Sleep Well, Democrats, Because the Georgia Audit is Next

Multiple states are sending entourages to Maricopa County, Arizona this week to observe the historic first-of-its-kind forensic audit of a presidential election. A group from the Georgia legislature is on the ground in Arizona as I’m typing this. OAN News reports that a “handful” of additional states will do the same very soon. When we find out which ones, we’ll let you know.

In the meantime, a hearing for a flurry of lawsuits to stop a potential audit in Georgia has been set for later this month. And we have a lot to share with you about what’s happening there.

Georgia was one of the states where Joe Biden managed to pull out a razor-thin, just-barely-enough-votes “victory” under extremely suspicious circumstances. You no doubt remember the magic suitcase ballots that were pulled out from under those tables at State Farm Arena in Fulton County after all the observers were sent home on election night. We now know what’s in the incredible testimonies of the brave whistleblowers who are at the center of the Georgia suit seeking a forensic audit.

There was so much public uproar over the magic suitcase ballots back in November, when the video footage emerged, that the state actually did conduct a hand recount. Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger quickly declared his election as clean as a whistle. But it wasn’t clean. Multiple long-time election staffers who participated in that hand recount have now given sworn affidavits that are the subject of this new suit calling for an audit in Georgia.


One of those election workers, a woman named Suzi Voyles, was fired from her job for raising a stink about what she saw in that recount. She’d been a loyal poll manager for more than 20 years. Here’s what she saw when participating in the recount:

Ms. Voyles has sworn under oath that there were batches of ballots in Fulton County that were pristine and identical. They were mail-in ballots that had never been folded, stuffed in envelopes and mailed. There were no creases in the ballots.

I used to live in a mail-in only state years ago, so I remember how it always went with my mail-in ballots. I’d take the ballot out of the envelope, unfold it, notice that there are a bunch of local initiatives and races that I knew nothing about and needed to research some more – and then place the ballot on my desk for several weeks. After that, the ballot would be shuffled around and handled approximately 400 times, I’d spill coffee on it at least once and generally mistreat it as the deadline for mailing it would approach.

I’d finally scramble and mail it at the last minute. Long story short, my mail-in ballot always looked beaten up by the time I’d send it back in. That’s how most mail-in ballots look, according to Ms. Voyles in Georgia. They’ve been handled by human hands. They get coffee or chocolate stains on them and get shuffled around a lot before we mail them back in.

But not those mystery ballots in Georgia. They had no creases, no folds, no chocolatey fingerprints – nothing.

And here’s another similarity that these strange ballots had: The oval for Joe Biden was filled in on every single one of them – but with a missing “white eclipse” in the center of each oval. On every single one of these Biden ballots.

The only conclusion that Suzi Voyles and the other election workers could come to was that these identical, pristine Biden ballots had come off a Xerox machine. That’s what the Georgia lawsuit alleges as well, based on those affidavits. Someone filled out a single ballot and then ran between 10,000 and 20,000 copies of it through a Xerox machine in Fulton County.

Their testimony has convinced the judge in the case to unseal the ballots and examine them. But that was stopped more than a week ago when multiple Fulton County election officials filed simultaneous lawsuits to stop anyone from looking at the ballots. The hearing for those cases has been set for June 21st.

Back in Arizona, the hand recount portion of the audit will be completed this week. That’s only the second stage of the four-stage forensic audit in Maricopa County. Next up will be a technical examination of the voting machines. We’ve got a ways to go before we have “official” answers, but we already know the outcome. So do the Democrats. They don’t seem to be sleeping very well these days, do they?

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30 thoughts on “Sleep Well, Democrats, Because the Georgia Audit is Next”

  1. The hearing for Fulton County ga.
    Is set for June 21 2021 that’s plenty time for Biden and his Mary Idiots to Payoff the Judge’s and Hide, and get rid of Evedanc.
    Democrats has it planned to a “T”
    So here we’ll be again.
    Holding the short end of the stick.
    Right back where we started.
    No Truth Again!!!

  2. We need to stop these people why aren’t the republicans doing more they need to standnup and fight we have the greatest country but if something is not done soon it won’t be I can’t believevhow they were getting away with these people in.prison we have to fight back the way they are fighting dirty dirty dirty

    1. I agree with you Helen, 100%. All Republicans have to speak up about what is going on in our country. I have called the Coca Cola company as well as Delta to voice my opposition to each of their policies. Coke for having classes to teach their employees to be “less white” and Delta for taking the side of “no voter ID needed”. Neither company should be in politics at the expense of the consumer. I told Coke I will not buy their product and that I will pass this on to my friends as to what they are doing. As for Delta, I asked them “why is it okay for them to see a picture ID to board their planes but for something as important as voting we don’t need to?” When I go to a doctor, buy certain things, all require ID. I am one person but I try my best to get others involved regardless of whose side they are on, right is right, and wrong is wrong. GET INVOLVED PEOPLE WHILE YOU STILL CAN.

  3. To those in Georgia you are going have a fight on your hands! Even if you have to lock and load to get to the truth! They fired a polls worker who been doing it for 20 years!!!! That raise a stink! Personally I believe an judge is easy to con, by threatening his family! So to you people who want the truth. Find a federal judge out of your district that can sit in on this. But keep his or her name out of the media! We all know some people will do anything for a hundred dollars if they are that dam greedy!

  4. If the same forensic audit is done in GA as they’re doing in Maricopa county, the different procedures will make it impossible to ignore the obvious smoking gun and plain evidence of what transpired. All states may wind up getting the type of forensice kinematic deep audit now being done in Arizona, and I hope so. The dominos are all beginning to fall – long overdue but mandatory for our election security and fix our system so it can never happen again.

    1. The system maybe repaired, biut the question is how good was the repair, the warrenty. Things like voting itegority like machinery need concent maintince. Once repaired is never enought, maintinance is constent.

  5. We the people already know what went on, seeing with our own eyes is enough. Not enough for the far left. The Proof is their it just takes the right one to see it.
    The biggest Thief took place in Atlanta, “Stacy Abraham” as far as Georgia Goes. She’s a Snake in the grass.

  6. Get ready folks! Evil may triumphant in the beginning, but it never wins in the long run. All those who had a hand in “stealing” this election should be in prison, lose their American citizenship or be shot before a firing squad. Satan and his minions will fight this revelation of the truth long and hard and dirty. Freedom isn’t Free, but it’s worth fighting for.

    1. CORRECT ! I Hope that some Lawsuits ( & Convictions) come about in ALL the States.
      We ( here in Michigan) had voter “turnouts” at a rate of “835%” ( 735% MORE than is possible !)

  7. Don’t forget, the Commiecrats have been loading our courts with their pet “judges” ever since the 1960s. It’s gotten harder and harder to find a truly honest judge at any level of law.

    How many Reds in Black are eagerly waiting in the shadows to squelch Truth and Honesty in the silent names of Comrades Marx, Lenin and Mao?

    Think it can’t happen that way? For example, we once relied on the GOP(LOL) to take up our causes. But, just look at the “Republicans” who have slithered out of the tall grass to ambush us all over the past years. ObamaCare anyone? Sabotaging Trump anyone? Voting to Impeach him?

    Right. You not only cannot trust the LYING courts, you cannot trust the GOP(LOL) either. And speaking of the GOP(LOL), has anyone seen them take an active role in ANY of these election fraud cases? I don’t mean one or two individuals making meaningless statements, I mean the GOP(LOL) itself!! WHERE ARE THEY?????????????

  8. The GOP is weak and they need to stand up for us American’s and we need to know the truth. The democrats have and been paying off people for a long time and the Republicans need to stop this before we can never get a republican back to the White House. Georgia needs to fight this with everything they have to recount the votes. We know the outcome of this election and Binden is a fake president.

    1. Our Founding Fathers were not a 2 party system of Democrat’s & Republicans, but Statemen.
      They stood on the Constitution & the Bible…they served for 2 terms or less, they went home.
      They believed every citizen should serve America in Congress.
      The Word is serve, not rule over citizens of America.
      Until these socialists, communists & anti America’s are charged with treasonous acts nothing will change.
      This nation is under a covenant with Jehovah God, there is only one other nation God made covenant with & it is Israel!!!!

  9. The democratic party never break the rules, Why?. They don’t observe them in the first place. As the Greek’s said “Ignorance of the law is no excuse.” Believe me they have alot of ignorance.

  10. The election was monitored by military cyberspace professionals and they know election fraud occurred. They are waiting for at least one state to show domestic and foreign interference after conducting there audit before acting. They are caught in the middle of the corrupt Corp and the reconstituted Republic under Trump. The military will follow the Constitution and laws before engaging, but it is coming soon.

  11. I am a Christian, ex Army, married with 16 children – 13 of them adopted – 66 year old Caucasian – I do not apologize to anyone for my race nor my ancestry! – male. I am not a push over and I am a patriot. ( Yes I have weapons and ammo if required for defense of myself, my family, my neighbors, my property, law enforcers, and especially my dog! ). I detest evil and eschew it at every opportunity. ( 1 Thessalonians 5:22 ). Demoncrats are truly the very spawn of Satan. Therefor, since, per that cited verse, I and all Christians, are to eschew all Demoncrates!

  12. This is nothing new for the DEMORACTIC SOCIALIST PARTY and MEDIA to cover it up!! It seems unlikely to happen, however, it’s hard to keep the fight going, but that is what the DEMORACTIC SOCIALIST PARTY and MEDIA hope, not happening!

  13. Bradley,
    I respect anyone who speaks from the Heart, j also agree with you 100%!!
    This day in time people had better be able to defend themselves.
    Democrats are trying to take our Second Amendment Rights Away
    From us at every turn.
    Even our way of life, their even trying to control what we eat, next they’re going to try and tell us when we can eat.
    We must stand up for ourselves and take our country back from the Democrats.
    If we the people don’t face Democrats head on we’re going to loose it forever.
    Once Democrats get full control their will be no coming back for the Republican party!! It will be all Democrats.
    We’ve got the Democrats in trouble and they know it.
    They are destroying their self.
    We can’t let them carry us down the rabbit hole with themselves!!

  14. Why do the demoncrats work so hard to stop an audit ? It is BECAUSE they KNOW the 2020 election was totally fraudulent !
    As they said about TRUMP when he was in office, ” if you have nothing to hide why obstruct justice?”
    They know they have everything to hide !!!
    The resident in the WH was NOT elected ! He was placed there thru voter fraud and corruption!

  15. We also hear of ballots being sent through voting machines multiple times. It seems to me that any honest system would electronically mark a counted ballot so it would not be counted again. How secure are these vote tabulating machines?

  16. Georgia seems to be very corrupt both Democrats and Republicans. Stacy Abrahms is running some very shady deals, she was responsible for ballot harvesting and much more. Check her Bank Account. But she is not alone. Biden barely made 10% of honest votes. Mainly Pedophiles who do not want truth to come out about their own behaviour and brainwashed college kids

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