Raffensperger Breaks into a Flop Sweat over Drop Box Evidence

One year too late, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has suddenly ordered an investigation into the chain of custody of ballots that were left in drop boxes during the 2020 election. I’m sure that has nothing to do with the fact that True the Vote presented evidence of ballot trafficking and ballot box-stuffing to the Georgia Attorney General’s office this week! Probably just another weird coincidence in the long string of coincidences that happened in the least secure election in human history, right?

After spending the past year claiming that 2020 was the greatest and best election in the history of the world, Raffensperger has now begun changing his tune. He claims that some election workers here and there may have made teensy little mistakes, but that this is not evidence of fraud.

The only action that Raffensperger has taken in regard to that phony election so far is to harass three small, rural, Republican counties about their ballot chain of custody paperwork. Well, he’s done that in addition to making smarmy comments about Donald Trump and his “conspiracy theories” about the election.

But all of a sudden, Raffensperger announced that he’s launching an investigation into DeKalb County’s drop boxes. DeKalb County is a heavily blue, Democrat-controlled county in Georgia. Population-wise, it’s smaller than Fulton County (Atlanta), but still has a significant number of votes in it. Keep in mind that Joe Biden “won” Georgia by just 11,779 votes.


61,739 mail-in ballots were deposited in drop boxes in DeKalb County before the 2020 election. As the Georgia Star News reported last week, 43,907 of those ballots have no chain of custody documents on them. When you combine that fact with the evidence that True the Vote says it has compiled, there was fraud both coming and going from those ballot boxes!

True the Vote has identified 242 “ballot traffickers” in Georgia. They obtained publicly available cell phone data and the video surveillance of drop boxes and compared them. The 242 ballot traffickers each made an average of 23 or 24 visits to drop boxes after stopping by the offices of Democrat Party NGOs and election offices (picking up batches of ballots). The traffickers then drove around to the drop boxes and stuffed them with thousands of ballots. True the Vote has these Democrat election thieves on video and has their geolocations from their cell phones – which is admissible evidence in every criminal court in America.

This activity is totally illegal in Georgia, which banned ballot harvesting in 2019. The only people who can deliver a ballot for a voter are direct relatives or caregivers – and that is for single ballots only. There’s no valid legal reason for someone to show up with a piece of luggage in the dead of night that’s filled with ballots to stuff a ballot box like they do in California.

But that’s only half of the problem in Georgia. The chain of custody records are a mess in multiple counties, including DeKalb County. Chain of custody was clearly broken in areas where records were actually kept.

Election workers picked up the ballots from the drop boxes (the drop boxes, by the way, were paid for by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s election NGO). But instead of being immediately transported to the election precincts as required by law, the ballots just… wandered around for a long time. Some were turned in as much as 22 hours later. That’s a lot of time to tamper with ballots if you have a crew standing by waiting for them.

Raffensperger seems to know that the jig is up, now that he’s “investigating” DeKalb County after all this time. The ballot harvesting and ballot box stuffing that took place is illegal, and it is clear evidence of fraud in Georgia’s most populous, Democrat-controlled counties. Ballots with no chain of custody might be an honest mistake by lazy Democrats who just didn’t want to fill out some paperwork. But that does not change the fact that ballots with no chain of custody are illegal and invalid, and must be subtracted from the official vote totals.

The 43,907 ballots in DeKalb County with no chain of custody should never have been included in the official election totals. Biden won 83% of the votes in DeKalb County, which means that mathematically, Joe should lose 36,422 votes from his total – more than three times his margin of fake victory.

The Trump-hating Brad Raffensperger is not suddenly growing a conscience after the Georgia Star News discovered those horrible chain of custody discrepancies. He’s trying to get out ahead of True the Vote’s evidence so he can sabotage it.

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33 thoughts on “Raffensperger Breaks into a Flop Sweat over Drop Box Evidence”

  1. Georgia is an example of Sorosism in the Republican party as well as the democrat. Soros has poured money into elections for prosecutors and secretaries of state, mostly to democrat candidates but in some cases to Republicans more likely to win. The goal is to gain control over the election process and the criminal justice system, and to make sure that the rioting and election fraud that characterized the annus horribilis of 2020 becomes a permanent feature of this country, in order to complete the imposition of the Great Reset of technocratic dictatorship, corporate fascism and marxist collectivism, and to speed the Great Replacement where by brown will replace white and mohammedanism will displace Christianity.

    1. I loved the phrase “technocratic dictatorship , corporate fascism and marxist collectivism I will quoit you

  2. If impostor Biden and his entiere antourage is not removed from the white house based on the OVERWALMIN AND INDISPUTABLE EVIDENCE OF VOTING FRAUD, there will be no hope left in Zthe justice system for this country.
    The Republicans must do what it takes , no matter how much will be the cost for the country, because if they don’t , they will never winn another election.
    A lot of people are watching closely the audits and even though they knew that the election was stolen they had to wait for the evidence to come out hoping that the states in question will recall the electoral votes and set thing right, precedents or no precedents. If that is not hapening , the republican ranks will be reduced considerably by those who will leave the party and look for some one else to repressent their voices.
    THE DEMOCRAT THIEVES ARE GAMBLING ON THAT AND IS THE REPUBLICAN PARTY WHO MUST MAKE THE NEXT MOVE IN ORDER TO SURVIVE. If they act like the thieves predict they will, they will never win again period.
    So what say you REPUBLICAN PARTY?

    1. Less talk and more action!! Get whole democrat party for this happening treason!! Get Soro family and blm for treason!! Put TRUMP back in White house and because of this give him right to run again in 2024 also.Its time disrespect of our country stops!!And disrespect to history, constitution and flag is stopped its treason.

      1. I totallly agree with you. Trump should be in the White House right now. We the People need to get this POS out of the White House before we crash and burn . Time to go Joe and the California Ho.

    2. The independent votes will win future elections. There are more and more voters jumping ship in both parties and joining the independent ranks. Neither party has control over those voters and it drives them crazy, causes polls to be incorrect, hopefully keeps big money donors wallets in their pockets. We need term limits now!

      1. You would think but if you pull a Democrat ticket & vote for another ( because your using a Democrat ticket) the ticket itself is counted Democrat!
        Think about it, if it made no difference of the “ticket name” then why have them? I believe we can read the ticket & choose wisely no matter the candidates party BUT apparently our state representatives don’t think so!?
        I thought as you, till I had to write in a local candidate that wasn’t of the party of my ticket.
        When I asked, I was told that party wasn’t of my immediate district so he/she wasn’t on my party ticket ballot BUT was listed on his/her party ticket ballot. There are 3 tickets that I hear of (Democrat , Republican & Independent) .
        I foolishly thought at one time that using an Independent ticket ballot meant I could choose independently the candidates of any party that I thought would do the best job, hahaha, I WAS WRONG …

    3. I agree with you 100%. The Republican party must do something or will be not win anymore!Our country will become a communist country.

  3. Time for action. I’m tired of the ” shocking ” articles that continue to prove what everybody knows regarding the big steal. They claim that they can identify people through facial recognition. Well let’s do so and put the hurt on the cheaters that stole our election, propelling a communist take over lead by a senile sock puppet LIAR. They knew that when hey were caught they could drag the investigations on for years. Just look at the Russian collusion hoax. 5 years and counting and no jail time for anyone involved. Right in our faces and laughing all the way to the bank while destroying America. Will somebody actually do something?

    1. It’s time for action, not words. Kick these POS out of office and put Donald J. Trump back in charge. It will take about 1 year for Trump to straighten out Old Joe’s mess, and then AMERICA will be GREAT AGAIN.

  4. So what nobody’s gonna be arrested for violating voter laws and even when you find out that the election was rigged AGAINST Donald Trump there is not nothing that you can do to change ANYTHING PROVE me wrong arrest the lowlife Biden and then reinstate Donald Trump.

    1. I agree. If ( and I hope it will be done) Trump and the States can over turn the election, these POS will be locked up for their BULLSHIT. We the people can only hope.

  5. So Soros the slimy EVIL POS has gotten to Raffensperger too, and how many other important People working in the elections? Soros is trying to change our Government into a Socialist/Communist one. His own Country of Hungary will not take him back. Get rid of Soros!!!! He’s probably colluding with Barry Obama, another POS in his 3rd term through OBiden!!
    We know that Trump is the true winner and President and he’s the only one who ran for President that truly cares about this Country!!

  6. So RINO Trump-hater Raffensperger suddenly discovers he can’t hide the truth any more and takes steps to cover his own COMPLICIT butt and nothing else.

    Yay. We’re saved. (yaaawwwwwnnnn)

    And then, the Heroic GOP suddenly sprang into action, spurred the FEC and other relevant enforcement and regulatory agencies into speedy action and the TRUTH finally came out.

    Well, no, not exactly.

    The COWARDLY, COMPLICIT, SOLD-OUT, Demo-Lackeys in the GOP ran away from all of this as fast as their cloven hooves would carry them. AGAIN.

    Election fraud, wide open borders, surrendering to and arming our enemies, indoctrinating our children, on and on. And we gave then FOUR YEARS of power to address these issues and they deliberately did what they’ve done best for 50 years now – NOTHING. The GOP puts on a big colorful show and that is all!

    R.I.P. USA. Conquered from the inside by their own traitorous people!

  7. I dont think you will hear too much of the “big lie” anymore, facts are facts and we now have Georgia, Ariz., and Wisc. All with provable election fraud. Georgia must outlaw drop boxes, and mail in voting except absentee voting where applicable. It was critical for the d-rats to win the runoff in Georgia to maintain control of the Senate. If DT dudnt have Barr and Pence in the way, things might have been different. This must be addressed

  8. I’m very angry. Why isn’t Souros Arr rested!!; I do not care how much money he has we need to arrest all these Democrats for Treason!!!; Rathensberger should be out and also arrested. It’s disgusting how they will sell his soul and his country down the river just for Money. It’s disgusting! I hope they all go to hell!!!

    1. We need to bring back public hangings for treason. We would have a long line of POS ready to be hung.

  9. If the justice department want to be know for doing the right things. They would start now to correct all these mistakes! But if they refused too, then the people have the rights to remove TYRANNY GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES! In any way or force! That was the reason why the CONSTITUTION LAWS WAS WRITTEN! So either do the honor thing or resignation and face the firing squad later!

  10. During the campaign, Joe was at the mike, and then pulled a note out of his pocket, and read it. I think it was a personal note to him, and not for broadcast. It said “We have the most comprehensive voting fraud system” It turned out to be true. Very organized. Even the machines were programmed to cheat. I saw it myself on Anderson Cooper, when he was tallying the votes. The machine put in 500 votes for Biden, and at the very same moment, Trump total votes were DOWN 500 votes. Right in plain sight…the machine stole from Trump.

  11. Remember the postal worker from Pa that lost his trailer overnight. We know there was massive fraud some of it in plain sight yet nothing is coming from it. Our country is on a fast track of destruction just like we knew it would under demonrat control.

  12. Why isn’t something being done? Wyatt Earp is right ! Joe was “aiding” the Talaban (enemy)by leaving all that hardware for them to use against us. Nobody could really be that stupid and not do it intentionally. He and his administration are obviously on a mission to destroy the United States of America. We are watching it happen?
    No body elected Gates or Fauci, and there telling us what to do ? The “science” says cloth masks do nothing to protect you from a virus and actually do harm. These POS have a financial interest in this so called “pandemic” . Isn’t that a conflict of interest ? The whole world knows Trump won! If we , the PEOPLE don’t do something soon, it will be too late and we will stuck in the result of our own laziness and procrastination. The fear of standing up for our rights. There are a lot more of us than there is of them. They are shiting their pants everyday that one day we will be there to drain the swamp. We can’t wait for Trump to save us, we have to save ourselves. The One World government is happening NOW. RIGHT NOW! LETS’ DO THIS !!!???

  13. So video and cell phone records are evidence in a court of law. Ballot trafficing and harvesting are crimes. We should get victories in courts.

  14. “Let the evidence SPEAK !” More than that, let the people listen to the evidence. Let the RINO’s be open to acknowledging that truth, as it is being more thoroughly now proven to exist. Stop allowing the delaying tactics of the Left. Truly, justice delayed is justice denied ! Stop being cowards to stand up and speak truth against fraud. Do not forfeit to the recounts of fraudulent ballots. Do not allow the omission of corrective measures being described in the Constitution to defeat lawsuits to reverse the multitude of cheating methods employed in the election. “The Big Lie” of this election NEVER WAS the claim of fraud ; the LIE was the denial of the existence of fraud ! We are not “destroying the democracy” by insisting on clearly showing and proving the many evidences. NO !!! The destruction is being caused by the fraud and the coverup of the fraud !!!
    By the way, the process started in the Senate Chamber on January 6th is a LEGITIMATE PROCESS DESCRIBED IN THE CONSTITUTION ! It SHOULD HAVE BEEN COMPLETED, not abandoned by the COWARDS who were afraid THEY might be in a little “danger.” I was DRAFTED during a war for the purpose of serving my country – EVEN IF IT MIGHT COST ME MY LIFE, OR LIMBS, OR SANITY !!! Why did those Senators REFUSE to return to the Senate Chamber and perform THEIR DUTY ? That was dereliction of THEIR DUTY ! Patriots must step up, like our founding fathers did – in order to establish and save OUR COUNTRY ! If not, then China, or Russia, or Iran, etc. WILL TAKE OVER THE GOVERNMENT OF AMERICA !!!!!

  15. america a beautiful place a garden of eden u would say, y would anybody in there right mind would change that. my god what we have in this country and what we can lose. what were t words of the most famous man in t world and loved for ever o yea , FATHER, forgive them, for they know not what they do.

  16. The comments we provide here and elsewhere are good and make sense. So, if we all send our comments to our elected state officials, perhaps that will make an impact. At this point, it seems like that is the only thing to do without the threat of imprisonment.

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