Man with No Criminal History and Who Never Entered the Capitol Sentenced to Federal Prison By Obama Judge

When it comes to the federal government’s ongoing persecution of conservative Americans, leftist judges have proven themselves to be relentless, OBSESSED with helping Joe Biden and the rest of the Democrats pull off a massive intimidation campaign to convince people not to support MAGA Republicans.

At first they were focused on attacking President Donald Trump, but just as he warned, those attacks have now spread to average Americans and there appears to be no sign of that letting up anytime soon.

Conservative husband and father of five, Ryan Kelley – a regular American – has fallen victim to this leftist agenda.

Kelley has been sentenced to federal prison for marching OUTSIDE of the Capitol on January 6. While the pro-Trump father admitted that he attended the rally, he made it clear that he never entered the Capitol – the part of the protest that Democrats have been claiming was a crime.


In the 2022 midterms, Kelley ran in the Michigan GOP primary for Governor and was the frontrunner, before the federal government raided his home to interfere in the election and stop him from having a chance of winning.

At the time, Kelley explained how the FBI raided his home and arrested him in front of his wife and small children, all thanks to his completely LEGAL decision to attend the rally at the Capitol on January 6.

After several years of dealing with the uncertainty of how a completely weaponized government would ultimately punish him, Kelley, the sole bread winner for his family learned that he was being sentenced to FEDERAL PRISON for the crime of being conservative in Biden’s America.

Activist Judge Christopher R. Cooper – an Obama appointee – made that VERY clear by admitting that he was sending Kelley to federal prison because he didn’t believe that that conservative was “truly remorseful” for his actions.

Cooper said that he had “serious concerns” that Kelley was not reformed by the political persecution of him and other conservatives, so he decided to give him a harsh sentence in the hopes of making an example out of him.

Kelley is just an average conservative American being punished for his political beliefs. What’s to stop the DOJ from coming after you next?

The DOJ and left-wing judges are doing everything in their power to make sure that Americans are TERRIFIED of what will happen to them if try to stop the Democrats from destroying this country – be it through blatant election theft or other means.

In line with that mission, is a recent decision by the DOJ to try and give several J6ers LONGER sentences after initially giving them 10-22 YEARS…. for protesting at the Capitol.

The gloves are off – the federal government is looking to DESTROY MAGA Republicans in America.

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51 thoughts on “Man with No Criminal History and Who Never Entered the Capitol Sentenced to Federal Prison By Obama Judge”

    1. BLM rioters didn’t stay in jail long because Harris came to CA and used BLM funds to bale the same crooks that burned Police Units, several with officers in the Units, They set a Police station on fire, with Police in the building. Destroy and theft, many places are still going out of business. Trump ask Pelosi several times to put National Guard at DC on Jan 6. She was probably the one that started the riots. We don’t know who was dressing as Trump supporters but we’re BLM or other drugs cartels. Prayers for our country. This Father shouldn’t have been tried for support of Trump. Biden, Soros, Obama and a lot of others have done crime, especially Hunter and Biden family. Wasn’t Biden involved with his presence wife before his wife, children Mother, was killed?

        1. amen & AMEN…Better OPEN eyes & awaken to the TRUTH or our USA is going ‘down the drain’. PRAY FOR …..& SUPPORT TRUMP & OTHERS ON HIS TEAM.

      1. It would give me such great pleasure to make these maggots, Budens hench people, get booted out the country, and sent to a remote deserted third world island. PIGS. That is all they are.

      2. Biden was having an affair with Jill while he was still married to his wife. Beau Biden was a little boy when he caught jis father ‘Joe’ touching his baby sister in the wrong wsy. He told his mother. She was so angry, that she drove her car with her baby daughter. She was speeding the highway, on the wrong lane, and intentionally drove towards the semi trailer truck. Instantly killed Joe’s wife and baby girl. It was not the truck driver’s fault. Joe was the one that made his first wife commit suicide. That is why Joe never mentioned his first wife and baby girl. Jill came into the picture to babysit Beau and Hunter. They got married and the rest is dirty history for nearly 4 years in the dirty White House. The worst president in America history.

    2. When are Americans going to catch onto this type of one sided justice or in this case a complete lack of justice? This makes me sick to my stomach !

      1. It does me too! It is NOT a case of “lack of Justice”! I believe that Communism in the Democratic Party is rising in our country ! Look how illegal they are treating Trump and collecting people to also go to jail because they supported him.

        1. Let’s All Face it American People Our America is under Biden and his Trannacal Puppet master clowns administration Regimes All are freaking Liar’s and Guilty Of Being Totally Corrupted At All Levels and Two tiar justice system that’s totally Unconstitutional Lawlessness Acts and Corruption AT ALL LEVELS too. Biden’s The Criminal Here And Has been since he was a Senator and they All lie& cheat and Cover Up All there Criminal Actions Against America.J6 prisoners are being treated like mass murderers for misdemeanors and this is all unconstitutional Lawlessness Acts and totally Unlawful and illegal Acts Not legal Courts of Laws. All of them will be Held Accountable for All Of There Treason espionage Tranny’s Bribery Money Laundering Criminal’s Actions Against America and We The People Need to Stand Up United for Our Country’s Freedom Rights and Liberty’s Take Back Our Country’s Freedom Liberty and Sovereignty.Uphold The original Constitution of the United States of America.United We STAND! Divided We Fall victims in to there Communism Controlling/ brainwashing/Dem’s& Trannacal Biden’s Puppet Master Clowns corrupted government regimes
          Controlling Our Lives Our children’s lives sensoring spying on Us controlling our money.
          They’re All Criminals LIAR’S and Will be Held Accountable for All of there Criminal Actions Against All Americans and President Trump’& Family.
          The Truth Will Prevail and Time Will Tell.No One is ABOVE The Laws NO ONE.
          Trump’2024++ Make America Great Again
          America should Come First And Fore Most WG1WGA ✊

      2. Christine, TRUE Americans have caught on to the one sided justice system. But what are we to do? The one group, the DOJ, that can fix this problem IS the problem. We can vote but what good does it do when the elections are rigged for the Liberals. Again to restore election integrity requires an interested DOJ but we know what the problem is with that. Democracy isn’t dead yet but it is certainly hooked up to a failing life support system.

    3. Ole Judge shitbag Kelly Needs a Dose of Liberal crap himself ‍♂️ WHAT A LIBERAL PUKE ! Karmas a bitch

    4. If this is true from what I read this could be the start of a civil war. You cannot imprison people for protesting peacefully and saying he needs to go to jail because he’s a conservative who voted for Trump

    5. God help us…This administration is pushing for a citizen uprising in these United States…It’ so sick and obvious that an idiot can see it comming…

  1. absolutely disgusting..totalitarian and fascism..Stalin and Hitler would be proud..he needs a good attorney..they all do and P Trump was right..coming for all of disturbing and left progressive judges and DA’s 2 must be stopped!

  2. mabe biden should have his f15s ready pepole are fed up with this admin. taking our rights away for simply protesting or not agreeing with with their bad policies for the usa

    1. Agree. Those trying to keep Trump off the ballot (article 14) seem to be oblivious, or just deliberatly ignor, that it would only apply if he was convicted.

  3. The thinnest of a thread of legality. Only accomplished by bending the dictionary THEY use! A completely successful legal crime committed by GOVERNMENT!
    They, Fed.Gov, have been pushing THIS CART of “Law Feeling’s” up the road for a while now….looks like they’re gaining ground. It’s not about “legal” it’s about how it “FEELS”! Got to have that Fed.Gov warm-n-fuzzy!
    TERM LIMITS terrify the living shit out ALL POLITICIAN’S!!

    1. You are right! Obama has been deeply mixed up in all this evil crap happening in our country! Will we survive? I pray we will and other people wake up to the communist leadership in our country!


  5. The despicable Obama rats like this scumbag judge all belong at the end of a noose. It’s going to take a violent revolt to get this country back on track from the communist garbage that is attacking the patriots who were protesting against the stolen 2020 presidential election.

      1. You’re partially right. They do worship a “god”…well, a spiritual being, whether they know it or not. Some of them are blatant in their admiration of Satan…others are just along for the ride. When you look at this from a spiritual viewpoint, it all makes sense. There is a battle of good against evil and it should now be pretty evident which side the Democrats identify with. BLM and Antifa are “good”. Peaceful protesters are “evil”. Everything is backwards which is the way Satan likes it. Girls are boys and boys are girls regardless of how they came out of the womb. Also look at the difference between those who build things and those who destroy things. Trump built an empire, changed the skyline of Manhattan, built dozens of beautiful venues…golf courses, hotels, casinos, etc. What did O’Biden ever build? What did Obozo ever build? Liberals are especially good at one thing: destroying what others have built. Hardworking Americans built the greatest nation on the planet and liberals are doing their best to destroy it. Again, Satan didn’t get the nickname “destroyer” for no reason. Liberals are really playing with fire, thinking their corrupt practices will reward them nicely in this lifetime, and O’Biden is proving that to be true. Those who do believe in Satan should also believe there was a God who created Satan (an angel who decided to defy God). The day will come when they’ll discover that they chose the wrong Master and will suffer eternally because of their idiotic choice. It won’t be God who will be torturing them…it will be Satan! I suppose they errantly think they’d be on his good side (“and all my friends will be there too”),

  6. Yet. all those who stormed the capital in response to the anger promoted by Ljiad [of the Squad] will get nothing, not even arrested. This was/is an/insurrection’, more than Jan 6th. This was not even close to ‘peaceful’. Pres Trump did NPOT encourage a breach of the capital. It is ‘the people’s place, so is definitely their right to be there. The doors were opened to them. They disrupted nothing, but they are put in prison. These people, in ‘sympathy’ with Hamas, because of lies promoted by lLjiad[?] , wreaking havoc on all the campuses by young people who have no idea what Hamas is &/or the history of Israel- will have NO repercussions. whatsoever. They need to be expelled from college & the colleges NEED to be put onto the basis of their ‘endowments’. They presidents of these colleges need to stop this stupidity– first, by making the students hear the truth. Hamas attacked Israel, in the night– breaking into homes, killing families. they have found BABIES with handcuffs on, before being burned to death in their cribs. Good grief- just HOW does [even a generation ‘whatever’] see that as right. That is criminal. Hamas is evil. the colleges have the responsibility to tell the truth . AND so does that idiot in the ‘Squad”. They need to quit fostering HATE..

    1. It’s just the way democrats are CRIMINALS all of them. Just look at Hunter Biden if a Republican did that they would never see the light of day. But what gets me the most is the stupidity of people to actually believe the democrats and continue voting.them into office. Democrats just keep saying I will givve you something.but people learn if they are big enough to give you what you want they are also big enough to take what you have. PEOPLE’S FREEDOM IS THE FIRST THING TO GO

  7. Look at the evidence unfolding in Michigan about the fraudulent votes. Maybe we can’t blame American voters, just the criminals who cheat on the elections!! Biden shouldn’t be in office RIGHT NOW. Look at the condition of our country and the world!! We need to do something positive soon!!

    1. And it isn’t just Michigan that has election fraud coming to light. Sad for our country, sad for Americans who love their country.

      1. So true. There is a completely buried story that the sudden increase in Bidung votes occured at the same time in multiple states, regardless of the time zone. For example 11:00 EST and 10:00 CST. This is statistically an impossiblity.

  8. Nothing on this earth is as dirty as the democrats they are the worse things go ever walk on this earth ” that there destroying “. Biden/Obama is the worse president to fraudulent crawl into the white house. To put people i prison –for doing not a dam thing that wronge is awful. Were in a mad mad world and need to get it change.

    1. No fast enough to save the future of America for our children and grandchildren if the democrats remain in control! Americans MUST get out and VOTE democrats out of office.
      I don’t believe for one moment that our elections are secure! Every aspect of the 2024 election has to be monitored every single moment!

  9. America under the democrats is becoming the worse place to live. Putting law abiding citizens in prison and letting all kinds of real criminals walk around free. And we have all kinds of illegal aliens in to worry about. This is becoming a bad bad place to live. If democrats get back in for another four years this place is gone to the devil and we the people of the USA will be living in HELL.

  10. America has become the land of the oppressed and the home of the cowards. It’s Tyranny, you, your children and grandchildren want to live under the communist boot? This and what happened with the Colorado Supreme Court is just examples, it’s do what I say, not what I do. In that case, it’s vote for who I allow you to vote for, not who you want to vote for! We are in the midst of the fall of our Republic, it’s up to us to determine what the outcome is. The cowards have to reach a point where they’ve had enough, or they can no longer remain with their heads buried in the sand. Hopefully something will change before the total fall of our country.


  12. They’re is more than enough evidence to convict obama, hillary, biden, schiff, harris, holder, comey, brennen,clapper & the list goes on & on.
    They MUST be arrested & held without bond. Quick trials = death penality for treason. These people MUST hang for JUSTICE !!!

  13. Pray That people will open their minds and heart to our Lord and rise up to change this sinful, disgusting time we are in ( self induced). I am scared but believe my Lord and Savior will guide me. Yes, I am VERY frightened. I never voted for any of this crap. I am a conservative, Christian. I know where I am going. I am more scared for my children and specifically my grandchildren. America as we knew it is at the bottom of the dung pile. Only God can help. VOTE CONSERVATIVE people. Vote these A.H EVIL people out of office!!!!!

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