This is Treason: Joe Biden Preparing to Purge 260,000 Unvaccinated Troops

If Joe Biden goes through with his plan to expel 260,000 American servicemembers because of their refusal to take his toxic Pfizer shots, he needs to be impeached. This is outright treason against the United States.

At a time when military recruitment has plummeted to historic lows due to Biden’s malfeasance, we can’t afford to suddenly lose more troops than we lost in World War I just because of political reasons. This needs to be stopped and stopped right now. Fortunately, at least one lower court has just suspended the mandates for one branch of the service, which we’ll talk about in a moment.


It’s been almost a full year since Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin began forcing Joe Biden’s illegal and unconstitutional vaccine mandate on the troops. For those who don’t remember who Lloyd Austin is, he’s the former Raytheon flack who is somehow in charge of the military now. He’s double vaccinated and double boosted, and he wears two masks and a face shield when he goes out in public, and he still (LOL!) caught COVID because the shots don’t work.

268,858 military members were not fully vaccinated as of July 13. Some of them may be partially vaxed but refused the second shot after getting sick or injured by the first one.

268,858 servicemembers is more than twice as many soldiers as America lost in World War I from all causes. It’s almost as many troops as died in combat in World War II.

As one attorney suing the Biden regime to stop the vax mandate said:

“Our adversaries are probably delighted to see the Pentagon eliminate more troops than they ever could.”

Ya think?

Biden and Austin have kicked out 6,431 servicemembers to date, with about half of those in the Marine Corps. A lower court has blocked the Navy from purging anyone who requested a religious exemption; it remains to be seen how that will resolve.

The Army National Guard and the Army Reserves are losing 12% of their forces – a combined total of about 60,000 troops. Biden has already cut off their pay and benefits for refusing the COVID shots that don’t work.

If Republicans take over the House or Senate in the November elections (or both, which is highly likely), they’ll have more power to reverse or at least dull the impact of the mandates.

One open question is: Will they? There are an awful lot of Republican lawmakers who are still vaccine zealots. (Looking at you, Lindsay Graham! Hope you got that monkeypox vaccine so you can stay safe!)

Plus, the clock is ticking right now. It’s been almost a full year since Lloyd Austin sent out the order, and it doesn’t look like the Biden regime is going to back down. They really are going to kick a quarter of a million soldiers out of the military if they’re not stopped.

Here’s one bright spot of news in all this: A District Court judge in Ohio has blocked the Air Force from discharging anyone who has requested a religious exemption. The order filed by Judge Matthew McFarland is an injunction that blocks the Air Force from kicking anyone out for 14 days. During that 14-day period, the judge will then study and make a determination on whether to impose a temporary injunction that lasts the duration of the trial. The plaintiffs (the religious Air Force members) are asking that their religious exemption requests be honored.

So far, the Biden regime has granted fewer than 3,000 religious exemptions in the entire military, which numbers 2.1 million servicemembers. Atheist communists aren’t well known for honoring religious requests.

China, Russia and Pakistan must be laughing their heads off at us right now, as Joe Biden is about to decimate the US military. Like the attorney said, Biden’s Pentagon is about to eliminate more soldiers than enemies ever could. That’s treasonous.

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47 thoughts on “This is Treason: Joe Biden Preparing to Purge 260,000 Unvaccinated Troops”

  1. Pedo Better think twice:
    For some reason the Russians are getting prickly about the weapons we’re providing Ukraine, in particular our high-tech HIMARS missile systems. Yesterday, Reuters ran a story headlined, “Russia’s Medvedev: Attack on Crimea Will Ignite ‘Judgment Day’ Response.”
    The trouble is the U.S.-supplied HIMARS missiles can reach Russian targets in Crimea, which Russia considers part of its national territory. But Ukrainian officials are saying they think Crimean targets are fair game because Russia is staging weapons and supplies in Crimea for use in Ukraine. So, fair’s fair.
    But Medvedev just said that an attack in Crimea WILL ignite Judgment Day.
    Now connect this dot: yesterday, Russia launched its brand-new super-gigantic, high-tech nuclear submarine, the Belgorod. It includes a number of unique features, like 2 megaton nuclear drone torpedoes that can race around at 130 miles per hour. Torpedos, not missiles. The torpedoes are designed to explode UNDER WATER with the force of 10,000 Hiroshima’s, creating a massive tsunami.
    If the launching of the Belgorad isn’t a message to Washington about Crimea, HIMARS, and Judgment Day, then I don’t know what else they would have to say to make it clear they mean business. Joe Biden, on the other hand, is a neurologically-impaired monkey playing with a box of unstable, torpedo-shaped hand grenades.

    1. Biden needs to be tried for treason and put before a firing squad and all that let him kick out our troops and if we don’t do something Russia and China will invade and put us under communisom

      1. Thanks we agree with you. It is sad that All democrats on Government and Hollywood hate us so much.

      2. Russia and China don’t have to invade. They have for many years infested our culture, education system, fake news media and government. They use all of these against us Patriot’s that remain. They are servants of Satan! The end and beginning are near.

  2. I believe that thousands, if not more Americans would like to March to the Whitehouse over this and more, but the example set using those who were unknowingly
    targeted on January 6th, then locked up and forgotten, has served as an effective deterrent to rightful protests so far.

    Sad times in our once great country.

      1. And decimated Social Security by “borrowing” trillions from it. Social Security always had a surplus and Congress and even some presidents have taken that surplus every year. We all know what a government IOU is worth.

    1. It’s horrible what the White House is doing to America, i.e. including among other things, the attempt to purge our military. Millions of people who took the “jab” ended up with some serious side affects and they got Covid anyway. Then there are many who suffered through Covid and recovered having gotten immunity and are still being required to get the vaccine. I really have to wonder if these so-called experts only received a “degree” when they passed Kindergarten

      1. Nope. Most evey scientist will geek and back whatever the establishment says if offered enough grant money for their pet projects. Show me a scientist that gives a damn about anything not related to their pet project and I will show you a media conspiracy that smeared and discredited them. A victim of the rich elites on the left.

    2. Just refuse to let him do that. He cant keep doing what he wants without public approval let your Reps. and Sens. know that this is wrong!

      1. If not a democrat or a rino the rest of the republicans are mostly spineless. There are a few exceptions, but not enough.

  3. Joe has to go before he kills this country. As a US Navy vet I tell you the military keeps us safe. Joe really needs to go away.

    1. Far far away and take the whole bunch with him. If something doesn’t happen soon, we’re not going to have a country left, or we won’t be around if they get that bill HR-4350 pushed through before we all know what hit us.. part one started with his Covid..Everyone needs to call give, sens, anybody that can stop this! Insanity, the whole bunch are insane and EVIL

    2. The military is no longer safe. Able-bodied and patriotic have been replaced with transgendered and the gay Mafia.

  4. I concur with Mike Holman. I spent 21 years on active duty. I had 4 years as an enlisted sailor riding a Navy Destroyer in the Pacific Ocean and 17 years as an Air Force officer which included five years as a Minuteman Missile Launch officer.

    During those years our government provided the support we needed to keep our adversaries from attacking us.

    1. Oh, that would be interesting. Contractor’s earning much more and would have special needs costing millions. This administration is brain dead from the top to the bottom.

      This administration is out to destroy our country. God Help Us.

    2. Hey Paul, Just to let you know that private contracters make 100,000 a year or more.Much more than almost all of the members of the military.Outside of the fact that many of the technical fields in the modern military need years of training and expierience to be effective.With the country over 30 and a half trillion dollars in debt your suggestion dosen`t seem to make sense. Just sayin

  5. Joe Biden, in his Marxist, Alinskyite, Communist, Socialist denial of reality and omnibus lack of logic, rationality, reason, and overall common sense, would cut off his own nose to spite his face. The complete and total IGNORANCE of the left-wing ideology knows no finite limits!

  6. At a time when Russia is making noises of belligerence toward the West in general and the U.S. in particular, and, China being bully boys in the East, IT INSANE to cut military personnel. What in the actual hell is this f’ing idiot thinking?

    1. The idiot can’t think. He can’t even read the teleprompter half the time. Whoever is really
      in charge is a treasonous snake.

      1. Obama, I think, but Gavin Newsom was snooping around WH, I hear that he may be who their trying to slide in if that HR4350 bill they’re trying to push through asap, according to breaking news on info wars, then Brandon is announced Covid pos, step #1 of plan..maybe everyone should check into this, that can and see if it’s real or not. It’s dam scary if it is.

        1. A ploy to get rid of Biden obviously. He will either die of it, doubtful as that will prove the vaccine is not working, or become so sick he can be outed. Of course the laughing hyena will step in then. I doubt she will last long, then we get Antoinette Pelosi who is corrupt as the day is long. Pelosi lives in a wealth protected bubble and doesn’t give a damn about anyone, or anything but money and power.

  7. Joe Biden must be impeached immediately. Remember to vote in November and please avoid those drop off boxes. Mail in Voting is also discouraged.


  8. Biden your one stupid socialists bastard. Our you trying to get this United states of America killed. Your dam socialists terrorist democratic party is and should be impeached, now!
    Can’t the people see what this party of terrorists bastard is doing. Gas prices, economy, violence in our city’s, the hate the democratic socialists communist terrorist party has for our country is unbelievable. Cheating in our elections and changing our voting rights, right before an election. Illegals by the thousands coming across are borders and soros and his communist party, giving millions too try to give the communist regime a victory. He’s destroying everything in this country. Where our the people of the United states of America. Can’t you see what’s happening, right in front of your face. All Americans you better vote to stop and save our country and our freedoms. We the people, remember that.

    1. If Pelosi gets her no ID required to vote rule passed then the illegals that the Biden administration flooded states with will vote democrat. Every state should police their polling places and no drop boxes or at least have them under surveillance. Mail in votes should have proof of the person voting.

  9. Without question, our current President, Joe Biden, has lost the power of rational thought. Since our national existence is now in question, I submit he is now and always has been UNFIT to lead this country. Our congress in conjunction with our military NEEDS to remove him from the presidency.

  10. TREASON!!! Isn’t this type of action a form of sedition, (the act of encouraging rebellion against the government)?!
    Think about that for a few seconds. Many of his action are making American upset, angry, ready for succession, etc.!!! If we did Rebel, then he could declare Marshall Law and shut down all of the country! Just what the Dem-o-rats want! TOTAL CONTROL!!!

  11. Omg he needs to be gone!he is killing the american people and is happy doing it, open borders,gas prices,food prices,job, now this hes not fit to be a leader of any country let alone american god,please help us all for what come

  12. This fool as a so called “PRESIDENT” is fulfilling his goal to ruin this country. He has absolutely no right to be in the oval office and his cronies that are following in his foot steps are just as guilty,. The American military was one of the strongest of all time before he took office, now we are in jeopardy of loosing more military men and women than we did in WW1. WHAT THE HELL is wrong with this man, other than he is just a puppet, figurehead of the LEFT. His goal is to turn this country into a banana republic and fall behind the rest of the world in stature and might, He has nmo right to be in his position and should be taken out by 25th amendment NOW, We can’t wait any longer His policies and practices are killing what was once a great nation.
    “WE THE PEOPLE” need to stand up to this moron and get him out of office.

  13. Biden is incompetent and just a puppet and scapegoat to blame when everything goes so far wrong. You can skip the laughing hyena, queen wannabe Pelosi will then seize the presidency.

  14. These military generals that are not leftists needs to do something about this traitor before there is a civil war!

  15. The Great Potato in the Oval Office desperately needs to be very late-term aborted. He supports abortion (legal murder – or – willful taking of a human life) so, he needs to reap what he and his evil Democrats have sown. Actually, they ALL need to be late-term aborted.

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