Poorest State in India Whips COVID Silly with Zero Vaccines

Here’s a huge victory that the vaccine tyrants in America won’t tell you about on the news. Remember that awful “Delta” variant of coronavirus that was rampaging its way through India just, oh, three or four weeks ago? What happened to that story? Why did that suddenly vanish from the TV? Did they all die because India doesn’t have any vaccines?

Far from it. The state of Uttar Pradesh in India has just declared itself to be COVID-free, with nary a vaccine in sight. They have virtually no vaccines at all in that state, and yet its daily coronavirus case count is now statistically near zero. What happened?

When you know the answer to that question, you’ll understand why the vaccine tyrants want you to line up and take your shots immediately.


Uttar Pradesh is a densely – extremely densely – populated state in the northern part of India. In terms of geographic size, Uttar Pradesh is slightly smaller than the US state of Michigan. Whereas Michigan has a population of 10 million people, Uttar Pradesh has 240 million. Imagine grabbing two-thirds of America’s entire population and stuffing them all into Michigan; that’s how incredibly crowded Uttar Pradesh is.

Most of the people in Uttar Pradesh are packed into cities. Really packed into them. Stacked on top of each other like sardines. Everybody’s poor. Everything’s dirty. Flush toilets and running water are optional in many areas. You wouldn’t want to go to a hospital in Uttar Pradesh unless you really had to. The cities are still cleaner than San Francisco, but you get the point.

Uttar Pradesh is exactly the type of densely packed, poor, dirty state that a nasty virus would just love to rampage through like wildfire. Let’s compare some numbers now.

New York State has a population of about 20 million people. It’s one-twelfth the size of Uttar Pradesh in population. According to the very latest numbers from the CDC, 73.4% of New York’s 18-and-up adults are fully vaccinated. As of September 14, New York State has 4,098 active cases of coronavirus.

On the same date, Uttar Pradesh had just 199 active cases – despite having a population 12 times larger, a health care system that isn’t even vaguely comparable to New York’s, and virtually zero adults vaccinated.

How’d they do that? With Ivermectin.

India may not have the best health care system in the world, but they do have a huge supply of some really cheap, safe and effective drugs – and Ivermectin is one of those. Ivermectin is a Nobel prizewinning drug that has pretty much eliminated River Blindness in poor countries like India, and they keep a big stockpile of it on hand which has been donated to them from countries like America and France.

Somebody in India said, “Hey, let’s try this” when nothing else they had was working against the Delta variant. It’s super cheap and they had lots of it sitting around in warehouses. Lo and behold, it worked. If a person in Uttar Pradesh was diagnosed with COVID, they prescribed Ivermectin to that person AND to every other person in their household. Why not? Ivermectin has a 40-year track record that proves it’s about 100 times safer to take than over-the-counter Tylenol.

Uttar Pradesh went from more than 22,000 daily case counts in August to just 199 active cases this week because of Ivermectin. Why doesn’t Anthony Fauci or any of the other really smart TV people want us to know about this story?

That has to do with the vaccines, of course. Even though the Pfizer clot-shot has been FDA-approved, it’s still simultaneously under Emergency Use Authorization in America. Which would present all sorts of legal problems in Washington, DC and at the CDC and the FDA, if any of those people still cared about pesky things like “laws.” (For one thing, now that the Pfizer jab is “authorized,” there can’t legally be any other Emergency Use Authorization shots in use for the same disease; the J&J, Moderna, and other shots are now technically illegal because the Pfizer is “authorized.”)

Here’s why they really don’t want anyone to know about hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, or any other cheap, widely available treatments: If there is anything else that works as a preventative medicine that is cheap, safe, and widely available, Emergency Use Authorization of any drug or “vaccine” is supposed to be immediately suspended. If Ivermectin works against COVID, the FDA’s own rules declare that an experimental vaccine should be taken off the market.

But the people in charge are making too much money from these vaccines and having too much fun bossing us all around for that. So they tell us that Ivermectin is just a “horse paste.”

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31 thoughts on “Poorest State in India Whips COVID Silly with Zero Vaccines”

  1. This information is timely and thought provoking.
    So sad that officials in our once great country see fit to continually omit this sort of information, and discourage our doctors from trying various safe and effective treatments alternative to the current relentlessly pushed dangerous jab. See Dr
    Malone’s Op Ed at cities929dotcom which outlines, “The CDC now lists some vax deaths as unvaxxed. ” The numbers we have had access to have been manipulated
    since Day 1.
    It’s time to WAKE UP

  2. I’m sure it’s not the first time they’ve omitted information when it comes to vaccines. Think about all the vaccines we have taken since we were kids.


    2. This is more than omitted information. Stand for Health Freedom is asking us to sign it’s petition for a special session in Congress to investigate the CDC and FDA for irregularities in reporting data about Sars-CoV19 to the public.

    1. Because he is not with it most of the time . He should be in nursing home or with supervision at all times due to his condition with his dementia !

      1. Mary, you are totally correct, but Dr. Jill wouldn’t be relevant, powerful or even known. In crime investigations, they all say follow the money. The Demorats are do as I say, or it will be hell to pay.


  3. The Ivermectin has probably reduced the severity, (plus the delta variant is less severe). and because of the population density, nearly everyone has contracted the virus and have acquired immunity.

  4. I am so disgusted with our government dems and republicans we need a new party and a citizen oversight committee

    1. What we need is………….TERM LIMITS, a BILL THAT MAKES CONGRESS & SENATE HAVING TO FOLLOW WHAT THEY INTRODUCE. a BILL THAT TAKES AWAY THEIR ABILITY TO GIVE THEMSELVES A RAISE WITHOUT THE APPROVAL OF ‘WE THE PEOPLE, and ON & On & ON..They work for us.. LOL, LOL .. and they tell us what they will do.! We NEED to vote them ALL out and start over again, a bill that states… when you take the Oath of the Constitution, if you EVER stray from it and not follow it.. you go straight to jail, DO NOT pass ‘Go’ and ALL you assets taken away. PERIOD!!

  5. I feel Traitor Biden, his comrades in CDC, FDA, FEMA, PHARMA and the lying main stream media should all be charged with mass murder and put before the firing squad in line 5 deep. One bullet take 5 out at a time or we would go broke purchasing enough bullets

  6. My whole family had the virus we used ivermectin the horse paste and within 4 days we all felt back to normal. We have alot of freinds and family that have had the same results. These people in government should be locked up!!!!

    1. yes the gov has kept much from people in need under guise of protecting us. as an example read up on dr.royal raymond rife,google search his cancer discoveries,also otto wahrberg,, also google food grade hydrogen peroxide.

    2. Hi Mark – So glad your family did well with the Ivermectin. It was also a medication that my veterinarian prescribed for my 9 lb. pomeranian. I cannot remember why my pom was given this, but it was very helpful. God Bless !!!

  7. Very interesting article. It appears ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine works and is affordable but the CDC and big pharma can’t make any profit on these drugs.

    1. Patriot….. I feel that although “profits” are one goal for these marxists, their bottom line is in reality population control, namely the elderly that they don’t want to pay for any longer. Imagine the bazillions of dollars this regime could save by not paying for old people’s medicines, hospital stays and of course…. that monthly social security check that all of these folks worked their fingers to the bone for for nearly 50 yrs. of their lives. If you’re 62 yrs. old or older they’d just assume you weren’t breathing any longer.

      And, it’s working.
      Guess what’s NOT working?!

      If your answer is the “vaccines” you’re smarter than any democrat. My best friends in my life are happy today. She got out of the hospital today after 13 days, she’s 74 yrs old, was FULLY “VACCINATED” when she acquired the Vid, and literally had to fight for her life. Of course her husband pleaded with the doctors to try ivermectin in the middle of this insidious chaos and he got mocked and laughed at!!!!! I guess we are now at the point in America where each individual is basically on his or her own. I’ll not take the cocktail that they’re offering, the last three people I know who’ve contracted this flu were all “ fully vaccinated”….. what a freakin joke.
      And speaking of the flu…… where in the hell did it go to?!!!!!! Perhaps a flu shot is what we all need, maybe it’d work like the horse paste does. Perhaps it’d actually stop one from getting the China Flu.

      The powers that be ARE NOT INTERESTED IN KILLING THIS VIRUS… they’re interested in killing ….. YOU.

  8. Of course Ivermectin works for the Wuhan China Covid-19 Virus which was dropped on America’s doorstep via US Taxpayer money used for Gain-Of-Function which lying Flip-Flop-Fauci still denies even though they have written proof. Follow the money — Ivermectin is cheap / Covid-19 Jabs have cost a lot of money to produce by America’s Big Pharma. DemoRat politicians have got their hands in this kettle of Blood Money ! Hope they all get COVID and die from it.

  9. This country went Communist years ago and nobody in power did a thing to stop it. For the entire 8 years of the INELIGIBLE Obama Regime they worked 24/7 to strip us of our defenses and slap dictatorial Communism on us. Our elected and hired defenders did nothing else but go along.

    MANY, MANY of us screamed the warnings! We have been for the past 40 years or more but nobody listened.

    The GOP isn’t part of the solution – they’re part of the problem! WHY AREN’T THEY AND OUR SUPPOSED DEFENDERS WORKING TO END THIS CHARADE!!!???

    My clinic is trying to get everyone to take the Fauxvic chemical soup. I REFUSE and there is no way you can legally force it into me!

    1. no rx needed….go to farm supply or vet. rx supply and buy it otc. just note that dosage is by weight…you are not a horse …

  10. I am speaking to three different comments above (1) that India had already had natural immunity. While there is a slight poss of that, probably not. India was showing low levels of Covid from the very beginning of the pandemic. When the WHO came down on them for ivermectin and HCQ they stopped using it, I believe the date was sept it oct of 2020. ALL graphs of Covid in India spiked straight up in oct-nov 2020. This apparently happened in Africa too where HCQ and IVM were being used but I saw the Indian data clearly. I only heard about Africa. The numbers went down again when India decided not to listen to the WHO.
    (2) regarding Delta variant being more severe. No it’s not. It’s more contagious. Not more severe. I do not know the numbers or facts on that. I am trying to find out but am certain about the basic fact I just stated. Ie it is not more scary. Virus experts will tell you that just as the Spanish flu became “endemic” and we certainly have vestiges of swine flu and avian flu, they are less, not more severe. Between humans obtaining natural and robust and durable immunity to the fact that viruses often mutate into a LESS problematic form, do not be afraid of the variants. Be far more afraid of the shot. (3) using an animal form of ivermectin IS dangerous. Please see covid19criticalcare.com both for the reason for this and ways to obtain legitimate IVM. As well as for natural prophylactics (things that help prevent). The doctors on this website are real and are working to help you.

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