Lunatic Threatens to Kill Matt Gaetz; Biden DOJ Refuses to Intervene

It’s always seems a bit surprising whenever Democrats openly express a desire to kill us. You’d think we’d be used to it by now. They are the party of real political violence. After the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Maxine Waters, Michelle Obama and other leftwing figures openly told their followers to commit acts of violence against Trump supporters and Republican Congressmen. It worked. And today a prominent Trump-supporting Republican Member of Congress – Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida – appears to be in actual danger.

What’s the Justice Department doing to protect him? Nothing! And they didn’t even bother to tell him directly that they’re not going to protect him.

It was just four years ago when Crooked Hillary, Holder, Waters and Michelle Obama told their followers to attack Republicans – and 66-year-old “Bernie Bro” James Hodgkinson took them up on it. Hodgkinson drove from his home in Illinois to Alexandria, VA, where he shot up the Republican congressional baseball game. Alexandria police fortunately killed Hodgkinson after a 10-minute gunfight. Republican Congressman Steve Scalise was wounded in the attack and almost died.

Those Republicans are fortunate that this previous attack happened in 2017. If it had happened in 2021, the cops might not have actually defended them.

Rep. Matt Gaetz made a stunning announcement on the House floor this week. A deranged Democrat has been threatening to kill him. That person had then traveled across the country to Washington, DC, where he is now presumably hunting Matt Gaetz. And the Justice Department under Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland is refusing to arrest the man.


Gaetz announced on the House floor:

“I think someone may be trying to kill me, and if they’re successful, I would like my constituents and my family to know who stopped their arrest.”

This isn’t a joke. A lunatic in Portland, OR who goes by the Twitter handle “CIA Bob” has been threatening to kill Gaetz since October 8th. After 13 straight days of CIA Bob threatening to kill a sitting US Representative, Twitter finally disconnected the guy’s account on October 21st.

Here are the messages that CIA Bob sent to Congressman Gaetz in the days before he drove to Washington, DC:

“Lookie here pal. I live in Portland. Portland has ordered a hit on you. I accepted the contract. Have a good day.”

“I am going to wipe you off the face of the earth. Have a good day.”

“You will meet me.”

“Run and hide.”

“Last rights are according to me.”

After sending those messages directly to Rep. Gaetz on a public platform – AND pictures of himself – CIA Bob (real name unknown) traveled to Washington, DC. Gaetz informed the Capitol Police that this lunatic was clearly threatening to murder him. The Capitol Police, to their credit, informed the Department of Justice and recommended that CIA Bob be arrested.

When he never heard anything back from them, Gaetz contacted the federal Protective Services Bureau (part of the DOJ) and spoke with the head of the Investigations and Threat Assessments division. He was informed that, “The Capitol Police had recommended the arrest of this individual, and that the Department of Justice refused to do so.”

Gaetz further stated on the House floor:

“If my name weren’t Gaetz—if it were Omar, or Tlaib—you can bet this person would have been arrested because that’s what the Capitol Police recommended, but the Department of Justice really doesn’t seem to care so much when it’s Republicans.”

Yeah. That’s pretty much how all Americans have felt about the Department of Justice ever since they sent a SWAT team and a CNN camera crew to Roger Stone’s house for a pre-dawn raid, over an accusation that he had misremembered details from an email from two years previously. We have two systems of justice in this country now.

If someone threatened a Democrat congressman or congresswoman right now, the Department of Justice would drop the hammer on that person. As they should. But when a MAGA conservative is threatened, the DOJ yawns and wishes them luck. If they’re willing to stand back and allow a person who is probably an Antifa operative kill a sitting Republican congressman, just imagine how those same people at the DOJ would feel about ordinary Americans who are Trump supporters. These people really do want us dead. Plan accordingly.

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34 thoughts on “Lunatic Threatens to Kill Matt Gaetz; Biden DOJ Refuses to Intervene”

  1. Republicans may have to eventually have to take matters into their own hands since a corrupt justice system is proving worthless .

    1. It is evident by recent threats & stalkings , that No One – of any party – may expect protection by the Law of Our Land . Our Country is under attack by idealogies intent on bringing down the established whole of a Liberty minded , & Free Society by lunatics of all ‘ isms ‘ & dogma . That the executive party turns a blind eye to border dangers , & the incoming hordes of takers of American goodwill ( & soft heartedness ) , is in itself , the indicator that We could be forced to defend Our Republic , ourselves , one by one , or one for all , as was done in the Revolutionary War , the War of 1812 , and the Civil War . We , The People own this land ; that the ‘ executive ‘ seems oblivious is a ruse , they know exactly what they’re doing , it is time we showed the solidarity necessary that We do too , and keep it that way ; always remaining vigilant against ‘ all threats , foreign And domestic . An example of Liberty won & then squandered can be seen in how far down Poland has sunk in the Euro schemes of things ; the ‘President’ there took the euro reign , they made him their chief , then he renegged & is attempting to subjegate his own people for money & power . Once ngained Freedom AND Liberty must be guarded jealously . I am a Veterean .

      1. I couldn’t agree more! And I do fear its coming to that conclusion; I’m also a veteran, we’ll do what we have to do! As of right now, the government is the enemy of the people and needs to be disposed of! GBA MAGA GOD BLESS DONALD TRUMP

    2. Biden can be impeached, if the Republicans enact the ‘WAR MEASURE ACT’ against him.
      With all the illegals he’s letting in, they are a threat to National Security!

  2. Call on me Mr Gaetz. I will protect you no charge and I have the military background to back it up.I used to look at each party when elections rolled around but I now believe Democrats are rotten to the core.Civil war is in their future.

    1. AMEN, IT shows democrats are a bunch of commies. They want a war between the people. Everyone that’s a republican be safe.Prayers for our country and the people.

  3. The Republican Party is now reaping the rewards of having done NOTHING about election fraud or the Communist indoctrination of our kids in their own schools. NOTHING.

    And DO NOT try to tell me how the Great GOP has been on “our” side for the past 40 years. Look who the gave us for the Presidency, both Bushes, look who they ran for that office, Hanoi Johnny McCain and Mitt Romney. They fought Trump every step of the way, gave us such sterling leadership as Mitch McConnell and have folded up on every critical issue. ObamaCare, Election Fraud, The US Dep’t of Education. On and on.

    Well, we warned you. Millions of us did. We told you “it’s happening here” and all we got was dismissed, insulted and even threatened. The notion ignored the warnings, (D) and (R) both.

    So here we are. No doubt the US DoJ, Department of Just Democrats, has given the assassin Matt’s address and schedule for the day.

    Our defenders have SOLD OUT. They “just follow orders” now. Like the Nazis did in the 30s and 40s.

    1. Well said! I am so fed up with the lame GOP! And as for 2022…forget it!!! If they can steal a presidential election and get away with it…..the communist democratic party will just become more proficient at cheating just like their chinese pals….I am laughing at people who think any election will ever be fair since Nov 2020…look at CA….how could CA put Newsome back in office?

      1. Newsom is twice the tyrant Pedo-Joe ever was. Yep, he “won” the recall election with 66% of votes cast in his favor.

        It’s already their ( the cream-Cheese brained Democrats ) hope that Hair Gel and his “ first partner “ ( let’s look into this couples involvement with pedophilia ) are the next presidential candidate and wife. Three months ago, she was just known as “ the first partner “…… today she’s Jennifer Siebel Newsom….. obviously they (the asshole democrats) are grooming this man devoid of morals, scruples, or any reasonable thought process to speak of, and setting this brainless fuck-up to lead our nation after the Biden regime tears this country to a senseless demise.

        It’s happening right in front of our eyes!! This lowlife didn’t take 2 out of 3 votes in the recall. People here in CA ARE that stupid generally….. but this was their one and only chance to rid themselves of this “cancer” if you will , and once again, democratic intervention and cheating prowness prevailed keeping this mini dictator in power. Pretty sickening.

        This man ( and I use the term because I have to) is a sick, twisted, demented, power drunk entity who rules with an iron fist and unfortunately is separated from what you and I know as “ reality” in every way.
        He’s a selfish, greedy, tyrant who has NO compassion for anybody other than himself or his immediate family

        He’s the epitome of “Rules for thee, but not for me”. He’s as corrupt as his Auntie Nancy, and you can put big money in the fact that there was no way he was going to lose his recall process. NO WAY!!!!!!!

        Just look at California……. it doesn’t matter where you look, the state is as fucked up at this moment as it has ever been.

        Lockdowns, mandates, homelessness, the annual fires ( oh….. the “ climate change woes”). I could elaborate for another half an hour, but what’s the point? He reminds me of Biden’s regime…. if he touches it, it turns to shit. Thank God that in the big scheme of things, California doesn’t really matter on Election Day. It’d be real nice if CA could secede from the rest of America and become the third world country Gavin seems to want it to be. By the way, I guess referring to us constituents as “American” has become a cancel culture or “ racist” thing.

        I’m real thankful to be 66 yrs old knowing my time left will be what I can try to make it what I want it to be. I’ll let you all know just how that works out for me, as of this moment, that seems a bit dicey to me.

        CALIFORNIA DREAMIN…….. a thing of the past

        1. Z, I could not agree more on every issue you addressed but honestly “We the People” have been lulled to sleep for years. It wasn’t really until Obama that there has been a true ‘awakening’ of the majority of conservatives. There were quite a number of us who saw the ‘writing on the wall’ when they assassinated JFK and yet when we tried to speak out, we were ignored, totally ignored no matter who, what, when, where or why we tried to expose what the democrats, and some Rhino republicans were doing, we were called conspirators, liars, they did anything and everything they could to destroy the truth . Even then we truly didn’t know how diabolical these people were nor how deep their tentacles had dug into the foundation’s of our God given constitutional rights trying to totally destroy our nation by any means possible.

          Now the Only one we can trust, at least the only one I can trust, that has the power to turn our nation back around is the God who created it in the first place. The God with whom we have a covenant promise with as a new nation and that being the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, Yahweh Adonai Elohim. Because of our crying out to Him through His son Jesus Christ, he brought us a man whom He had been preparing since his birth. His name, Donald J Trump. When this man said Yes to the Lord all Hell rose up against him, but because God’s hand was upon him, Trump became our President and our Nation was blessed during the years he held the office. He has never conceded the office but because of all the fraudulent actions of those people in our government who lied, cheated and stole the 2020 election, a Jackal now sits in the seat not rightfully belonging to him and our nation has gone down the toilet. Everything this Jackal touches he destroys because he is not anointed by God to hold the office. He must be expediently removed from the WH! He and ALL those in his administration and even those who are not but are pulling the puppet strings behind the curtain, Obama, Soros, the CCP, the Clinton’s, Fauci, Pelosi, Schumer, the FBI, the DOJ, et’al.

          Donald Trump is just a man, but a man who when he says he’ll do something, he will do it. He’s a man of his word and Gods hand is upon him. He is the only one God has chosen for such a time as this. He is still the rightful president and until we all stand up against those liars in the WH and put DJT back where he belongs, well, our nation will never recover. This is truth, pure and honest truth. It’s Not just the man, it’s the God Almighty, the Creator of All things behind the man.

          So now what are we all going to do about this? They are destroying our States, our Governors etc are involved with the corruption, our City legislators are on the take, our police are being defunded, and now our Corporations, Businesses, Hospitals etc are all being destroyed by Fauci etc with the CCP and China laboratories creation of the depopulation virus and now the pharmaceuticals killing people throughout the world with their vaccines. Not even adding the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants flooding into our country that Biden is bussing and flying into States where we do not know where and draining all our social services just for them. The list is so much longer but and if we do not stop this, there will be no America left.

          This has gone way beyond what ‘guns’ can do. This has to be what God can do, period, and who he puts in place to do it. This is my opinion, no one has to agree with it and no one has the right to come against it.

    2. I couldn’t agree with you more. They had to be in back of this planned assassination, because Gaetz has not been indoctrinated into the CPUSA, and is a thorn in their sides.
      I have a feeling that like me, you have been researching this gradual communist takeover for a long time. I remember trying to warn friends and relatives about what was going on 20 years ago, and some looked at me as though I had two heads. Others gave me a condescending look (which irritated the daylights out of me) and some asked me not to talk about it, as it was too depressing and scary. There you have it. People like this allowed it to creep up on them, even long before then, and now are so blindsided, they either are in denial, or just complacent. They forget that freedom isn’t always free. There’s always a price in order to keep it.
      The first step is being aware. Then resisting, as some good parents are now doing to protect their children. Then there are those who are fighting the mask mandates, and those who are fighting the Mark of The Beast “vaccine” mandates. And those who are fighting for honest elections.
      May God Bless America, and help us to
      Make America FREE Again!!!!!!!

    3. Republicans have been worthless which is why I stopped contributing except to individuals. Where was
      Ronna McDaniel and the RNC after the obvious election tampering? They disappeared. Its a two-sided coin except for the few that are upholding conservative principles. Ninety percent need to be replaced asap.

  4. When these Republicans stop catering to democrats leftist. Then thing will change! But it them that vring everything upon themselves! Because they got NO BALLS TO STAND UP! But give into whatever these DEMOCRAT POLITICIAN wants! Onky a coward di these types of things! WHEN THEY SHOULD BE FOLLOWING THE CONSTITUTION LAWS! And putting it into action ! Show the 74 million. TRUMP SUPPORTERS YOU ARE FOR FREEDOM AND LIBERTY! If not then you are part of the CORRUPT POLITICIAN WHO DESERVES TO BE EXECUTED!

  5. The Democrat DOJ resembles Fauzi, in that he believes whatever he says or does is in accordance with HIS law. He is a typical Biden appointee. What he doesn’t realize is that some crazy nut who believes he is the answer to the Democrat or Republican Party could well take the DOJ out – or does he have a vast number of Federally funded bodyguards? The DOJ as well as Biden and all of his associates, are POWER CRAZY. The more power given to them, the more additional power they seek; for them, there is no end to their power madness – except perhaps death and they will even try to overpower the Devil – if he will let them into Hell.

  6. I can’t wait till 2022 to Vote these Socialist, Racist people out of office so we Americans can get our Country back.

    1. They will find a way to cheat again.
      They got away with it once
      They will do it again. There is nothing they
      Won’t do

  7. Although it has been stated at various times past about diverse nationalities, ethnicities, and/or racial groups, it has never been more true about anyone or anything else that “the only GOOD Democrat is a DEAD Democrat!” Their blatant arrogance and hypocrisy are manifestly evident for all who are concerned enough to see and hear!

    1. You know Michael…. dead Democrat or not, they seem to get their vote counted regardless!

      Only DEAD democrats get their votes to count!!!!!!

  8. If the tables were reversed the offender would be dead by now. You are in a foreign country, abide by the rules or get eliminated (dead or sent home).

  9. I he gets killed, it will be time for the civil war and the mass extermination of liberals across the land. Garland is Obama’s man and he is s full blown, card carrying communist and has been ordered by Obama to do everything in his power to bring about Obama’s rise to dictator.

  10. First if you don’t own a gun I’d get one. I’d hire private security like the squad has Done.
    Everyday I’d announce that the Justice System is one sided,that has to change.
    Just look at the left trying to set up a President with fake crimes.
    In Washington now the left has a Crime Syndicate and seems to be able to do whatever they want with violating people’s rights and committing whatever crimes they see fit to take out their opposition.
    It’s like a 3rd world country.
    Last Election RIGGED & Stolen and these pukes still in there.
    Hire your own Private man to track & capture if possible alive this Puke threatening your life.
    It’s outrageous, disgusting, despicable OUR COUNTRY IS WERE WE ARE NOW.

  11. Gaetz should turn info over to Sheriff & State Police in Fla. as his residence is there. Request they issue an arrest warrant for the scumbag. Once issued by a Judge, the scumbag can be arrested by LOCAL L.E. anywhere and extradited back to Fla. for trial & prison on the STATE level. The only SNAFU would be if the suspect is a GOVERNMENT OPERATIVE.
    Which may be the case since the Feds. declined any enforcement action.

  12. Prayers and thoughts with Rep Matt Gaetz and his family for their safety and security and hopefully he owns some firearms.

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