Suspected Child Molester on Drugs Yells at Americans for an Hour

Imagine that a convicted child molester moved into your neighborhood and was required by reporting laws to announce his presence to you. Would you seek that particular neighbor out later on for advice about something? Anything at all?

Of course you wouldn’t. Everyone knows there is something evil and strange about child molesters. You wouldn’t ask one for advice about how to change the oil on your Toyota Camry, let alone about matters of national importance. That would be crazy. Anyway, let’s talk about Joe Biden’s 2024 State of the Union address.


Just… wow…

The last time I saw someone jacked up on that many drugs was at an Eric Clapton concert in 1998. From the moment when he walked into the House chambers until he wandered off about 90 minutes later, Joe Biden’s dead, black, soulless eyes never blinked. I’m not kidding. Those blown-out pupils will be haunting me in nightmares for the next few days.

As Stephen Green noted at PJMedia when Biden entered the room, “He’s wired to the tits on whatever they have him on.”

I’m kind of proud of the fact that I was the very first person to note, back during the 2020 campaign, that researchers had proven that a cocktail of Dr. Feelgood barbiturates and speed could induce short-term lucidity in dementia patients—and this is likely what they were juicing Black-Eyed Joe with before important public appearances. I called that one two years before Tucker Carlson confirmed it through an eyewitness who had seen Biden’s pre-public-appearance injections.

I’m saddened by the fact that the American way of life has been crushed by a drug addict and suspected child molester who was only installed after the 2020 election was stolen. What must the rest of the world be thinking as they watched Joe Biden yell for an hour and seven minutes? The drug cocktail only lasts for about an hour in dementia patients, and then they start fading away again.

President Trump noted at around the 55-minute mark in the Festival of Yelling that, “THE DRUGS ARE STARTING TO WEAR OFF!”

Much of the speech was incomprehensible. The drugs can make a person alert, but they can’t do anything about the slurring. At one point, Biden botched the late Sen. Bobby Kennedy’s name so badly that it came out as a term too vulgar to reprint here.

Mostly I was angry as I sat through that catastrophe of a “speech.” Joe Biden never uttered a single proclamation that was true. Not in an hour and seven minutes. Every statement that he made was either a lie, a convoluted half-truth, or a direct inversion of the actual truth.

Yes, it’s true that some prescription drug costs are cheaper under Joe Biden. That was thanks to President Donald Trump. It’s also true that the US government took in billions of dollars in tariffs from China. Guess whose tariffs those were?

The most infuriating moment of all during the speech—at least to me—was when Biden declared that he is a president for ALL Americans. Really?

First of all, Joe Biden is not a president at all. You have to win a presidential election to be one of those, and he’s never done that.

If Joe Biden is a “president” for all Americans, I have a few follow-up questions for him. Does he consider himself a president to Tara Reade? She’s the woman that Joe Biden allegedly raped in the 1990s when she worked for him. As Tara was just about to testify before Congress about how Joe Biden had raped her, she was forced to flee to Russia because Joe (or possibly Jill) Biden had sent the FBI to kill her.

Does he consider himself a president to the Gold Star father of the slain Marine that Biden’s goons arrested during the speech? That grieving father stood up, yelled “Abbey Gate”—after the location where his son was blown up by Biden’s incompetent surrender in Afghanistan—and was suddenly escorted out in handcuffs.

Does he consider himself a president to all the January 6ers that he’s kept imprisoned for more than three years now, without trials, for their misdemeanor trespassing charges? Does he consider himself a president to the parents of Laken Riley, who directly blame Joe Biden for the murder of their daughter at the hands of an illegal alien he let into the country?

Freshman Sen. Katie Britt (R-AL) delivered the GOP response after Biden’s speech. Some conservatives were disappointed in her because they wanted an Ultra-MAGA rah-rah response. Every mom that I spoke to about it loved her, though. Trump suffered among women suburban voters in 2020, so Britt’s delivery was exactly the message needed to bring them back into the fold for 2024. We need every vote for Donald Trump that we can get to overcome the margin of cheating, so we can finally end this nightmare.

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46 thoughts on “Suspected Child Molester on Drugs Yells at Americans for an Hour”

  1. I was amazed by his sudden change from a lucid state that we have seen for years to this sudden change and knew this was not his normal condition or state of mind that we have become accustom to. This just show how far this once great country have fallen too.

    1. Thomas,
      From the looks of all the “Joes” that have been trotted across stages over the last 3 MISERABLE years, there are many doubles/masked individuals in circulation.
      At this point one would have to be blind not to notice what’s going on.
      Sadly, that group would be a majority of the Dem/Lib/Socialist/Communist crowd.

  2. When he entered the room to make his speech I said to myself, Somebody got their heavy dosed vitamin B shot and then some.” It’s disgusting how the democrats think their twisted version of the truth is gold and it should be believed by all!

    1. He definitely was on something!! His son probably isn’t the only one on drugs. It runs in the family!!

  3. Apparently Camp David is where the inducement of yelling screaming hatred for America and its people appointing writers to form Joe into a biligerent “Old Yeller”. Thursday was a disgraceful display of elder abuse.

    1. Agree! What a horrible display seen as a huge success by corrupt media, MSNBC and gang.
      They have the audacity to claim that his speech was far superior to President Trump, insane!




    2. Jill Biden should be charged with elder abuse. Joe is paraded around and has no idea where he is at or what is going on. He is not running this country, he’s not capable. The left side wing nuts are in charge and blaming all of the bs on a sick feeble old man.

  4. What a ignorant pos-I guess we might have a new suspect in the whitehouse cocaine incident eh?

  5. Biden was a drug-addled zombie for his State of the Disunion Speech. There was no “Union” there. It was a campaign speech to try to get re-elected! It was an angry, accusatory rant full of lies and badly spoken teleprompter reading by a drug addled old man who can barely utter a complete sentence competently!!! He was JUICED for that!!!

  6. Likely his parasite son said to him here daddy this is good shit and don’t worry itching is going to, if u get cut just do what I do,look I use it don’t pay taxes, carry an illegal gun, have a lot of bitches a d here Iam…LMAOOO

  7. America Vote Out the Democrats and liberals and progressives and Rinos next Election We The People Demand Our Country Back from the Evil Doers in Washington DC Swamp

  8. It was NOT in anyway a State of the Union speech which is required by the Constitution. It was a horribly written and delivered campaign loudly delivered rant with a heavy dose of drugs. How long do we have to put up with this stupid, dumb, idiot?

    1. I wish I knew. Nobody can be stupid enough to think he isn’t drugged for every public appearance.
      He is being abused, ELDERLY ABUSE!
      I have never liked him, but he can’t even defend himself. This is all pathetic.

  9. I watch an imbecile pretending to be the president for America. He and anyone that supports this lying fool should also be investigated by the new Armed IRS agents that they voted to fund. The top 10% of rich in our country were sitting right in that room that pay 8% in taxes. They should be the first to be audited.
    Trump earned my vote once I left the Democrat plantation of lies.

    1. Great post Jennifer! In Latin the word “Left” translates to “EVIL”! They knew better hundreds of years ago! We republicans welcome you aboard!

  10. I I don’t know if I was the only one that heard Joe say the Cartels charge $8,000 for these illegals to come into the country and it’s worth it for them to get in America. Sounds like he’s in with the Cartels. I don’t know about you but that’s not a good thing. He didn’t mention they kill and rape them also. Then they make them sex slaves. This man is sick in many ways

  11. he was a zombie from the minute he walked in. That’s why he was so late getting there. he never blinked and screamed through the whole disaster so called speech.. Time to go Joe you have done enough damage to America..

  12. Trump has a lot of work to do! Get all of them out of D C. 4 more years of these crooks, Clowns, and ass kissers, and USA will be gone. I didn’t fight in Korea for this!!!

  13. Joey Bribden never ready for prime time or anything else, HE IS NOT A FRIEND OF YOURS! he WILL USE YOU AND ABUSE YOU UNTIL YOU ARE NOTHING MORE THAN A SHELL OF YOURSELF. When did the STOU become a shouting match? Lie like a rug Joey never disappoints. Not for me not for the nation and not for the world, just plain a bad person, old pedophile Joey and the hairy legs that he used to let children rub, because it felt good. SICK,SICK,MAN

    1. OMG, I never heard that hairy leg story. Of course, it does not surprise me as horrible a person as he is. But, impeachment is out of the question for now as we would then have Kamala who is even more unbearable, dumb and even stupider (if that is even possible).

  14. I did not watch the speech from PINO biden and I am glad I didn’t it seems ole sleepy joe plagiarized his own speech from the prior year. Keep praying everyone! that eyes will be opened to the deep state. LETS GO BRANDON!!!!

  15. Didn’t take but a minute to realize that Sleepy Joe was jacked to the hilt. Most notable were his eyes and his obnoxious tirade spewing out miss truths and fabrications that shows what he thinks of the intelligence of the American people…… those that pay attention anyway. No doubt his handlers used the right formula to spark some life into him. Unfortunately he was tremendously disrespectful to our Country and to those of us who obviously know more than he does about facts that he tried to fabricate. He and his party are a disgrace for the charade that they are trying to pull off on the American people.
    Life into him

  16. I told my son that he was on something.When he walked into the room, you could tell by the way he walked and acted like he was King. But when he started to talk he just rambled on and on. Normally he has few words for those beneath him. How can he get away with the lies he tells us, like a child.

  17. An obvious example of a drug induced tirade for all to see. So sad, and so revealing. This is the leader of one of the most powerful countries in the world, who needs a drug coctail to address the nation. President Biden revealed to the world and the nation, his weakness as a leader.

  18. Clearly the “ cadaver in chief” was doped to the hilt! He made NO sense in his tirade, lied his ass off, took credit for the good things Trump did, and spit in the faces of the American people! Then had the Gold star father arrested for bringing up his son who was killed in the afghan withdrawal. The old creep can’t handle hearing the truth! Why are we allowing this farce to continue? He wasn’t elected, he was “installed “by the Kenyan traitor Obama, so he could complete the Obama agenda of destroying our country! Wake up people! Our “ leadless feeler” has to be drugged to the hilt to be able to barely function! Then he returns to bieng the zombie he is once the drugs wear off! Come on man, he isn’t there, totally incompetent , blithering idiot! We do NOT need that in our White House! We need a smart, competent leader who loves our country. GO MAGA!!!! Vote TRUMP!!

    1. Thank you. I love “cadaver in chief”. I will use that often as it so totally fits the idiot in chief.

    2. Every post on here today is truly accurate and very revealing! How much must one hate our nation to place this vegetable in our White House?! Maybe it would have been better if Jill had demanded “Sleepy Joe” plant a vegetable garden. She would have garnered her goal many in spades! I absolutely HATE some veggies but abhor Biden to Hell and back!

  19. I am relieved to see so many viewed this spiel with the same awareness of what a drugged old mentally deficient zombie looks and sounds like. Many great vomments!

  20. I lived through WW2 as a child but the SOTU Biden gave reminded me of some of speeches Adolf Hitler gave. Check them out on YouTube. They are there to be seen and compared.

  21. Every time this ole fool speaks .. the rest of the world laughs at us. Joes gotta go.. Gotta go Brandon .. gotta go!

  22. About two years ago, alternative online news speculated that as we inch closer to November, we will witness increasingly bizarre behavior from “elected” officials, and Bidiot in particular. Supposedly this is being done to wake the sleepwalkers, and get the attention of the brainwashed, and the complacent masses.
    Alt news was right, and I truly hope any Americans who STILL think everything’s just fine under this PATHETIC maladministration, are finally getting the message that America is falling fast.

  23. Lets’ go Brandon, once again proved he’s worthless, deranged & most evil scumbag yet!! The whole Biden crime family needs to be prosecuted & removed from this country.

  24. The people behind Biden and pulling the puppet strings, are all in the light and will be discarded this November. Good riddance to all these creeps.
    Donald Trump will take the reins and save our Republic. God Bless America, Amen

  25. I never saw such a hurried speech even the applauds were fast and short. Joe wanted even cut into the applauds to hurry his speech.A for his eyes who can see them through the squinting

  26. The old man is pathetic. Obviously given drugs to get through what was a horrible tirade. The shouting, angry grandpa seems to be worse every time he’s seen/heard. The world is laughing and enjoying every bit of this. I am absolutely terrified that somehow they will rig the election again. Vote vote vote.

  27. Biden is a demented traitor and must be dealt with as such! I say this now before Biden takes our freedom of speech away! “

  28. Joe Biden was a monster before he even became are fraudulent crawl-in president . The man and his whole family are crooks. And he also was a monster to his own kids. We dont need this juice-up idiot in are white house he needs to be tired and feathered and rode out on a rail. Just get this monster out of are country ** no one in the history of the United States of America has committed treason over and over again and not be held accountable for it like Joe Biden WHY ? What makes him so dam special that he can get by with rubbing every man women and child in this country nose in the dirt.!!. Why is he aloud to do this ? The only ” not real president ” in history not only that — but he gets by with shiting own every true American ** i for one am tired of his getting by with BEING above the law ** getting by with blaming every one esle for his wrong doings and just running are country into the ground and nothing being done about it. ** one would thank that so many American citizens would stand up and start defending there homes and family more against this juice-up idiot that is calling himseft president.

  29. Anybody thinking about voting for Biden, or any Democrat, may as well go ahead, and cut their own throat, because that’s what they are doing voting for this Trash!

  30. If Biden wins in 2024 I will NEVER vote again in my lifetime! The voting was rigged the last time and I’m scared that it will be rigged again in 2024. Please prove me wrong because if Biden wins you can kiss this country good bye!

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