Video: GOP Poll Watcher Gives Eyewitness Account of Mass Fraud in Detroit

Donald Trump won the state of Michigan on election night. He was way ahead by the time that most of us went to bed, but the next morning, Joe Biden had “won” the state somehow. A massive dump of ballots occurred in the middle of the night in polling stations across Detroit. In one batch of ballots, Joe Biden mysteriously won 100% of the votes. For the first time, we now have eyewitness testimony from a GOP observer who was in the room when this election heist took place.

Before we get to her testimony, it’s important to understand what happened. All of the swing states where Donald Trump was leading by wide margins on election night stopped counting votes for several hours. This was when the steal happened. Democrat operatives began frantically filling out ballots for Joe Biden. It took them several hours to fill out hundreds of thousands of ballots in a coordinated effort.

Sydney Powell, one of the attorneys leading Trump’s legal team that is challenging the fraud says the campaign has now identified 450,000 ballots in which “Joe Biden” was the only vote tallied. These ballots were marked for Joe Biden, but nothing else.

These ballots were not marked for any House or Senate races, any state-level House or Senate races, any county judges, any dog catchers or any ballot initiatives. The Democrat operatives filled the ballots out and checked Joe Biden’s name, and that’s it. They didn’t vote for anything on the ballot other than Joe Biden.

This is because they were in a hurry. They needed hundreds of thousands of ballots to cover the incredible lead that Donald Trump had when we all went to bed that night. They did not have enough time to fake entire ballots, so they voted for Creepy Joe and then started on the next ballot, for about four hours straight.

As of this writing, here are the total ballots in each swing state that only had a vote for Joe Biden on them:

Arizona: 42,000
Georgia: 90,000
Michigan: 115,000
Pennsylvania: 98,000
Wisconsin: 62,836

That easily covers the gap of Joe Biden’s fake “victory” in all of those swing states as of this writing.


Now, to the eyewitness video. A woman identified only as Mrs. Schmidt worked as a GOP election observer in Detroit last Tuesday night. She’s an Asian American immigrant and most of her interview with NTD News is in Mandarin, with English subtitles. She’s non-partisan, but she volunteered to be a GOP election counting observer because she felt like it was her civic duty. And she says the vote counting at the TCF Center in Downtown Detroit was a major Schiff show.

Mrs. Schmidt says she documented 25 counting irregularities during the first hour of her shift on election night, which ran from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. Whenever Republican observers tried to ask a question of a supervisor, such as, “Hey, why is that ‘vote counter’ filling out blank ballots at that table over there,” they were treated with hostility.

The first time she asked a question, the dainty Asian American election observer was surrounded by big, burly black men wearing Black Lives Matter paraphernalia (in direct violation of law in a polling place). They intimidated the Republican election observers and moved them further away from the counting, so they couldn’t see what was going on. The burly BLM staffers were so hostile and threatening that she says she was worried she was going to be attacked. And even the election supervisors were wearing Black Lives Matter clothing and face masks.

The counting suddenly shut down about two hours into her shift. The counting station at the TCF Center had tabulated about 7,000 votes by that point. It takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes to count every ballot. Keep those numbers in mind.

At 4 a.m., near the end of her shift, a van suddenly showed up. She counted 61 boxes of ballots that workers carried into the TCF Center. An election supervisor announced that they had received 16,000 more ballots.

Mrs. Schmidt asks the obvious question: Why did it take four hours to drive all of those ballots to the TCF Center? It’s not like there’s heavy traffic in Detroit at 4 o’clock in the morning, and these were all supposedly Detroit ballots.

Her shift ended at 5 a.m. No ballot counting had restarted by the time she left, even though they had supposedly received 16,000 ballots an hour earlier. She left at 5 a.m. and drove straight home. She turned on her television to learn that the TCF Center had tallied 130,000 votes in the time it took her to drive home.

The TCF Center counted 7,000 ballots in the first four hours it was open – and 130,000 votes during few minutes it took her to drive home?

Watch her testimony of the amazing, brazen attempted theft of the 2020 election:

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155 thoughts on “Video: GOP Poll Watcher Gives Eyewitness Account of Mass Fraud in Detroit”

    1. This is outrageous that the Dems took it this far. I knew they were desperate but to the degrees they had gone to to assure Biden wins. I am stunned I will never trust the ballot counting by Democrats again.
      Signed a disheartened American.
      Carol Logston. Utah

      1. Pretty sad, we live in a free country and have the voting priviledge, but the dems take it upon themselves to steal the votes by writing their own ballots!! God sees you, and will take care of this deciet!!!

          1. Problem is that these corrupt thugs will enjoy Hell. They will fit right in! Heaven would be their Hell!

          2. That’s true but the only problem with that is even though Biden may face the ultimate judgement within the next few years, Kamala may not face it for 20 to 30 years. She will be president within a year if Biden manages to steal this election. This country can’t wait that long for God to judge these low lifes. We need judgment within the next 4 weeks so, unfortunately, we have to rely on our own court system. If God wants to help this country, he can inspire the SCOTUS to do the right thing and give Trump his victory and have the democrats charged and found guilty of election fraud. Otherwise, if the democrat plan for Biden-Harris is allowed to go through, this country will see a genocide of Christians and Jews that will make Hitler’s attempt at genocide of the Jews look like a trip to Diseny Land. Could Kamala’s SSN be 666?

        1. Sad that all the foreign countries see a Christian country that’s all about freedom have a democratic cheating side . Joe Biden lost and they know it!!
          That’s why he didn’t need to campaign and yelled at reporters and said I don’t need your vote to win!!!
          Now we know the truth!!
          Thank you God
          God Bless Donald J Trump

      2. Thank goodness for this brave woman who has stepped forward with recorded FACTS. iF Barr does not initiate some very strict investigation measures he needs to go — immediately. We, the American people, need to be heard not Black Lives Matter running our elections and destroying our country. If this is not a step TOO FAR, what is. I say cancel the entire election and start over, if you are unafraid to see how that would play out then we have our answer.

        1. Agreed. The dims have made such a mess of the election, a redo is the only fair way to sort it out. IN PERSON voting, for LIVE, REGISTERED and ACTIVE voters. No mail in ballots, only absentee voting for the military and those with a valid reason for being out of town. Also ID would be nice, but we know we can’t ask people to prove their identity.
          Too bad it will never happen, the best we can hope for is that President Trump can prove substantial fraud. My fear is that given the mess the democRATS gave us, it will be impossible to change the result.

          1. This woman is heroic for coming forward and telling the truth about what she observed and experienced.
            I agree that there should be in-person voting, with absentee voting only for the military and those with a valid reason for being out of town. I don’t see why an ID should not be required.
            Ideally, the election should be redone. But at least there should be recounts in the swing states. However, if there was fraud taking place through the computer software, it may be impossible to prove. I heard that the computers were connected to the Internet, which makes it possible for them to be hacked.

          2. Agree WHOLEHEARTEDLY! Throw the contaminated election out the door and DO IT OVER, (honestly-this time!). Be REGISTERED and vote
            IN PERSON. If you care about the USA, you would be happy to comply!

        2. I agree we should just start over because this is just not right and it never will be. But I am sure there is some law somewhere in the books that says we cannot do that.. I cannot even listen to Biden talk, if his face comes up on the screen, I channel up or down to get away from him. I just cannot listen to him.. if he is going to be President I guess we will have to pray for him to make the right decisions. I just say GOD BLESS AMERICA..

          1. Biden doesn’t make any decisions he’s merely a puppet for the deep state they make all the calls and decisions
            Kamala and her cronies will control what Biden says and does until he can no longer function then she will take over
            America will go down the tubes we we I’ll live under communist rule
            We the people need to step up and find a leader that knows how to handle these types of situations I recommend president Trump
            If he doesn’t keep his office we will recruit him as our leader and take back our country

        3. Barr’s not going to do a goddamn thing… pussy
          And…… I won’t be voting again.. what’s the point. Our President has just been shot down by communistic media, the Democrats as usual have TAKEN WHAT THEY DIDN’T EARN, and now a corrupt little piece of shit is our “ president elect”. Pedophile, racist, rapist, liar, corrupt, have I missed anything?!
          “President elect” and his WHORE of a running mate.

          And it looks like they’re going to pull of another in a long line of travesties…. but this one has decided too many people’s fates.

          Good luck to the both of you …. God help my country

      3. If this be the case then what should be done is vote in person like it’s been done for years.Trump was right mail in voting is just a open door for voter fraud,which is what it seems is happening!

        1. So true this was such an injustice. Biden is incapable of anything his dementia is serious and dangerous he does not know what he is talking about.

      4. Oh Carol, please do not give up. Donald Trump has fought against this kind of thing, which is why the Democrats have spent almost 4 years trying to get rid of him. Our constitution begins with We The People..and he totally believes in that. The Democrats do not. What they want is total control over our lives. Look at what Biden has already listed what he plans to do, once he’s in office. I keep telling my friends that it isn’t over until the fat lady sings…and I don’t hear her singing, yet. This little lady who cannot speak English stepped up to do her civic duty, as she describes it, and witnessed a total breakdown in our election process. Can you imagine how that made her feel? We must all stand up to this fraud and disgrace and support Donald Trump and his team in their efforts to expose the biggest fraud ever perpetrated!!

      5. What the Democrats did to us real Americans has never ever been done before…..Just shows how corrupt these SOB’s are! Even if Biden wins or declared the winner…We should not let this go unpunished for these corrupt AH’s. We should not surrender….Never ever! Our young Liberals and Old Democrats have no clue what this all means….NO CLUE! This started back many years ago! WE WILL WIN! Patient we MUST be!

        1. And this is just the election part the crimes Sleepy Joe has committed against our own people are enough to bury him under gitmo, draining the swamp. Just a swinging that truth hammer Trump IS.

        1. I wish that would actually happen. Make an example of them all. Starting with the Obama administration. That would make my heart smile.

      6. The Dems have to “make sure” that the “Swamp” stays out of jail!!! Ever watch “Riding the Dragon” (on YouTube if it’s still up)???

    2. southern man – It sure seems that way. I’ve not heard a peep from him. Apparently he’s ashamed (or afraid) to stand up justice and restore faith in our electoral processes. And so are the AGs and prosecutors of each of these states.

      This election is a disgrace to our democratic republic and these cheaters must be held accountable for their illegal deeds. I believe this was all planned from the top-down and fully sanctioned by the DNC. The party that fights photo ID to vote for arguably the most powerful political office on the planet. The party that has fought the current POTUS every single step of the way since before he was even elected, and fabricated crimes in an attempt to overthrow the will of the American voters. The pandemic played into their hands to increase mail-in voting in massive numbers, knowing it would overwhelm the system and make it nearly impossible to count valid votes. (Hmmmm… or was Covid-19 actually part of their plan all along…?)

      It’ll be interesting to see who gets thrown under the bus and who will blow the whistles – assuming a true investigation ever gets underway.

      1. Sorry! You are 100% wrong and do not have a clue as to what is going on! Soon,you will know and you will experience why this was allowed to happen!9

        1. So, D, you are smarter than us all. What high office have you been “assured” you will get in the new regime? Your nativity is laughable.

        2. No, he’s just a frozen horse as they predicted!! Kamala Harris, Soros, Polosi, and many others will destroy AMERICA AS WE HAVE KNOWN IT!!! All we can do is pray for the RAPTURE TO COME QUICKLY!!

      2. Covid-19 was the start of it all China, American Billionaire back Labs. That made the poison all to get mail in voting. These people have KILLED almost a million people in their need for power!
        They must be stopped an our AG and FBI must make it happen

      3. We have been told, Obama and Pelosi, had approved Millions of dollars to be given to China to develop the Corona Virus, and you can bet Bet, Biden and Hunter were the Carriers!! This information was news on Fox during 2019-20.
        This started the downturn of our evaporation of our economic hardships.

    3. They are a bunch of rats that joined the socialist just like fox news. It’s no surprise that Washington DC is filled with ass holes and no guts. We need a revolution that puts these socialist in their place. We will not submit to their tyranny.

      1. So true! We should never ever surrender! President Trump decided to run to save America when President Trump realized it was a war against Socialism which has not crossed into Communism. These young Liberals and Old Democrats have no clue what this means for them….They will be the first to go if we let our Country surrender to these AH’s! They have no clue about the Cabal. Fight we MUST and we WILL win!

        1. This is why our Founding Fathers gave us our Bill of Rights, especially the 2nd amendment, to keep Communism out of our Nation, from without, and from within!

    4. I’m afraid you’re right. I’m very disappointed on how he has dragged out the investigation process concerning a
      all the illegal things the Democrat Socialist/communist Party has done to President Trump .

    5. Donald Trump needs to ask Barr and Durham for all the stuff they have on the coup. He needs to have these communist arrested before Thanksgiving. NO BAIL (hell use the Patriot Act)

  1. This is a terrible way for the world to see how dishonest the American people really are. The worst thing is that nothing is being done about it. And you all want a person who doesn’t know if he is coming or going.
    America Better Wake up before its to late. Angela

    1. Please don’t use blanket phrases that aren’t true! I am an American and I am not dishonest, but I am truly dismayed at how far the Dems took this. WOW

      1. the POTUS and Atty. General Reno letting the FBI using military equipment to gas and burn 86 people in Waco Texas wasn’t to far ? How about when they killed JFK in 1963? Blowing up buildings, killing many more? nice

    2. take you time on remarks. This is going to the Supreme Court and I think it will be straigthened out there and I think President Trump will win 4 more years The Dems are going to be caught with voter fraud but like any thing else the little people will get nailed for the fraud Not the supervisors. Just saying

    3. I understand your feelings, Angela. However, ‘true’ American patriots are not ‘dishonest’–naive, yes. We trusted people who shouldn’t have been trusted, like Obama, the Clintons, etc. and they abused that trust. We thought ‘everyone’ wanted the freedoms we enjoyed. Meanwhile, those who only wanted abundance and power for themselves and to ‘control’ the lives of other. infiltrated our country. The ‘terrorists’, the illegals who wanted the privileges without earning them and those whose only ‘laws’ were those they made themselves were establishing themselves to grab what isn’t rightfully theirs to have. The thieves, the liars the abusers–and we ‘slept’ through it all. We couldn’t imagine such a thing happening ‘here’ in the United States! The ‘true’ Patriot is a good, decent, hard working person. Willing to build a life for themselves rather than ‘steal’ one. Illegals have no investment in this country and, for the most part, are only here to ‘take’ and demand ‘more’. It wasn’t ‘real’ Americans out there burning, rioting and attacking our Law Enforcers! Trump supporters gathered peacefully to express their support. Not a single building was burnt, nothing was destroyed, no one was threatened and the police–although present, didn’t have to do anything for ‘crowd control’!! The ‘Black Dogs’ of destruction have been loosened on this country. They do not ‘create’, they only destroy. Once Biden/Harris expose their ‘true agenda’ for this country–those who were complicent in establishing them in ‘power’ will be ‘crying’. So, let them have their ‘day’ of celebration. It will be short lived. The agenda of Marxism is to ‘control and repress’ the ‘masses’. In other words, we will no longer have anything to say about ‘anything’. Our ‘rights’ will be stripped away. Already, we’re told what we ‘can’ say and what we ‘can’t say’. So, it’s a ‘short trip’ to utter suppression. This was our last ‘vote’. Oh, they’ll hold ‘elections’ but the controlling elite will not change. Dark days ahead–not the ‘peaceful paradise’ the silly Biden supporters suppose. Already, the rioters continue to riot and now, fight one another. What else are they ‘good’ for? Peace? Dream on. Each one who ‘helped’ this come about–you are ‘traitors’. Take the responsibility of what that means.

      1. I totally agree with what you said. Our patriots (family, friends, and neighbors) have been totally naive, about the elitist radical progressives plan to overthrow our Constitution and institute their own diabolical plan”. I am not being allowed to post my comment at this time. I sincerely hope this changes soon.

      2. Deborah, Bruce from CA. we have the most corrupt election system around I thought. PA. makes us look like kindergartners. Until you get the Democrat/Socialist out of forever state control we will have this behavior every election till we have no Democracy, just 50 independent Socialist states. We’ll be easy pickings by Russia, China, and Iran if not united. Remember that sunken spot on Biden’s head is where they scooped a mass of brain to save his life once. Now, will anyone do something about this blatant voting fraud? The FBI is still corrupt hiding the Hunter evidence.

        1. the FBI (and most of Amerika’s politicians) has been corrupt for a long time. Yankees destroyed the republic in 1865 and we still have a yankee problem today. Now we are swimming in communist too? shoot them all

    1. treason voter people should be hung by we them people traitors we qare the many have the power not our friends?
      marines for trump are many more than wanna bes

      1. These are some of the best and heartfelt responses I’ve seen so far about this farce of an election. Complete and utter abolishment of our country will result in a China Biden presidency.
        Buckle up America, and I pray to God I’m wrong, but we’re in for a ride most Americans aren’t ready for, financially, physically, and most importantly mentally. With a Biden administration, the snowflakes will now have legitimate causes to hide in there safe places, while the rest of us with a functioning brain will have to suffer the unamaginable consequences. The doom of America and the world as we know it is upon us.
        My apologies to all who maybe don’t see perhaps the gravity of this election as I do, and I’ve never wanted to be wrong as bad as I do now. But this is my voice and opinion. Figured I’d better get it out while there’s still time and our voices aren’t completely canceled.

        1. We have forgotten our Lord Jesus who holds authority over all. The only way we can overcome is by seeking him and trusting him.. It is HE who appoints leaders.

          1. Oh good grief Dennis – no God does not appoint leaders. He empowers us to make choices. We should never use God as an excuse to be passive and ignorant.
            God expects a bit more from us last I checked – you have brain, use it – you have arms and legs, use them. And he does not expect us to abdicate our responsibility to DO THE RIGHT THING!

            Please revisit your statements above.

          2. GOD is sovereign. Man is responsible. I blame not the thug for his crimes, but the coward that refuses to stop his activity. GOD is exposing our idols to us and the death and debt that will do the DSSA (Divided Socialist STATE of Amerika) in. YOU cannot be free AND foolish for very long. You can’t be a victim AND be equal either. choose wisely

        2. Lou…. I’d like very much to say that I disagree with you but that wouldn’t be true. Because of this fraudulent election and NO ONE to take the bull by the horns and do the right thing, we…America.. are done. Growing up in the 60’s was incredible. We lived in a free country, or maybe I was just thinking it was a free country, life was wonderful and everybody regardless of political beliefs seemed to work together regardless of who won the office if the presidency. Now it’s just black against white, Christian against atheist, Republican versus Democrat. Nobody wants to get along. It’s a fucking free for all. Joe Biden and his Whore will bring America to its knees again
          Hey people, when Kamala takes the reigns…….

          It’s over

  2. Crooked Dems They had it all planned out way ahead of time There should never have been any Dems or republicans as ballet counters……….. Do a do over of all voting

      1. name ONE thing you do in Amerika that is NOT tied to a fee, a fine or an “issued” license to preform? NO, you are not free in Amerika. Before 1865 you OWNED property, today you “hold title” to it. The gov’t. can take it anytime the want. You can be killed even AFTER you are born in some places? Maybe We the People need to start using that to get rid of the undesirables, like abortion is getting rid of the blacks, 3 times more than other races COMBINED!

    1. There should be one Dem and one Repub. sitting across from each other or side by side where both counters can see each ballot as it is verified and counted. Each of the two counters should keep a separate tally. There should be a backup for each counter, in case the original counting person must leave the table for any reason, while the counting continues. “Trust, but verify.” This is too important to attempt with no bipartisan equality at the counting table. This Detroit setup was sickeningly illegal; the whole process must be reconfigured. Add the discrepancies in various states and locations; there has never been such a widespread effort using both people and computer applications to corrupt a voting result.

    2. Rachel, did you hear about the 30 states that are using an independent new ballot counting system that can’t be read? Nevada and Arizona are two states being recounted and have this Ipad technology. All votes and signatures are converted to barcodes in an unspecified foreign country, is this what you want?

      1. Amerika should have to stick our fingers in ink after we vote, just like other communist & third world evil empires. debt & death…waste & fraud….sick and tired…ignorant & apathetic (don’t know, don’t care)

    3. And require proper ID, signature match, 1 ballot to a voter, turn it in if a mistake was made and a recheck of the voter. It might take a full month to get it right. No more electronic voting, mail in ballots for those out of state and disabled.

  3. Seeing as how the deep state didn’t get Hillary in in 2016 after pumping money into her starting back in 1993 and in return she was going to turn over control of the FDC so they could control the price of our drugs so good old Hillary is mixed up in this one too I guess Bloomberg money went deeper then even I gave him credit for so now Harris and Hillary will be running the Out House because they are going to turn this country to crap if Biden thinks his going to be running this the laughs on him

    1. Id like to day I’m pissed off at the people for not voting our great President into 4 more years in the White House.
      But I can’t be mad………. that’s JUST what they did,

      I went to bed Tuesday night last happy for four more years only to wake up to a nightmarish situation knowing that once again Democrats had done what they do. What’s most saddening is that just like always, they’ll get away with it and there’s not a damn thing you or myself can do

      The world knows this election was stolen, the Republicans and Democrats know this was stolen, and 330 million Americans know this election was stolen.

      Did we think they’d really let him have four more years?

      I’ve determined at my 71 years of age that I’ll not vote again, there’s absolute no point to wanting something you know you won’t get. I’m very sad, distraught, and confused as to how anything like this could’ve remotely happened. On election night we all waited for the hammer to fall, and boy did it !! And these reprobates walk and talk like they really won this thing in a fair manner.
      The American dream died on November 3rd, 2020
      Our country died with it.

  4. Nothing will remain hidden all will be revealed to the glory of father God almighty, Amen.
    Evil knows it has but a short time and is working feverishly to undermine and corrupt souls to damnation.
    Keep the faith and know that everything works to the glory of God. The democrats will be exposed for their unjust actions.

    1. I agree. The battle belongs to the Lord; no matter the outcome, His purposes will prevail. Many of us are praying that all of the sickening details will be brought into the light so that everyone can see the Truth.

    2. Oh goodness, not another one of those “lets let God take care of everything” folks. Last I checked, evil was doing a pretty good job sticking around – its been here for thousands of years. It is not God’s job to do things for us. It is our job to do things for him and that includes stand up for what is right and not abdicate our responsibilities.

      Please rethink ……

    3. Amerika has gone from the Greatest generation to the worse cowards in 75 short years. Bunch of slaves that possess guns, yet they fear the sissies & perverts that rule over them. We are “We the People” no more, haven’t been since 1865 when the republic was destroyed. Hell, the French scooter riders are braver than we are! They shut down Paris, twice. They are treated with respect today…..or else!


  5. I felt our President was winning when I went to bed. And when I got up all of a sudden Biden wins by a landslide. How much more do they think we will take from the ones that are responsible for this and humiliating the rest of us HONEST AMERICANS?

    1. We do not need a do over…..We need the Democratic, so called win to be discarded due to treason, all of them indicted, and the Supreme Court to elect the party that was not involved in this treason. The vote can not come from the Electoral College, since half of it at least is compromised. The corrupt party needs to be ostracized and all votes give to President Trump who exposed the corruption, the Deep State and the takeover of the US of America. Barr indict them all, or your precious career is over. Oh and by the way, the Dems want all of us Trump Supporters punished. Imagine that…..We have been threatened.

    2. half of what you produce in Amerika goes back to the gov’t. one way or another. THAT is not freedom. that is permission….ye be slaves. Who told you you were free? Can you prove it? “Fear is the passion of slaves” wise up!

  6. In my opinion, these cheating tactics were pretty much limited to the west coast for decades, but the voters there seemed to be in acceptance. How else can some of the least desirable candidates be reelected term-after-term? Why else would CA refuse to cooperate with investigators and turn over their voter registration lists to the Federal government?

    If this activity is not brought to light, if the culprits are not brought to justice and punished to the full extent of the law, our elections become a mere formality, just a show for the rest of the world. Future elections will always be predetermined and the steps will be taken to ensure the planned outcome. There will never again be a fair, honest and legal election in this country. We’ll be well on the road to socialism, a.k.a. communism.

  7. The hand-writing was on the wall when VERITAS reported what Ilhan Omar’s groupies were doing in MN. President Trump was disturbed about that… that was the moment when she should have been prevented from running or had all her votes invalidated … she won the election. Diamond Voting System get their voting machine parts from China… it is owned by an Equity Company … when I wrote to ask who finances the company … no reply,
    I am still waiting for an answer!!! Sorry to go out on a tangent !!! We have paid the salary of the entire Congress for years….we have been forced to finance wars and they enriched themselves with our hard earned tax money …. if this had happened in another nation, the same Congress, with the blue hatted UN troops would go there to teach these ‘third world’ vote stealers a lesson…. the elitists still think they are ‘third world’ and not emerging nations!!!! Now I want to say one thing … the same Congress should be made to pay out of their own pocket….. let’s not pay them for the whole year… they work for us… and we have a re-election …. one person one vote in person… only military personnel and people who had been registered for absentee ballot before September 1, 2020 can have their absentee ballots already voted counted!!! We have forced other nations and financed re-election …. so why can’t we have a re-election? Let us fight against cheating, stealing and lying… we are Americans and have fought more wars for others and cannot stop our own citizens from stealing and held accountable for such a heinous crime…. let’s do it …. why can’t we…. we can show the world that we do not tolerate stealing….we are still one nation under God….. that would be the right thing to do…… amen


    2. restore the republic. enforce ALL laws equally. use the death penalty for the unrepentant. remember when a homo, interviewed a porn star about the character of Donald Trump? This time, those seeking justice, voted for a sniffing, senile racist and a woman whose family use to own slaves in Jamaica. How stupid can you be? totally

      1. Frankly, any real Democrats would be for transparency. Where are all the Dems that believe in a free democratic government? The see the abuses that the Reps found. Why aren’t they calling for a re-vote to show that they really won?

      1. democrats 160 years ago could read the Bill of Rights. 10 laws that stated what the gov’t. could NOT do to the citizen. America seceded from England because of abuse. The South seceded from abuse in the Den of Corruption in Washington. Abe Lincoln by saving the “union” destroyed the republic, killed 660 000 people and enslaved the survivors to a nation….”of the government, for the lawyers and ON the people, shall never perish from the face of the earth”. Hitler’s Reich was to last only 1000 years. Who had a bigger GOD complex? Abe did

  8. Need to send this to every American voter, everyone needs to know what is going on before it’s too late.
    I also believe that Biden and Obama had something to do with the release of COVID-19 in order to get a edge in the election.

    1. Obama and Biden had everything to do with the COVID-19, as they funded it in China. And in as much as this vaccine is concerned, It was manufactured and sitting on a shelf previous to them releasing it in the United States. Amazing how quickly the vaccine thing came out as soon as creepy Joe got the title ”President elect“. So now he’ll take credit… he might as well, like I said…. it’s been sitting there waiting for the right moment to be introduced.
      I’m not taking it. The Democrats are nothing less than party of corruption, completely disgusting

      1. I agree with this from HadEnough on COVID-10

        ALSO THE HUNTER BIDDEN SCAM which involve Sleepy Joe needs to be address & handled ASAP, this could alluminate all this voting issue. Lock both Hunter & His crappy dad, Sleepy Joe, BAR needs to prosecute & get this handle right now ASAP ASAP ASAP

    2. Biden and barry boy were involved in a coup de tat’ against Trump and you and me. Why are they not in jail? Amerika is evil, rigger and corrupt…..that’s why. AG Barr will arrest NO ONE. You will be treated as insignificant and irrelevant till YOU prove otherwise

  9. I have yet to have anyone to tell me if my mail in ballot was counted. I’ve tried on several occasions and can not get to the proper web site. Some how I keep getting on the wrong site and told to go to another site. That site would send me to another site. Finally I’d get tired of the game. This went on for three more days . Never got an vote is very important to me and I am not happy about this. Bobbie Jancen. Orlando Florida

  10. We know without a doubt that the Democratic Party is composed of socialist/communist supporters and it seems that our leaders are not going to do anything about it. So, the question is; “What are we going to do about it?”

    1. To James Williams: I believe that about 85% of Republicans are corrupt and 100% of the Demons are. Remember the Golden Rule…Whoever’s Got The Gold, Makes The Rules. The swamp is too wide and too deep without divine intervention.

  11. I’m praying the truth will be revealed. I’m sure if the facts are told Trump will serve another term! I am a Marine Corps vet. I don’t want to be told what to do and when I should do it! I would hope the courts will fully check the truth. The one who won fairly should be the President!

    1. To SandyT: At the pace Barr moves, his ‘investigation’ will take forever. Barr does not want to wash up on a beach. Where’s Durham ??

  12. “… the dainty Asian American election observer was surrounded by big, burly black men wearing Black Lives Matter paraphernalia…” I love this! This is the most wonderful satire of the racist dimwits who actually believe this stuff. You could not be more hilarious! Thanks for the fabulous laugh out loud.

  13. Can we really expect anything different from people who believe in the killing of unborn babies and shedding innocent blood which the Bible forbids? In some parts of Texas and other places, Republican poll watchers from kept from entering and later kept at a distance where they could not observe some workers marking the mail-in ballots themselves and claiming that the voters’ mail-in ballots got damaged by a machine that opened the envelopes.

  14. How can we continue to hear hundreds of accounts of utter fraud, yet CNN, etc. pronounces a completely fair election? America is better than this. Trump, get to the bottom of this, or we will never again have a fair election.

  15. Hiden Biden was going to win anyway that’s is why he stayed home and did not get out to campaign, it was already in the works since the virus started, virus and looting was icing on the cake for Hiden Biden and the other name who lies about everything
    Go TRUMP 2020 / 2024

    1. To Tom: When Joek Obiden came to North Carolina, the DEMONocrat governor Roy Cooper told him that he would “drag him over the finish line”. They don’t try to hide their corruption anymore.

  16. People wake up and open your EYES ! Look what socialism did for Venezuela! They went from one of the richest countries to the now one of the poorest countries in a few short years. If your endorsing what the Democrats are trying to do to our country your in for a rude awaking.Remember Home of the Free!!!!!! LETS KEEP IT THAT WAY!!!!


    RE-VOTE!!! RE-VOTE!!! RE-VOTE!!!
    RE-VOTE!!! RE-VOTE!!! RE-VOTE!!!
    RE-VOTE!!! RE-VOTE!!! RE-VOTE!!!
    RE-VOTE!!! RE-VOTE!!! RE-VOTE!!!

  19. if the dem’s are not afraid t i agree whit every one we should redo the election again and every one vote in person,then they cant cheet.

  20. Ahhhhh…. the Democratic machine working at its finest!!! Well run and staffed to hide in plain sight the corrupt actions…. This isn’t the first time anyone has ever seen this happen. Oh wait… completely “unverifiable” and “unproven” so says our finest media, with no proof of widespread fraudulent vote counting. I can’t stand watching NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC…and more…. they don’t tell the news of the day… they only tell their interpretation of the narrative that they want to spread…and it’s amazing how they all use the same language in detailing that news (propaganda).

  21. I believe God is in control, maybe he wants us to all go through the tribulation that the democrats are going to put us through. We can’t keep killing babies, and doing everything immoral, same sex marriage, etc. And expect God to Bless this country. There is a price to pay, look what God did to his chosen people, the apple of his eye when they turned their backs on Him and did what ever seemed right to them. He had a heathen country take them captive for 70 years, they lived as slaves under oppression, it can happen again, only they are infiltrating our country, and we will be prisoners here, without our freedoms, look at Venezuela. Do you want our country to be in that condition. They wanted socialism, they got it.

  22. This is such BS! Don’t believe everything the Russian trolls feed you, generating division in our country. Listen to the bipartisan state election boards overseeing the election process. Everyone knows the “steal” came when mail-in votes, overwhelmingly from Democrats, were validated and counted.

  23. I agree ,Trump was right mail in voting is just a open door for voter fraud, which is what it seems is happening! This needs to be corrected ASAP & put rules in Law in place for our future voting, so we do not have this again. VOTE IN PERSON WITH IDEAS for voting

    1. the constitution spells out the election procedures. however, each state is left on its own to implement their own :rules”. why do you think Pa, N.c. and the others frantically changed their requirements just prior to the great steal? there needs to be a mandatory set of rules for every state. all the same. they need to purge voter rolls the same way. there should be a program to see if a voter registers in more than one state, such as moving away from one to another. Michigan has two sites that list the dead voters. a check showed that 837 dead people had voted in Michigan. that was before Bitchmer closed both down yesterday. why do you suppose she did that? in the short time they were checked there were close to 1.000 dead voters. she needs to be removed by any manner necessary from office. check the fact out. I am sure you can. some people were over 100 yrs old who voted posthumously. that’s why no I.D is required, no signature matching, etc is allowed. that in of itself screams fraud. in my state, you must have picture id and signature match… also we got our count done the same day. if we can do it, so can other states. question is, do they WANT to??? as the article says, it is impossible for over 100.000 ballots to be filled out in a short time unless you just check the presidential box…..

  24. I am astounded by those who mailed in their ballots after months of our President telling the nation that it was ripe for fraud. are you that feeble that you can’t take your ass down and vote in person??? hell, even the supreme dementia filled Biden took his old ass in person to vote. I personally voted in person. I put MY ballot into the machine myself. I know mine was counted. if you were awake and interested, there was a mandate called the COUP on the internet. that told all blm and antifags to volunteer at the polls to make sure biden won. i put it up on many blogs so all could read it. there was no way biden could sit in his basement in his depends and have the millions of ballots to support him be anything other than fraud. do you remember the speech he gave about a week prior to the great steal? he said he didn’t need any voters to put him in office. why do you think he said that? he knew the fix was coming. Hilary said not to give up under any circumstances, remember? same reason. all the demon rats were saying Trump would appear to win election night, but that the mail ins would put biden over the top . viola!!!! it happened just like that. Joe also told the world that he and the great black dope had done the same thing before. he bragged he had the most inclusive and expansive VOTER FRAUD organization in political history. I for one believed him. election volunteers should be vetted prior to an election, and not take just anyone who walks up. background checks for arrests also should be checked. if you noticed, the riots slowed way down Election Day and nights. they were all at the polls….helping. last nite, a political site said they had taken away the votes for biden in pa. I checked, and the election map dated 11-9-2020, had pa showing black, and Bidens total was 259. not reported by the liars at MSM. check it out. Trump is right to sue. he will win if they throw out all the ballots that the only check mark was for biden… no down ballot votes at all. these were the illegal ones the poll workers filled out. they didn’t have time to fill them out entirely. that was their biggest mistake. hope they all rot in hell.


  26. This entire election at the very top “Trump vs Biden” need’s to be tossed. Like Georgia, a runoff between the two should be conducted because of “MEGA FRAUD”. Runoff should consist of voting at the polls only. No absentee ballots! Only military should be allowed to conduct absentee voting. How sad that this corruption was taking place in the USA!

    1. Most of the morning, I have been reading the complaints from the Voter Watchers. “Blatent disregard of the Ballots being counted. Trump Votes being carried out by Trucks, and dumped.

  27. Why does this election surprise everyone, the Socialist Democrat have been spitting in the face of the taxpaying public since before Obama/Biden? “With absolute power comes great responsibility” Unfortunately the powers that be, are only responsible for the biggest possible bank account they can acquire, it is not service to the people anymore. Why did Obama push the affordable care act? he didn’t it was an executive order like everything he did the Senate never voted his way. But look he’s a multi-millionaire from money invested in medical insurance companies, look at his 10 million dollar mansion he likes showing off.

  28. I have been concerned all along that the Dems would pull something/anything to win the election. Biden has been too relaxed and SMUG from Tuesday on.. He is SO sure he as won! Can’t wait to see his face if things turn around and OUR president comes out the winner1 I pray, hope so!!

  29. All this evidence of criminal fraud by Biden/Harris DNC gang is real….. therefore, President Trump is RE-ELECTED 2020 with real honest American votes in landslide!
    Also, even more important: Kamala Harris is not eligible for POTUS because she is not NBC! Just like Obama aka Barry Soetoro of Kenya!
    Kamala Harris is also a communist, says she believes that we should “all end up in the same place.” There used to be a word for that, right? Oh yes, communism. They assume everyone wants the same thing, despite talent or choices, because we should all end up in the same place.
    The Harris/Biden campaign wants to ensure that 330 million people all have the same outcome. This strips the American people of their freedom, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit. The radical left wants to destroy the American dream as we know it.
    If we all end up in the same place, then our path is clear. But who chooses that place? Oh right, Senator Harris and the government. That’s what she means, she just won’t say it until after November 3rd.
    ALSO, Kamala Harris’s Jamaican family were slave owners. They ran a plantation and they bought slaves from Africa to do the field labor. Her parents not even US Citizens at her birth time.
    Arrest Obama, Bidens, Clintons, Harris, and illegal alien usurper Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro for election fraud, Booker, HOLDER, Keith Ellison, Omar, FBI, CIA, DOJ, Soros,, for voter fraud, sedition, TREASON, Oath of Office violation, Usurpation of Office, Racist Hate Crimes, Murder, ETC ETC. Deport them to freezing Gulags in the Arctic Circle., and banish them from USA forever!
    President Trump is our duly elected President of USA.

  30. Let me remind everyone that the voting machines are from a company owned by Pelosi’s & Feinstein’s husbands is being used in these states and the night prior to the election the programs on the machines was changed unexpectedly. Also Obama & Biden invited and celebrated BLM & Anti-fa at the WH.

  31. Go to the Epoch Times website..They have Trump up from Biden, it’s still very close but they are updating as they get the counts

  32. ❤CHRISTrumPence and all his/our honorable US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020 Elected/Reelected Landslides
    Amen & Amen❤

  33. Covid 19 Rigged election. Let’s just change the way we vote a couple weeks before the election. This election was rigged from the beginning. A re-vote will not help. Problem was bigger then just counting a few votes.

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