Two Dozen Sacramento Students Among America’s Left Behind in Afghanistan

Twenty-four Sacramento-area students remain trapped in Afghanistan after the U.S. military’s departure on Monday, according to officials in one California school district.

“Our office has been in close contact with the San Juan Unified School District, and have urgently flagged the students’ information with the State Department and Department of Defense,” Sacramento Congressman Ami Bera’s communications director Travis Horne said in a statement, The Sacramento Bee reported Tuesday.

“We have not received an update from the State Department or the DOD,” Horne added.

The State Department estimated around 200 Americans remaining in Afghanistan on Aug. 31. The Biden administration said all of the people left are those who choose not to leave at this time. **Insert eyeroll here** What they are NOT telling you of course is that these Americans are not willing to leave their families behind. The Biden administration has not granted special visas to their family members and therefore are not allowing them to flee with their family.


It’s appalling that 24 students from one school district in California are among those left behind, abandoned to the rule of the Taliban.

What is the Biden administration’s plan to rescue these students? There is no plan. Let that sink in for a moment. The Biden administration willingly left behind children to terrorists that are actively hunting down and killing Americans and any Afghan that helped us during the last 20 years.

Instead, what the Biden administration has is a crisis. Some are calling it a hostage situation. Though these students and other trapped Americans are not yet being directly held hostage, they are trapped in Afghanistan, are in hiding and are unable to escape.

One Oklahoma Congressman Markwayne Mullin attempted to fly to Afghanistan to help rescue Americans stuck in Afghanistan. Even with his status as a lawmaker, his efforts were repeatedly halted, and the success of his mission is still unknown.

“Am I extremely disappointed in how we (United States) left Americans behind… that would be an understatement. President Biden and his administration are absolutely lying to the American people about Americans and our friends being left behind,” Mullin said on Instagram.

Let’s unpack this. The Biden administration has failed so badly here and stonewalled even Congress on this that some people are using their own money and resources to fly to Afghanistan to try to rescue Americans. It’s sad that the only way an American lawmaker can even directly help stranded Americans in Afghanistan is to sneak away and hope to do something to help. There is zero support from the top. Instead, there is resistance from the Biden administration against anyone getting involved to rescue Americans in Afghanistan.

Biden has not only left Americans to the Taliban. He’s also rejecting efforts to rescue Americans. Maybe there’s some secret operation in the background happening the public doesn’t know about, but it didn’t have to be this way. Doesn’t even a basic look at the situation point toward getting civilians out first, then military equipment and then the military?

Instead, our commander-in-chief is serving as neither a commander or chief. He’s not answering questions, not rescuing Americans and is offering no plan to improve the situation.

What does he expect will happen to Americans remaining among the Taliban? Will they give Americans a going away party, complete with balloons and cake? Unlikely. They’ll be happy to escape alive, especially given recent reports of Taliban kill squads assassinating those who helped the Americans.

This is no longer just politics. This is about saving American lives. If Biden is not up to the task, he needs to get out of the way and let someone else do the job. If not, it’s only going to get worse.


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54 thoughts on “Two Dozen Sacramento Students Among America’s Left Behind in Afghanistan”

  1. “Two Dozen Sacramento Students Among America’s Left Behind in Afghanistan”
    If they were liberal demonrat californicators then NO LOSS.

    1. Helloooooo….they are CHILDREN. I doubt they have any political thoughts about it as we certainly didn’t when we were school children. Whether or not they are children, they are Americans and as an American, I can tell you that it has never been our policy to disown our own. What in the world are you thinking????

      1. What Biden has done by leaving all those Americans and those who helped our Americans is a dereliction of duty and he and his cronies should be tried for TREASON !

    2. Our stranded citizens are going about this all wrong. No phone calls, no heart felt pleas…just promise Biden that if he retrieves them and gets them home they’ll be Democratic voters the rest of their lives.
      Get out of the way, a C-130 is ready for take off.

    3. This is disgraceful and Biden and his administration need to be held accountable. All citizens of this nation need to ensure the United States of America gets those children and everyone else that needs or wants to get out of Afghanistan are brought out. I remember the Vietnam war and how we had to go back to rescue people. I lost my not only my best friend but my one and only. WE CANNOT let this young students and their advisors die in Afghanistan!!!!!!!!!!!!! I call on all politicians to do whatever it takes to get these students home and not just that…GET RID OF THE TOP THREE OR FOUR…TAKE BACK AMERICA TODAY!!!

  2. To Biden in his mental state — “That’s the way the cookie crumbles.” HE DOES NOT CARE OR IS UNABLE TO CARE ! No plans for anything logical — Only plans for destruction of America and the American people.

  3. Joe Biden, has been a brain-dead buffoon for decades! Anyone paying attention has known this. He, and his unconstitutionally installed regime, need to be removed from our White House immediately. Our once great country, will not survive with this anti-American, Criminal group in control.

    1. It’ a war zone. What were they doing there in the first place? Our Military should not be required to rescue those who went there willingly for no particular reason.

      1. Wayne, these students went their prior, when we had control. We have missionaries there. Diplomats’ families there. Which means, if they were married, their families were there too. Military may have had family their. After WWII Europe was divided between the Allies and the Soviet Union. I was in the military and a Russian linguist. So my family and I lived in Helmstedt for awhile, but in West Berlin most of the time. I road duty trains that went through East Germany. Americans, British, Germans and French went through East Germany maintain our rights to get to West Berlin. Our children road those trains, with a chaperon. It was chancy at times, but we let them go on their trips. This probably the the same in Afghanistan. The parents did not think that our president would withdraw from the country prior to making sure all of those American civilians were out. To say that those remaining chose to remain is completely nonsense.

        1. The talk for weeks was about getting Americans out before August 31. Why would anyone wanting to leave wait until the last minute???

        2. Totally agree…I don’t believe those students stayed because they wanted to stay. No ONE can believe the government or the media these days. It is a sad situation that hopefully will be resolved with a good outcome and those remaining especially those 24 students get home safely. Prayers to all of them.

      2. Additionally, if you are in a military combat zone that is soon to be evacuated by friendly military forces, you should immediately get your sorry “caboose” out. Who in their right mind would procrastinate unless you had tickets on a later commercial flight and/or were waiting for a “free” government evacuation flight because you were too cheap to pay for your return airfare or the commercial airline wouldn’t cancel your later flight and reschedule an earlier flight. Whatever the reason, there’s an old saying, “Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.”

        1. I know a lot of people don’t have thousands of dollars hanging out in the bank accounts. People from any nation need time to prepare and giving them a few days is not giving them time. If someone told me I need to get out because our president just made a deal with the Taliban and we all have to leave…I would have had to stay because I didn’t have the funds to get out. Don’t judge everyone as if you know their situation. You are not there and you do not know what they were told. The poor planning was not on the fault of those in Afghanistan…it was the very, very, very poor planning of the Biden administration. Where is your compassion? Do not judge others when you are sitting here in America!

  4. 24 kids…. not a big deal, pedophile Joe’s worked a deal with the Taliban. As we know, they’re going to allow safe passage to the airport for all of those wanting to go home, and those afghanis who helped for 20 yrs too.
    And…….. Joe and Cum’allya have their “legacy” cemented in place. What a fucking hero, he got us out of the 20 yr. war… albeit, we had to suffer numerous losses, but that’s ok….. he’s stil “ The Man”.. the “ Big Guy”….. won’t it be pretty when our illegitimate mulatto starts running things, and if she’s as useful as it seems she is, we might just get lucky enough as a nation to have an 81 yr. old mental case put in to replace her flailing efforts.
    Ahhhh, what a country!!

    I live alone, yet I sit here embarrassed to be American

  5. Biden must be right,,,
    After all, he’s the most popular president in history (sarc) according to the mainstream media & the Dems.

  6. I think that we should collect all of the traitors in OUR COUNTRY… load them on planes and fly them over to their “new friends” and get our people out of there, that we’re left!!!

    1. I agree, let the Taliban, ISIS etc have them. They need to get a taste of what Americans and our allies will be going through. Let them find out who the real enemy is, let them look into a mirror (if they’re allowed to have one) and face our real enemies.

  7. American children Military service dogs in crates 3 private planes leave empty what the_____is going on I see it is the norm for dems I say tall tree short rope after being tried for TREASON

    1. I read earlier that these children wanted to spend their vacation with their Afghan families. How in the world did the state department allow these kids go to a war torn country especially since their plan was to get the military out before Americans? So many Americans & Afghans that helped our military left to fend for themselves. What a disgrace! I also can’t believe the military dogs that were left. I can’t imagine what the handlers of these dogs felt when they were forced to leave their canine partners! Wasn’t Obiden so accommodating to leave all of our equipment behind so the taliban can kill more people! If Biden hasn’t committed treason then I don’t know what a person has to do for it to be considered treason! As far as I’m concerned Biden & his administration are pure evil!!

      1. I have read articles that said these left behind reports were false and that service dogs were not left behind. Any animals left behind might have been personal pets acquired in the country?? I wish someone would check this out and tell us “the truth”!! With so many false stories flying around…a person doesn’t know who or what to believe anymore…..unless it’s coming from this administration and I wouldn’t believe anything they said!!!

  8. I understand they went sometime this summer to visit. I don’t know the background on them, but I do not understand why families would even go there while we were in the process of withdrawing. I don’t know why they were even given Visas to go. Why would parents allow this to happen?

    1. Why are parents allowing strangers and smugglers to travel thousands of miles with their children and smuggle them into the U.S. to be dumped in unknown places with unknown people??? Parents are either desperate or brainless….or both….but no child should ever have to go through what all of these children are going through!! On the other hand….how many of the helpless children in Afghanistan will grow up to be terrorists?? This will be a no-win situation either way…..with or without Biden’s misguided help!!

    2. I wish I could give you an answer. Journalists these days do not report the truth, they report what the Democrats want you to hear. It is very sad. I believe from reports I have heard, they went to visit family and it was before anyone knew Biden was going to give the Taliban a specific date. It only matters they want to come home and but the Biden administration has kept their word and got all Americans out by the August 31st deadline, it is all good, RIGHT? Everyone needs to send their messages to our government officials. They need to know we, the American people, want justice, want the insanity of the white house to stop and we want to be proud again to be called an AMERICAN. Get rid of our top three in government, things will start to change and instead of paying over $4 and $5 for gas, we can get that pipeline going, giving jobs back to people and stop the out of control inflation.

  9. Oh, what does the Democrat/Communist/Muslim Obidma Regime care? They leave them behind but fly in plane load after plane load of new MUSLIMS. Then they plant them all over the country, give them full welfare and a voter ID card. Done.

    I wonder how many Ilhan Omars there are in that batch?

    This country was taken over without a shot being fired! Our defense agencies, the military and the ENTIRE Democrat Party pulled it off against ZERO opposition from the GOP(LOL).

    And the SOLD OUT News Media is applauding it 24/7.

    Be careful out there today, there might be lesbian military personnel out there looking for targets!

    1. This situation must be next to orgasm for Barack Obama. His “plan” coming full circle. We’re so fucked!…you’re correct there Sell- out….. planeload after planeload of stinky Afghanis

      I wonder why this regime hates their own country so much….. oh, I forgot… it’s just about money and power …. to hell with hard working Americans

  10. Why would any parent allow the high school age children to go into a war zone Oh they are from Sacramento, Mexifornia! Spawning place for the likes of Nasty Nancy Peeloosely, v.p. Camek Toe Harris, and lest I forget Mexifornia’s fine governor Gavin Nescum, Nasty Nancy’s nephew!!!!!

  11. I would be the last person to say that the United States handled the evacuation of Afghanistan intelligently, but when people do not evacuate in a timely manner, they cannot blame others for their procrastination, particularly if they freely put themselves into a vulnerable position initially.

    1. Evidently your only news source is MSM. Since the Taliban controlled the entire perimeter & roads leading to the airport, Americans were unable to get to the airport. Numerous accounts on the ground in Afghanistan of Americans being beaten before they could even get close to the only small airport since our illustrious Communist leaders shut down Bagram two weeks before leaving… know…where they also left $80+ billion worth of military weapons for our enemies?

    2. Is there any difference in being warned to evacuate a dangerous hurricane or a war zone?? No!! People should be prepared to leave in either case like it or not….and if they choose to stay….that is their choice and they know what will happen if they stay….but that is the consequences of “their” choice. In this case, many chose to remain with their families…..and children didn’t have a choice. But like during a hurricane….they shouldn’t expect others to risk their lives and come save them because they made a wrong decision. They knew the dangers if they stayed….and now they will have to live with those dangers…unless Americans do what they usually do and and put their own lives in danger and go get them out. That is also a choice that Americans have to live with if/when rescues don’t work out.

    3. Excuse me…they had how much time to get out once they were told? A few days…maybe. Don’t try to blame people for not knowing they needed to get out when the Biden administration made the deal with the Taliban, not the people stuck over there. His plan was failed from the beginning…first you get your civilians and allies out, then your equipment and military out. Plan from day one was a failure as is everything the Biden adminstration has done since day one. America didn’t have to know we were pulling out but the people there sure did need to know immediately. Not one of us knows when Biden made his deal with the devil Taliban. Not one of us knows when they talked, what they talked about, why our billions of weapons were handed over to the Taliban. It was chaos…it was controlled by the Biden administration and they ALL need to be held accountable. It is an act of TREASON by our top level of administration.

      1. It BEGS the question Trish……. was this the plan from the get-go?!!!

        The more I know about this entire chaotic situation, the more I ask myself if this administration didn’t just act on their own agenda.

        What President would leave his civilians by the thousands to fend for themselves after removing all military personnel? This was an accident?!!! Hmmmm….. I know that pedo-Joe is compromised in the intelligence dept., but is his ENTIRE ADMINISTRATION as brain dead as he is?!!

        No, I’m not sure this was a stupid mistake…I believe these elected officials knew EXACTLY what they were doing and the outcome ( for them) was what the plan was all along.

        I mean, you did see Biden’s compassion with each and every Marine casket that came off of the plane in Dover.

  12. Shows you just how ignorant parents, school board and the demoncRATS are in Ca. who would allow a field trip to Afghanistan. That is another reason Ca. is in such dire shape when it comes to homeless, crime, killings, rapes and all the negative actions talking place there. One way to correct the problems kick out the commie Newsom and elect a true American conservative to correct the shape the state is in. You would have to be as dumb as a box of rocks to send you child on a field trip to Afghanistan. The parents should sue Newson, school board and anyone who was ok with this killing trip. These kids will be damn lucky to make it back to American. Maybe they will learn what a great country they live it if they have to stay there 6 months to a year and they they can tell the demoncRATs how ignorant they are.

    1. We are trying…really afraid of another voter fraud situation though. They caught one guy with hundreds of ballots in his car in a bag a couple weeks ago so real afraid Pelosi and her nephew have rigged it but I am keeping prayers he will go. Yes, it was a real story with photos on the news but we don’t have voter fraud in America, right? Proof is in the police video that all Californians saw with their own eyes.

  13. Currently, Biden is the most dangerous man in the world. Everyone is looking to the U.S. as the world leader and Biden is a failure. Because he is incapable of leading, the world is falling headlong into anarchy. This will lead to millions dying, advancements in all fields being delayed and even abandoned.

  14. I want to know who in thier right mind would let students go to Afghanistan. Coming from Sacramento, I can only imagine how libtard and woke they must be do such a stupid fking thing. I hope the students get back okay and I hope they are placed with responsible families while theirs sit in prison for the attempted murder of their kids.

    1. Tom: According to reports, 24 students and 16 parents from an Afghan community in CA went separately to Afghanistan in May and early June on vacation to visit relatives for the summer….before Biden’s withdrawal announcement. This was not a group or organized school trip. They had tickets to fly back but couldn’t get to the airport. Several of the students and parents have managed to return to CA, some are suppose to be in the process of getting out and may already be out and the whereabouts of two they don’t know yet…but are still working on finding them and getting them out. (They may be out by now??) With the help they were getting…I would bet their chances were better than most others….who may never get out.

      1. Thank you for that update. Wish the news was more forthcoming so we are not all worried about them. Hopefully they find the others and they all get home safe. Thank you again, I truly appreciate it as I have been praying everyday for their safe return.

  15. This excerpt is part of a (7 page commentary I wrote on Joe Biden.
    Today: Joe Biden has committed violation after violation of “The Rule of Law, Constitutional Law, Congressional Law, International protocol with our Allies, Immigration Law and State’s sovereignty. His actions are nothing short of that of a “DICTATOR” as all his Executive Orders, and clandestine coercion of both friend and foe are all geared to remove and replace all that his hated non-politician predecessor accomplished and put into place for the good of the Nation.
    The following comments written before the current Biden debacles occurred (Afghanistan being the most egregious) and ongoing aiding and abetting the spread of COVID-19 via his open borders because of Biden’s violation of our national immigration laws and the thousands of illegals now roaming our states, spending our tax dollars that they are lavishly given by Joe Biden’s Administration.
    Biden (Enemy of the State)
    WH Protestor incarceration without due process. “Theft of Private Property” (800 private lockboxes) without due process and a legal warrant. Permanently closes/shuts down a legitimate USA business and uses the FBI to do so. Marxist Dictator anyone. You who voted for this man and those who aided and abetted him in the theft of the national election may not be so happy when he comes for you as well. I didn’t think we could do any worse than Obama, but Biden has topped him and in less than (4) months. Update: Now 9 months.
    Comments on Biden’s so-called “address to the nation” (in lower case to represent the fact that Biden has “not one honest bone in his body” and for the utter disdain I have for him and his socialist political party).
    However, he did, in no uncertain terms let us know he has no intention of doing anything for the good of the hard working, industrious American worker, quite the contrary.
    Hey, do you who voted for this miscreant now realize the error of your ballot casting? Are (8) months of his actions a nightmare enough to wake you up! Here are your Biden Administration rewards so far: You have the chance to redeem yourselves and to show America you care about our heritage coming up in 2022.

    1. So well said. Hope people read it and realize how important it is to speak out and let your representatives, senators, everyone know we want change in leadership before America is destroyed not by our enemies but those elected to represent ALL AMERICAN PEOPLE. Thank you, very well said, I commend you for a very well written and truthful letter. I would like answer one of your questions..”.do you who voted for this miscreant now realize the error of your ballot casting”. NO, they really don’t. They will defend him to the end because they have to be right…anything else would make them well, human.

  16. The USS Georgia (SSGN-729) is the submarine with the Reagan Battle Group. They carry 154 Tomahawk missiles. I would bet that they are manned by sailors just itching to lob a few of them to wipe out Bagram AFB and its contents.

  17. I too, am very concerned about the Jan 6th protesters. I have written several government officials yet they are still sitting in jail, no due process, no court dates for most, some have actually of late received a court date. There has been no trials, no charges at all, yet they have been incarcerated since January. Where is due process, where are the people who are supposed enforce our laws? I read a story that three politicians walked over from the capitol to see them and they were not allowed in to see for themselves how these prisoners are being treated. Stories about being kept in the dark for 23 hours at a time, no bathroom facilities, not allowed to talk to family, not allowed to write letters, nothing. Why, why, why have these people not been given due process? Why has no one been able to get them released? Drug dealers get arrested and released the same night. Burglars, rapists, all of them are given due process and are released on bail usually the same night. Why have these people that have not even been charged with a crime still sitting in the DC jail? This is cruel, illegal and inhumane. Please fight for them…remember…innocent until proven guilty is the rule of the United States of America and these are Americans who maybe trespassed but they have not had their day in court so none of us really know. I do know they need to be released or charged period. I guarantee Pelosi is behind it.

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