Like It or Not, Civil War 2.0 Has Begun in America

Now that Americans have finally begun shooting back at the insurgents, we should probably go ahead and admit that we are in a new civil war. We have two sides and there have been casualties on both. That’s it. Civil War 2.0. Go ahead and admit it to yourself, quietly if necessary. But admit it. We haven’t seen political violence like this in America since the 1800s. A scary minority in this country has decided we will try the whole failed socialism thing – and the normal people are going to have to shoot their way out of it.

That hag who has haunted our nation’s nightmares for more than 30 years now – Hillary Clinton – was on a podcast with some cheering feminist cat lady the other day. Clinton told us what was coming:

“Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances.”

One possible “circumstance” is that Donald Trump is about to win reelection by a Nixonian-level landslide. Should Joe concede in that circumstance? No, not according to Hillary Clinton. Under no circumstance should Joe Biden continue our nation’s longstanding traditions of accepting the results of an election.

Hillary’s right-hand man, John Podesta, helped the party run through several “wargame” scenarios recently, in which a roomful of Democrat big thinkers role-played the 2020 election. Podesta portrayed Joe Biden in the games (so he presumably napped a lot). But when Donald Trump “won” the election, California and Wisconsin refused to certify the results and Podesta (Biden) refused to concede the election.

At that point, “everyone waited to see what the military would do.”

First of all, the Democrats don’t sound like a party that is confident that it has a chance of winning in November, do they?

Second, we should take them at their word when they say that they don’t plan to accept the results of the election, if Joe Biden loses. And why would they? The Democrats still haven’t accepted Hillary’s loss from 2016, and Stacey Abrams believes she has been the Governor of Georgia since 2018.


After Black Lives Matter and Antifa have taken an unknown number of lives this summer – the numbers in New York City, Chicago, Minneapolis and St. Louis change daily – Americans have finally had enough. They’re no longer simply brandishing rifles at the mobs, like the wonderful McCloskey couple in St. Louis. They’re sometimes shooting back now. And if we remain unwilling to call it a civil war after the two opposing sides are shooting at and killing each other, what term should we use instead?

A group of Black Lives Matter anarcho-terrorists was holding a march from Minneapolis to Washington, DC. Naturally, they were disturbing the peace in every town along the way (it’s a long walk).

In the town of Bedford, Pennsylvania (population about 2,600), the mob started a ruckus and one of the anarcho-terrorists ended up with a lot of birdshot in his arm. In Kenosha, WI, anarchists who had been bused in from Seattle and other places did what they do best. They like to peel individuals off from the herd and then overwhelm them with superior numbers to beat them senseless or kill them.

The “victim” that they peeled off last week was 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse. But the mob was unable to overrun young Kyle. He plugged three of them with an AR-15. Leftwing authorities were quick to charge Kyle with “intentional murder.” Most normal Americans wanted to adopt him.

Kurt Schlichter polled his roughly 300,000 followers on Twitter. 68% of respondents said they would never support a murder conviction for someone in a scenario in which they shoot three hooligans the way that Kyle did. Another 23% said they probably wouldn’t convict him. Only 2% said they definitely would. Yet we already know this kid is unlikely to get a fair trial and the judge will likely give him a 400-year sentence, which will be upheld by an Obama-appointed federal judge.

A Trump supporter was shot dead by Antifa over the weekend in Portland, OR. A pro-Trump motor parade in Los Angeles was fired upon. The list goes on and on.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and his wife were nearly killed by a mob on the final night of the RNC convention. That’s not hyperbole. If they had been unable to find police protection, the Governor of Kentucky would be appointing a new US Senator for the state right now. Perhaps Sen. Paul will wise up and start concealed carrying.

Speaking of which, if you don’t own a firearm to protect your family, the clock is ticking. You don’t have to want a civil war to happen in order for a civil war to come to you. If the mob decides that they are coming to your house next, you won’t be able to talk them out of it. Prepare accordingly.


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173 thoughts on “Like It or Not, Civil War 2.0 Has Begun in America”

  1. It’s really getting scarier and the things we are seeing in the big cities could very well be spreading to our own. Especially in this climate with a contentious election around the corner. I dread November because of all this.

    1. Bring’em I’m ready 22 up to 45 all ready and waiting. I have to go to the getto the “D” this month, do not try to stop my vehicle or pay the fine.

      1. In the meantime, lets build the boats to ship them uglies back to where they were exported from. Then think how safe, healthy and blissful life will be again without them invaders in anyone’s countries’.

        1. What I’ve noticed is the majority of BLM and Antifa are white. Not all are black. The money behind these groups comes from George Soros. For the life of me I don’t know why he and his family have not had their assets frozen, and why the whole lot of them have not been deported or thrown into jail. Then you have a large majority of Hollywood actors/actresses dumping money into BLM and Antifa also. The music industry, and some of the biggest businesses around also donate to the cause. And don’t forget the Clintons.
          They already know these groups are well organized. The attacks are organized attacks. It started in Ferguson, Missouri. They bussed in people to burn that place down and incite the riots. That was their testing ground. The sad thing is almost every one of the people that were killed by police were criminals. The 3 guys that 17 year old shot were all 3 criminals and all white. That’s who you have marching. And sense none of the jails are holding people right now because of covid, they are letting them all out. Even prisons are letting out the bad guys. Some of these people have nothing to lose. They will cause all kinds of chaos. So building boats and shipping “them” back isn’t going to work because the majority are white in most cases. They took a black protest over the way George Floyd died and hijacked it into what you are seeing today around the country. All these people need to be arrested and thrown in jail and held without bond regardless of covid. They need to cut off the head of the snake. Charge those financing it with treason and put them in prison or give them the death penalty. That would be most of Hollywood and the music industry and most likely the NBA, NFL, etc; even your cell phone company. All this fees we pay are used to support various groups like abortion clinics for one. So it’s not as simple as shipping them out on boats.

          1. In a nut shell Rose, prosecute all that are funding this, mandatory life sentence for rioters burning looting and assaulting innocent people. Throw the Judges off the bench who were O’Buma appointed. Recall all the Governors and Mayors who aren’t protecting their citizens. (Done Deal)

          2. Just remember that cutting off the head of the snake will do no good as the head will still bite and release its poison…you have to CRUSH it’s head…God save this country!

          3. What I don’t understand about Soros is that this slimy garbage bag collaborated with the Nazis when he was a teenager and had Jews found and caught then sent to concentration camps where most never returned from. Soros is a war criminal and I’m surprised that Israel hasn’t taken him into custody and strung the piece of raw sewage up.


          5. As long as ANTI AMERICAN ACTIVITIES continue to increase,under the DEMOCRAT LEADERSHIP GUIDANCE, the danger of SOCIALIST-MARXIST DICTATORSHIP promoted by SANDERS ‘ REVOLUTION, and promised to continue and implemented by. BIDEN-HARRIS ,will be the catastrophic disappearance of the USA from world map.

          6. Yes there are a lot of wannabe blacks, traitors to their own race, that is this new generation the one that’s destroying are country.

          7. Rose, you are exactly right. Your argument is clear, cogent and based on facts. And it doesn’t go far enough… we must add the Swamp in DC and part of every federal agency. A lie detector test would be helpful though we do know it is not anything near 100% accurate.

            Your wish to exile most of the involved people in the fight against our country, Constitution and Amendments are liberals and appallingly ignorant. They must be found guilty and either executed or exiled. They must not remain here.

            We must re-institute a far better educational system and get rid of Betsy de Vos (or whatever her name is) and her minions…also a part of the Swamp. She and her cohorts have damaged our current school system beyond repair and destroyed the native intelligence of our kids. We must begin anew without the computer so that our kids can learn to read and analyze to make thoughtful intelligent decisions and be able to count change at least.

            Also we need a leader with vetted support. NO MORE SOROS or OBAMA or CLINTONS. Reconstruct the Judiciary every where so that pro-anarchist judges are gone.

            I fear for us and our country. Our citizens have lived too long with the corruption. they think it is normal.


          9. We have abandoned our Creator and He has abandoned us. He is merciful but He is also just.

          10. You’re correct, the majority of them are white. This has nothing to do with racism and many people of color have been very clear about that themselves. That’s why the minorities not in total agreement are so easily dispensable regardless of what these terrorists claim their goal is. Most minorities don’t want LE defunded, they face enough crime daily by their own neighbors with a full staff of LE officers. They want more LE, not less. It’s a bunch of thugs and criminals that have hijacked an issue to do what they’ve always done, play like thugs and commit crimes. They’re racists and evil to the core. Truth be told is that anyone of color that doesn’t desire to stay on their designated plantation is no better than the escaping slaves of the 1800s. They’re merely a disruption just as they were viewed before slavery was abolished. Thankfully it appears many are waking up to the truth and facts very quickly now.

          11. Rose, your comments are well stated and generally understood. The issue at hand is not BLM or Anti-fa or whoever the anarchists are, it is the imperative fact that the black community obtain justice in the murders of non-threatening, unarmed black men, women and children. That’s it. For your information, not all black people are criminals as you imply. We want the same justice that was meted out when that black police officer in Minnesota killed the white Australian lady who was about to be married. By the way, she called the police and that black officer shot her dead. Immediately, he was indicted, convicted and sentence to 40 years in prison — rightly so! If the law enforcement community is unable to apprehend their murderous killer colleagues — we will gladly do the job for them, either way: dead or alive! Now for the other racists, Beverly Dodson, Bill Sills et al. go somewhere and shut up. You are not telling or sanctioning that black people go anywhere. We are the lawful Black indigenous inhabitants of Amoorica, a/k/a Turtle Island and you Europeans are nothing more than emigrants, squatters and terrorists. Do your research! NOW GET OFF OF OUR PROPERTY!

        2. Counter proposal…what if we fenced in 10-acre plots in the desert (30 miles from anything) built elevated guard posts every 100-150 yards (only outside the fence access), and round up these anarchists and moved them in, rent free. We could haul water on a per capita daily allotted basis, and give them old military tents for shelter. Twice per day feedings. This is how our deployed military have been forced to live and they’re awesome Americans.
          Let them try their “style” of governance in this environment. Who knows, maybe they’ll perfect it. My bet would be rapine and cannibalism within a month… From a detached observer standpoint, an interesting experiment.

        3. Keep in mind that whites are also imports. I am assuming that you are not thinking of returning the entire country to American natives? Given that, there are some we can ship out, i.e. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib come to mind quickly. They are very recent imports.

          1. I think he was referring to people like Ilian Omar, Rashida Talib and the likes. They to were some of Obama imports. My problem is this is a land of freedom and if these people hate this country so much they are free to leave it. And should! They came from socialist and Marxist countries they know what they’re like. Then why come here? Because they brought them here so their party can take over the country and her people. They want to control everything and everyone. That’s their goal. They’ve slowly been working on this for a long time putting all this in place. Your right Soros was a big ring leader in it. Obama, Clinton’s, I’m going to say it Gates, Fauchi, Ebstein. All along with Soros all knew each other since college. And I’m not really convinced Ebstein is dead. A person with that kind of money and power there was a deal somewhere some other poor look alike was killed. But this is what the DEMOCRATS wanted. They wouldn’t have said anything about the riots and looting and such if Biden’s poll numbers weren’t sliding so badly. Just me opion

        4. The mobs are not immigrants – they are homegrown, and mostly white kids who have been fed the socialist pablum of the public schools for decades. Most immigrants (and I only speak for legal) come here because they see America as it really is – land of opportunity where they can reap the rewards of their labors. I think we err to lump immigrants in with these Antifa/Socialist/anarchist mobs.

          1. I agree with Robert. These young people have been brainwashed and indoctrinated for years. They need to be in a re-education camp. What is going on right now is the result of the agenda of the far left, disrupt, destroy, Then take over the country by force if necessary. Talk of Biden not conceding, is all part and parcel of the grand plan. Unfortunately the populace didn’t sit and do nothing, they are fighting back. And it ain’t going to be pretty.

          2. I agree completely. But we will have to take a stand against these rioters, Antifa, BLM and Soros should all be investigated. Plus follow the money. I would like to know where Soros is getting his millions. I would bet that Russia and China are involved. They have wanted to take down America for years and according to Saul Alinsky, this is the way to do it. This is what happened to Cuba and other Marxist countries. And then where do we go!?

        5. Much worse John are the white, home grown Communists who have radicalized and bankrolled them. SPLC, ACLU, Soros, the followers of Marcuse and Alinsky who have poisoned the minds of college students and the pedophile scum in the entertainment industry.

        6. I’m certain that indigenous North American people could be justified in feeling that way about all the ugly, nasty, lying, killing white European invaders that have desiccated their homeland.

      2. I said back in 2016 another a Civil War would happen rather sooner than later. The Democratic Party wants to see the violence in major cities. They feel if they can contain the major cities the little cities will not be nothing to handle. Instead of being reactive it’s time to get proactive. It’s time to show the Democratic Party, BLM, ANTIFA and anybody else that this is United States of America not a 3rd world country where you burn businesses down because you’re pissed off. We don’t go around shooting and/or killing people because they do not agree with them. Lastly if you can’t honor and respect our flag, and our National Anthem, planes leave every day going to other countries, but remember other countries will put your ass in prison for the crap your doing here.

        1. The ONLY way America can return to normalcy is to separate the two races. The sub-standard race will continue to ask for and take more. Keep in mind, they represent only 13% of the total population. What they have contributed? Diseases, crime, fatherless children, looting, burning cities a weakened American culture as a result of those who want to “homogenize” our citizenry. They are resentful, unhappy, hate White Americans and everything this country stands for. So, they should be given the opportunity to go to countries that are like them. Any and all of the African countries that they choose Or, any Caribbean Island of their liking. Let them homogenize with their own kind and strive to accomplish what they want…but NOT here in America. The must be gone.

          1. Wrong. We need to separate bad people from good people. And there are millions of white trash out there. There is no such thing as a sub-standard race, but there are certainly sub-standard personalities, and they come in every color and nationality around the world. Good people everywhere are sick of the evil cowards getting their way and preying upon us. They are parasites, and they need to be exposed then evicted from this entire planet. Great good and great evil cannot coexist in the same realm for very long. The great evil almost always corrupts the good, it pulls the innocent down with the guilty. It’s time we all wake up to these truths and stop blaming things that aren’t the cause of the problem, like skin color. Content of character has nothing to do with one’s color. I know good people from all races and bad people from all races, and I’d bet the percentages are about the same in every class and color of people. More than anything we need to be strong and to stop empowering the weak, cut them off, stop allowing them to feed off of our energy.

          2. I don’t agree with your assessment, Bill. There is room in America for many races, they were born here and have every right to be here. They feel down trodden because the Demonrats have kept them in servitude since the civil war. If they could just see the light And throw off the welfare mentality they have been brainwashed to accept as normal, there is hope.

          3. Bill Sills, I am an academic with multiple final degrees, 40+ years in academia and all my life as a browned skinned person with only Caucasian blood and DNA. I do not agree with you totally as I know and have worked with many dark skinned people who are of Negro or of Asian ancestry. Their political, cultural and religious actions have always indicated a do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That tiny short sentence is totally absent in most of our country now as religions are eschewed for for quicker satisfactions. And that includes white people,needing greater, ever greater satisfactions.

          4. Bill Sills, you and your like-minded associates are the only ones spreading white supremacy and hate . No one said they hated White Americans. That’s a lie. The Black community hates white racist law enforcement officers who kill non-threatening people (white people included) and unarmed black men, women and children. We want these officers apprehended, indicted, convicted and sentenced. If their colleagues are unable to do the job, we will gladly do it for them — we are able. They will be apprehended: dead or alive! No, You cannot make the call as to who should leave America. Do your research, Amoorica a/k/a Turtle Island’s original inhabitants are the Black Indigenous Nations. Only 2% of African people came through the Atlantic Slave Trade and they were mostly males captured in war. Unfortunately, you like most Americans, blacks and whites (and others) were taught in the white-washed racist compulsory education system and was indoctrinated with all of those “white lies”. Now since you are an emigrant squatter and illegal in Amoorica: GET OFF OF OUR PROPERTY AND GO BACK HOME TO WHEREVER YOU COME FROM!

        2. they can think that the little cities won’t be nothing to conquer, but they just might want to rethink that because we might be small but were mighty and have mighty good aims as well

        3. It’s gone too far to just throw them in prison it’s time to pick up or guns and stop them with violence. The riots could be stopped in short order if the good citizens in places like Seattle Washington, Portland Oregon, and Kenosha Wisconsin. Would just form up an armed militia they could put down these Marxist rioters in short order. Once a few rioters were shot and killed or wounded they would run like he** and there would be no more riots. The state governors and city mayors not only do nothing to stop this rioting but they encourage the rioting and protect the rioters, not the good citizens. They need to take matters in there own hand If the good citizens stand by and do nothing to stop the burning down of there police stations and business there not worthy of my sympathy.

      3. I’ve got a crossbow , pistol , and think you are going to tread on me. We are not scared of you get that strait
        And if you are stupid , come down my street and get a arrow in your ass while you are running like hell away from here.

    2. It’s a REVILWAR, revolutionary/civil islam has taken over the damn democrats. In fact, the methods are exactly. What islam teaches: war, terror, economics, infiltration, and the implementation of sharia law. I recognized the type of attacks/protests as being identical to what is being done in Lebanon, Germany, Britain, France, Iraq… It is what Iran trained terrorists do. Guess who trained the blm terrorists? Iran in Lebanon. That fact came out yesterday!


    4. AMERICANS who support our RED, WHITE and BLUE, stick together and defend the country with what ever it takes. ONE NATION UNDER GOD THE FATHER. LOVE THIS NATION OR GET OUT. She belongs to all who support her.

    5. like one soldier that was riding with Bloody Bill Anderson said when they came across a yankee calvary, as they dismounted their horses……”they are gonna fight us on foot? GOD help them”. there were no survivors

    6. I read a comment by a person who said her Republican elderly neighbors were Trump supporters but would vote for Biden because they are terrified of what will happen if Trump is re-elected. We have to stop this nonsensical thinking and convince everyone that Trump needs to win in a landslide, we need the House and Senate, and THAT is the way to stop the chaos, treason and malicious anti-American factions trying to destroy our nation and us all. Trump can and will do it once re-elected. Please tell all who argue of their fears that it means they should be even stronger in their support for Trump.

    7. Solution: Stay Locked & Loaded…!! Should any idiot threaten your life or any member of your family’s life, shoot to kill!!!

  2. Noncommunists and patriots must now admit that the second Civil War is here, and must move to win it as expeditiously as possible. In some countries, civil wars caused by political insurrections have been ended in days or weeks, and we must give the President the scope to do this. It is clear from the recent television appearance of the Hoe (almost certainly our next president if Slow Joe is nominally elected) that the party of Marx, Mohammed and Malcolm X intends to make political violence the new normal, and at some point will clamp down on “racism” as the means of establishing its long-sought dictatorship. The fact is that the only good Antifa bomb-thrower is a dead Antifa bomb-thrower, and the only good Burn Loot Murder child-killer or arsonist is a dead Burn Loot Murder child-killer or arsonist.

  3. If John q public doesn’t wake up none of us won’t be speaking English anymore ,probably Russian or Chinese, neither side wins unless you support the NWO loosers in the end I know I want nothing to do with the Marxist NWO as no American people this country was founded by our ancestors to get away from the old world because of religious persecution ,this is why and only one thing our constitution protects us from us from being denied these wright’s so both sides need to cease and desist before it’s to late from a conservative

    1. Too late my fried they want tohis country to be like a MAD MAX act,and their not gonna get,except a president that will give us a right to fight back,if the Virus don’t wipe’em out FIRST,which would be good news.

  4. If you are a christian you need prepare for the second coming of Jesus. This world is doomed for
    destruction in the coming future; so prepare for his arrival and pray hard and heartly for those you
    love and will mourn for when all hell is brought to
    the forefront.

    1. I prefer to be among the well armed and willing “meek” that are destined to inherit the earth. Good luck on your journey, but I’ll stay here and deal harshly with whoever tries to subjugate us into their tyrannical doctrines.

    2. You have to be kidding ! God and Jesus to the rescue ? When ? After the fact ? Why don’t these 2 step forward and stop it know ?

      1. Obviously you have not read the Bible or you fail to understand Revelations. These are the times leading up to the end of time. I highly suggest that you get to know God and Jesus now while you still have time!

      2. Same reason he didn’t help much in Hitlers time….true prayer is not being done. If we as a nation prayed like we should God would step in…I believe. Still the prophesies must be fulfilled before Jesus teturns.

        1. And that reason in Hitler’s time was what? —- No body prayed harder, or believed more than the Jews. … Didn’t help them much did it?

      3. not all men are slaves to the state. The state has no heaven or Valhalla waiting for you. They only lie & steal. My father killed commies for his mommy. I hope to fill his shoes before leaving this earth.

    3. Our enemies, specifically China and Russia are just waiting for the race war to start…after it is over, they will march in and take us over…They don’t like blacks either.

    4. I am saved by the blood of Jesus and am waiting for his soon return. These are dark days and every one needs to be saved from their sins and be right with God. John 3:16

      Everyone, please pray that President Trump wins re-election and for a peaceful election day. (Peaceful election day probably won’t happen.)

      1. Yes! Everyone must get prepared and truly believe they are saved by the blood of Jesus Christ. Our eternal life is what we should be fighting for. All this evil and hatred is prophesied in Revelations. It will happen, it will be horrible but must happen before the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Protect your family and yourself but your eternal soul must be prepared above all else.

  5. Bring out the 50’s and give them 15 minutes to cease and desist or just lay them down and there will be no more riots! This kind of anarchy connotation be tolerated.
    I want my country back.
    Facebook and Twitter should be shut down,today, this is how these cowards communicate.

    1. Amen Robert! After Trump is reelected he should round up every politician, actor, singer and athlete who made threats to his or any other persons lives or who have spoke in favor of the rioting, and charge them with the appropriate crime! Let them rot in prison or hang them!

      1. They should all be labeled domestic terrorists and brought to GITMO and tried tribunally…They won’t be breathing for long..Get the evil out of this country!

  6. This has to stop. We must show anarchist the power of law. Take them out militarily so fast their head will spin. Then have President Trump right all types of executive orders to have them put in jail permanently. Also get ride of ALL Liberal Democratic state run Mayors and Governors out of office by impeachment or dereliction of duty.
    Trump for life.

  7. Been saying that for 2 years. What’s taking everyone so long to realize what’s actually happening. Everything that is happening now and has been happening for years is all planned and sponsored by the so-called global elitists like the scum soros,bloomberg and more who think because they are wealthy they need to rule the world. People with any sense have been getting ready for this for years.

  8. Civil war has started. Most people know that as the sales of firearms has soared. These are good people who recognize the truth of what is happening in their cities run by weak sucking mayors and governirsall o the democratic party. Get with it America. It is time to stand up.

    1. I think everybody is forgetting something very important , what your forgetting is what will the US Armed forces do ? What will the Joint Chiefs do who will they support ? Will our own GI’s the men and women who serve will they fire on their own people ? You don’t actually think they would sit on the sidelines while civilians wage war on each other do you . When you talk Civil War have any of you considered the actual consequences of what will happen in a Civil War ? The death the carnage the total destruction of cities , towns and villages the tens of millions dead most by starvation and lack of medical attention . You all have access to the internet look up the first civil war and see for yourself that war will be nothing to a modern civil war and the death and destruction we can bring today . I also think that some people think this will be a racial war believe me that is not the case this war will be a war to destroy the middle class once and for all the racial component is meant to distract you from the real agenda the real goal we are the people who vote Trump who vote for the Constitution who work who raise our families according to our own likes we don’t buy into agendas and we believe in the uniqueness of America we except the fact we did some really nasty shit in our history but we are not those people they died with history and we honor our heroes we try respect others and live and let live and we believe in an Almighty Creator this is what they are trying to destroy .

    2. should have seceded when GHW Bush was selling “his” New World Order. The Soviet Union had 14 states file terms of secession after they collapsed….not a shot was fored. Not so with freedom diluted, enslaved sheeople of the Divided Socialist STATE of Amerika. Just like in 1860, the South said, “LEAVE US THE HELL ALONE” or else

  9. the reason Trump is waiting is that he will put to use a plan for Marshal Law come December he is waiting for the election to be over and that will put these animals behind bars that was why the built all these large prisons across america they will see this was for told back in the 1990 WAIT they will get there’s

  10. Well people it’s about time for this country to have a civil war,it’s been heading that way since the Vietnam conflict if take look into history and quit ignoring it,first we need to cut back on the population growth of this country,when we have people who somehow manage to get into this government and try to control the people instead governing the people there’s going to be a conflict simply because We The People are not going to tolerate the controlling class to carry out their communistic ways in this country for long before We The People decide to pickup Arms against them,it just simply not going to be tolerated by any means and if they don’t like it then they can pack up their belongings and move to another country where they can practice their communistic,Marxist,Anarchism,propaganda bullshit and if they that they don’t feel they need to then We The People will remove them Physically under the knowledge that if they try to come back that there will be an execution on their behalf,

    1. this has been in the works Since FDR in the 30’s they have slowly been indoctrinating the American people to depend more and more on the GOVT, then they started Brain washing the children 30 years ago, this is the communist plot to take over America. I have been watching for quite a few years the erosion of the American way of life, the Bushes got into office and they are members of the NWO party both of the Bushes pushed NWO issues, the last Bush went to war to create worldwide havoc so we would open our arms to the NWO to bring about Peace, but most of Americans are not Stupid Sheep. this Revolution/Civil war has been coming for a long time and it’s coming to a head now. I’ve been ready for a Very long time.

        1. Absolutely , Dexter!!!!
          A few cities (Atlanta, Augusta, Macon, Columbus, etc.) may fall, but the important part of Georgia, the SOUTHERN MEN and WOMEN, outside the cities, will stand and defend OUR country. Believe me, we are able: under both the AMERICAN FLAG and the SOUTHERN BATTLE FLAG-in a war, this time, to save our country.
          God Save The USA!!

  11. Ir elected officials will not do their job of protecting freedom as our forefathers fought for then they should be removed from office! When you encourage protesters to continue destroying communities and kill people they should be removed!
    We absolutely know the Democrats do not support our constitution so they are not doing their jobs!
    They absolutely want civil war by their actions!
    God is our hope and help!

    1. Now that we see the Truth, was Hitler wrong about anything? Uhoh! For 75 years-we have all been lied to (Duh!) by the Synagogue of Satan (Soros) and became “Not Sees!”
      Finally, the blinders are off! Like Saul on the road to Damascus! The “Not Sees” fighting against the “All Eyes!”Maybe the “All Lies!”

  12. I have myself enough fire power to defend myself which was purchased for target shooting but if need be for other purpose.

    1. Disarming us will make their hostile takeover easier. If the left fails in their attempt to cheat their way into the Whitehouse and Trump is reelected, They will ramp up the violence like we have never seen, for they will never accept defeat, after all, they still haven’t from 2016. They hate our country and us and civil war is their only hope of destroying free America.

  13. I been saying for yrs that the only way to get our country back we would have to endure a civil war. I was hoping i was wrong but i now know i couldnt have been more right. The left will never stop their politically correct bs and anarchy until they are physicaly forced to. Im ready. Lets take our country back NOW!

  14. A year ago I’d have been worried. But now in Sept 2020, I think Trump has the backing of law enforcement of all stripes: Police; Sheriffs; local & Nat’l Guards. And then there’s near 60 million of us who legally own one or more (or many more) and wouldn’t be afraid to back up our Blue.

  15. The way to win a Civil War is to eliminate the heads of the media, tech companies and Politicians first. Once the head of the snake is gone, then fight back with extreme force. Take no prisoners. If these terrorist really believe in their cause, they will die; however, most of the crowds are bored snowflakes that are emboldened by the bullies. Once they are gone, they will run home to mommy or call the Police to protect them. Good luck with that.

    1. I agree with Peter ‘s comment above, but surround the blocks of rioters and enter flame throwing tanks and national guards with dogs and armed to the T and really use it! this is what the anti-GOD and anti-American democrats and their tools for hate and division the medias had in plains for a long time! To learn how to disarm American put them in FEMA camps and use force to usher in a NWO! This must all stop NOW and Far into the Future ,but heads need to be cut NOW!

  16. Laura a true Christian and true American and our nation was founded on in God we trust. If you are not for this great American country and our true heritage that founded this great nation, however your heritage came to this country or you choose to be in America, if you don’t like it or our constitution you need to leave our your Bible and know God is in control and Jesus is returning soon be prepared,he’s won the victory.

  17. A Theory That Intelligent Design Came Before Creation
    In the creation of our universe, theirs a garden planet called Earth. On the planet, a species called humankind has risen to the top of the food chain (before the Dinosaurs). This species is just one of many life forms that exist on planet Earth. It is also one of the Creator’s species (in this universe) that is defined as Living Matter. It is a species of living matter whose immortality is derived through the process of their reproduction cycle. The species, humankind ability to assimilate knowledge and pass this knowledge on to its future generations has made it unique above all other species on the planet Earth.
    All elements of living mater are no more than a biological life form of the Creator. At the end of their life cycle, their life force (biological energy which contains the life history and knowledge of that element) is removed from its physical mater (which becomes inert mater) and becomes a part of all biological life energy that exists in the Creators universe.
    In the scheme of the Creators universe, the mortal life form of humankind (who have a short and varying life cycle as with all living matter on Earth); strive for perfection by the process of mutation and evolution through their reproduction cycles. At the end of each live matters mortal life cycle (as with all living matter) its biological energy will separate from its physical matter and (is hoped) return to the Creator to be used again in the seeding of new generations on Earth and/or in the universe of the Creator.
    The cosmetic characteristics of each mortal element of humankind, such as the color of their skin, the color or characteristics of their hair or their general physical outward appearance is a product of their development at different geographical location on the planet Earth (as with all species hear on Earth). It is a product of thousands of generations of that humankind’s (elements) family tree evolving (at the different physical locations on the planet) and that of the mutation and evolution through their reproduction cycles.

    NOTE: These physical characteristics have nothing to do with the species, humankind’s mental development or ability or intellect to strive for perfection by the process of mutation and evolution through their reproduction cycles. The mental characteristics of humankind’s living elements fall into two distinct categories:

    The Producers (also known as the Creator’s workers or conservatives or entrepreneurs, those that strive to improve theirs and other species life on planet Earth): Those elements of humankind that contribute to its striving for perfection by producing, philosophy, products and technologies that improves each generation’s life cycle. This is a normal characteristic of humankind evolution. Also, another characteristic built into all species DNA is the strong desire to raise and protect (defend) its and other living mater elements life cycle.
    The Takers also known as humankind’s weeds, as free loaders or progressive liberals, socialist or career politicians, those that take something and give nothing in return; those elements of humankind that contributes nothing to its improvement and live off the contribution of the producers
    The side (Producers or Takers) that becomes the dominant force will determine if a country known as the United States of America will still be in existence as a unified country in the next fifty years. However, from the Creators point of view, what really matters is the Quality of all the Biological Energy created during a Humankind Living Matters Life Cycle.

    NOTE: I am not a Racist. I love all Species hear on Planet Earth with some exceptions, Snakes, Alligators, Spiders, etc. Also, the Humankind “Takers” who are in the process of destroying theses United States of America, its History, its Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

    This is being done by a group of US Government Deep State Actors and Politicians with help from other establishment Takers that are attacking the current constitutionally of the elected President of the United States. They are trying to force his Impeachment in the name of Racism, Gun Control, False NEWS and other Special Interest. These Takers are the worst of the worst of Humankind. They have put their Hate, Greed and Quest for Power before their Creator their Country, & the good of Humankind and other Species on this Planet Earth.
    By the way I was a Soldier once. There are Many U. S. Citizens like me, who still believe in their oath to protect the United States, It’s Constitution & It’s Bill of Rights, when threaten from without or WITHIN. We can and will become Soldiers again. Takers be warned and should think about how the US Citizen Soldier will react when the United States of America is threated by the Corrupt Takers of Living Matter who have opened the Pandora Box of Cavil War. The Citizen Solders (of the past 80 Years) has learned and remembers, Humankind’s Pasts History. They will not repeat the same mistakes of history when they are called to Arms. They will leave no place unvisited were Corrupt Takers can hide. Takers should also think about a Solder Citizen who is also an actor with skills in science and technology that HE or She has developed over the past 80 years and can use to close the Pandora Box for the next 100 years.

  18. We will be the force that saved this country from Japan, the force the Prime Minister described as “A gun behind ever blade of grass”. WE THE PEOPLE are the VOTE and the POWER, These mobs have no clue that they are being used to promote GLOBAL GOVERNMENT. “GOD BLESS AMERICA”

  19. My family’s blood, sweat and tears went into making this country. My father’s family has been here since 1609 and mom’s since 1632. This country is part of my genetic code. If it dies, it would be like I died and I will NOT let it go without a fight…I would rather die on my feet fighting, then live on my knees in servitude!

  20. The late Charlie Daniels explained it in “Simple Man” , along with him is the Late Johnny Cash with his song “Ragged Old Flag, & Merle Haggards “Fighting side of me“
    These Burn-Loot-Murder / ANTIFA MF’s better realize that there are a lot of us Veterans that learned to voluntarily disconnect our conscious from “Guilt Killings” in and on the fields of war!
    We too are well versed ( BLM) in our craft as well as we “execute with a double time pace” without reconsiderations!
    Now get “woke” to that fact!

  21. I said before this virus hit that there would be blood in the streets and another civil war was coming. My son asked why I needed so many guns and I told him when my mags were empty, I would just switch to another weapon. I told him when they come marching down my street, I would meet them head on and they would pay the consequences. I am a trained shooter from the Vietnam war and have no fear of shooting and would protect myself and family under any circumstances.
    When will these democRAT politicians wake up and see what they are doing to this country? Allowing violent rioters to ravage cities and towns and do nothing? WE THE PEOPLE will not allow this to continue. My fellow AMERICANS must stop this violence. PEACEFUL protests are one thing, but riots and looting and burning are yet another.
    STAND UP AMERICA and stop this movement of violence. Don’t allow your fellow citizens to be hurt in this senseless manner.

  22. They are losing, they’re desperate and like a wounded bear, dangerous. We must be prepared to defend ourselves….and civilization.

  23. That 17 year old boy who killed the three commie trouble-making son of a bitches… they ought to give him a medal! Any prosecutor/judge/jury who might decide to railroad him… unlikely they’d be around come breakfast time. And you poor poopy drawer protesters… white or black, whatever… you were never slaves, you weren’t born in Africa. Just what the hell is it that we superior honky white folk have that you poor picked upon commie dumbasses don’t have access to?? Name just one! We’ve reached the point whereas you violent bastards with your racists demands have reached their end… your demand to do away with the history of the United States pertaining to the Civil War in order to replace it with your Black History, to stand alongside your Black Schools, Black Miss America, Black This, Black That, Black Lives Matter… proves that you and yours are the most racist beings ever to walk the earth… to demand renaming streets, painting entire streets with “Black” slogans, tearing down statues of loved ones that did battle and died for their beliefs… demanding that even the beautiful Confederate Flag cease to exist… Just who in the hell do you think you are? If your idiotic demands aren’t met… Riot, Riot, destroying your own neighborhood, the businesses of your friends, raise havoc… the intelligence of a rock! Myself?… I’ve never been a racist having been born in NJ, raised in a surrounding where color meant absolutely nothing, then serving my country in the early 1950s, ready to put my life on the line for many of my comrades regardless if they were soldiers of color or not… and they for me… BUT now, due to your protesting, your violent rioting, your outrageous demands. your insidious mannerism…. I could be the “King Of Racists” of which would be contributed wholly and completely to you and yours… your fault entirely! Soon you will see the Confederate Flag waving proudly where it belongs just below our American Flag to signify that you have went far enough.. it is over, to continue on with your violence will be met with a new Civil War that will make the original one look like General Lee & General Grant having a checker game. Having seen what war is really like… believe me… you won’t care for it! OH!… Also, before you and your protesting divine wisdom accuse me of backing the “treasonous” (your words) southern states of yesteryear…. think back dumbass to when that constitution of ours was drawn up and who was considered treasonous as they did battle against the British. Frankly, it’s very possible that if the Confederate Army had won, this ole world might have evolved to be a better place!

    1. Robert E: Well said! All of what is happening was predicted in a book “None Dare Call It Treason” written back in 1964 by John Stormer. It is a sad day that America loving patriots need to arm themselves to protect this great country from those misguided people who seek to overthrow the greatest nation on earth. But if arm we must, arm we will. That 17 year old boy has shown real heroism by standing up to the leftists. If this ransacking of America continues, I hope he is joined by 60 million more armed patriots.

      1. Okay Robert E. We’re armed, able and ready. But the racist cop who killed George Floyd and the racist cops who murdered Breonna Taylor and the attempted murders of her companion, Kenneth Walker and the recent attempted murder of Jacob Blake will be brought to justice – “dead or alive”, for sure.

  24. begin by locking up our traitors in congress nancy , chucky, schiff, nadler, romney , mad max , and the rest of the democrat crime family and any rinos

    1. You forgot the main one that started all of this Racist BS,OBAMA, needs to go first for the biggest RACIST THAT THIS COUNTRY HAS EVER SEEN AND HAS CAUSED A LOT OF COPS TO BE KILLED

  25. If they want to start a War ship them to Afghanistan and let them fight there,and bring our Soldiers Boys home, and if these Civil War Activist makes it alive,after four years then bring’em back and then lets see how they like this country.The ones that don’t get Killed,this would be a way for the United States of America to get rid of these WARF RATS, once and for all and then see what kind of men and women they think they are, This needs to be put into a Vote at the next White House Meeting,and look at how much money it would save the U.S. no more Destruction and Riots,because they all would be in Afghanistan having fun killing or be killed!

  26. I live in a liberal town in southern California. I have had four Trump flags in my front yard torn down in the middle of the night by 20-somethings, all but one being done by females (caught on video surveillance cameras), bottles of bleach poured in my yard with the empty containers left behind, Republican pinatas smashed and burnt on my sidewalk, etc. My front wall and front porch were recently spray-painted (“tagged”) with anti-Trump and personal obscenities direct at me and my family. I can’t do anything, and all four police reports I have filed have not been responded to. I am reaching the breaking point but I can’t use any type of force, or I will be the criminal. But if this goes any longer, I will respond with extreme prejudice. You’d better believe a civil war is in the making thanks to these Antifa/BLM radical socialist cowards.

  27. This war started on 2016 the day after the election Trump won
    GET OVER IT!!…btw he’s going to do it again!! Time to run the violent leftist out of the country!

  28. I began warning my friends and relatives on e-mail that a Civil war was coming right after Obama told us that he was going to “Transform America”. I knew what he was all about before he got elected the first time. I kept on warning everyone I could but they all ignored me. I have been waiting for “The Shot Heard Round the World” but It hasn’t happened YET.
    Now as I look at the situation going into the election I realize that; That is the Shot. Meaning the election is going to push everyone on BOTH sides into a shoot out. It won’t matter who wins, neither side will admit defeat. The Democrats have set this whole thing up to cheat the poles so badly that if they win=they cheated with more votes in each state than they have people. and if they loose=they blaim the Republicans for cheating.
    We were not able to take an accurate count for our Decade Due Census, so who’s going to know? California and all the rest of the “Blue States” are so overwhelmingly BLUE that the Republicans in those states can only count on maybe their votes for the lesser State Officials will count. That is if they don’t discard those ballots all together into the trash.
    Load up and keep your powder dry. Gare

  29. The mayor of Washington, D.C., a Democrat, is now considering getting rid of the Washington Monument & the Jefferson Memorial. If that happens then there will be a civil war that will make the civil war of 1861-65 look like a tea party where the streets everywhere will run deep in blood. I’ll be standing by with my M40A5 equipped with RIP’s that have been dipped in cyanide & coated with phosphorus & magnesium.

    1. Good for you Richard…. I’d like to see a group grab that black commie slanted DC Mayor broad by the hair and drag her ass down the capitol steps along with that black commie slanted mayor of Atlanta, just grab him by the *^%$##s! … bouncing there racist heads off of each individual rock hard step. Their position and that of many other blacks exist due to their disregard when having non protected sex every fifteen minutes simply to build up 15 or 20 newcomers per female to initiate the fact that there is power in numbers which is the only avenue they took to have any black in a political position. If one existed in today’s world with Hitlers attitude, they’d vote him into whatever office he desired. It wouldn’t matter that he’d destroy America as we’ve come to know it… all that would matter is that he’s black for Christ’s sake! And there you have the reason for eight years of Comrade Obama!

  30. not true, real USA Patriots have faced adversity many times, and when the SHTF they have always prevailed because they refuse to surrender to tyranny. I expect it to get bloody, including possible foreign interference, but the reason foreign entities have not routinely attempt this as has happened in other countries is they know the majority (silent majority at that) is armed and willing to defend our Republic (not mob rule) to the death from ALL Enemies, both Foreign AND Domestic.

  31. Civil war is sure a topic in Dallas,Texas.People waiting 3 hours to get into a indoor shooting range .I brought up the subject and.almost everyone there said privately they hoped not but felt it might happen. Ammo is hard to find,especially 223/556 and 9 mm. AR sales have gone through the roof .

  32. Dealing with the right bad people in a timed and organized way will save millions of lives!
    We all know who is promoting, financing and legislating this treason from Top to bottom!
    And execute
    The leaders only at first the greatest impact
    In all venues
    Hollywood a big impact
    Media a bigger impact
    The money the biggest impact
    It won’t take many and these Demscum traitors to be brought to their justice for they quickly will run like the treasonous yellow scum they are!
    Pray we don’t have to !
    Pray democrats will walk away from their party on Election Day!
    Heals up Harris made it clear before and after the election the riots will continue they will not stop this a movement!
    When a democrat Vice President candidate threatens all of America with continuous chaos until America submits to murderers, blacks , women and communism on Colbert ‘s communist talk propaganda show the civil war is here! The look on colberts face when he heard her was that of a man who had made the biggest mistake of his life by supporting this nonsense, it scared him when he realized what he had become and endorsed!
    The percentage of worthless women in the news, the democrats party and the blm violence shows the idiocy, women, blacks, Athletes and democrats have proven without a doubt they are all not equal to any human !
    The funny part is they are so stupid they are attacking the most heavily and competent armed patriots in the world ! We are pissed !!
    And we will stop them without regret !
    We will dance in the streets as we bulldoze them into their eternal resting place!
    Again I hope this won’t happen but when the war comes we will be ready and we will protect America!
    With extreme prejudice!
    Get ready women and blacks you just thought we didn’t treat you equal or fair before!

    The prejudice in America that you have brought down on yourselves by your vial actions was a trip to Disney land compared to your remaining future!
    It’s not to late you all can vote yourselves out of politics and the media!
    Pay for your crimes and sins
    And America may be willing to forgive you in a couple of generations!
    Go ahead start this civil war for real ! Harris started it on colberts show !
    Stop threatening America and Americans you still have a choice be sure your on the right side!
    America dares you to act In a non democrat state where there is law !
    We are ready and I assure you You are not!

    1. Steve, you talk a lot of s–t. Just remember who is selling their excess fire-power. They got the goods, we got the money — last count $25 Trillion. Now we got the “goods”. Don’t be a fool. This is not 1921. You will not repeat the pass atrocities upon black people

    2. Steve, I am not sure which women and black people you are threatening since you are making blanket statements, but as a black Patriot myself, anybody who attacks me or my family members will be kissing their ass , “Good Bye America”. You don’t threaten innocent people whom you don’t know and who have never done nothing to you. As you stated above, it is your attitude of prejudice and white supremacy (and those like you) that is fueling this insanity that is prevailing here in America. It appears you may be falling into the same category with BLM, Antifa and those anarchists criminals. Why are you and other white Patriots siding with and protecting law enforcement people who need to be brought to justice for killing innocent black men, women and children? If they kill your wife or children, you should demand justice and rightly so. Black people feel the same about their murdered family members. You don’t know if you/we are the “most heavily armed and competent patriots in the world”. There are those who have and own equal and superior weapons of war. Don’t fall into the same trench as those anarchists, slop-jar Pamela Harris and her sick communists/socialists supporters. Patriots should be thinking above that trash and how we can make America Great Again for future generations.

  33. I’m from Texas but am currently stuck in England and on top of that I’m disabled and in an electric wheelchair…. But if a Civil War DOES break out on American soil, I will do everything in my power to return to Texas and do whatever I can for the Righteous American People!!!! BLM and ANTIFA be warned!!!!!


  35. Anyone and everyone associated with Burn, Loot, Murder and Antifa should be put in jail and throw the key away forever. Unless they have a gun, then put them in body bags and take them to the dump. Good to see that murderer in Portland met the proper end. I say Americans need to take to the streets with weapons and have a cleansing. However long it takes let’s fill the garbage dumps. And then let’s pay black reparations to any and all of them willing to denounce America and move back to Africa where they can eat grubs and pick lice off each other just like their relatives over there still do. And take these white radicals with you for slaves.

  36. And it has been going on FAR TOO LONG NOW!! Something MUST BE DONE to stop all this nonsense, if the parties involved, black or white don’t like what the majority of people have put in as president and our laws, then MOVE TO SOME other country, and GOOD RIDDANCE! You are a social outcast and we don’t need or want you here, you are a disgrace to this country and all civilized people!!

  37. The Patriots are disgusted, angry and getting very restless from my neck of the woods.

    The private militia’s in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania alone are the 7th largest army in the world.

    Just for fun add in another 43 states. You know who the 4 loser states are I assume –

    The Patriots are getting restless

  38. Just a note about violence coming to small towns. On Sat., Sept. 5, there is to be a protest at a farmer’s farm because he has put up many american flags and Trump signs, on a public state highway ( Ste. Rt. 161) just east of little old Plain City, Ohio. He has asked supporters ( armed) to join him. Don’t know what/how protesters plan to do; probably shut down a busy trucker road, and tear down his flags/signs. I’ll be there to support him (armed, of course- I have a CCW ). Wonder who is backing/financing this. Are they importing agitators?

  39. Wilddog is absolutely correct about Soros. He got money from the Nazis helping his uncle turn over Jews, so that he had his blood money to start on Wall Street when he got to the US. He is in fact a war criminal and should never have been allowed in the US even though the deep state will never allow him to be prosecuted in a court, because he has too much dirt on any number of them.

  40. The way I see this is since the BLM , Antifa can riot and loot and destroy and the police do nothing can we intercede , the police do nothing to them they will do nothing to us so form our own group and take this problem out . End all this I think it is time for we the people
    to enforce what the police were meant to do. Service , protect and enforce the laws. Some how we all need to get organized just like the BLM and Antifa and change this all around our government is not doing this and letting this happen to our great country. Its time to stop the mayhem now. Restore order , peace and the rule of law .We all want to live in peace have a good life but lately things are turning. we all know this , it now time to correct and save America and we should not wait .

  41. Like the rest of you, my fellow patriots, I too believe this Civil War is coming (or actually here.) I warned friends & family to not vote for Obama, that he was the Anti-Christ….no one listened. Although we’ve only been offered the lesser of 2 evils, with 1 exception (Reagan), for all of my adult life as candidates. For the most part BOTH parties have been a disappointment. More concerned with lining their pockets than doing the job they were elected to do. Last month, at the age of 63 I bought my first weapon! A 9mil. It was something I’d prayed I’d never have to own let alone use. But I fear the upheaval is here now. While I still believe that the taking of a life is a grave sin. If threatened, I will shoot to kill. That being said, it is nice to know there are others of like mind who I can stand with to defend this great experiment that is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

  42. Yes–God and Jesus to the rescue!! But–in their timing, NOT YOURS!! We are living in the end times–all that has been happening has been prophesied in the Bible. Everything that has been prophesied has happened, as predicted in the Bible. Only thing left to happen is the end times which we are going thru now–then the rapture of the church, then the end. Things are happening according to God’s plan, not ours. His plan for man and the world was predestinated before the beginning of time. If people would read their Bibles, they would know what is happening and going on. Christians know what is happening–the world has no clue!! Read Revelations–get an easier to understand edition, if it is hard to understand the Bible. Time is running out and people better find the truth before it is too late!! The truth is only found in Jesus Christ. He is in control–whatever happens, is His plan. Christians know this and have peace about it. We know how it all ends!! The world is in for a rude awakening!!! Get right with God–He is the only way to heaven for all eternity. It’s your choice–don’t say you weren’t warned!! God does not give us the spirit of fear. Fear comes from satan himself and his demons!! Who are you controled by? There is no in-between!! You are either on one side or the other!! Choose life!! Choose this day whom you will serve. We are in s spiritual battle–love against hate–evil against righteousness–God against satan!! Learn all you can!!

  43. If it is to be Civil War then we must be prepared. I pray the Lord Jesus will come before Hell is unleashed and blood runs in abundance in the streets and states. I watched the film- The Coming Convergence- and this is where we are at now in this country. Revelation is coming to reality and if we do not turn back to God things will get much worse. I will fight for my family, my faith, and my country but I am praying for things to calm down.

  44. my real fear is the military i do not belive that most of the joint chiefs of staff consider trump as the real commander in chief also as i understand it 60 percent of the rank and file do not approve of the president even though he has done more for the military than any other president if this is true we dont stand a chance against abram tanks etc

  45. #1 … Pray
    #2 … VOTE
    #3 … Food, Water, Guns, Ammo
    #4 … Execute &/or Hang Treasonists
    #5 … Freeze All SOCIALISTS Assets
    #6 … Soros is a Hungarian/Jew USA citizen

  46. Remember Jesus said that even He did not know the time, only the Father. In fact, He even said that there will be wars and rumors of wars…. but the end is not yet. Therefore, one should always be ready.

  47. warning go on google and type in [can the joint chiefs of staff refuse to obay a lawful order given by trump]and also type in[what persentage of the military dissaprove of trump]dexter floyd

  48. If there is a ‘New Civil War’, as you call it? It is between The People of The United States against Democrat/Socialist views and the willingness to allow Leftest-Liberal policies dictate how Our Cities/Towns and States are going to react to rioters, looters, thieves, arsonist, vandalism, assault and murders that have been allowed to happen for some time now without penalties by law! Our society is one of ‘Law & Order’, without it this country is doomed!
    Vote TRUMP/PENCE in November 2020 and KEEP AMERICA GREAT!!!

  49. R U ready, America? If not, you better get that way! When President Trump is re-elected in the upcoming election by a landslide, the inevitable conflict (call it Civil War 2.0, or whatever you will) which results will make the original Civil War look like a Sunday School picnic!

  50. Most everyone seems to forget that as American citizens we are sovereign (Greatest in status, authority or power) which includes our rights. Although the globalists may try to justify oppressive measures in the name of security, you are still the ultimate decision maker. To note; the globalists controlled government has tried and succeeded in many ways to squelch our sovereignty, but only because fear tactic imposed cause people to give up rights for a false sense of security. Be aware and exercise your sovereignty. KAG 2020

  51. All of your comments have been right on. I have one comment, The ship sure be sent to China where are military could practice target shooting! Please watch Hillary‘s America if you have not seen it ,it will explain everything that is going on right now.

  52. if there is a conflict i dont believe it will be huge armies fighting i think it will be groups on each side and the deaths will be in the 1,2 and3 however this does not mean that it will not be ugly this is only my view god bless america

  53. if the demoncrats retain the house take the senate and the white house making our government a one party system it will be like two wolves and a sheep voting whats for dinner!!!

  54. the american people are so dum they cant see whats coming an it coming fast this viruss is just there plan do not take the vaccine its a tracking drug the 2nd shot is a drug two start eating your in sides up thats there plan to kill off as many people they can dont you see the muslins are ahead of it they are buying all of our buissness gas stores gun shops any thing they can buy harris vice pres. is the key to the front door cant you see that oboma is the leader of them biden is just the mouth piece in time they will get rid of him an harris will take over an change our contitute an then she will past the muslism law on us an then we are f _ _ ked so get ready them ass holes are not take my home away from me with out a fight so stand up with me an let keep our home an tell them this is our home so f_ _ k you time now is start fighting back now are its to late you with me are not ?

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