Trump’s Last Tweets from 2 Years Ago Blow up the January 6 Committee’s Claims

If the Republicans in Congress were serious about “draining the swamp” or reining in the corrupt Department of InJustice, they’d have elected Marjorie Taylor Greene as the new Speaker of the House. She has more stones than any of the rest of them.

Greene, along with Matt Gaetz of Florida and Louie Gohmert of Texas, are the only three Members of Congress to date who have visited the imprisoned January 6ers in their disgusting jail conditions in the past 22 months. Most elected Republicans probably still think that Trump was actually trying to lead an insurrection. Unfortunately for them, Trump’s Twitter account has been reinstated.

Trump still hasn’t tweeted anything in the days since Elon Musk reinstated his account. That’s too bad. I love mean tweets! Plus, Trump’s Truth Social is mostly garbage and I refuse to get an account there. If you have a Twitter account, you can follow America’s real president again at @realDonaldTrump. I suspect he’ll start using the platform again at some point during the campaign, no matter what he says at this point. Why wouldn’t he use it? It gets his message out to more people. Plus, the media can’t resist talking about it every time he tweets. He’ll be back.


In the meantime, what’s interesting about Trump’s Twitter account is WHEN he sent his last few tweets before the liberal-owned Twitter permanently banned him. After the January 6 Liz Cheney Committee and the media have spent the last 22 months lying to the American people about that day, it’s hard to cut through the noise and remember what actually happened.

Trump sent out the following two tweets within one hour of the first FBI agent breaking a window at the Capitol while disguised as a member of Antifa:

“Please support our Capitol Police and Law Enforcement. They are truly on the side of our Country. Stay peaceful!”


“I am asking for everyone at the U.S. Capitol to remain peaceful. No violence! Remember, WE are the Party of Law & Order – respect the Law and our great men and women in Blue. Thank you!”

Wait, what? I thought the January 6 Committee told us that Trump was trying to choke out a Secret Service agent at that time, so he could steal the presidential limo and hang Mike Pence before declaring himself dictator for life?

Nope. Trump was calling for peace less than an hour after things started to peacefully intensify at the Capitol. No wonder Twitter banned his account and blocked anyone from reading it for two years! And don’t forget, the Antifa/FBI dudes dressed up as Trump supporters started clashing with police on the steps before Trump’s speech had even concluded. That means that Trump tweeted calling for peace at about, what? 45 minutes after the whole shindig got under way?

Some insurrection!

And while Republicans refuse to push back against these garbage insurrection claims, the FBI is STILL – TO THIS VERY DAY – ARRESTING January 6 protesters. The same day that I’m typing this, the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force just arrested a man named Menachem Cohen. This Jewish Trump supporter was arrested by a SWAT team because 22 months ago, he “paraded” in the US Capitol for about 20 minutes and briefly interrupted a Senate meeting. Those are misdemeanor charges.

The Joint Terrorism Task Force tracked him down, according to charging documents, when they discovered he had swiped his debit card at a 7-11 in Maryland on January 6th. It’s been 22 months since Cohen allegedly committed those misdemeanor crimes. Previously deported child molesters and Muslim terrorists are sneaking across our southern border right now, but the FBI is reading 7-11 receipts to charge Trump supporters with misdemeanor “parading” charges.

Anyway, Trump’s final tweets before they kicked him off Twitter and prohibited everyone from seeing his tweets should be the final nail in the coffin. President Trump called for peace on January 6th, before the cops shot one female Trump supporter to death and bludgeoned another female Trump supporter to death (and said she OD’d on her prescription meds). Trump never called for violence. He called for peace. He never called for overthrowing the government. He called for a legal process to do the election over in states where obvious cheating took place. That’s all.

And his final tweets from 2021 prove it.

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23 thoughts on “Trump’s Last Tweets from 2 Years Ago Blow up the January 6 Committee’s Claims”

      1. just like JFK suicided his time on earth. That was all set up by LBJ and the corrupt FEMOCRAT PARTY TOOOOOO.

  1. Congress will want to impeach Twatter now. Democrats are the biggest immoral liars thus country had ever seen. Bunch of racist hacks.

  2. The former Twitter owners should be charged with “Withholding Evidence” and have to pay the cost of the BS J6
    Commission. Any Commission member knowing the evidence should forfeit all pay received during the length of
    the Commission and resign. Mrs. Pelosi should forfeit all of her upcoming pension and be removed from the House immediately in disgrace.
    All protesters should be released immediately. Charges will be made against those who deserve them, especially the murder of an innocent woman. A court will determine the amount of money all protesters should receive from this travesty.

    1. Yes! I like the way you THINK! What a travesty against our best citizens! Pelosi! She should be made to RETURN all monies to the U.S. Treasury that she MADE off of ‘Insider Trading’ through her ‘agent’, her hubby. Everyone KNOWS that in a Marriage, ‘both are liable’ monetarily for any ‘crime’ committed that results in ‘material gain’ by the ‘couple’. She’s NOT immune from ‘his stock gains’ that he made based on HER INFO. she knew as Speaker!!!

    2. I agree with you, Jim Cowan and this should be made very public. Fox News, MSNBC, all of them, CNN. They need to get on it right away and have the Jan.6th committee pay back all the monies they have spent on this witch hunt and put it in Social Security which they have borrowed or stolen from for years!

    3. And all those guards who tortured the J6 prisoners should be arrested and thrown into the same prison they kept their prisoners in and then sentenced to prison for the rest of their miserable, treacherous lives.

  3. It is past time that they leave This Man Donald Trump alone. They have put him through he’ll and the one’s they have put it jail and left there like dog’s. They need released and compensated for all their pain and suffering and the democrats that caused this need put in their place. I knew in my heart Trump didn’t do what they accused him of. He loves this country too much.

  4. This is all very difficult to make sense of – what the Dems are saying, that is. Because, if they are pleading that the mere ‘appearance’ of Repubs. in the Capitol, if ‘causing a disturbance’ is their ‘crime’ of the Century, then what about ALL the MANY ‘appearances’ of Dem rioters, and insurrectionists during the Republican-run Senate Hearings from 2014 – 2018????? remember the crazy insurrectionists on the streets in DC after the 2017 Inauguration??? Remember Madonna giving a speech saying ‘she has dreams about blowing up the White House’??? never arrested, interrogated or imprisoned or charged! Too much Double Standard going on from Dems in ‘control’. All chargeable. All imprisonable offenses against our Constitution! It’s been the Dems who for YEARS have been doing ‘insurrections’ – and NEVER being penalized for them! Remember all the chants about ‘What do we want: dead cops’ and ‘fry ’em like bacon’ ??? Never impugned for ANY of THAT by Dems. Much WORSE than anything that happened on J-6 by Antifa and by the FBI and CIA pretending to be ‘Trump supporters’, but everyone KNEW they weren’t. Trump supporters never LOOK like THAT. AND many other characteristics that made these mongrels out to be ANYTHING BUT real Trump supporters! They weren’t!

  5. President Trump Is the Only Honest President we have had in decades. He is the only President that believes in America and the People. He would still be Our President, If it wasn’t for the Democrats rigging the Election in 2020 to put that Clown Biden in there. Biden is a compete idiot. He can’t find his way out of a Paper Bag if he didn’t have a script to tell him how to get out. God Bless America

  6. Thank you for posting this Article. We KNEW something was OFF about the J-6 Committee ‘reporting’. It was all LIES – every BIT of it! If Elon hadn’t taken over Twitter, and reinstated Trump’s old Account, no one would have EVER seen these posts of his. They HAD to take them down at Twitter, because the Plan was in the works BEFORE j-6 WHAT Dems were going to do, HOW Dems were going to describe it, and WHAT Dems were going to call it! You know that’s true because, as usual, they all SPOKE with the ‘same words and phrases’, and they ALL had them out on the News WITHING SECONDS of what was happening at the Capitol. AND from the Start until Today, they ALL were DECLARING that these were ‘Trump Supporters’ doing it, and it was NEVER investigated to SEE WHO they were, and there was NEVER ANY DOUBT WHO these WERE, as is so ‘not usual’ whenever Dems are involved in Riotting and Mayhem – we ALWAYS HAVE TO WAIT FOR WEEKS, for them to ‘do an investigation’, for a ‘determination’ to be made as to ‘WHO’ was ‘Responsible’, but NOT at J-6??? And so many OTHER HUGE problems with that day’s events, like ‘WHY WERE THERE NOT MORE CAPITAL POLICE that day, when Dems say the FBI had LOTS of ‘communications’ that there was GOING TO BE a HUGE CROWD at the Capitol that day??? Why weren’t they prepared for them? Why wasn’t DC prepared for them either? AND, what about that mob that attacked the Repub. gathering at the WH in 2018 in the Rose Garden as they departed and were going to their Hotels??? We never heard ANYTHING about ANYONE being incensed about THAT Insurrection and Mayhem, when several couples were attacked and injured, like Dr. Rand Paul and his wife, and many others! But NO WORD from DC on it, and no ‘investigations’ into all THOSE riotters. No charges. No imprisonments. No 2-yr HUNT for those ‘responsible’. Nothing. It’s like it didn’t happen! No Mayoral response. Nothing. Didn’t YOU wonder when you heard about the ‘Biden family Wedding at the WH’ that it didn’t break out in mayhem??? Where were all those ‘Trump Supporters’ then? Why is it that only on J-6 were Trump Supporters ‘violent’, when things have gotten so much worse ever since that date??? and yet ‘no violence’ has broken out except only by Lefties acting out??? Why is no one taking all these things into account, and realizing ‘maybe we jumped the gun’, maybe it was a ‘rush to justice’ on J-6, ‘maybe we got it all wrong’??? But no, nothing like that. And NOW, 2 yrs. later, we SEE THE TRUTH of what Trump actually SAID AND DID on J-6, and it’s NOTHING LIKE what we’ve been told for 2 yrs by the fakepress and by Dems (who incidentally were ‘in charge of security’ on J-6, and FAILED the PEOPLE that day! and even TURNED DOWN TRUMP’s OFFER to have the National Guard in position on J-6 in order to ‘Protect the People there’ that day. Now WHY would Pelosi and Bowser and the Capitol Police NOT WANT MORE Security around if they KNEW (and they say they did) there were going to be a Million extra people milling around the City that day!??? Why – because they didn’t want ‘their paid people and FBI agents’ getting hurt. And they KNEW the Trump Supporters were NO THREAT to anyone! It was all RIGGED by Dems to then BLAME on Repubs. and Trump! Everything has been RIGGED to try to make Trump LOOK BAD in the public eye, by our public ‘servants’, the fake Soros-owned Dem media. But their chickens are coming home to roost!

    1. Nothing fair about selection of jan6 committee…the investigation is/was not transparent…a number of people present and identified were not being charged with instigation nor brought in for testimony at hearsing…one security agent was caught on video, tearing at/pulling off a broken section of window and encouraging a protester to enter there…then upon discovering he was on video tried to cover his actions by aggressively pushing the camera person and protester away, making it look like he did his job as security…look at the video evidence collected by protesters and journalist in the crowd…too much has gone unexplained/been ignored…the suggestion of a false-flag operation that promoted the protesters to incite then attempt to enter, so as to create what appears to be ‘planned attack’….why else would capital police, FBI, Washington metro, secret service refuse/dismiss the deployment of national guard…the stench of that rat alone(having knowledge of a possible rogue protest) is enough to question the veracity of leaders and law enforcement to entrap peaceful protesters and a sitting president in an suggested attempt to overthrow a government…in no way could that have happened with the armaments the internal security had on them and the checking of the protesters for weapons before entering the capitol area…if all of this were to be found to be true…heads should roll especially politicians/security personnel,that colluded to create this scenario… the FBI so far has shown to not be trusted in the higher echelons of its leadership…a lot of dirty/ left leaning bureaucrats in a number of these agencies where impartiality is expected by the people/court system/constitution/and fair government

  7. In MY OPINION, the reason why the media HATES Donald Trump is that, because of his SUCCESS as a business man, he does NOT NEED OR WANT THE News Media’s BRIBES or SUPPORT which they would use to “buy HIM OFF”. I personally believe that Mr. TRUMP is INNOCENT, and his “enemies” (who hate him) will stop at NOTHING to make him look bad, or try to make him look “Guilty” (which they know he is NOT).

  8. PLEASE do not insult “Complete idiots” by comparing Biden to them. He is not only not in the ballpark, but not even in the state, or country where the idiots are p

  9. It is sad to see people whom we have entrusted our great country to protect and defend its citizens and border betrayals.

    1. Harry Truman said to a staffer “Heaven help the country if the far left
      gets control of the Democratic party.” Another honest man.

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