Military Purge: Biden Locking West Point Cadets in Solitary Confinement

Morale must be positively miserable in the US armed forces right now. The Biden regime has put a bunch of woke social justice zealots and trannies in charge of the Pentagon. The main mission that they’ve been tasked with for the next four years is to purge “extremists” and “white supremacists” from the ranks.

And of course, “extremists” and “white supremacists” are defined as “anyone who may have voted for Donald Trump.” How do you tell if someone is a Trump supporter? Well, unfortunately, there is more than one way to do that, as the cadets at West Point are finding out this summer.

For those who are unfamiliar with US military academies, they are the officer training schools for branches of the military. If you attend the Naval Academy in Virginia, the Air Force Academy in Colorado, or West Point in New York, you’ll receive an amazing four-year education, at the end of which you’ll be commissioned as an officer in your branch of the service.

It’s extremely tough to get into the academies. You basically need to be a great athlete, have straight A’s in high school, and need a written recommendation from a Member of Congress. Each Member of Congress is allowed to recommend two students per year to the academies, so there are a limited number of slots – and the competition is extremely tough.


Imagine showing up for your summer classes at West Point – the US Army’s training academy – only to be locked up like a Trump supporter who protested at the US Capitol on January 6th. That’s what is happening to dozens of West Point cadets right now.

Why is this happening? Because the young troops haven’t taken the experimental gene-altering medicines that we’re calling coronavirus “vaccines.”

As I’ve written previously, the courts have ruled that the military cannot force the troops to take an experimental vaccine or medicine without their consent. Period. But in the case of the West Point cadets who haven’t taken the COVID shot, the Biden regime is psychologically torturing them to try to coerce them into taking it.

If you show up for summer classes at West Point right now, you get locked in a cell in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day if you haven’t taken the COVID shot. Unvaccinated cadets are allowed to leave their cages for 1 hour per day to run or walk around outdoors, but they’re not allowed to come into contact with anyone else during that time.

Sound familiar? It should! Because that’s the same treatment that the jailed Trump supporters who walked in the US Capitol on January 6th are being subjected to.

If the cadets want to get out of their cages, it’s really simple. Just get the shot! Because that’s not coercion at all, right? The other option is to quit, which a number of cadets have sadly done already.

As a whistleblower from West Point told National File, “They’re being treated like criminals.”

Yeah. That’s the point!

This is so absurd that it’s almost beyond belief. The cadets at West Point are all between the ages of 18 and 23. They’re young, healthy, athletic types who run 3 to 5 miles every day. All of the science indicates that they are basically at zero risk of dying from COVID, if they even show symptoms at all. Their daily routines are restricted to campus anyway, so even if they were sick, it’s not like they could wander into a nursing home as a favor to Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

According to that same whistleblower, there are about 50 cadets at West Point who are currently being jailed in solitary confinement. Their parents are currently organizing a lawsuit against the Biden regime and West Point, because this is a clear-cut case of medical discrimination.

The assumption of the Biden regime is that people who refuse to take the untested gene therapy medicine for COVID are all Trump supporters. This is obviously false, since so many members of the black and Hispanic communities in America are refusing to take the shot. But they are assuming that West Point cadets who have made the personal decision to decline “vaccine” are all Trump supporters. If this is how poorly the stellar young officer candidates are being treated by Joe Biden, imagine how bad it must be for the poor enlisted guys and gals.

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28 thoughts on “Military Purge: Biden Locking West Point Cadets in Solitary Confinement”

  1. Biden………………………….Disgusting old man trying to be young. Can not talk, walk or think. To much effort because every thing he touches falls apart. I am tired of watching this man struggling to be something he is not. If he keeps going there will be no Dems in Congress or the White House. Protect your children with the drugs entering this country.

      1. Biden if not stopped by the concern US citizens will continue to take America into Communism or Socialism. Democrats have been planning this since the time of JFK. Now they finally got full control of WH, they will never let any Republican to win anymore. They will do everything to keep Republican out and keep full control of the US.

    1. Its time for the cadets to get a lawyer and file suit against the head of the academy and the type commander who authorized this procedure, it violates the Constitutions due process as well as the UCMJ.

  2. What else can this so-call administration do to Conservative Americans. Unfortunately, there is nothing or no-one that will listen. Solitary Confinement sure sounds like Cuba, Iran, and Hilter’s Germany. What can America do to stop this transformation? Hopefully our Lord Almighty will help.

  3. This is illegal and should be stopped. Now just like the protesters from January 6th. Wake up America-we are into pure evil

  4. Totally disgusting what this COMMUNIST administration and UNELECTED BUREAUCRATS is doing to our country. WE ARE ALL AMERICAN’S NO MATTER WHO WR SUPPORT. THIS BULLSHIT HAS TO STOP!!

  5. Any person that says anything about government control is considered a radical take a look back in history Biden and the rest of the Democrats are following the path to turn in the United States of America into a dictatorship the rule is control the people that’s the start control the military is the second then they will promote rules regulations or laws over a period of time then we’ll take rights away they don’t hit you with them all at one time you don’t have to go very far back the 50s or the 60s see how many rights you have lost since that time it’s a gradual Hitler and Stalin we’re not instant dictators there’s a book of rules and how to get this accomplished look at the Democrat party they’re following it and there’s a certain amount of people are too stupid to see it they will follow Biden in the Democrats right off the edge of a cliff they are incapable of thinking on their own and that’s what the Democrats count on and then you’ll stand there I swear they’re not like sheep and quickly l look around to see where the sheep herder is at so he can tell them what to do they’re the kind of person that you can take their wallet and then tell them or ghost of it and they’ll believe you that’s a sure sign all the brainless idiot perfect Democrat

    1. This idoit has to go taking retirement money away. This is the third time NOW JOE for your info it doesn’t matter if your black white or pink or republicans or democrats when they go to battle they save each other’s lives. So STOP. The bull shit. Who the hell put you up to this. Socialism

    2. I agree, I grew up in the 50’s and the 60’s. For many years, I considered myself a JFK liberal. 9-11 changed all that, I had to stop and consider my values. It took a while because I had been hung-up on labels, but I found that the group that I couldn’t stand is exactly what I am, a Conservative! I’ve seen the democrat party continue it’s push into socialism/communism. A constant push to bigger government and more control, there is no end to what these America haters will do. They got an ineligible America hating Marxist elected twice, then as a reminder of what could be, we had Trump for four years. Now the sheeple, with the deep state, big tech, several billionaires, and the main stream media with years of constant lies and propaganda, have stolen an election and instilled the democrat communist party puppet biden. I know that there is a large percentage of people are like you said just plain ” stupid”. But to be fair, I’m sure that a majority of people that actually voted for biden are brainwashed and when they realize what happened they will be extremely angry and will turn against communism and it’s totalitarian globalist government.

  6. This is a terrible misjustice of power , the Biden Communist admin. is a scourge on the great military institutions of this nation ,what a dimwit his advisors are ,Gen. Milley and Adm. Gilday should be S–T for treason going along with this scam ,maybe they can divorce their wives and marry a couple of trannies to show how WOKE they have become

  7. The US Naval Academy is located in Annapolis MD not in VA. If the writer can’t even get this right how is anyone supposed to believe anything else in this article?

  8. I having a really , really hard time believing this is really happening. In fact, I’m calling bullshit…… this wouldn’t happen in our country.

    Not now, not ever
    Who’s perpetuating this crock anyway?!!

    1. I guess your name should be zzz zzz zzz because your clearly sleeping. Do you even know what is going on in this country. Daily murders, massive theft and looting, vandalism, burning down buildings including churches, yet all charges dropped. Our own countries statues and even our own flag torn down, lit on fire. Cops murdered, half a dozen little white kids murdered by black men recently and not a peep on the mainstream news. Over a million illegals have come across the border this year, including mafia, cartel, sex traffickers, drug kingpins, etc, all allowed to stay and some put up in hotels and given money for illegally breaking the law. Massive brainwashing of lies into most of the school systems around this country teaching to hate whites and the founding fathers. Forcing Americans including college kids to take a wacky vaccine nobody knows about. Literally a fake presidential election. The military is now paying for men who want to chop their penis off to have a vagina instead. The USA is literally falling as I type this. I could fill this page with more but if you haven’t noticed what is happening by now you never will.

      1. Agreed 100%
        “Z” MUST be brainwashed, sleepwalking, and totally unaware of what has been going on for the last 6 months. Unfortunately, many other Americans are afflicted with the same problem.

  9. This country adopted the Nuremberg Accords following WWII one of which states that nobody can be FORCED to participate in experimental medical procedures. That includes being forced to take injections of drugs classified as “experimental”.

    Since none of these damaging chemical cocktails were properly tested they are ALL classified as “experimental”.

    Thus, those Cadets and any other US citizen is withing their rights and the dictates of good common sense to reject them.

    The US government is committing a CRIMINAL ACT by breaking its own laws and forcing people to submit to these medical experiments OR PUNISHING THOSE WHO DO NOT.

    SO WHERE ARE OUR “BRAVE DEFENDERS” hiding while they should be helping those people??? Where is the lower than scum GOP????

    Or, has the ENTIRE US government gone Communist already?

    Wake up, America!! Bit by bit, little by little …..

  10. We need people in office who will support our Military, Police Officers and the American people. This country needs the RESPECT it deserves. Stand up for our Flag and take care of America. GOD BLESS THE USA!

  11. If this account is factual and not a gross exaggeration of current existing conditions at our military service academies, then there is no doubt in my military/civilian mind that a military coup could be the only solution for the “woke” Marxist regime that was foisted upon the American people as a result of the last “election.” The Deep State is in all probability underwriting the Biden regime’s efforts in this regard.

    1. They are afraid that the military will turn on them when they find out what they are really up to.
      They are not worried about the next election. If their plan succeeds there will be no further elections.

  12. The country needs a coup NOW,
    As a combat veteran myself, I can tell you for a fact , NO, soldier wants to share a foxhole with a queer tranny.
    You need to be able to trust your soldier next to you, them people ain’t right says Gomer Pile.
    But since Obummer got rid of most of the GOOD commanders, this is your military today.

  13. Biden and his whole administration should be arrested for treason. POS has broken about every law we have and has refused to enforce most of the rest!

  14. But just keep in mind, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the very best the democrats had to offer.

  15. The plot to overthrow democracy began long ago by the Democrats and our other enemies. They finally succeeded in stealing the latest election. Now they want to ensure Liberalism forever. A vote for a Democracy is a vote for Slavery, debauchery, poverty, and political suicided. The Democrats abandoned God and justice long ago. Wake up America and vote them out.

  16. I have a silver and thought if this woke crap keeps going on in our military and we get into a shooting war with China we won’t have a military left they’ll get their asses handed to him on a platter it’ll probably be just like the Marines with Iran they’ll get underneath and put their hands up and surrender without a shot being fired this is really disgusting

  17. You have made a mistake in this article. With this one large mistake, how can anyone believe the rest of your article. The naval Academy is not in Virginia it is in Annapolis, Maryland. totally different state.

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