Trump 2024 Baby! What He’ll Do Better During his Second Term

I’ve had the chance to talk to a few people who were at CPAC last weekend and inside the room with The Man himself for the big keynote speech. They’ve all told me the same thing: Donald Trump looks… younger. More youthful. More vigorous. More high-energy than he was when he left office a short time ago. Unlike most presidents who age visibly and turn into white-haired geezers while they’re in office, Trump doesn’t really seem to have aged.

This is just one of many reasons after that CPAC speech that I believe that the Age of Trump that we’re living through is not over. Barring some illness or a bizarre golfing accident, he’s running in 2024.

Donald Trump is one of the most fiercely competitive men in America today. I can only think of a handful of pro athletes that have had the “winning” bug as badly as Donald Trump does. Michael Jordan was one. Tom Brady is another. For competitive individuals like this, the only thing worse than losing a contest is being cheated out of a legitimate victory.

This was clearly on Trump’s mind during his epic speech at CPAC. He’s not letting what happened in the 2020 election go. And as I’ve said before, “they” will never again be able to pull off what they did in 2020. We know what to watch for and where to watch for it next time, so they wouldn’t dare. Their hold on power is so nervous and sketchy right now that they still have thousands of troops in DC. They know they got away with it and you can see the illegitimacy dripping off of them.

Multiple GOP state legislatures are already shoring up their election rules so that a travesty like that can never happen again. Georgia just passed mandatory photo ID for absentee ballots. Democrats flipped. They stormed the Georgia State Capitol building in a violent domestic terrorist insurrection coup of treason. Or something. Their furious reaction tells you everything you need to know. They had hoped to keep Georgia “blue” with more magic suitcase ballots pulled out from under the table in future elections – but now that trick will never work again.


What a blessing in disguise it’s going to be for Trump to take a four-year hiatus from the White House. When most presidents serve back-to-back terms, that second term is always considered their “lame duck” term. The Swamp Rats infiltrate an administration to the point where it just grinds along, business as usual, bombing the crap out of countries in the Middle East and not caring about our porous southern border.

Trump will reenter the White House in January 2025 with a renewed sense of purpose and as an experienced statesman. He’ll also know to pick his friends and enemies better on the next go-around. Most of us aren’t blessed with a do-over in life, but having victory snatched out from under him in such an evil fashion is going to give Trump a laser-like focus for round two. He’ll have four years to “Get ‘er done.”

His personal staff was one of the biggest obstacles that Trump faced during his four years in the White House. He won’t make that mistake again. He knows who’s on his side now and who’s not, so his next team is going to be lean, mean and built to win. It will look a lot more like Peter Navarro, Mike Pompeo and Steven Miller, and a lot less like Jared, Ivanka and Omarosa.

And what an incredible juxtaposition of practical outcomes! Trump did things he promised to do in his first term, and the things he promised were kitchen-table issues that made every American’s life better. Biden-Harris have delivered nothing but a string of broken pie-in-the-sky promises and everyone’s life is already worse.

Biden won’t forgive student loan debt like he promised for votes. You’re not getting a $2,000 check from him, which he promised. He won’t be raising the minimum wage to $15, like he promised. He’s thrown tens of thousands of people out of work and he’s bombing the crap out of Syria right now. And the price of gas has gone up 53 cents a gallon by my house since the fake inauguration took place.

Trump has already proven that his domestic and foreign policies make our lives better. Biden-Harris will spend four years wrecking the economy, and that’s when Trump will come roaring back, as the returning champion of his people. He couldn’t ask for a better come-back story. And like everyone says… the dude looks younger. Be afraid, libs. Be very afraid.

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29 thoughts on “Trump 2024 Baby! What He’ll Do Better During his Second Term”

    1. Keep PENSE out…after he betrayed the President. Choose another running mate. Trump go Trump!

  1. If there ever was a way to get them idiots out of office now it sure would be a blessing. This to me has been nothing short of a scifi movie and we’re all smack in the middle of it and don’t even get paid for it.

    1. A bad B movie from the 60’s. With art the poor special effects including a lip syncing puppet in the Whitehouse.

  2. WOW You are 100% Right. I can’t wait for 2022 to take control of the House and Senate. After this victory we will put our Savior of this country back in White House.
    The one and only Donald J. Trump.

  3. I think president Trump is very caring smart person and he live a fully of life has No guilt conscience, But over 4’years
    He been nothing But getting attack with mostly lie’s and
    Consist nothing but negative about Him from Racist hateful lib’s and porpaganda news medias,
    after all Trump was The Best People’s president we ever had,

    1. I I agree kathy. Today March 14th on channel 6 good morning America, they stayed 93% OF THE PROTESTS OVER THE SUMMER WERE PEACEFUL. could not believe that bs fake news. I call abc in new York. I did get a person on the phone and I let her have it. I told her STOP WITH FAKE NEWS. WHAT YOU SAW ON TV, A PICTURE TELLS A THOUSAND WORDS. She defended the story. I told well you are wrong they were violent riots.

  4. I hope you’re right, but I don’t know how to prevent the same thing from happening again. Plus, they’ll come up with new ways to cheat. The R’s always seem to be one step behind the Demons.

    1. That’s why we have to have mean lean fighting machines in our Republican party! From the House to the Senate, Governor’s, Mayor’s, and the people! Keep your eyes open, and call them out! Don’t let them get away with anything! Stay on the phone with your representatives, and even those who are not! Send emails to the Whitehouse constantly!

    2. I am hopeful, I HAVE to be, but I agree with you 100% – I can’t see how the same fraud won’t happen again and again, and the so-called “Republicans,” who seem to mostly be RINO’s, maybe THAT’S the problem – do seem to always be behind the ball. But maybe it’s because true Republicans/conservatives just want to be free, live and let live and be left alone to live their lives in peace and privacy, where leftists are narcisisstic, tyrannical psychopaths who HAVE to be in-control of everyone and everything.
      “Inside every [leftist] is a totalitarian screaming to get out.” -Michael Savage

  5. I wonder what the opposition will try this time to DESTROY another election ? WE will PRAY for President Trump with all our loving hearts. With the exception of about 14-15 people in Congress I wouldn’t give you .50 cents for the whole bunch. I have also LOST ALL MY FAITH in the Supreme court. I am 90+ and it wasn’t that long ago I trusted them along with the FBI, and most of the Investigative Depts. of the GOV. The news media is worse at Lying than the politicians. When as and if Pelosi ever retires ( that’s a joke folks ) she should open a school for the Military spreading her expertise in deception to them so if they are ever captured they will be EXPERT at B/Sing the enemy. My family and I are worried that the Damage they are doing will take years to repair ALL of it IF that will be possible. GOD BLESS AMERICA ALL HER REAL CITIZENS AND ALL OF OUR VETS PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE. Dull Knife

    1. Great post Jack and exactly right !!!! Our loss of faith in congress, every alphabet agency and the not-so-supreme(turned out to be nothing but cowardice followers) court is well founded. They proved without a shadow of a doubt that it was a complete conspiracy against Trump because he was NOT one of their circle of corrupt career criminals and put America first instead of last. President Trump interrupted their career of kick backs, play for profit schemes with foreign dictators and special interest groups and that was hard for them to handle.

  6. Please come back Mr. President ASAP!!! Can’t wait for 2024…. and why shouldn’t he serve till 2032???? President Trump from 2024 – 2028 and re-election for second term….another 4 years….. why not???? I may still be alive !!!!! God willing, I’d like that….. see history being made AGAIN…. this time around his priority should be to drain the SWAMP!!!!!

  7. I am a SOLID TRUMP SUPPORTER! I watch his legislation triumph for the common man and for Americans all….
    his decisiveness was next to none…how he could govern so well under the cloak of harassment that he had to wear surpasses my understanding. If he could govern that well then, imagine the governing taking place when he has both houses on his side! Awesome future keeps me in line!

  8. One of the biggest dangers to trump and top republicans is the FBI. They assasinated JFK and will be coming afterTrump. I hope that the county and state police have the strength to counter the FBI. They are evil..

    1. Yes they are evil and there have been numerous attempts on President Trumps life. We need to continue to keep him and his family in our prayers.

  9. First off — I believe it will all depend on the 2022 elections to see if the American voters learned anything at all or are they so brain dead that they will just vote for the incumbents like always. If a BIG change in congress(i’ll capitalize congress when they deserve it) doesn’t happen — I think he will remain just a citizen, why would he want to put himself or his family through the same disgusting,digraceful treatment from the democrats or the pathetic rinos. We need EVERY democrat and every rino OUT of office and that includes the weasel mcconnell. I sincerely hope it works out that he does run because I believe he is the only person who will be able to bring us back from the next 4 years of destruction by this illegitimate,fake,corrupt,lying anti-American so-called administration. I don’t believe Bejing biden won’t last 4 months before they find a way to put their plan of putting the former escort puppet in the Oval Office to do the deep state and NWO globalists bidding. As far as the voter fraud goes — everyone in this country and foreign countries had ample notice of what was going to take place in the 2020 election and did exactly NOTHING to prevent it so why should we believe 2022 or 2024 will be any different if the same scum are still in office.

    1. Once again (my last reply didn’t show-up – a thumbs-up and applause emojis – I agree! They managed to install Barry-the-1/2-breed communist twice, and thought Shrillary “Kancles” Clinton was going to be a shoe-in too. WHO didn’t know massive fraud was going to be perped to keep Trump out this time… WHO?! And NOBODY prepared, NOBODY sought punishment for the perps, etc.
      Now the perps control the show – WHAT’S/WHO’S going to allow ANY non-leftists to win? WHAT’S/WHO’S going to change the “winning” strategy that will allow the leftists to lose control? Name ONE country stolen by communists that has EVER escaped their tyranny… NOT Russia or it’s former satellites either – they’re all still under leftist-control, and any country where the citizens are disarmed and helpless against the military IS under leftist/communist control.

  10. The smelly hippies of the 60’s took 50 years to ruin this country. To regain the ground lost it will take more than four years. Are we in it for the long haul? Please run for school board, town board, village board, county board, state positions and all other political positions should be contested.
    I live in a small rural town and years ago a friend of mine was running for school board. Nice guy but not the person I wanted to support, especially since my own kids were in school. So on election day I went to my parents-in-law and asked them if they wanted to go vote with me. They had forgotten because it was a spring low turn-out election. I convinced them to go based on voting for anybody but my friend. I got up early the next morning and ran out to get the paper. My friend lost by one vote! Your vote counts!

  11. It is going to be very difficult for Orange Man to run again from jail. He is likely to be found guilty in NY, Georgia and DC. No more get out of jail free cards for the attempted usurper. Biden’s first legislative success cost the same as his tax cuts for the rich but went to those in need… Biden 24!

    1. You are obviously brainwashed by the media. Will you stand for him when everything he has done and will do affects you personally. That is unless you are one of the elect Democrat elites. Then you will continue to get your goodies from Biden, etc.

    2. “Rule of Law” LOL! That’s classic man. You wouldn’t know the law if it ran over you in your Prius…..

  12. It may happen sooner! If they keep kicking the nuclear football around- the military – even tho gutted by Obama – will take over – and rightly so. Irony of ironies, maybe they will pick General Flynn to be interim president.

  13. They steal the election, and use our money and try to bribe us and pay everyone but anyone with a brain can see they don’t care about anyone but themselves, we have to vote republican and take back our country before it’s too late.

  14. If Trump wins in 2024 (and that’s a big if–the Dems have written their fraud into law in H.R. 1), I hope he leaves Jared and Ivanka in Florida.

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