Reminder: “President-Elect” is a Specific, Non-Joe-Biden Legal Term

The entire mainstream media is now referring to “President-Elect” Joe Biden. This is a lie. Not just because Joe Biden only has 259 electoral college votes as of this moment. And not just because the votes are still being counted or recounted in several states, which could still put President Trump over the 270-vote margin of victory. But because “President-Elect” is a specific legal term you can find in the US Constitution. Joe Biden is not the “President-Elect” under any definition of the term.

The Biden campaign even printed up a big sign that says “Office of the President Elect” that he put up behind him for a speech the other day. This was a signal to all of the media: You’d better start calling Joe the “President-Elect” if you know what’s good for you. Fox News, CNN and MSNBC all dutifully complied, without bothering to open up a dictionary to see if “President-Elect” actually means something.

They also didn’t bother to look up the tape and see that Barack Obama pulled that same stunt with his own “Office of the President-Elect” back in 2008, before he was officially the President-Elect.

Fact: There IS no “President-Elect” today. Legally, there are only two titles that can be applied to Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Trump’s official legal title is President Donald Trump and Biden’s official legal title is “some person who ran against Trump in the 2020 election.” You have just as much right to call yourself “President-Elect” today as Joe Biden does.

On Tuesday, November 3, 2020, we all voted to seat electors on the Electoral College. If Donald Trump OR Joe Biden had won a 50-state landslide of electors on November 3, neither one of them could legitimately call themselves “President-Elect.” Their official titles would still be President Trump and “some person who ran against Trump in the 2020 election.”

The Electoral College will gather on December 14, 2020. When those folks vote, and one candidate receives 270 electoral votes, that person will then officially, legally and constitutionally bear the title of “President-Elect” until they’re sworn in on January 20. At which point that person’s title will revert back to “President Donald Trump.”


If all the TV news anchors weren’t so busy googling which salad fork to use if their dream of getting invited to dinner at the White House with Kamala Harris comes true, they might have noticed that Joe Biden only has 259 electors.

RealClearPolitics is one of the few outlets that has been paying attention. They pulled their “call” for Joe Biden’s fake election “victory” in Pennsylvania after the Trump campaign filed a lawsuit against the state. Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes can’t be certified if the campaign prevails there. 682,479 mail-in ballots were counted by Pennsylvania without any oversight from Republican observers. Late mail-in ballots were counted without being segregated from lawful votes, in direct violation of a court order by the US Supreme Court.

Donald Trump has 232 electoral votes and Joe Biden has 259. Neither one of them has won the election. Trump now trails Joe Biden by about 12,000 votes in Arizona, with about 67,000 votes left to count. If Arizona flips to Trump, he’ll have 244 votes to Joe Biden’s 248.

Georgia is going through a full recount AND audit of the votes there. Georgia and Pennsylvania combined account for 35 electoral votes – and victory in the 2020 election for whichever candidate prevails in those two states. And that’s even if Trump’s lawsuits in Michigan and Wisconsin should fail for some odd reason.

Speaking of Michigan and Wisconsin, the Trump campaign is still aggressively tracking down and gathering affidavits from election observers, postal workers and now software technicians who worked on the sketchy voting machines in those states. All of these affidavits are alleging widespread fraud to benefit Joe Biden in those states.

Once again, the race today stands at 259 electoral votes for Biden and 232 for Trump. No one has won the election yet. The tide continues to turn back in President Trump’s favor. The fake “President-Elect” and the fake news media are breaking out in a flop sweat.

Another important thing to remember: Any media figure who calls Joe Biden the “President-Elect” before December 14, 2020 is a LIAR. That title does not and cannot exist constitutionally before that date.

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108 thoughts on “Reminder: “President-Elect” is a Specific, Non-Joe-Biden Legal Term”

  1. With all the photos of hoards of people follow Trump’s Rallies in person,in lines of cars,boats and trucks Why would anyone even think for a minute Biden won?

    1. Because they are so positive their voter fraud scheme worked! Let’s hope the truth will come forward and our TRUE president can resume his duties….

      1. I agree TRUMP all the Way, there is no way Biden is going to win and the Dem’s should be all accounted for Fraud. Because that is what this is. They want so hard to get Rid of Trump that they did whatever it took for Biden to win, if this was us we would be prosecuted. Shame on them, they should not get away with this.Prosecute them now before they find a way to not. You know what I mean Everything goes away and Biden gets in NO FUCKIN Way

      2. I hope you are right. Only God can take this mess to a right conclusion. The left is totally corrupt and should be gone.

      3. The election, based on the enormous fraudulent information uncovered in the 2020 presidential election is null and void. Another Election must be held under the watch of the supreme court. Everyone should be able to vote again for their presidential choice and the results must not be handled locally as we know they are a bunch of crooks.

        1. Anthony Manzo
          Because they tried by open crooked means to FIX ( STEAL ) this election, the SUPREME COURT should set a precadent and have them FORFEIT their VOTES to the opposite party. That will make FUTURE CROOKS think twice before attempting it. A jail sentence to the ring leaders would also help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Anthony, that is a good idea, it would probably help a lot, especially if they ALSO have to go to jail for five years. Thx!

        2. I agree. If it is still true that no one is above the law then perpetrator should be investigated and penalized accordingly. Once a suspect is determined he should be put under a lie detector so he can be compelled to tell the truth. When that happen, the public will know everyone involved and whoever participated in the fraudulent act should be charged. It is a clear case of consfiracy where the act of one is the act of all.

          1. No the Democrats are above the LAW. Posting time is not correct either. My time is 3:41 pm.

    2. Actually Biden has only 227 electoral votes right now; Trump has 232; with the 6 states being contested – those states only account for 79 electoral votes. Thus, 227 plus 232 plus 79 equals 538.

    3. Joe Biden may be referred to as “Cocksucker Elect.” Kammy Harris may be referred to as “Dirty Butt Fucking Whore Elect.” Hillary hates these two cocksuckers. Joey wanted to fuck her but she turned him down because he only has a tiny 3″penis. That means I have to fuck the ugly ass old cunt with a fat ass. Fuck that shit. There are lots if young girls like Monica Lewinsky that I can fuck. I’ll even fuck Monica again if she wants to. Right now I got my eyes on AOC. I heard that this bitch gives really good head. She knows how to give bliwjobs. Can’t wait to fuck her in the ass too.

      1. Hey there Slick Willie!!! Right you are!! I know for a fact that the sexy little AOC IS a WILD one behind closed doors!
        She’d have to be…… her boyfriend certainly didn’t pick her for her brains!!!

      2. I’m sorry, but, IF anything was going to be ‘blocked’ due to language, this should be it. I can’t imagine a normal human being– if they have respect for themselves &/or others– would want their ‘pen’ name even associated with this comment of ‘filth’. It is demeaning to everyone. Sorry– that’s hard truth. No wonder the democrats are all sssooo angry, ALL the time. Their brains carry ‘filth’.

        1. I agree Naomi, what filth comes out of peoples mouths. To even string all those words together shows that they are sick in the head. What are you, 12 and just learned how to cuss??

        2. Naomi, I am not going to comment here anymore because of this filth being allowed by this newscaster. Thank you for speaking out about it, it’s unacceptable, here I am wasting my time barfing and complaining, outta here for good, take care and love you! MAGA!. Bye Everybody, Yah bless Donald Trump and May we all be Saved, including the foul mouths here/Amen!

      3. I think you are in the wrong chat, the Left write this way. So quit acting like you are a conservative with your foul mouth!

    4. Totally AGREE! Biden didn’t do Rally’s and 5 or 6 people in a circle are ridiculous!! Pelosi was too SMUG stating Donald Trump will not be elected again as SHE KNEW THE FIX WAS IN!! I hope all fraud or “glitches” are proven in favor of our Great President Trump!!!

    5. It’s a con and a scam, we ALL know it, but can they aggressively bully us into “accepting” their ploy? Trump FIGHTS, which is why they have been so hard on him, they wanted to destroy his credibility with patriots because we’re his support. They cannot win. Either way they turn they have lost because we see them for what they are, and we see Trump for the truthful, legitimate freedom-loving Constitutional Republic patriot that he is. Trump genuinely loves the working class while the Left despise us all. It is a no-brainer. Finally, unborn babies live with Trump, they die with Biden/Harris (in or out of the womb). And Trump genuinely believes the God of the bible and His Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The Left will remove Christianity the first chance they get, because THEY want to be worshipped as gods. That alone should be enough to wreck them! #MAGA

    6. Biden said it himself. “I have the biggest voter fraud organization in the country working for me.” With all of the graveyard votes the demented creep and CA communist has, I really wish someone would send the racist slimes to join them.

    7. I said the same thing when they first announced Joe Biden as the winner of the Election. There were just too many crowds shouting and supporting President Trump. When Joe Biden came out of his basement to do a few rally’s, no one showed up to support him. At one rally there weren’t any supporters for him. The Secret Service protecting him were the only ones next to his stage. The Trump supporters were down the street harassing him and he got mad and told them to shut up. I seen some shady deals in my 65 years. But never anything like this. If Biden does manage to weasel his way into the Whitehouse, I’m going contact my ancestral country ask them for f can get sanctuary there.

    1. Still continue to WHINE &CRY since 2016 when you DEMO–C–RATS used FALSE CLAIMS to try to get rid of TRUMP& anyone associated with him ,called US DEPLORABLE then O’BIDEN just called us SCUM OF THE EARTH ,then those didn’t work so you COERSED with China & created what you thought was a SURE FIRE REMEDIE to HALT the economy & try to stop life itself ,then make matters worse ,just before the election you BLAME TRUMP for the VIRUS which you DEMO–C–RATS & China FORCED on the whole WORLD just to get rid of TRUMP !!! Your HATE &DECIET will pay BACK in FULL !!!

      1. Well said. Standing with President Trump in hopes that all fraud and “glitches” uncovered!! What joy it would be to see that not only did it FLIP ALL VOTES back to our President, but then MANY more Dems lose their Seats in Congress!!!

  2. Even with the fake media reports I have to ask myself what’s happening to people? President Trump has proven himself to be an amazing president who always put the people first and brought this country back from the mess that Obama and Biden made , now they basically voted for the Obama administration again only worse .



    1. Exactly, this’s the result of what Obama has been doing in trying to change USA, right now they are following (exactly ) the steps of The Muslim brothers of stealing and taking over countries to be in control of its people!
      All their purpose is to weaken USA and deceive the American people no education shutting down businesses Open borders so the country can be taken over by other people who already hates it, the whole purpose is to destroy this great, country
      God have mercy on USA

      1. Fake news did their best covering up all the great accomplishments and were successful. That was the start before present voter fraud. Some how honest news organizations are needed. Now that Fox News has been subverted we have none to be trusted.

    2. Well, Linda, if you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of cocksucking liberals in the country and they all voted for Joey Bidumbass. Plus, Kammy Harrisucksdicks gave all of the voters blowjobs to get them to vote for Joey.

    3. Linda I fully agree with you. It makes about as much sense as telling your employer she/he is paying you too much after a pay raise when you’re finally able to make ends meet. Are Biden’s supporters awake and off mind altering drugs when they vote for higher taxes, higher Unemployment, more MS-13 type gangsters crossing the borders and entering the nation as well as thousands of others coming in to suck up taxpayers’ money and jobs as they have babies the working folks will have to pay for? As socialists Biden and Harris have interest only in POWER. They have NO interest in or concern for the economy–they are not business oriented. Neither has run a corporation or built a successful business. Socialists talk about “social justice” (whatever that is) while they tax workers trying to put food on their tables and clothes on their children then find ways to hand the money to illegals who are non-contributing illegal members of he population. Those who vote for this kind of outcome were asleep or bombed on drugs during history, economics and civics classes. Makes me wonder if our nation is about to be run by a mind-altered drug culture. The prevailing mindset of the BLM and Antifa puts God and faith matters on their hit list. Regardless of all the evil we’ve been witnessing lately God is still on His Throne. We pray He bless the USA and Faithful with His Protection.

    4. 100% correct. It doesn’t make any sense. And another FOUR years of Obama is ‘deplorable’ indeed. ABC,CBS &NBC NEVER gave the coverage that should have been given to the things President Trump got done. Now, it will all be undone by AOC, Pelosi & Harris, in the name of Biden– & their ‘crimes’ & corruption will never be ‘ fully know. I no longer listen to ABC, CBS or NBC> and that will start with the ’60 Minute’ interview of Obama by Scott Pelly. Saw a preview & it is ‘nasty. they NEVER gave President Trump the opportunity to ‘speak his mind’ like the excerpt shows Obama speaking his. AND, he didn’t even LIKE America. President Trump LOVES America & her people.

    5. Good call Linda…. exactly, “ only worse “. They hate Trump that much… I blame the media, hell!, if I watched those anti-American media outlets, I’d hate him too!! The media has over half of these “people” as you call them, completely bamboozled with their lying rhetoric and made up stories and their false narratives.
      What the real problem is, these people won’t delve from the news they watch. Have you ever tried to explain to someone you know…. someone who is actually educated as well, ( this someone is a democrat and ONLY watches CNN or MSLSD etc) that Trump is really a patriot and loves his country and you too……they’ll laugh you right outta the room. It bothers me, these folks believe EVERY LIE that comes out of the fake news media types mouths and every day their hate for the man in charge festers more…..
      It’s the media. I have a friend who hated Trump so much 12 months ago he’d of killed him if he’d had the chance. I asked him to please stop watching MSM and listen to Mark Levin every day and he voted for DJT on Nov 3rd. He has thanked me profusely for putting on the path to freedom…. in fact he’s mortified that he was ever a democrat. I forgive him, I was too. Never again.
      TRUMP 2020

    6. First of all, Linda, the ‘people’ did not vote for Biden. As Joe Biden unwittingly said in one of his ‘speeches’ “We have a ‘huge, wide-spread Voter Fraud Machine’ in place.” For once, he told the truth even if it was unintentional!! The very same ‘machine’ that got Obama voted in the second term and the same ‘machine’ that Hillary counted on to win her the presidency!! Well, it failed Hillary–much to her disbelief. She’s still trying to recover! Since then, they’ve ‘refined’ it to the point where ‘success’ should have been guaranteed!! Thinking of the ‘billions of dollars’ spent to ‘oil’ it!! As they never saw the ‘Trump Train’ coming–they never saw the love, faith and support of the ‘Trump Supporters’, either! Meanwhile, God is in his Heaven and will not be displaced by Satan’s minions or Satan himself!! This isn’t just ‘numbers’ or just ‘people’! This is ‘spirit’ and ‘love’ for country and citizens. We won’t succumb to liars, thieves and traitors!!

    7. Fake news did their best covering up all the great accomplishments and were successful. That was the start before present voter fraud. Some how honest news organizations are needed. Now that Fox News has been subverted we have none to be trusted.

    8. I don’t understand the irrational hate toward President Trump. No reasons have been verbalized! Biden has some brain cells left but they are going to quickly disintegrate as Pelosi helps it along for a Kamala Presidency puppet to be managed by Hillary. The Democrats have manipulated by telling their constituents that they are the educated intellectuals not like the deplorable Republican constituents. Reality is Dems are hypocritical, they would barf on their constituents if they could.
      POTUS Trump has been amazing and the other side can’t stand it. They couldn’t accomplish anything because they were too busy stroking each others back they forgot what they were there for. My hope truth in this election will overwhelmingly show favor toward Pres. Trump but, if not there was big support (no stolen votes) for him like no other president has ever had. We are going to have to unit for the next 4 years to plan. This can not be what our country has come to without a fight. Legitimate and fair election is fine but to in our face outright steal. NO

  3. I very much hope that Pres. Trump will be re-elected come election day! He is by far the better candidate for a host of reasons, which include the exceptional work that he did in his almost four years of the presidency! Biden, unfortunately has very little to offer, as he spends most of his time in his basement and is also suffering from dementia! This is not the best condition in which to become President of the USA! We will learn soon enough who will be the next Pres of the USA and it’s my very strong hope that it will be Pres. Trump, who has all the credentials necessary for the position! Joe Biden doesn’t even come close!

  4. thank you. That clears it up. So I know it’s 232 to 259 but Biden along with the whole Democratic (Obama) party means there’s still some hope. We (Trump) can still squeek it out. Go Mr. Donald Trump.

    1. Biden did not win anything, how could people in the united states stoop so low. This is all a fraud. It will all come out, and i hope they all go to jail for years.

    1. Joe may not be playing with a full deck…if he became our president.. It would be George Soros..The Clintons..Obama..China..The BILDERBERG Group..Not Biden..he is their puppet..just like all of us have been their puppets for 30 yrs.. We better hope our Trump wins again..if not you can kiss our butts goodbye…read up on the BILDERBERG Group..and their agenda…and another thing Out Trump pissed off China ..The Who..and the what is our punishment. This fake virus they came up with..which is just the flu. Keep everyone locked up..wear masks..this virus is just phase see how well people listen..all made up by the Dems and China the Clintons..Obama..why. just for this Election…

      1. Don’t forget that the Lincoln Project is sucking Joey Bidumbasses’s cock and licking Kammy Harrisucksdicks’ pussy.

        1. Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, how come my conservative comments are showing up, but your filthy dishonorable shameless Troll remarks are? Are you trying to make this thread of no effect, even so decent folks just disconnect and go somewhere else? Tired of working on good, respectable comments Only to get bumped, all the time!, but you can smear and swear and dishonor your parents publicly to your heart’s content, and obviously are DemonRat Plants, and never get bumped? Outta here, take care Conservatives, and thank you for your fair comments!, MAGA!!! StarNet

      2. I am of Chinese decent , born in Malaysia. A citizen now and have voted 3 times in the general election. Shame on the Dems who made this country voting system corrupt. You will never see this kind of election in any developing or 3rd world country. This election is a scam with so much obvious irregularities and fraud demonstrated dirty strategies planned months ahead. Wake up Americans… fix the problems stupid
        Lyin Dems! When are you going to stop cheating? To be just and fair ..voters must show photo ID and only request absentee ballots be allowed. Massive mail in is purely a strategy of stealing.

        1. Welcome to the USA Mei. We need more people like you in this Great Nation. You have been blessed to appreciate the great opportunities arranged by our “Founders”. It is unfortunate that we have morons like the overgrown brats who call themselves “BLM” and “Antifa”. They are unschooled and don’t care. They throw tantrums like nursery kids when they don’t get their way. Best to you and your family.

      3. Bravo! Well said. #TRUMP2020 President Trump, after winning, will impose the INSURRECTION ACT and jail every last one of them!! Guilty of HIGH TREASON AND SEDITION!!

      4. Well went thru the list. a few Republicans but most in large are Liberals and Democrats.
        We are screwed!
        Why is Jared Kushner and Lindsey Graham on it?

      5. You’re right Fran
        It was Trumps idea to get America freed up from having to deal with ANY of the foreign entities when he came on board in 2016.
        Part of his agenda was to restructure our trade protocol with the Chinese.
        Because China was “taking” the American people for close to 700 BILLION dollars a year. Hence the tariffs laid down on the Chinese gov’t.
        But……. it wasn’t just the Chinese who felt the wrath of the Donald’s new and improved business sense,
        It was also Joe Biden and his entire family
        Hillary and her sex-crazed husband
        The Pelosi family
        Diane Feinstein…. how is it she’s kept such a low profile?
        Barack and Michael …… and the list of these poor demagogues who’s hands got bit here goes on and on

        Trump upset the gravy train for these wretched congressmen and women and of course…. they’re pissed. I can’t probably begin to fathom the millions of dollars funneled by the Chinese to just the group mentioned above. I’d bet it’s mind boggling.
        Trump is the ONLY president that took a real stand on immigration as well, now the Dems are feeling the pain of all of those illegals who were going to be allowed into our country so that they may receive social security monies and free healthcare and take away American resource. The Dems only want them here for a vote, that’s it. That’s all they want from American voters as well. Once and elected, it’s about making money to enrich themselves thru their elected positions, and to Hell with the voters!!!
        Every name u I mentioned above is guilty of sedition, and treason. Both crimes carry severe consequence,
        Well…….. unless you’re a democrat I suppose.

        I don’t forsee our leader losing this fight people, but if he were to lose, I believe a MILLION MAN MARCH to DC by WE THE PEOPLE ( locked and loaded, as this’ll be the only way they’ll realize their day is done) will be in order.
        If Trump doesn’t keep his Presidency, we must take it upon ourselves to throw these assholes out of the halls of Congress physically. The rest of you can throw who you want to out….. Schumer is mine, I want to put my foot so far up his ass that it comes out of his mouth rendering him speechless.

        If for some reason our President were to actually lose this election……. he won’t…. but if he did

  5. Quaid-pro-quo joey is a fraud, socialistic ass, Anti-American Senile old piece of manure who no true American will follow no matter what this manure pile calls himself. He is a LIAR/Traitor and brain dead.

      1. Hey, Bill (whoever you are), get off this thread. You are a demonrat disguising as a conservative. We, conservatives, don’t use that filthy words you use. That is the signature of ANTIFA, DemonRat, BLM lingo. Go to your hiding place, snowflake.

  6. You know what? I don’t liked either. He doesn’t who’s killed. They just want power. That so. Just like the major and the government and Chicago.

  7. I find it amusing House Democrats spent the better part of an entire term trying to oust The President from The White House with investigation after investigation of “RUSSIA COLLUSION” yet a BIG FAT ZERO was found! Now, there are recounts in all battle-ground states and Democrats want no further investigations into voter fraud! How typical!!!

    1. Just think of the hundreds of millions of DOLLARS spent on trying to stop TRUMP & IMPEACH ,& get him & other GOP , all the WASTE of TIME!!! These DEMO–C–RATS could have sent that money to their FAILING cities & States !!! It amazes me that they couldn’t even figure that out ,cause they were so BENT & HATEFUL,& VILE for their on GAINS !!!

  8. If harris gets in, i mean biden, expect more terrorists coming through the open borders. We see what the give away to any hand that is out has done for california bottom line. They are so far in debt now. The rest of country will follow this same losing plan. Joe dementia there will fade back into the basement and still blame trump for all his faults. Classic democrat actions. It was shown if country knew about unkrane hunter and china joe earlier they would not have had a chance. Most google search after was can i change my vote? Now if biden is in look for a clamp down on eveyone. If there is hope left it is only trump at this point.

  9. Funniest thing is all the places that systemic racism was called this past year were in primarily dem states in dem towns run by dems for years. Yet it was trump and the republicans fault. Sorry the dem party was and is the party of racists. They only swapped jim crowe laws for welfare and welfare restrictions. To keep getting it you follow the rules or loose it. And everytime a minority in this country starts improving the dems get upset at maybe losing control over them. Like now trump has moved minorities along more than most presidents. Unemployment down, small business ownership up till the dems pandemic crap. And look at the voting this year minorities are leaving the dem party because they are seeing through the bs. Thats why they want open boarders its 11 mil new dem voters they want. Texas and Arizona were republican strongholds but dems want open boarders to flip them to blue states. You can look all this up.

    1. Don’t overlook the fact Ken that God is still on His Throne. He will deal with all this Satanic evil appropriately. We might not like the outcome but He will more appropriately deal with evil people than we could ever dream of. God Bless Donald John Trump, his family, our Flag and watch over the Faithful. And Atheists, we hope you wake up before it’s too late.

  10. Pardon me for interrupting but this pandemic was no accident, it was planned by Barak Obama and help from Hillary Clinton and George Soros , back in 2014, Barack Obama paid the wuhan scientists to come up with a pandemic and when they did Barack Obama told them when to release it , stop and think people,the Chinese have been eating all different kinds of animals for centuries and never dealt with a pandemic, these three stogies have been screaming g thing in this country since Donald Trump became president ,and they continue with the be in this the 2020 election, I just hope God will strike them down, “Praise the lord”

    1. CORRECT !!! this was their LAST & only hope to stop THE GOP &TRUMP !!! What CRUEL & VILE way to get POWER !!! Just like SCHUMER SAID on the news few days ago “we will win GEORGIA then the WORLD, we will CHANGE AMERICA ” I don’t think people really heard the part ” then the WORLD ” ,this all ties in to their POLITICLE POWER GAME !!!

    2. Hillary and Barack should be held accountable for the China Virus……they’ve killed thousands and blame our President

      Why do these two walk freely among us?!

  11. I have a name for Joe Biden, But I wont say it on here. I don’t even say things like that, I think them sometimes, though, when I see Mumbling, Bumbling Joe trying to say something.

  12. Biden-Harris is a cringeworthy term. “President Elect” like mentioned above is the title given to the person who won the election.
    Hey Creepy, sniffy boy?!! Did the electors deem you the winner? What’s that?!!
    The audacity of these two “candidates” to award themselves a win just goes to show you how manipulating and calculating these lying low life’s are!
    I can just see it, Joe’s “ handlers” told him immediately to claim victory to let the minions of idiots who DID vote for him feel their voting day went to their liking.
    You know, Gropin Joe…. you got up in front of this country prior to Election Day and bragged about how you and Michaels husband had implemented a fool proof election fraud plan. Reminded me somewhat of your braggaditious statement you made regarding not letting Ukraine have the Billion $ until the investigative heat was off of your not so computer savvy crack schmokin sellout of a son Hunter.
    He spews that vile then they cheat vehemently in numerous states on Election Day and after they ( Joe and the Ho) “ win”… we’re told to “accept and respect” this victory.
    Not so freakin fast there turbo Joe!!

    When Donald Trump wins the Presidency after all of this shit that you democrats once again put us real Americans thru …. it seemingly never ends does it people?, are you Joe and Cum’allya… are you going to respect and accept the decision?!
    Of course you won’t….. and the cities will burn again and the looters will take what they want blah blah blah and you and Chucky and Nancy and Adam and the rest of the usual suspects will cry like little babies and threaten us once again with your absolutely vile rhetoric.
    Joe Biden will never be our CIC
    The despicable Kameltoe will never be the VP
    As each day post election goes by with no one called the winner, I have to believe that President Trumps legal teams are gaining solid ground to their fight for our freedom…… and as we know, this IS A FIGHT FOR FREEDOM

    1. Yes Papa Bear…. I get it. LOL

      Hey Papa Bear…. my best friends wife came up with a great campaign slogan for Joe and his “candidate”………

      “BACK TO THE PLANTATION!!” Sound about right?!

      1. Back in the 1960s Lyndon B. Johnson wanted some people back on the Plantation. Fortunately, those good people told Boss Man “Hell no!” Unfortunately today some–in all colors– prefer to stay “on the Plantation”, sit around and get monthly handouts afforded them by productive workers/taxpayers
        while they quietly sell illegal substances to have extra non-taxed cash. They are rendering neither to Caesar nor to God what is due. Not to worry, they will be judged BANKRUPT
        at the Last Judgement.

      2. To VladTI: The slogan of the Lie-beral DEMONocrats is ‘No Rules, Just Right’. Their anthem is “We Want Corruption, We Want Corruption, We Want Corruption,” etc., etc.

  13. I knew Obama had something to do with the Virus…They had a picture of him in the Wuhan Lab…!!!! My gut tells me this is what happened….Obama is Satan…!!! God help us….. I Love Pres Trump..

  14. This no long about Dems V Reps. It’s about this country’s freedom! If we all consider ourselves true Americans, both parties of people need to see what’s going on. There are very corrupt people in our government! They are destroying us from the inside. They all are money hungry! They don’t care what they do to us, because they aren’t affected by it! They have different set of rules. We the people need to unite against this. Trump is hated by them because he has been trying to do just tha! His supporters can see that, why can’t the rest of Patriotic Americans see it without the vile hate? People he isn’t trying to hurt us, but the corrupt government ppl are! And the want/have you believing Trump is the evil one!. Look, research, his accomplishments for this country! Anyway, I could talk till I’m blue in the face, but if Total Government Control of ppl in this country including (Trump Haters) is what you want! Y’all are not my kind of Patriot. God Help us!

  15. To all those FRAUDULENT JERKS out there !!! There are VERY CRUCIAL PUNISHMENTS comming &when the end of life takes you for your JUDGEMENT there is the WORST PUNISHMENT yet to come !!! I will PRAY for. you !!!

  16. Once fraud is proven and President Trump wins again, he should enact the insurrection act and jail everyone involved! There is and has been HIGH TREASON AND SEDITION going on against our President from day one!!! I have never seen such an arrogant & hateful, disrespectful person such as NANCY PELOSI, as Speaker of the House!! There should be DECORUM RULES for that position to work in all matters with the President, regardless of Party!!!!

  17. Still continue to WHINE &CRY since 2016 when you DEMO–C–RATS used FALSE CLAIMS to try to get rid of TRUMP& anyone associated with him ,called US DEPLORABLE then O’BIDEN just called us SCUM OF THE EARTH ,then those didn’t work so you COERSED with China & created what you thought was a SURE FIRE REMEDIE to HALT the economy & try to stop life itself ,then make matters worse ,just before the election you BLAME TRUMP for the VIRUS which you DEMO–C–RATS & China FORCED on the whole WORLD just to get rid of TRUMP !!! Your HATE &DECIET will pay BACK in FULL !!!

  18. Fake news did their best covering up all the great accomplishments and were successful. That was the start before present voter fraud. Some how honest news organizations are needed. Now that Fox News has been subverted we have none to be trusted.

  19. I’m so sick of Biden getting away with crimes and he was running for President and Obama is not far from the crimes. Are we really thinking he would win with not cheating the American people! He’ll no not in my eyes. This election is a joke I want a new election and throw out the old ones and that vote counter and mail in ballets. It is another crime by the Democrats. Who owns the voter ballot machines…! Pelosi, Clinton and God only knows who else. I’m praying for God to help us out, in Jesus name help us all

  20. JOE BIDEN IS NOT THE PRESIDENT ELECT. No matter who says he is or who pushes the agenda that he is,, and no matter if they continue to say he is – doesn’t make it true that he is!!!! We all know that at this point in time, HE IS NOT THE PRESIDENT ELECT! Therefore, he does not get the every day briefings! He only gets those when he becomes the certified electoral votes!!! THEN, AND ONLY THEN can he receive the daily briefings. And it does not matter who makes a big fuss about it: joe biden, himself, obama, kamala harris, hillary clinton, the fake new media, and any one else, this is the way it works, ONLY the certified electoral vote winner may receive these briefings AFTER this declaration!!! So, all of you silly people out there, masquerading as true news journalists, the crooked politicians (mostly this would be the DEMs), and anyone else out there who just cannot understand how the election process works.

  21. ” “President-Elect” is a specific legal term you can find in the US Constitution”

    LOL. Care to show us where?

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