Pennsylvania Audit Falls Apart as RINO Derails Subpoenas

A January 6 peaceful protester who pleaded guilty to misdemeanor trespassing charges was forced to grovel in humiliation a few days ago. As the judge sentenced him, he was compelled to say that he believes Joe Biden is the rightful ruler of America, and that Biden won the 2020 election in a fair and square contest.

Because that’s normal now, apparently. Trump supporters are being forced to renounce their allegiance in order to not get thrown in jail forever. Just a few days ago, the Biden DHS put out an alert that anyone who does not believe the election was fair… is a domestic terrorist. They’re pulling out all the stops. And unfortunately, it appears to be working on some people. The Pennsylvania state Senate President just shut down the forensic election audit in that state.

As you probably already know, Pennsylvania state Senator Doug Mastriano has been spearheading the move to initiate a forensic audit of the 2020 results in his state. He traveled to Arizona earlier this summer with a Senate delegation to observe the forensic audit process in Maricopa County. Unfortunately, Mastriano is outranked by Senate President Jake Corman – who is supposedly a Republican. Corman is doing everything he can to shut down Mastriano’s audit attempts.

Corman has pulled multiple dirty tricks this week to stop a Pennsylvania audit.

Mastriano has been trying to get his Senate committee to meet this week at the State Capitol in Harrisburg. The purpose of the meetings he wanted to hold was to issue new subpoenas for ballots, counting machines, voting machines and all other materials required from three counties (two GOP-controlled counties and one Democrat-controlled county) in order to conduct an election audit.


Senate President Corman, however, refused to allow Mastriano to book a room in the State Capitol in order to hold those meetings. I assume there’s some rule in Pennsylvania that requires a committee to meet in the State Capitol building in order for any business conducted to be “official.”

Early Friday morning, Corman abruptly fired Doug Mastriano’s entire Senate office staff. Again, I don’t know the ins and outs of the Pennsylvania legislature, but apparently the Senate President has the authority to do that? I guess he does, since he just did it. Too bad for those staffers on Mastriano’s team, but Corman has an election audit to prevent – and they’re in the way.

Following that abrupt action, Corman then issued a press release claiming that Doug Mastriano is “grandstanding” and attending rallies rather than conducting a forensic election audit. Corman also announced that he is appointing some other Republican Senator to conduct an audit. In the carefully worded press release, it sounds like Corman is not planning for the audit conducted by this new Senator to be a forensic audit. So, it will likely be another recount of the existing fraudulent ballots, which will return the same “official” result, and then Corman will predictably declare the 2020 election to have been as clean as a whistle. No sign of fraud!

Meanwhile, the finalized results of the Maricopa County audit in Arizona are expected to drop any day now. Has anyone else noticed the incredible string of federal crises and distractions in the news this week? I can’t help but wonder if those are all related to the fact that the public is about to finally receive detailed, definitive and irrefutable proof that the 2020 election was not a fair contest.

The Biden regime abruptly pulled the troops out of Afghanistan, plunging that nation into chaos and causing an international crisis. A guy with a non-functional bomb in his pickup truck parked on the sidewalk next to the Library of Congress in DC on Thursday. He threw money out the window of the truck and threatened to blow the place up. After a standoff with Capitol Police that lasted several hours, he finally surrendered – and admitted that the fake, non-functional bomb he’d been holding in his lap the whole time had been provided to him by the FBI. Another bomb scare happened in New York City at the same time. And a gunman in a ski mask started firing shots into a Harry Potter store in New York City.

Maybe those were all random events and had nothing to do with the Maricopa County audit results. Maybe Senate President Jake Corman in Pennsylvania is telling the truth. But… I doubt it.


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33 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Audit Falls Apart as RINO Derails Subpoenas”

  1. It is apparent that Corman cares not about the people he represents to prove that their election was honest and accurate. In actuality he has aroused more suspicion it was rigged. He is no representative of the people and I pray the citizens replace him with an honest representative

    1. I too hope Corman gets dumped by the citizens in his district. He is no Republican nor is he an honest Senator or representative of the people. Mastroiani has from the beginning sought to prove the election was fraudulent. Corman had to get rid of him and his committee in order to stop the investigations. Cut Corman out of the Senate.

    2. Apparently some Democrats found something on Corman, and he has now became a RINO like many other Republicans. I agree we need Representatives that are willing to fight for honest elections in Pennsylvania.

  2. What has to happen for honest election results to be obtained in this country? Who has to DIE? The answer appears to be completely elusive and absolutely evasive!

      1. Exactly!! If all was legit….then they should be anxious to prove it, shouldn’t they? We are having a similar problem in Michigan. People want to turn a blind eye and pretend all is well…but it certainly is not! But then we have a pretend president so it goes hand in hand. They live in fantasy land! And they expect everyone else to just play along with the script…….BUT WE NEED TO STAND UP TO THEM!! The people are still angry and rightly so. We have had our voices silenced by corrupt people!! And they expect us to respect this faux president. NO WAY!

  3. Look for bribes and favors. Is Corman a sports fan? Tickets for games are the usual bribes for sports fans. How about political favors, any family or friends get a cushy political position? How about any scandals covered up? Pelosi is famous for blackmail to get what she wants, democrats in office follow her lead in such things. Shine a spotlight on his time in office and watch him scurry like a cockroach.

    1. Probably, Corman has been given gold and/or other precious metals and/or precious gems by those corrupting the U.S.A.

    2. Marlene, you hit the nail right on the head. Covering all the bases you pointed out would bring the slimy snail to light. Always a reason why these people in the Senate and Congress make decisions that are not of the people but for their own gain.

  4. Justice is what the progressive see fit!!!
    Until we stop the university’s this is the
    Way we will ride.. we are becoming out numbered by Marxist…

  5. It Is Saturday Morning As I Read This. I Live Next Door In Ohio And Was Hoping The My Neighbor State On My Right Would Join The List Of Swing States, And More, Doing State Audits Of The 2020 Election. Arizona’s Audit Results Will Blow The Lid Off Of “The Most Honest Election Ever.”
    There Are Few Points That Most People Don’t Know If Their Information Is Gleaned From The MSM. The Points Are As Follows:
    1. These Elections Audits Are To Wake The American People Up To
    How The Election Was Stolen And By Whom.
    2. By NO MEANS Is This The Only Proof Because If You Think That
    Without An Audit In Your State, Like The RINO State Senator Doug
    Corman Believes You Can Keep The Scam Going And Keep Telling
    The People Of Pennsylvania And The Nation That The 2020 Election
    Was The Most Honest Ever. Well Senate President Jake Corman, You
    Better Pull Your Pants Up As Tight As You Can My RINO Friend Because
    You Will Soon See Your Future Upside Down.
    3. Military Intelligence Has Been Monitoring The Elections Starting
    With The 2018 Midterms. They Know All The Games Played By The
    Democrats And Their RINO Playmates. The 8 Republican Congressman
    From Republican Orange County In California Were All Leading At
    10:00 PM On Election Night And By The Next Morning They All Lost, YES
    The Same Game You Played With President Trump In 2020, Like In
    Your Fine State Senate President Jake Corman, Where President Trump
    Was Leading In Pennsylvania By 800,000 Votes At 10:00 PM And By
    The Next Morning He Lost, A Rerun Of Your California Plans In 2018.
    4. This Is Where Your Plan Senate President Jake Corman Will Blowup
    In Your Face With Such Force That Your Pants Which Are So Tightly
    Wrapped Around Your Tummy WILL FALL TO THE FLOOR.
    5. These State Audits Are Only To Wakeup The American People To
    What Happened On November 3, 2020. They Will Soon Find Out
    That Not On Was The Election For President Trump Stolen
    But The Elections For The United States Congress, Both Senate And
    The House Were Also Stolen.
    6. But The Real Facts Are That Military Intelligence HAS EVERYTHING,
    —————– INCLUDING————————
    The Countries Outside Of The United States That Were Involved,
    That State Senate President Jake Corman Is TREASON, And Now
    By Your Actions, You Are Fully Engulfed In Treason Against The
    United States Of America.
    7. The Rail You Are Riding On Is As Thin As A Razor Blade.
    9. Military Intelligence HAS EVERYTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    10. There Will Come A Day State Senate President Jake Corman That
    The Marines Will Knock On Your Door, You Will Be Cuffed And
    Shackled And Removed Far Away To A Military Tribunal Where
    Evidence Of Your Treason Against The United States Of America
    Be Read To The Three Judge Military Panel And Judgement Will
    Be Passed And Carried Out. A Guest In That Military Tribunal
    Will Be Republican Pennsylvania State Senator AND MILITARY
    VETERAN Doug Mastriano Who Will Witness Both Your Military
    Tribunal And Your Execution For Treason.

      1. No< no< no firing squad< we the people want a public hanging and to be televised all over the world to show the entire universe merican people do not put up with treasonous POS. HANGING is a more appropiate death for these TREASONOUS POS. it's a more slow painful death and you get to see them jerk and kick and al sorts of stuff before the finally die. Yes a HANGING IS MUCH BETTER…

    1. Vic, good response !!! I wil LMFAO if/when the Arizona report showns “irregularities”, and it proves that there was cheating. PA, MI, GA, and others will have to bow to further investigations.

    2. Vic—-you are AWESOME—-very well put but what do you mean “the Military has it all”? It seems now
      even the MilitaRY is compromised—these RINO republicans will hopefully pay as you say–there is
      so much corruption in these states atthe highest level just like Fed government—-we ALL know this
      election was rigged—–they are so afraid that’s why they are hiding this stuff— thanks for going to the
      wire on this!!!!

  6. It should be obvious to everyone by now that the Sell-Out, pay-for-play, cowardly yellow, Communist Lite Republican Party has gone over.

    First, there was 8 years of kneeling to Obama on every critical issue. Then came 4 years of Never Trump and Never We the People. Now, the past 9 months of climbing aboard the Democrat/Communist band wagon. The GOP no longer represents the Conservative Constitutional American people.

    We ALL have been utterly BETRAYED by the very people we chose to represent and fight for us.

    I HATE the Democrat/Communist/MUSLIM Party for what they’re doing to destroy this Republic.

    I LOATHE the GOP for what they are openly doing to betray us all. Other than a few talking heads who give us all false hope, they are knifing us in the back.

    1. I absolutely agree, Sell out. I am an “oldster” whose various family members have served in our military all my life. I never dreamed our leaders whose SALARIES WE PAY would sell us out the way they’ve done. It breaks my heart to know how little they appreciate all that we’ve given while they’ve destroyed our nation. I pray for our children and our grandchildren. And I can’t stand a Democrat!!

  7. Yuppppppppppppppppppppp – Senate President Jake Corman = Rino/Fake Republican who is not standing up for the Republican Party. Pennsylvania Republicans will remember !!!

  8. Any person that actually believes Joe Biden beat President Trump is either brain dead or just plain stupid.
    The Democrats knew they couldn’t beat him fairly so they took advantage of the pandemic and cheated several ways in order to rig the election.
    Joe Biden is merely a puppet.

  9. looks like someone was paid off by the democrats to stop the audit fallow the money…….the fbi is now the sss so no help there.

  10. I must be a domestic terrorist. I believe that the election was rigged, but it’s too late to do anything about it. If the election wasn’t rigged then there would be a lot less defending it. More corruption investigations need to be started. Biden needs to be removed, with his whole staff, by impeachment.

  11. I live in PA we definately need an audit, In 2020 I received mail in ballots for my family members who had been deceased since 2012. I burnt them, but how many others were sent to people who used them!!? I voted in person and burnt any mail ins that came to me!! I asked at the polls and all of the deceased were removed when they died, so how did Harrisburg send them ballots!! We need an audit, badly. Our amish all voted for President Trump,so what is going on??????????


  13. the abuse the people have taken in this country ids unreal, stealing our children in corrupt courts with Fraudulent Abusive Documents covered up my the panty waste FBI. GBI; sheriff departments i have substantial materials facts that i believe will prove ALL DOCUMENTED by a journalist. the abuse of Berry Obama, Clintons, Bushes, now Biden and his wench Pelosi. sign the check’S before you know what’s in them this hag should had been gone long ago. my opinion. if the Republicans do not start growing a pair and start identifying the plans and who is doing what to cripple this country then my opinion they are all Rhinos working in concert with the demon dems. and Rhinos without a pair. the FBI is in my opinion one of the biggest terrorists in our country, it needs to be put out of commission. and all 3 letter agencies can follow. why has there been NO republican calling to impeach Biden and his terrorist group, silence is equated to Fraud, whoops does that mean more Rhinos> Miss Green is the only one i see calling for impeachment. where are the rest of you? should had never came this far in my opinion we the people still out number you all and sooner or later a STAND will have to be made against the corrupt and this time when the FARA is put out of this country it will be on our grand children to keep you out FORIEGN AGENTS ON THE REGISTRY ACT/LAWYERS.

    1. Go to your AG and demand a recall for him. He must help you get a petition to recall him. Time to take action Pennsylvania fair voters. If you don’t stop the unfair elections now, there will never be anyone but a Democrat communistic country. Let’s see how many Republicans stand with Representative Green to impeach Biden and Harris

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