Michigan AG Confirms 2020 Electoral Fraud Probe in Which Nobody Got Arrested

The office of Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has confirmed that the explosive election fraud case that was revealed from Muskegon in 2020 is all real. Amazingly, Nessel’s office is trying to spin this massive fraud case as proof that the system worked perfectly! See! There’s no such thing as fraud!

This is absurd, since GBI Strategies was operating in 20 states in 2020 after an infusion of $11 million in dark money cash into its coffers. One employee got caught in Michigan while dropping off a huge stack of fake ballot registrations. Meanwhile, the FBI has arrested exactly zero people in the three years that it’s been “investigating” the case.

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 Yesterday I told you about how one month before the 2020 election, a Democrat Party operative and employee of GBI Strategies dropped off a batch of 10,000 fraudulent voter absentee forms in Muskegon, MI. This struck the clerk as odd, since Muskegon only has a population of 37,500 people. AG Nessel’s spokesperson Danny Wimmel says because this “attempted fraud” was caught early, Michigan’s 2020 election went perfectly!

“A thorough investigation was conducted by multiple agencies within the state and no successful fraud was perpetrated upon the state’s election process or qualified voter file,” said Wimmel.

That is such a steaming pile of horse manure. Good grief.


If they were so successful in preventing voter fraud in 2020 in Michigan, why did everyone find out about this case just last week? State and local police investigated the specific woman who dropped off the 10,000 fraudulent forms. When they turned the investigation over to the FBI, she was never arrested, and neither was anyone at her employer’s office.

Wimmel notes that these 10,000 forms were not entered into the system. But the woman dropped off another 2,500 forms the following week, which the AG’s office never mentions. Were those ballots entered into the system?

It sure looks like they were when compared this to the investigation that the Muskegon County Republican Party conducted after the fake and stolen 2020 election. They found that there were 30% more absentee voters in the county in 2020 than could reasonably be expected.

In Dalton Township, 795 absentee ballot applications were sent by election officials to registered voters. They got 2,760 back. That’s 1,875 extra ballots that showed up out of nowhere, and they were all counted and included in Michigan’s official tally.

Muskegon County averaged about 1,250 new voter registrations every year between 2015 and 2019. In 2020, they suddenly had a massive spike of 17,100 voter registrations added to the rolls. Muskegon County ended up with 32,000 more voters registered in 2020 than expected, based on all historical trends. Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s office then mysteriously dumped 18,179 records from the voter rolls in Muskegon County in January of 2021.

Muskegon is a small town, and Muskegon County only has a population of around 136,303 people above the legal voting age. If they could sneak an extra 32,000 votes into the system in a less populated place like that, imagine how much fraud must have taken place in Detroit and Lansing.

Amazingly, AG Nessel’s office claims that the woman who dropped off the 10,000 fake ballot applications was a lone wolf who was trying to defraud her employer, GBI Strategies. If that’s true, then why did the GBI Strategies CEO nuke his website from orbit last week after the story finally broke? He appears to have gone into hiding so that nobody can ask him any questions about the $11 million he spent in 20 states in 2020, registering Democrats to vote.

State and local police in Michigan carried out the investigation into GBI Strategies, to their credit. Then, AG Nessel’s office swept it under the rug for three years until they got caught. The investigation really was turned over to the FBI, but everyone knows how that turned out, right? The FBI has no comment about the case, which they promptly stuck in a lockbox with Hunter Biden’s laptop and dumped in a lake somewhere.

Meanwhile, Special Counsel Jack Smith has charged President Donald Trump with “conspiracy to defraud the United States” for simply saying out loud that he believes the 2020 election was stolen. The 2020 election WAS stolen. Hiding the evidence from the public for years afterward will never change that fact.

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39 thoughts on “Michigan AG Confirms 2020 Electoral Fraud Probe in Which Nobody Got Arrested”


    1. Unfortunately, it appears the MSP was complicit in the cover up. If they weren’t, why did they not follow up when the crooked biden loving FBI did nothing? I have a real problem with that.

      1. There has never been any “wonder” in most minds I have talked to. They as I do, believe it was as stolen as 2020. Twittless, nessell, and benson were all complicit in this fraud. For instance, recall petitions against Twittless sat on bensons desk until the time for filing was almost up, then mysteriously they were said to have ” too many” duplicates” to be allowed. Had they been handled properly, they would have been checked, duplicates taken out, and the counted. But that’s hard to do when petitions set on somebody’s desk with no action taken. Michigan’s demoncrapic government is as illegal as bidens regime is turning out to be.

      2. Arizona surely had a lot of fraud re basement hideout Hobbs and all those voting machine problems. And Mitch McConnell added to the problem in several states, pulling campaign funding from some Republican candidates and giving it to RHINOS. Alaska, Arizona, Nevada, NH/VT. PLUS VOTER FRAUD.
        Georgia had a LOT OF FRAUD in both 2020 and the January 2021 Senate run off vote, where those 2 spots determined the Senate majority, which of course went, not to the incumbents but to 2 new candidates with troublesome history. In the 2020 election Stacy Abrams SISTER, who is a Judge in Fulton County, PUT back in over 4300 ballots the Votung Supervisors had thrown out for fraud and illegalities. When Supervisors asked her to recuse herself, she refused. There has also been fraud found lately to ADD TO the machine fraud already known. A few machines in Fulton County were programed to control machines in most states to flip some of the Republican votes to Democrat AFTER THEY WERE VIEWED AND “PASSED”. NOT a massive number, just enough.
        Now Gov. Hobbs/Arizona has announced she may be filing a FIFTH INDICTMENT against Pres Trump re claims of voter fraud there. Georgia DA had read her main indictment info on live broadcast, slipping in the wording that she had composed it to allow OTHER STATES TO JOIN IN ON THE SUIT AGAIBST TRUMP. I assume Arizona Gov is the first of them to jump on.

        There has to be a way to stop these sick, evil monsters. They are not going to stop attacking him. And they’ll attack other strong Rep candidates when they feel the time is right. These sick Dems are even attacking one of their own, Robert Kennedy, Jr. They are deranged.

  2. Why isn’t HilaryC. Being charged for her rants for 2016? Why isn’t Joe Biden being charged for mishandling sensitive papers found in his garage? Hmmmm¿

  3. Only in a liberal state, fraud, Cover up, Lying, misrepresentation by FBI ????
    What has our country become? Mod leaders, lying countless times, stealing from the very people that pay their salaries. This is just everything our Constitution was to protect the American People from and it’s happing right in front of us, what an insult


  5. Democrats are the most criminal Anti America Gestapos .What a shame ,voters are too stupid to see and understand the destruction these criminals have done and are doing

  6. THE 2020 ELECTION WAS STOLEN! The thieves were the Commie Chinese Party scum in Beijing and their maoist lickspittle lackeys in the DemocRAT Party. SOCIALISM IS SLAVERY! Americans you are now slaves of tyrannical commie trash so what kind do you want to be? You can be an eye rolling Steppin Fetchit type or you can be a Nat Turner or Spartacus it is ultimately your choice.

  7. History tells us, in Godless corrupt Satan inspired nations, the ends justify the means! i.e. the ends meaning making a slave out of you!

  8. The Democratic Party of the South had slaves before the Civil War, why would the democratic party of today not want to make the people ALL slaves. Vote fraud wouldn’t be a problem because dems would not allow the average American to vote anymore. Illegal immigrants need to really look at “the land of opportunity.” If it’s not there for legal citizens, what do they think it has for them and their children? It’s not just this Democratic administration destroying the United States of America, it has been the Democratic Party for decades. And the sheep that follow them will see their freedom slaughtered, not just shaved. And that includes the MSM. This is my opinion from observation over decades and a real education of History and government. If it offends anyone, too bad. I’m entitled, as an American, to have my own opinion. And you don’t have to read my posts.

    1. Under the Constitution it’s called FREEDOM OF SPEACH! Obviously the demonrats, disagree! woke, crt, lgbtq, antifa and blm!

  9. No doubt the 2020 election was stolen, Moron joe never got close to 81 million votes anybody with goose sense know that. They WILL CHEAT in 2024 and the fbi will be complicity.

  10. Everyone is hung up on party affiliation. What a joke. I identify as a Republican..but if Trump
    did 10% of the stuff Biden gas done I would turn my back on him.
    What the Biden crime family has done to this country is not only corrupt but treasonous.
    I have no answers because with the dirty justice system we have
    there is nothing to put a check on the problem.
    People voted for Biden and that was their right
    but to continue to support him like sheep is nothing short if ignorance.
    Americans need to stand up and get out and vote
    a straight Republican ticket so that just maybe
    we can turn this country
    around. Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of Republicans that need gone too. McConnell..Romney..Murkowski..Cheney..just to name a few. You don’t have to live everything about Trump..I don’t..but
    I do believe he can turn this country around and
    with the Senate and House behind him make this country great again.
    But laying at home on election day and saying
    your vote won’t matter will not change anything
    Trump is being persecuted..PLAIN AND
    Get out..vote..and say enough is enough…If I
    am wrong I will change my way of thinking.
    This needs to end…NOW.
    If you think Socialism and Communism is so great
    then move to countries that already identify that way..a lot of us still love America and want to be free….and with Democrat leadership that is in there now we won’t be free for long. If the DOJ
    can do this to Trump what can they do to ANYONE they see as a threat?? Get rid of Cori Bush. Tiabi..AOC..Waters..
    and any other of the fool’s trying to defeat us from within…
    Love one another and stop fighting among each other…..WE HAVE A COUNTRY TO SAVE.

  11. Well Michigan…..you still have NOT learned a thing…..
    America will cease to be, in the hands of the REAL criminals., The DUMBASSOCRATIC DISEASED PARTY of sewage swilling swamp dwellers of WASHINGTON DC!!!!!



  13. Trump is going down for everything that Joe Biden has done. Why can’t the American people see this ? . Its know joke or laughing matter. There sending the wrong man to prison . Old Joe and all his democrat and justice departments all needs round-up and send to prison for everything there putting on Trump. Im tired of these people– Attorney General Merrick Garland and his rabid leftist Prosecutor Jack Smith along with NYC DA Alvin Bragg and of course the queen Fulton county Ga. Fani willis and alot more acting above the law and making there own laws i would love to be able to get an indictment against them for expending tremendous Federal resources to do there president bedding. Our president has cause a bad historically bad economy record of inflation on us and sent billions of dollars to overseas and the people here has escalating food prices and fuel prices and are in bad need of help but all we get is these assholes using are tax dollars not to help us but to help the big man keep his enemy from hurting him. He needs impeached now come on you lazy bunch of nerves IMPEACH we America can’t take no more of him. inflation is high enough now in four more years there will be know America. IMPEACH NOW SAVE AMERICA.

  14. I don’t want Biden impeached….I want him indicted, prosecuted and thrown in jail….along with his sleazy son. I really can’t add much to what’s already been said….just that I’m so tired of watching all this Biden corruption unfold and we always end up with the short end of the stick….I always praised Trump for single handedly keeping the election fraud in play….we can’t afford to let it happen again….but now he’s getting indicted for it???? Who would have thought….but then I guess nothing should surprise me….as it’s been said….they don’t even try to hide it anymore….other than our vote….what do we have….?

  15. I agree with all the comments on this page. Save America and put Biden in jail. What a jurk so dishonest and treason on top of everything. He was the poorest senator but now a millionaire. Guess why getting money thru his sons bullshit talk thru favors in all these crountrys . We need him out of office impeach him soon. Impeach garland and Whay. Pray for a better america

  16. Thank you for confirming our suspicions here in MI. Many of us knew it happened when we saw the middle of the night spike in Biden votes over Trump. People who know all about how typical elections proceed, know that that is an impossible spike. It was intentional. Trump was winning with a pretty good margin at midnight. All of the Trump voters went to bed knowing he won! There were the 83 counties with only 13 of them really voting for Biden. Anyone can look at how these counties voted. We have a RED STATE, so how do we have D’s in control of the state? CHEATING!! Plain and simple.

  17. So, Michigan if you knew the State was corrupt and rapped by fraudulent undesirables why did you not stand up and let your voices be heard on your position for allowing an impostor and fraud become President? The evidence is glaring at you in the face that your votes were worthless that the election there in Michigan was already determined and rigged for who the winner was going to be before the voting even started. Will you the people of Michigan allow your state to cheat and lie again in the next election? Do you not have any pride or self respect for yourselves to allow these types of fraudulent activities to corrupt and own your state? All of the proof stands before you and the state of Michigan how the 2020 election was rigged and actually stolen from you. Question is: Will you have the *CAHONES* to stand up and fight back fair and truthful elections in 2024. Why have elections if your voting and decisions are not going to be counted because the election is already rigged to put into power corrupt and crooked government officials? Wake up Michigan quit hiding behind lies for excuses for not how your state caries out it’s official business. Stand up and demand your rights and what is right and expected of your state to be respected by others. Michigan be respected like your Michigan football team! Go Blue!!

  18. I’m from Ohio so I can’t cheer….”Go Blue” but I was thinking the same thing and you said it very well….it has to start with the people in the states….demand a fair election….picture ID as a starter…..

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