Trump Supporters Arrested for the Capitol Protest Get Their First Bit of Good News

The prosecutors hoping to imprison Trump supporters for eternity over the January 6 Capitol kerfuffle are turning out to be blessedly incompetent. That’s a good thing for Trump supporters, since not a single Republican in Congress is willing to stick their neck out for their own base.

When was the last time you saw a Republican speak out about the injustice of holding Trump supporters without bail? Oh, right. That hasn’t happened yet. Not once. Fortunately, the prosecutors seem to be blinded by Trump Derangement Syndrome and they’re making serious blunders that jeopardize some of their cases.

In fairness, one Republican Senator has said something that was sort of, almost, just-about-but-not-really kind toward the Capitol protesters. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-MN) made headlines when he pointed out that he wasn’t really worried for his own safety on January 6. He didn’t believe the Capitol protesters were going to hurt anyone. It’s not like they were BLM or Antifa. Naturally, that caused a few media heads to explode, since you’re supposed to only refer to the protesters as “dangerous armed insurrectionists of sedition, treason and nefarious calumny.”

But other than Sen. Johnson, every other Republican Senator from Ted Cruz to Mitt Romney has insulted and slandered Donald Trump’s supporters because they delayed a meeting. Drama queen Ben Sasse (R-NE) whined that the “sacred” Capitol “has been desecrated. Blood has been spilled in the hallways.”

Yeah. That would be the blood of Ashley Babbitt, the San Diego housewife who traveled across the country to hear President Trump speak at the rally and got murdered for her efforts.

Mitch McConnell called the protest a “failed insurrection.” With friends like Mitch, it’s a good thing the prosecutors are overzealous and incompetent.


James Caldwell is a retired Navy veteran who needs assistance to move around. Prosecutors have been trying to throw the book at him, despite the fact that he didn’t hurt anyone or destroy anything on January 6 at the Capitol. They claimed in charging documents that Caldwell was a leader of the “Oath Keepers” – a Second Amendment fundraising group that’s often portrayed in the media as a “militia.”

One of Caldwell’s friends sent him a message via Facebook on January 6th that stated: “All members are in the tunnels under capital. Seal them in. Turn on gas.”

That’s obviously a joke. You can say that it’s tasteless, but it’s still a joke. Caldwell wasn’t going to wheel himself down into the Capitol basement, for one thing, and there’s no “gas” to turn on to poison members of Congress if they evacuate to those tunnels for their own safety. But prosecutors tried to use that obvious joke to show that Caldwell was a dangerous Oath Keeper, and even argued that Caldwell’s friend who made the joke should be imprisoned for it.

In a hearing on Caldwell’s case, prosecutors were forced to admit that the wheelchair-bound retired Navy veteran is not technically a dues-paying member of Oath Keepers or a leader of the group. But he had signed up for their email newsletters!

They also admitted that they had no evidence that Caldwell entered the Capitol building on January 6. A tiny bit of good news: The judge finally released Caldwell to home confinement, noting, “There’s evidence here that I think is favorable to Mr. Caldwell.”

The case against the QAnon shaman, Jacob Chansley, is also falling apart. He’s the gentleman in the buffalo horns who sang a song to bless the Senate chambers and then prevented other protesters from stealing muffins in the break room. Prosecutors have finally admitted they have no evidence that Chansley actually wanted to kidnap and/or assassinate any Members of Congress.

Prosecutors have also been trying to imprison a member of the Proud Boys named Ethan Nordean since the January 6 events. The US Attorney’s office argued that Nordean was leading the insurrection on January 6th and instructed others to bring weapons to storm the Capitol. They even claimed that Nordean used an encrypted messaging system to coordinate the actions of his underlings as they “assaulted our democracy.”

That sounds pretty amazing, except for the fact that Nordean is not a leader of the Proud Boys. Oh, and his cell phone carrier provided documentary evidence to the court that Nordean’s cell phone died on the morning of January 6, before the protests started. He wasn’t able to recharge his cell phone until that evening when he got back to his hotel. Not only was he not sending “encrypted” messages to coordinate things – he wasn’t sending messages at all because he couldn’t. Fortunately, the judge has denied prosecutors’ requests to send Nordean to the gulag with the other peaceful protesters.

It’s remarkable that prosecutors have been so willing to flat-out lie and make things up out of thin air to imprison Donald Trump’s supporters. But it’s even more remarkable that no Republican in Congress has had the courage to speak out against these kangaroo prosecutions.

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59 thoughts on “Trump Supporters Arrested for the Capitol Protest Get Their First Bit of Good News”

  1. The prosecutors hung Trumps Supporters out to dry, what makes them better than the Supporters? Hang the prosecutors out to dry! Prosecut the prosecutors for all the lies!!

    1. We had 2 years of Muller and his band of lawyer bandits that stole taxpayer money while delaying justice to keep their paychecks coming. These thieves all knew there was no Russian collusion from day one. They delayed their report so fake news media could effect the 2018 election with their propaganda ordered by the DemoCraps. A foot note. From January 2016 until January 2021 2 MILLION babies were butchered through ABORTION. Then people wonder where GOD has been?

      1. watch FR.William KOSCO from St. Henry Parish in Buckeye nr Phoenix Arizona on utUBE – courtesy Charlie Kurt – he warns us not just to be spectators to evil – but to stand up to it.

    2. Amen throw the book at these alleged prosecutors / arrest biden, harris, nancy, and chuckie for spreading hate, lies and crime for treason

    3. Very good article. I am glad they are finally getting out of jail. Been worried about them. That was all just blown way out of proportion. And all that was accomplished amounted to Trump not getting the hearing on Election fraud which was the purpose of the protest in the first place. I think it was a set up by the evil people who now occupy our White House!

    4. DOT . . . YUP! I am with you on that one! I f you are a prosecutor who brought these scurrilous charges against obviously innocent people you should be disbarred and prosecuted yourself for prosecutorial misconduct!

    5. Why do the dumbocrats want Trump and or his supporters jailed. Everytime they fail. There use to be a law about filing false reports. I think every Democrat should at least be charged for false reports. It’s time they stop it. Way past time

  2. The illegitimate puppet regime is obviously planning the biggest show trials since Moscow in 1937 and Beijing in 1980. It is already clear that what they are trying to label “1/6” was no insurrection by domestic terrorists, but rather an outbreak of disorderly conduct by angry citizens after a stolen election. This pales in contrast to the months of looting, arson, rape and murder perpetrated by Antifa, Burn Loot Murder, Soros and the democrat party, and the same regime officials that are leading this persecution lauded, bailed out and even paid the “peaceful protesters”. More people were killed in the first immigrant jihad terrorist attack of the new era in Colorado, or in the bloody revenge of a disgruntled Atlanta john on a group of prostitutes; in fact the only fatalities on “1/6” were a decorated female veteran and a disabled woman, both shot in the back by Nazi Pelosi’s police, as well as a fellow policeman who died in a hail of “friendly” fire. Obammunist hack Garland clearly aspires to be the Roland Freisler or Andrei Vishinsky of The Dotard’s purges, and has already used Stalin’s magic words of “traitors and wreckers” to describe the intended victims. The people are going to have to free these political prisoners, which is why the regime is preparing to disarm law-abiding citizens by decree. Down with the dictatorship! Biden (and show trial prosecutors) delenda est!

    1. If Xi-den and his Comrades try to disarm us, he WILL see an insurgence of epic proportion. Your comment is spot on.

  3. What about all of the rioters disguised as
    President Trump supporters?I watched
    as peaceful protesters tried to stop fake
    President Trump rioters from breaking in.
    Michael Sullivan?They planned and trained
    to create political theater encouraged and
    assisted by traitorous insane Nancy Pelosi
    and others.In the end they will lose.
    We are not giving the U.S. to a tiny percent
    of the population.If Republicans don’t man
    up soon they will be considered hostile.
    Too many Americans have died to keep
    our democratic Republic from communism
    to just give it away.Stop being afraid of negroes.They are being used and don’t even know it by outside forces.Rise up we are the majority!

    1. Don’t put ALL blacks in and among those who love to brake the law One good example is Antifa. They “mix” in with everyone; they camouflaged themselves so you can’t identify them; they are white supremacists who obey no laws; they are insurrectionists who are DESTROYING our democratic-Republic.
      If FREEDOM and LIBERTY are worth having, they are worth fighting for. A great American once said, ‘Give me liberty or give me death.”
      Of course, today’s democrats will find a way to villify Patrick Henry.
      ALL blacks are not BLM. Most are smarter than that.

      1. We know that and very few of us are racists, but we see what side blacks loyally support and it’s Democrat Blacks that can’t figure it out since they
        Watch CBS, ABC, CNN, NBC, and others that brain wash and support them because Whites of Main Street know why the Media lie! Blacks are their source of Sports Revenue and liberal universities make the decisions! White Conservatives don’t watch these Dem propaganda networks! They are there because half the nation quit when they decided they were the intelligencia nobility (gods) like Mike Bloomberg! Very few people can sit in a room with Mike, he says they just aren’t smart enough to get through the door, to sit with him and a handful of the Intelligent billionaires! I am so white terrorist Supremicist after Obama and his USA demeaning black co-conspirators for their full embrace of Wealth theft and sanctifying the Woke Cancer Culture for left-wing rule of America and his racist vendetta to divide and destroy The USA and politically using immigration, our most common American connection, to undermine the USA!

      2. Judge people by their character not their skin color , ethnicity or religious affiliation . I am white and my best friend in this world was dark skinned . The color of our skin meant nothing ; our friendship meant everything . We were best buddies to the end . May he rest in peace .

        1. Agree. Look at Pelosi, Shummer, Nadler, Schiff they are as prejudice as can be. They use people for their own purposes, not for all peoples of this great nation. They try to portray themselves as supporters of fairness and equality when to this day where was the judgment on the perpetrators who killed the 11 indefensible CHILDREN during the riots this past year? Where was the call for justice? Why didn’t Democrats fund pay to give justice to those families affected? All of us are used & discarded for their agenda. People must not allow themselves to place blame on the color of anyone’s skin. We are all capable but consider that certain networks carry certain programs that may not include reliable source network news. I can’t stand the name calling it’s so immature, negative and irrelevant for solutions as we all well know 1/2 the people in the US are conservatives and the other half liberal left. Every single human being was created (& loved) by God in His image. We all must stick to truths such as getting rid of voter fraud, keep our rights intact as the constitution allows, expect from our elected officials to perform their duties in the manner that truly represents our values, expect these officials to have loyalty to our country & its people. The list can go on. The idea of a free republic can work but also there is a predestined future that we don’t know about as is with everyday life.

  4. Those people should not have stormed the capitol building. They know it. But the violence and breaking windows occurred from other people who were even Trump supports. It was no insurrection and it was not sedition. It was a legal protest that got out of control and it was planned to be disrupted by BLM and others and the FBI knew it as did some congress people. Those are the ones that need to hauled in.

  5. Trump supporters have bern ARRESTED for 2 months without proof of fault!!
    Yet, it has been the (democrats) ANTIFA TERRORISTS who have PUBLICLY BRAGGED about starting and trying to continue the “riot”. What has happened to them —- NOTHING !!!!
    It is just like in Minnesota, Oregon, and Michigan. ANTIFA can do what they want. Democrats REFUSE to call their actions of looting, destruction of property worth MILLIONS of dollars, their killing of innocent people; democrats REFUSED to call it rioting —- even REFUSED to call it illegal !!!!
    Yet, democrats ARRESTED Trump supporters simply because they DARED to have a DIFFERENT OPINION !!
    That, my friend, is not “Democrat”. That is DICTATOR-COMMUNISM. AND it’s time for REAL AMERICANS to shed them from this our country!?

    1. Innocent until proven guilty is now only a Constitutional right for anyone except conservatives and Patriots.

      1. So true about the double standard. Remember, these are the people that call conservatives Nazis while trying to take their rights away! And of course, let’s not forget their cancel culture and destroy history antics.

    2. Aye Marsha, it is time for REAL AMERICANS to put a stop to the damage being done to America by the democrats and their marxist commie street thugs . It`s getting worse by the day .

    3. Rubbing ‘salt in the wound’, Pelosi is taking a huge chunk of money passed in the ‘stimulus’ bill to give to those cities the AntiFa, BLM ravaged!!! The actual funds Americans receive are ‘crumbs’ in comparison!! So–‘this’ is the Biden Administration!! I’m ‘under-whelmed’!!

      1. They also want to give illegals stimulus checks. Isn’t that the same as bribing people for their vote. It’s already costing the taxpayers far more than they have. This country is operating on borrowed money now and has been for years. We can just barely pay the interest on the loan now.

        1. My son works in an entertainment venues that hires illegals for kitchen help — they all got their stimulus checks before the rest of us did. The Dems consider them more important.

  6. To be an insurrection they would have had to try and set up an alternate Government.
    There was no attempt to do that, very little damage and no-one was in danger, except from those who worked in the Capitol.
    The Capitol is a building that belongs to the people, and those people should be able to walk in and have a say at any time, as long as there is no damage.
    It is not a god or a sacred holy site- it’s just the people’s government building.
    The murder of a woman standing in the hallway, and yes it was filmed, I did see it and it most definitely is murder, is the only act on the day that needs the culprit jailed. The rest are misdemeanors that require a fine at the most.
    Those running away carrying on about being afraid of the people are not fit to be in Government of a country.
    Now that the USA is a communist country get used to the people being abused, and killed if those ruling see fit.
    There actions regarding this Capitol visit proves it.
    Trump had nothing to do with it, some people were just opportunist nut cases, but most were just wanting to do something before there country was destroyed.
    You’re the laughing stock of the world- you thought you had a Democracy but you can’t even run a legal election.
    No one elected you leaders of the Free World, you just decided you were, and now you are not even part of the Free World.

  7. BTW, this judge deserves a medal.
    He knows our Constitution. All Americans have the RIGHT to a speedy trial.
    The Democrat prosecutors want much more time to conjur up fake “evidence” to “convict” these people. In TRUTH, the “evidence” should have existed BEFORE the people were “booked” and jailed. In the U. S. A., this is illegal. These “cases” need to be dismissed.
    My goodness, can you think of the lawsuits these people are going to have.


  9. AND the Repugnants wonder why they’re so disliked anymore. I get so sick of them asking for money I could puke. Only 5% of the party act like adults. The other 95% might as well be labeled Commiecrats as well because there’s no such thing as a RINO. Their phony leadership is despicable at best and they can GTH.

    1. Don, Joe, Charles …. everything you each said ! Became a Republican when Trump was campaigning.
      Gave them lots of money for four years.
      When DJT needed them the most, where’d they disappear to? Seriously? This poor man made them look like something (finally) and they turned on him…. except for a few and we know who they are.
      And now, as you said Don, all the letters requesting money for this, that, and whatever!! Not giving up any more money unless these guys get up off of their asses and fight back tooth and nail…. isn’t gonna happen. I’ll fund you if you’d only just fight GOP Boys. But you don’t / won’t. If Trump comes back, I’ll consider backing you all again, but for now…. NO.
      They are referred to as “ Do nothing Democrats”. You should be called “Look the other way Republicans”. 5%. So correct Don, nail on the head correct!!!
      I’d like nothing better than to see this nation live through this fiasco and come back stronger on the other end. Just trying to be optimistic here

  10. U couldn’t of said it better Don, the repukes are a bunch of spineless, incompentent, whiners who are scared to death to stand up for what’s right. I’m done with these worthless,politicians, until Trump comes back into the picture.

  11. I used to be a strong backer of Mitch McConnell, but no more. I am now convinced he is one of the biggest RINOs in Washington. It is time to send Mitch packing and send a few of his friends out with him. You know, we stand a chance of losing seats if we send a new, inexperienced candidate up against their life long socialists but then what have we lost. You can’t count on the RINOs anyway.

  12. Kudos to the judges who are seeing this for what it really is — another demonRAT dog & pony show just like their phony Russian hoax and their 2 phony impeachment hearings. It was no “insurrection” — it was a legal non-violent protest by people who didn’t like the results of a rigged election until the democrat led and paid agitators went into action as planned by the demonRATS. It is very hard to prosecute when there is zero evidence of any wrong doing and thankfully these judges recognize that fact. The prosecuters need to be indicted for trying to incarcerate innocent people with lies and fabrications and lying to a federal judge. The very fact that they had democrat congress people on television whining and crying in hysterics only to find out they WERE NOT even in the area when the protest happened should be reason enough to throw out all the phony cases. As far as that “sacred building” goes — ol’ scumbag sasse needs to realize that building BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE not congress — they are occupying space in that building because we were stupid enough to put them there. As for the republican party — they have returned to their meek and scared selfs without the leadership of President Trump just like we knew they would. There is only a handfull of them worth keeping and ALL of the demonRATS need to be put out to pasture — better yet put in GITMO for their treasonous actions.

  13. In spite of the “crimes” allegedly committed by true American Patriots on January 6, 2021 AND the ensuing silence of Conservatives in Congress in their support, one STILL must assume that we as Americans have the best government that money can buy…

    1. When you “assume” anything, you make an “Ass” of “U” and “Me.

      In this matter, however, it is not an assumption; it is, sadly, a fact.

  14. Sounds like an EXPENSIVE LAWSUIT against the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to me . . . I hope they SUE and WIN! One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  15. It appears that these prosecutors should be examined for ethics violations, and face a judicial review board to see if they could face disbarment hearings.
    These so-called Prosecutors are obviously not the smartest or ethical attorneys around.
    They fit into the category of attorneys that were once known as “ambulance chasers and Shysters” , very few ethics and even fewer morals. I
    The Justice Department is now an oxymoron. There is no real Justice coming out of that Department anymore. If there were, people like the Clintons, Pelosi ,Nadler and Schiff would be already in Gitmo for treason

  16. The Satanic minions, DemonRats, Rinos, all in cohorts and all aforementioned, stamping out FREEDOM: A GOD GIVEN GIFT, along with the corrupt democratic judges and the spineless republicans, displaying the most
    virile atrocities against honest common people and pro-lifers.
    Remember! One day sooner then later, Christ will be your judge
    and there will be no escape: There you can endure everlasting torments
    along with BIG TECH COE’S Soros, Gates, CNN, ABC, etc, and associates.
    You actions will condemn you all unless you repent and stand for TRUTH!


  18. The -let’s give it the right name- ‘Trespassing-en-masse’ of 6 January qualifies as a ‘Peaceful Demonstration’, as no weapons of a real kind were brought to the event, and the only bloodshed was committed against demonstrators.
    What is put “on stage” now is nothing but a repeat of Herr Goering’s “German Reichstag Arson” which set the signal for the construction of the first “Concentration Camps”.
    As we have seen at the Southern borders, such “holiday resorts” (with cages), especially for children can quickly and easily be set up and enlarged, also for those hundreds of citizens who went sightseeing in the Capitol, DC. But, is that really what is needed? Think of Portland where the fires never were fully extinguished: There is always a police precinct or police car in sight that needs some “warming up” – or a Court House. And Portland is not alone.
    Now, some mass meetings are peaceful and demonstrating for something – others are just violent, with arson, murder and other -let’s give it its name- CRIMES or even CAPITAL CRIMES. Should not a Depatyment of Justice that wishes to honor its own name know such differences? ….and know where to turn to?

  19. McConnell u need to resign from the Senate and join the BLM crew – u r useless and part of the swamp -we need a real leader that calls out the opposition in public and not just behind closed doors!!

    1. Just calling out the opposition in public will not fix the problem. Graham and some others are good at that and that is all. Nothing is being done and nobody is being held accountable. So what good is it? Are the Republicans afraid if they start to prosecuting these people that they will do the same to them? A lot of them needs to be in jail, too. Not just the Democrats. Congress is a bunch of crooks that don’t care about the American people or this country or they would have done something to stop this long ago. Their only concern is getting re-elected, and control over the people who are paying them to represent their interests in what goes on in Washington.

  20. The lunacy needs to come to an end. It’s time to purge the corrupt congressman and senators from their stations, they do not represent the common man. 2 months in jail without a shred of evidence… yet, in many states they are letting dangerous criminals free. I hope each person falsely imprisoned should sues the government. DRAIN THE SWAMP !!

  21. Since pilooser claims that it is her house, she planned all the violence that happened to be able to attack Donald Trump again!

  22. First let put it straight! Not one Trump SUPPORTER would wear a cap backwards! Only those ANTIFA AND BLM GROUP would! To let other members know they are ANTIFA or BLM! REAL Trump SUPPORTER would proudly show the front of the cap! So these lawyer were trying hard to push the DEMOCRAT and MEDIA NARRATIVE! Only thing they deserve is DISBARRED FROM HOLDING A LAW LICENSE!

  23. I do believe the author missed the point behind most Trump Supporters, “Fir na Dli”. They are “Men of Law”. They did not support any of the rioters last year, never have, never will. They understand there is a difference between a peaceful protest and people who enter a building they are not supposed to be in. Just as there is a difference between a peaceful demonstration – people letting their voices be heard – and people ransacking a city, looting, and setting things on fire. That difference was not misunderstood but the Republicans in Congress last year, but for the Democrats, most did not condemn such activity until it knocked on their door.

  24. Parler notified the FBI 50 times or more of potential dangerous activity planned for Jan. 6th. Where was the FBI when things happened or before things happened? Were they in on it? Was Pelosi involved in the planning? This was definitely planned ahead of time and authorities knew it. How did that razor wire fence around the capitol happen so fast? There sure is a lot we don’t know!!

  25. Equally remarkable is that accusers can ‘make up’ reams of lies, present them to a court and, when proven to be ‘lies’, not be held responsible for them!!! How is that ‘justice’??

  26. The Trump supporters even being arrested is a sham!! They havent done anything wrong!! Whereas ANTIFA and BLM have caused harm to Government property, Private property, vehicles, private citizens, police officers, etc. They are Domestic Terrorists, they cause people around them to live in terror, afraid for their wellbeing and lives!! It doesnt matter whether they commit their acts of terror in the daytime or at night, they are still acts of terror!! It is a shame when these terrorists can publicly, in broad daylight, attack vehicles with thousands in damage, spray the owner of the vehicle with pepper spray! The police do nothing!! When the victim shows a gun, to protect himself, the police mobilize to take him down!! It cannot be any more clear, the true terrorists get away with everything!! The victim is twice victimized!! Once by terrorists, 2nd time by police, that refused to protect them!! Our country cannot get much sadder. My heart breaks, we must overcome the darkness prevailing in our country today!! We cannot give up, or give in!!
    Members of ANTIFA and BLM need to be held accountable for the damage they do, and the violence that they perpetrate. If they cause a loss to public, government, or private property through damages they cause, they need to pay to fix what they damaged, provide community service at a shelter or another form of public service, they need to also serve time, especially if they hurt someone, or threatened them. Their actions will be repeated over and over, when there are no consequences, there must be something that it actually costs them, for there to actually be a deterrent. They also need to publish their names in the newspaper, have them mentioned in the news maybe. If they can do so much to Trump Supporters that did not commit vandalism, violence, etc., then similarly, equal things should happen to them!!
    Trump supporters have been jailed with no bail, no court dates, no hope of getting out!! The Democrats, through their every action, show what happened in the 2020 Election! Everything they do is only to defend their illegitimate positions in the Capitol. They have such a hatred for Former President Donald Trump, that they still cant let him be, or his supporters! His Supporters are denied Constitutional rights at every turn! The Democrats believe that voting for him, is as if you have committed Treason against President BIden! President Biden quickly enacted more Executive Orders than any President in History! He has tried to reverse every good thing President Trump has accomplished!! No matter how detrimental it is to Our Country!! He has appointed so many people to positions in DC that are not at all qualified for their given jobs! Now, he has appointed Senator Manchin’s Wife to a position, to where she will be making over $600,000 a year!! That should be illegal!! No person, that is a Representative or Senator, should have a Spouse Appointed to such a position!! It looks like blatant corruption, like a bribe, or payment for decisions he will vote on!! We need to have absolute integrity in the Congress and Senate, we need to not allow her to to have that position. Not because She has done anything wrong, but for appearances sake, it can look to others that it is a favor or payoff to the Senator, her Husband!!

  27. If you want to be a Republican, you have to show your balls-if you have some, you can’t get in the club. They all tend to be spineless dim bulbs, but they are gracious losers. Only a person whose God was government would be upset because their precious citadel had been desecrated by heathens and not one has, to this day, actually pondered what happened that day. Congressmen were discussing and debating voter fraud-Pelosi didn’t want them to talk too much about voter fraud, lest the truth comes tot he top. So, lo and behold Trump backers, with a generous assistance from antifa and BLM start a riot that cancelled the talks. It’s so easy to control a situation when you are evil personified and so hard to figure it out when you are spineless, castrated and gullible.

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