be changed without my approval. I expect more voter fraud and distrust the system.

    1. I read that in Georgia you could review your choices after buying and they could look OK, but 2 master computers in Atlanta could change your bote because the BAR CODE on each ballot could showed who the mschine actually put our vote in for… all decided by some master computers to flip so many.

  3. All voter roles must be clean in every state. There were wide spread reports of voting in many states where people were actually deceased, had moved away yet still voted. There were records where signatures did not match ballot envelopes or addresses were abandoned lots. There were records of the same person voting multiple times and in more than one state. The list goes on. This whole thing must be fixed everywhere if we are to have honest elections. IDs, same day voting, You must request absentee ballots. NO unrequested mail in ballots. Period.

  4. The shit will hit the fan one way or another this election year. The unhinged left are going to go nuts if Trump wins and America will go nuts if Biden cheats to win which we all no he will. 2020 was a perfect example of the leftist cheating. Get ready for all hell to break loose!!

  5. It amazes me to hear the likes of Joe Biden, Hakeem Jeffries. Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi all say how Trump is a threat to Democracy yet it is Democrats who are taking people off of ballots in various states. So wake up folks it is you who the Democrats a threatening.

  6. I received two ballots in the 2020 election. One in my PO Box and one at my residency. That had never happened to me before. I could’ve put both ballots in but chose to only put one in. For generations my family has been democrats but in the 2020 elections approximately 90% of us changed to Republicans. I used to think our elections were legal but not any more. The 2020 election changed that.

  7. Citizens should be able to view their address and see who is registered for that property and they should have authority to remove names that do not/or no longer live at the address. The voter logs should be put on the government web site and viewable in real time.

  8. Having lived in a great America, born in 1934….I now find myself afraid of what is going on, The chief of all liars rules the democrat party and he’s out in the open now, I praise God I am one that surrendered to the Lord for His salvation. Any one can see that the greatest tribulation of the world, is at hand, it’s all setting on the horizon of time, I have only the rapture to look forward too. I believe the republicans that do nothing and vote against righrteousness, are being blackmailed by the swamp on sexual deeds, most all of them were set up one time or another. Biden is going to hell and he’s too brain dead even to care….sad sad and most of his cronnies are going with him.

  9. This may be the end of time as we know it.

    Most all of the 435 members of the house & most all of the 100 members of the senate NEED(MUST) be replaced if “We the People” are to take back our country. Are they ALL bad? No, but most all – have been comprimised & are being black mailed. Even most of our supreme court members are likewise comprimised & NEED(MUST) be replaced. amy coney barrett is a disgrace ! We should give those who are comprimised the opportunity to immediately resign, make a public confession concerning their compromized position in order to be forgiven of their crimes against “We the People” & we move forward.

    For those who do not resign, “We the People” need to do a complete investigation of their time in congress & proceed accordingly.

    I believe we have some good people who have made some dumb, possibly criminal decisions based on their level of complicity in criminal opposition God Almighty & to our constitution. We need to forgive that which can be forgiven. Truthfully, some of their crimes that require justice & justice must be appropriately administered.

    I also believe that there are some who MUST be put to death as a result of the many lives that have been LOST as a result of their criminal(EVIL) behavior. Their vicious attack on our children will NOT be forgiven. Every so called doctor, nurse, media person & etc. involved in the mutilation of a child’s body(transgender evil) should HANG by the neck until DEAD !!!

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