Liberals Ecstatic as New Book Claims Gen. Mark Milley Staged a Coup against Trump in his Final Days in Office

The US Army executed 141 of its own soldiers and officers during World War II. Most of them were convicted of serious crimes, such as raping or killing local civilians. But a large number of them were also executed for mutiny – rebelling against their superior officers. All of them were executed either by hanging or firing squad.

I don’t say this lightly, but if the allegations against Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. John Milley in Bob Woodward’s new book “Peril” are true, Milley and a bunch of senior military leaders are guilty of that crime.

If convicted, they deserve to be stood up against a wall and offered a last cigarette. Milley and other senior military leaders stand accused of wresting control of the Pentagon away from President Donald Trump during his last days in office.


The allegations made against General Milley by Bob Woodward are explosive – and that is also the grain of salt that we should take this story with. It was written by Bob Woodward, a sloppy leftist reporter who is revered by the left for his sloppy reporting that led to the downfall of Richard Nixon almost 50 years ago. He’s sloppy. He gets facts wrong all the time. He misquotes people. He has a bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. But when it comes to this new book, some of the stuff that Woodward is talking about has already been independently corroborated by other more trustworthy sources.

Woodward claims that Gen. Milley placed two phone calls to his counterpart in Communist China’s military: One in October of 2020 (before the election), and the other on January 8 of this year (two days after the Great American Peaceful Patriot Selfie-Taking Protest at the Capitol). Woodward writes that Milley called Gen. Li Zuocheng to assure him that America was not going to attack China, and that if Trump was to try to launch a surprise attack against China, Milley would call Zuocheng ahead of time to warn him.

If true, that is treason – a death penalty crime that is even worse than mutiny.

Then President Trump had no knowledge that his top General was going behind his back to place these phone calls to a high ranking military enemy of the United States. Trump released a statement that if the story about “Dumbass” Gen. Mark Milley is true, he should be tried for treason.

It’s interesting also to note that most if not all of our foreign intelligence agencies had to have known that Milley placed these calls behind Trump’s back – usurping the president’s authority and the legal chain of command. Gen. Zuocheng is a major target of our intelligence agencies. The NSA and the CIA are watching and listening to him at all times. They had to have known that Milley had usurped the chain of command when he called Zuocheng – and they didn’t say anything to the elected President of the United States who is also the Commander in Chief of the military.

But this story is even worse than that. On January 8 of this year, Milley convened a secret meeting at the Pentagon with all the senior leaders at the National Military Command Center. Milley told them that between that day (Jan. 8) and Biden’s inauguration, they were not to follow any orders they received from anyone other than himself. Woodward writes that Milley went around the table and made all the other leaders swear an oath… to Mark Milley. Every single one of them did.

From January 8 until the transfer of power at Joe Biden’s fake inauguration on January 20, Gen. Mark Milley was in total control of the US military forces. If you remember back to the days following the January 6 Selfie Adventure at the US Capitol, I kept asking in these pages: Who authorized the razor-wire wall around the Capitol and all those troops to guard it? It simply didn’t make sense. Donald Trump, the elected President of the United States and civilian commander of the military, had obviously not authorized it. He knew there was no insurrection or coup under way from his peaceful followers.

I think we know the answer now, after all these months. It was Mark Milley, who had seized control of the military away from the elected civilian leader of the military – in full banana republic style.

That’s a coup, ladies and gentlemen. For all we know, Milley could still be calling the shots. We know Joe Biden isn’t in charge of anything. We don’t know how much of this story is true yet. But again – IF it is true, then Mark Milley and every military leader who swore an oath to serve him deserves to be lined up against a wall tomorrow.

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31 thoughts on “Liberals Ecstatic as New Book Claims Gen. Mark Milley Staged a Coup against Trump in his Final Days in Office”

    1. By now everyone know that Milley (I wouldn’t call him a General, because Generals are honest people and he is not) he is a traitor and if he is not going to resign or fired for what he has done, then forget it, because the dems wants him in their pocket and NOW what the Dems wants, the Dems get. I am tired of talk, talk talk and nothing is being done. Just shut up and let the Dems ruin the Country like they are doing now, that is what they are good for, nothing else. The Dems are a crowd of DUMB IDIOTS who cannot do anything right but fail at everything and STEAL.

  1. Would never thought that so many ignorant people was against President Trump!! Those high ranking people should be held accountable and get the most punishment possible! This will continue as long as Biden plays president! He is a lost guy! God help us all! We need your help !

    1. I’m right with you Mary! It is really a shame that our country has been taken over by America-hating Commies like AOC. Old Joe allowed this to happen, because he is a weak, brain-dead old man who has to be led to the men’s room. Good for you, all you traitors. You elected an America-hating government and you have given away our country. Check back with me in five years and let me know how you like living under Communists.

  2. High Crimes and Mistermeaners? Or JUST OUT AND OUT TREASON? All “OFFICERS” on the Joint Chef board, that were in Attendance, are ALSO GUILTY OF “TREASON”! General. Ours Marital, reduction of Grade to E-1, forfeit of ALL PAY and Allowances, Then LIFE OR THE FIRING SQUAD! All of the “AIDS” to these Officers, and any of the ones that followed this TREASONOUS BASTARDS ORDERS ALSO in Line!

    1. I gathered that much long ago. I am a mathematician, reason logically. Who except Pentagon can establish total control of all social media provides and Electronic communications in America and large part of the world? No one. All further events confirmed my first suspicions. It’s impossible to fool all people all time. It’s clear to any sane person that Biden administration does not rule anything. Pentagon and CIA are in control. But there is resistance in the Southern states. The match will be in 2022.

    2. Put them on the line they don’t deserve life in prison. I feel the fore Father’s of this country are rolling in there grave right now. Hang them in the town square and let people see what happens to treasoners.

    1. This is coupdetat in greatest nuclear power in the world. Treason with implications on who will police the world.
      It is not politics any more. It is to be or not to be border line.

  3. No one in this country should know better what the penalty is for doing what General Milly is alleged to have done. Subpoena all suspects identified to testify before Congress under oath, and if it proves he/they did the crime then Court-Martial’s and legal actions are in order. They should be punished to the fullest extent allowed by law, Yes which would allow the Wall and last Cigarette scenario to apply.

    1. Court Martial immediately by UCMJ. No General sells America out and no politian sells America out either. There should be no investigation at all Milley admitted it his staff should be investigated too.

  4. Pelosi and goon Milly as as a lot carria hungry Pentagon nut needto be subject to Court-martial for Treason. The same like 90% OF BIDEN ADMINISTtion and Mister of treason Barak HUSSAIN Obama. No Gitmo fire squad only.

  5. If True this man is a traitor , I should be charge & force to answer to a summary court Martial !!! Any & all who followed him should also face his fate !!!

    1. These traitors are the rulers of America. Are you so dense as to suggest they will court-martial themselves? Only insurrection by the army can depose them. They know it and being prepared. Will try the terror tactics. This is why they are bringing Taliban “refugees” to America. This is why the border has been open. They have tens of thousands of their own army in the states by now.

  6. Mark Milley: Not a “General,” but a “Traitor” to these United States of America and All of Its Citizens. Follow the Chinese money for this “Promoter of Socialism” ! Hope he rots in jail !!!

  7. The Democratic government is crooked from the. Top to the bottom. They use misdirection to keep us confused. But I am not confessed

  8. We now see how deep the CORRUPT IS IN DC. Trump was rights! We are losing our country and FREEDOM AND LIBERTY TO THESE PEOPLE! Who can we count on to stand for WE THE PEOPLE? Not sure there is one in DC who will fight for the country. Due to ALL THOSE AND THE MEDIA LYING TO COVER UP THEIR PLAN TO SELL US OUT TO CHINA! I personally believe this all started back during BILL CLINTON TERM IN OFFICE! First it gone back to ALL THOSE JOBS THESE DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS PUT BIG TAXES ON THE CORPORATE WORLD. Forcing these jobs out of the country! NOW WE HAVE A GENERAL WHO DESERVES NOTHING BUT DEATH BY FIRING SQUAD! But we know he not the only one AIDING THE ENEMY! Which is in the CONSTITUTION LAWS AND CALL FOR REMOVED FROM OFFICE AND CHARGE! Obama should got it first as did Hillary, Kerry, Holder, Rice, Biden ALL WERE AIDING THE ENEMY! BUT AS LONG AS PELOSI IS IN CHARGE OF THE HOUSE. NOTHING WILL HAPPENED!

  9. Does anyone truly expect Justice to be served here? Really?

    With the Communists in charge in DC and elsewhere? With the the America-hating garbage we have defending us? With Joback Obidma the C-in-C? With the Democrat/Communists ruling Congress?

    And, last but not least, the GOP(LOL) as political opposition? Remember, they went to the DC Jail to investigate the solitary confinement of 1-6-21 “protesters” and were bamboozled and run off by a low level nobody. They’ve been shivering in a dark corner ever since.

    China RULES this country now. Don’t think otherwise. Our defenders have ALL sold out, not just Milley.

  10. Remember back in the 60’s there was a mantra that said : “Question Authority?” Unfortunately our sacred government ,OF, For, and By the people, has been corrupted by greedy, power hungry, and criminal elements that makes that quote more relevant than ever. The power of the people and their sacred vote has been usurped by this evil cancer that is spreading out of control across our land of the free. Ordinary citizens have lost control and are powerless to fix this horrible problem. We now live in fear of the government that was meant to keep the PEOPLE in charge. “When the government fears the people there is LIBERTY. When the people fear the government there is TYRANNY.” This my friends was the very reason the colonies rebelled against the tyrannical King George. Is it too late for the people to demand a reigned in government? Can it be done without a shot being fired? Once we lost our power of the precious vote, I cannot answer these questions. Unfortunately we, the people have been duped. We the people have allowed this to happen over the decades by voting for criminals. May God have mercy on us for having let this happen to the greatest country in the world.

  11. They caused a Marine Colonel to resign because he didn’t agree with them, I think he should be reinstated as a Star general in charge of the Pentagon, I know a Marine Officer would be a lot better in charge than anyone they have anywhere around Washington, D.C.

  12. American Republic is finished.the only option is Southern Confederacy. Surely it will cede in 2022 and Pentagon will have to think deep whether to invade or try to conquer by deceit and Muslim terror and drug mafia that is already there in numbers. Putchists will continue to act in the name of WH and defence of Constitution against white extremists.

  13. Malfeasance Milley is a POS, SCUMBAG, Traitor. The coward is an insult to a real military leader. The medals you see pinned to his chest were not earned but self appointed. The cockroach committed Treason on so many levels
    others in the Military do NOT want to be associated with the excrement. He should be court-martialed & executed. He is an embarrassment & disgrace to the USA.

  14. We the people ALLOWED this to happen. We elected our representatives in congress and they have BETRAYED us. Welcome to the Banana republic of the United States. Before we decide this is an acceptable thing take a good hard look at the Socialist country of Venezuela today. Is that what we want for our kids and grandkids? Make no mistake it WILL unless We the people act. As citizens it is up to us to find the people with enough SPINE to stop this and get them elected. Speak to your representative then check their voting record and find out if they are truthful or not, if not then vote them out of office.

  15. General Milley must be court martialed but by whom ?
    The president, one of his defenders, will only pardon him if he were to be convicted.

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