Marxist Joe Biden Looks to PUNISH Journalists Involved in Twitter Files Release that Exposed Him

Well, we had to know it was coming – Biden and his people are FIERCELY going after Elon Musk and the journalists who helped him expose the radical collusion between the government and Twitter to suppress information and silence conservatives.

The Biden Regime is reportedly furious that Musk allowed journalists to access and publish Twitter’s communications with the government and now they’re seeking revenge.

The regime is demanding that Elon explain WHY he gave journalists access to the Twitter files, but that’s not all.

Biden’s FTC is FORCING Musk to turn over all of the names of the journalists involved in publishing the government’s Twitter requests– suggesting the federal government is now going to PUNISH reporters for exposing the truth.


The Wall Street Journal reported, “The Federal Trade Commission has demanded Twitter Inc. turn over internal communications related to owner Elon Musk, as well as detailed information about layoffs—citing concerns that staff reductions could compromise the company’s ability to protect users.”

According to the Journal, Biden’s Marxist FTC has sent at least 12 letters to Twitter’s legal team since Musk took over, DEMANDING that the company “identify all journalists” granted access to company records and to provide information about the launch of the revamped Twitter Blue subscription service.

“This is an outrageous attack on the First Amendment,” journalist Michael Shellenberger, one of the journalists who gained access to the Twitter files, said in response to the troubling news, adding that he looked forward to discussing the FTC push with Congress.

Elon Musk himself also responded, labeling the Biden Regime’s harassment campaign as, “A shameful case of weaponization of a government agency for political purposes and suppression of the truth!”

The Twitter files implicated the government in a number of shady acts, including censoring Americans whose politics they didn’t agree with and preventing the spread of news which might hurt them.

They also exposed that far-left media is essentially just a state-run entity at this point, that Big Pharma sought to shut down ALL vaccine criticism, Russiagate falsehoods, and MUCH more.

No wonder the Biden Regime is covering it up! That’s no real surprise at this point, but it does raise a serious question: Is it too late for America? Or are we already no better than places like China and Cuba where the government dictates what news can be released to the masses?

The fact that our government would even CONSIDER asking a private company to dox journalists for exposing the truth is a sign that the America we once knew might be completely lost.

They’re not even hiding it anymore – the communists have SEZIED power and we’re seeing how they use it.

With Biden in charge, America is truly no better than communist China who just like this, punishes ANYBODY who dares to speak up about what’s really going on.

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48 thoughts on “Marxist Joe Biden Looks to PUNISH Journalists Involved in Twitter Files Release that Exposed Him”

  1. Here the sign of a TYRANNY PRESIDENT! Trying to stop or destroy other people lives. Biden has gone to far! Time for him to RESIGN OR BE CHARGE FOR THREATENING OUR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS

    1. who is surprised that the man who is owned body and soul by China has turned this country over to them???
      He should be charged with treason, which is what we are all witnessing on a blatant, daily basis. WHY DOES CONGRESS NOT UNIFORMLY ACKNOWLEDGE THE OBVIOUS AND ACT ON IT ASAP: YESTERDAY EVEN?????

      1. Well said.. The Obiden Liars are most assuredly Surrendering our Great Nation to the Communists.. They continue to act in Treasonis ways to weaken US in every way possable.. They will Obviously LIE & Cheat to stay in their Stolen Power.. It’s Amazing just how Ignorant and Truly Dumb the Leftist Liars are in action’s and Word’s.. Sickening Display Folks..

    2. I can’t help but to look at the crying, screaming, neckbeard, basement dwelling, “college educated” Leftists who denounced Trump as a Tyrannical Dictator while he was in office.

    3. Biden Should Be Charged With TREASON, biden and his Administration is Destroying America, Open Boarders, SECURITY RISK, Trying to Strip Away Americans Rights. Not to Mention biden is a Liar

    4. I am 100% for this move. America stands for freedom for all, not just Biden and his minions. I don’t have much money, but I’ll help as much as I can.

    5. Of course he should resign. But he has always done the opposite of what he should do. No chance of him resigning until he is pushed out by his own party.
      They don’t need to push him out because they know they will win the 2024 Election
      due to corrupting the votes. As long as the Dominion voting machines are used by evil men to bring about a demon-rat win the demon-rats will be in power. That
      power may never end as the Dominion machines will never be abolished. What a dark communistic future for America!!

    1. The Demonrats cheated and denied any tinkering with voting Sations.
      The first day and his first executive order was to close the pipelines.I knew then things were headed sideways. Not to mention how embarrassing it is when reporters laugh at him and he still doesn’t get. Americans need to band together and soon.

    2. Dennis, your answer is two fold, 1 we didn’t get enough people to vote ( the Never Trump Republicans) ,and the media hid ALL the corrupted news til after the election

      1. That was quick thinking on your part.
        Who in this same mind can institute massive moves from our citizens?

  2. Biden is showing us he a true DICTATOR! Violation laws just as the Chinese government does! Going after people who explore him and his TYRANNY IDEA! FTC, FBI, DOJ, even the media far left. To attack other people freedom of speech and rights.

    1. Wyatt, I sorry but Biden is too stupid to be directing these levels of decient and corruption. He is the puppet being directed by not only THE Washinton Elite but also a Global organization

  3. Look look up on the Internet 45 steps to Communism we are 3/4 of the way there thanks to Biden in his Nazi group. This is just one of the 45 taking away free speech, religion, suppressing the press, taking away your guns. The oil situation screaming green, the lack of things on the shelves at the store inflation it’s all planned. Don’t biting this working to get the NEW WORLD ORDER IN PLACE, if we do not stop him soon it will be too late.

  4. The Federal Trade Commission suddenly is concerned about consumers, truth and generally what’s “good” for the American public. But it didn’t give a hoot about conservatives before the new owners flushed the socialist bias. Good grief, the entire government has turned against fair minded taxpayers. Perhaps it needs to clean house too.

    1. We need to vote out all the dinosaurs! I thought they were extinct. They’ve migrated to the Democratic Party. The head dinosaur needs to go. China going to protect you JB

      1. Not all have migrated. McConnell, Tom Tillis, Lindsey Graham, and many others need to be taken out. They all seem to be bought. Plus some. Starting with doj Garland.

  5. Biden and his corrupt administration needs to go. I can’t believe there were so many stupid people who voted for him. Hope they’re happy and suffering like the rest of us. The next election needs to be watched VERY carefully so votes can’t be pulled out when the poll workers are sent home like last time.

  6. Biden took office and delayed calling our allies for months. However he almost immediately called Xi and spoke for over TWO HOURS yet stated to news reporters on the WH lawn after and stated they did not talk about the Wuhan virus. He kept praising China and Conmunism, saying how much easier they run a country with Communism… easier, smoother, etc. TWO HOURS and my take on it was this guy feels he’s best buddies with Xi and wants his approval and praise, Based on his many pro Xi and Communism comments to press, he seemed to be getting MENTORED by Xi re how best to run a country. Biden and his shadow handlers seem very pro-CHINESE in every way possible, then and on up to current day.

    Biden has continued to have regular LONG/2 hour range long phone calls with Xi and EACH TIME he them tells reporters how much better Communist rule seems to work. Is he also having calls with Xi from the beach house he spends hundreds of days at? NO phone call or visitor logs are available from there, though I assume his Secret Service must have some record of visitor logs we don’t hear about. Is China leadership sending people in for meetings and laughs with Biden and Jilly? There could be possible. Many of them reside in the US. We do know from Hunter’s laptop emails, he had communications with Chinese to obtain keys to a DC locsted Chinese private office. They were asked to provide several keys for each Biden family member, including JOE, JILLY, HUNTER, and JOE’S BROTHER. He later thanked them for providing them. TOTALLY inappropriate and could easily involve treasonous pro-CHINESE activity on the Biden [crime] family part. We just learned Biden attorneys quietly moved NINE BIG BOXES from the Biden offices at Penn University and took them to THEIR PERSONAL OFFICES SHORTLY BEFORE Penn was searched for classified Documents. Biden and the attorneys involved say they haven’t looked in the boxes and don’t know what’s in them. RIGHT. But they know to take those specific nine boxes to avoid having them found? Guess they think we are gullible enough to believe that or to buy mountain chalets in Florida.

    They need to search that shared the Chinese/Biden offices in DC as there likely are boxes “stashed” there, too. More convenient for the loyal Chinese to go through and send data and secrets over to China. I’d be shocked if there are no docs stashed there. Again, TREASON and likely more diamonds and dollars sent to Xi’s good little mentee Joe, Jill, etc.

    A few months ago Hunter was rhe broker FOR CHINA, and successfully purchased a large African copper mine there. Copper used to make ammunition and other necessary items. And copper is considered a hard to find ore now. Hunter brokered the deal while two AMERICAN COMPANIES were trying to purchase the mine. So the President’s son arranged for an enemy state to purchase a rare ESSENTIAL mineral while AMERICAN COMPANIES were trying to. Also stinks of TREASON, which the Biden family seems to have no problem with. Each time they get away with it; NOT EVEN CALLED OUT ON IT. That includes leaving $87.6 BILLION worth of military prime equipment and machines, 4 pallets of US CASH, weapons, bombs, detonators, uniforms, latest night vision goggles, computerized recognition equipment (both potable units and the large stationary one at Kabul embassy), over a MILLION TOUNDS of ammo. ETCETERA. The last two of the 13 service members killed at Kabul Airport bombing had survived, though injured, the bomb and were seen (stated by fellow soldiers who saw it) pulling people to safety at the wall. The terrorist who had pretended to guard the street outside the big outside wall ran inside and used AN AMERICAN MILITARY RIFLE to shoot and kill the two survivors. Their bodies were seen in photos, laying FORWARD across the interior wall, arms outstretched. The other 11 killed directly by the bomb, had been thrown BACKWARD by the blast.

    Leaving weapons and equipment behind that can be used to harm Americans and America is on the list of TREASONOUS ACTS. Biden/Harris left $87.6 BILLION worth behind. Perhaps the bomb was also an American one from that left behind stock. And the Taliban has kept some and selling the rest to IRAN, CHINA, RUSSIA, N KOREA, drug cartels ar border. Then there’s the huge hi-tech military base abandoned in Afghanistan, with MORE equipment. The strategically located base that China has obtained now.

    The Bidens have committed numerous acts of treason. Charge and convict before they do more to keep China and our other enemies happy while raking in the payoff bucks.

  7. Since old Joe Biden can’t shower with his daughter anymore he’s decided to take it out on the USA!! He and his cronies and his supporters are the true definition of ASSCLOWNS!!!

  8. Amazing that Biden is mad about his deeds with Twitter going public and not that what he did was wrong…He just didn’t want to be found out and will punish those who made it public!!

  9. “Clueless Joe!” He needs to be shown the door….and NOW – before he continues to ruin our nation into oblivion,

  10. Once China takes over they will round all those worthless bastards up and kill them. I guess they are so stupid they can not see that. China will have what they want and no further use for them.

  11. I totally agree. The whole Biden family are guilty of Treason, and pay the penalty. For selling American to the Chinese. They own most farmland and major companies. Covid was the testing to see how much they control American population. I spoke against it, the scare tactic did not and will not work . Come on American people stand up to this corrupt govenment!

  12. I believe Biden isn’t even a part of the snake, he’s just a puppet for it. His removal from the equation will only serve as a distraction, the snake itself needs to go as well and that snake is called Democrats!

  13. Xi-den going after the 2nd Amendment. Xi-den going after the 1st Amendment. Xi-den going after his ENEMIES – those that simply disagree with him. Is THIS the way he is “REUNITING the COUNTRY”?!?! Does NOT seem like a GOOD plan!

    BTW, isn’t it the “Freedom of the Press” supposed to keep a check on what the politicians are up to?

    Question: Is the clinton cartel going to “help” the Xi-den crime family by “suiciding” those “enemies” of Xi-den”? Just asking.

  14. Why blame Biden just because he happens to be the second-most cognitively impaired Democrat to hold public office since John Fetterman was acknowledged to be brain DEAD? Any Democrat would have done the same as Joe. Finding fault with good ole’ Jim Crow Joe, as easy as that is, should be viewed as some kind of discrimination. Anti-dunce-ism!

    If I were me, I would look askance at a Democrat who, while not an imbecile, despises America and would do what Joe has done out of malice. Somehow the names, “Barak Hussein Obongo” and “Clinton” come to mind.

    1. So true. U.S. is now a laughing stock since dumb f**k got into office illegally. He and his DOKTOR JILL need to go, go, scram, vamoose

  15. Got to get rid of the old farts in the house and senate. Look at feinstein…Feinstein…. she needs ousting.

  16. America Demand that the Illegitimate presidency and administration of biden and harris for Treason and Sedition against the American People and the Constitution

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