Leftist Media Exposed Faking Matt Gaetz Sex Trafficking Story

The same mainstream media that lies to us about everything would really appreciate it if you would believe them when they claim that Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) traffics underage girls across state lines. And if you won’t believe that, don’t worry. They’ll make up even more outlandish lies about Matt Gaetz!

Rightwing TV pundits – who should really know better by now – continue to treat Congressman Gaetz as if he has the plague. What would it take to convince people on the right that the media is lying to us, just this one little old time in an extremely rare instance of dishonesty? How about if the media admits on hidden camera that it’s fake news? Well, I have great news! That evidence exists!

It’s been three months since the Matt Gaetz smear began, and we still don’t have a single shred of evidence that it’s true. The media claimed that Gaetz was under federal investigation for trafficking a 17-year-old girl across state lines for sex. I’ll shout it from the rooftops again:

That is a lie.

Have you noticed that when any type of #MeToo allegations that are TRUE come out, the witnesses start crawling out of the woodwork? Imprisoned Clinton donor and fern appreciator Harvey Weinstein had hundreds of women accuse him. Nursing home killer and Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo had dozens of women accuse him of improper sexual harassment.

Total number of Matt Gaetz accusers after three months: ZERO!

George Soros owns a huge chunk of the New York publishing industry, and he’s been handing out $2 million book advances to anyone who will write (or ghostwrite) a book smearing anyone in Donald Trump’s inner circle. Everyone from Bill Barr to Hunter Biden has taken Soros’ cash. Yet not one woman who knows Matt Gaetz has taken that offer? Please.


After three months, no woman who has ever witnessed improper behavior from Matt Gaetz has come forward. No woman who is willing to state that Matt Gaetz harassed her or paid her for sex has come forward to share her story with the New York Times for a couple hundred-thousand bucks. In fact, every female friend of Gaetz’s who has been approached by reporters has informed them that Matt Gaetz is entirely professional and a perfect gentleman – and that this story is a load of crap.

Here’s what CNN technical director Charlie Chester had to say about the “Matt Gaetz sex trafficking” story. Oh, and by the way, CNN technical director Charlie Chester said this on camera to an undercover Project Veritas reporter:

“[Matt Gaetz is] a problem for the Democratic Party because he’s so conservative and he can cause a lot of hiccups in passing of laws and what not. So it would be great for the Democratic Party to get him out. So we’re going to keep running these stories to keep hurting him and make it so that it can’t be buried and just like settled outside court just and like, you know, if we keep pushing that, it’s helping us.”

I’d love to know what all the rightwing pundits who are shunning Matt Gaetz think when they see that clip. And you know they’ve seen it.

Let me see if I have this straight. The mainstream media lied to us for four years about Russian collusion and the Russian potty dossier. They lied about the Ukraine quid pro quo. They lied and continue to lie about January 6th. They lied about “two scoops of ice cream!” They lie about Joe Biden’s mental acuity. They lie about Kamala Harris’s verbal acuity. They lie about the 2020 election results, and they lie about the ongoing audits of the 2020 election. They lie about the baseball field shooting of Steve Scalise and the Bernie Sanders supporter who did it.

But they’re suddenly telling us the truth about Matt Gaetz this one time, while providing absolutely no evidence to support the claim, and there are no corroborating witnesses and everyone who knows Matt Gaetz says he’s a really nice guy?


Meanwhile, Gaetz has released a treasure trove of text messages, emails and voicemails from deranged reporters trying to corroborate anything. The reporters are stooping to threatening acquaintances of Matt Gaetz to try to find someone – anyone(!) – who will share some dirt with them.

Let me just say this one more time: The Matt Gaetz allegations are fake news. It’s a hoax.

To give you a taste of just how deranged the media is when it comes to “getting” Matt Gaetz, how about this:

Matt Gaetz is a bisexual serial killer who hides the dead bodies of his victims with the help of his father (a well-respected former GOP state senator from Florida). Oh, and bisexual serial killer Matt Gaetz is being blackmailed by people who have a bunch of sex tapes of him.

NOW do you believe the media?!

That obviously sounds way too crazy to be true, but that’s the message that a reporter left on a voicemail to one of Matt Gaetz’s former staffers.

Since you won’t believe me otherwise, give it a listen before YouTube takes it down. Here’s reporter Matthew Phelan from Mother Jones with his big scoop about Matt Gaetz being a bisexual serial killer:

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27 thoughts on “Leftist Media Exposed Faking Matt Gaetz Sex Trafficking Story”

  1. i love the photo of biden riding in the open limousine with frankie roosevelt. now how about one of him standing next to hitler?

  2. CNN is a disgrace and should be run thru fact checker on a daily basis. I use to watch the station but got disgusted with the same bs over and over again. The station needs new leadership. They also need new journalist. They are like an old automobile that needs to many repairs.

    1. They don’t need anything as there is nothing they say or do has any hope of the truth. That’s what they do, have no proof and provide no evidence but they think by saying it, everyone will believe them. The only ones that believe this dribble are the lefty morons who can’t think for themselves. CNN says jump and they say how hi. Lefties want to destroy this country and remake it in their image. Never going to happen because conservatives think and understand the BS coming from the left. It’s all about control. We are free Americans and we will stay this way. There will always be those that want control over everything. Soros is an example of a really sick anti Semite who will not succeed.

    2. Ok, let us assume he is a homosexual? Since when the libtards started to think that is a bad thing?

    3. Doesn’t hurt to send a letter to them expressing your feelings. With the way their ratings are going, they might actually take our letters seriously.

  3. The anything for a dollar Democrats just cover for creepy Joe. If they were true Americas they would get him and Harris out of our White House. Along with Pelosi. I’m tired of them embarrassing our country in front of the world. My people came here on the Mayflower we have fought and died in every war starting with the Revolutionary. We are Americas and for the first time I am ashamed of our government, they have forgotten what Patriotism is and what America stands for and why we came here Freedom from tyrants, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion. We can not let this false presidency take that from us. This is communism and creepy joe and his followers will go down in history as “communist” I don’t want to be remembered as one who let this happen do you?



  5. I keep wondering when will some Investigating Journalist write a book titled “Liars And Lies of The Fake News Media”? However, after thinking about it, I believe they already know if one did, that there would not be enough paper in the world to put more than two books through print.

  6. Matt stood his ground from the begining a said the reports were false. Donald Trump for 4 years called them Fake News, and was proved right!!! What is it going to take to make the idiots pay for their mistakes??? If I were Matt I would sue them for as much as the limit would allow, if it puts them out of business, we will be better for it.

  7. Want to help the environment, and save humanity? Then let’s help CNN stop using our oxygen, no one deserves it more.

  8. Is that guy still employed by the CIA? Or is he already buried in a Bowser Cell in the DC jail locked up 23 hours a day for 6 months without TP or soap?

    You know, speedy trial and other Constitutional rights under the LAW of the Land?

    Oh, never mind. Those laws only apply to BLM/Antifa rioters and illegal immigrants.

  9. I knew Matt Gaetz was getting too popular and becoming a threat to Dems. 3 months ago, as soon as they started these stupid rumors. Good for Matt . Keep up the good work ,Matt, we’re pulling for you.. No one with a brain would believe those liars.

  10. Seems that the whole Democrat party and all their buddy media trash should be disbanded for the lies they purposefully spread about innocent people.

  11. The lies about Matt Gaetes is a admission that the left cannot successfully debate Matt over policy. It’s why they want to silence all of us. They are admitting they can’t win the argument. It’s why the resort to stealing elections. A stand up policy debate is a no win for them.

    1. It is easy to see how ignorant libs who hate America can have an argument to sell the American sheeple on let all hate America and become godless communists. So if such evil plan is distasteful to the American sheeple, than it is easier to distract them with some bs stories like racism, sexism, trans….

  12. apparently cnn has such deep pockets that the could stand another billion dollar law suit comon mat go after them sue then in to oblivian

  13. A person has to be a babbling idiot to believe ANYTHING that comes out of these lame media networks .

    1. I agree! Who do they think they are? They try to ruin a person’s life in front of the whole world and for what? Political gain? Because “maybe” Matt Gaetz can ruin them because he’s a conservative? They play their pitiful little daily games about “saving our democracy, treating illegal immigrants with compassion (while sitting on their hands as the drug cartels literally throw precious little babies and young children over the border and LEAVING them there alone, crying for help as if they were trash – betcha won’t see that on CNN but it’s real) and all kinds of other insane policies. These Democrat nut jobs are incapable of telling the truth. About ANYTHING. They are weasels, one and all with no redeeming value whatsoever. Thankfully, we the people are on to them. Their shifty, pompous “support staff”, the “media” don’t even CONSIDER telling the truth anymore either. They wag their sanctimonious little fingers at the rest of us as if we should cower before them. I’m tired of waiting for any kind of accountability or punishment for their numerous reprehensible acts because it will never come prior to Judgement Day. Maybe we have to get over that at least for now and put every ounce of our energy and patriotism into pushing these scurvy little spiders out of business! God bless the parents who are expressing their views at school board meetings and insisting that teachers WILL NOT teach critical race theory and other un-American indoctrination in our schools, and God bless the teachers who refuse on their own to stand against that as well. God bless the sporting event audiences who, when told the National Anthem will not be sung prior to a game break out in song on their own as one glorious voice of patriotism anyway. Americans are starting to wake up and fight back, and we will not allow our country to be taken over by socialists/communists from within.

  14. Which media reporter started this? Knowing deep in his/her soul they were lying! You can only wonder why people do evil toward other? Even knowing they CAN’T SLEEP AT NIGHT! Guess the spirit of JESUS IS TO MUCH FOR THEM! IT should be! Because if they knew and understood the TEN COMMANDANT THEY WOULD NOT LIES! There is a chapter in BIBLE FOR ATHEIST

  15. Only certified sex offenders work for Mother Jones. Out of the plethora of rapists, sadists, snuff porn producers, animal torturers, crack and meth whores, and pedophiles that make up the staff and employees, Matthew Phelan is particularly loathsome. His predilection for raping and smothering 4 month old white male infants has long been favored talk around the communal meth break room at Mother Jones. Their subscribers are each and all perverts and other democrat constituency. Any one who disputes these absolute truths is obviously guilty of worse.

  16. And we’re supposed to put up with crap for how long, before we start exacting revenge on these lying scum?

  17. Until news people like this are put out of business this will never stop. Suing does no good at all. It’s like suing Jeff Bezos for a buck ninety-five. Waste of time unless your the lawyers. FOX news has videos of some directors or whatever talking about some FAKE NEWS that they had run. Those that believe this crap are ready to believe anything if it’s against someone they don’t like anyway. Ask Donald Trump about it. Don’t take a Philadelphia lawyer to figure that out. If you are against someone you ruin them if your in a position to do it. They don’t care who gets hurt. CNN nearly ruined a young high school boys life. THEY DON’T CARE

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