White House Admits to Faking Joe Biden Appearances with Pretend TV Set

Just when you thought that America couldn’t become any more of an international laughingstock comes this story. Joe Biden held a roundtable discussion with members of his “Cabinet” this week and business leaders about his “Build Back Better” plan to impose communism and massive tax increases on all Americans. Boooring… But astute internet viewers quickly noticed something odd in the White House Rose Garden, outside the window behind Joe Biden. The flowers were in their full, glorious springtime bloom. It’s October and the Rose Garden doesn’t look like that right now. Once again, the imposters have been caught creating the digital illusion of an “administration” in DC.

This is not the first time this year that the White House has been caught using digital technology, TV cameras, smoke and mirrors to pretend that Joe Biden is in charge. Earlier this year, a video of Biden surfaced in which he appeared to be walking down the hallway in the White House. He stops and appears to engage someone who is off camera in a conversation. But then the top of Joe Biden’s head becomes pixelated, glitches out and vanishes for a second before reappearing.

In another clip that was so comical it went viral, Biden appears to stride up to a group of reporters on the White House lawn. All you see is a sea of microphones in front of him… and then some of those microphones disappear behind Joe Biden’s hands as he’s waving them around and vigorously “answering questions.”

What’s happening here? The White House is using greenscreen technology – like the weatherman on your local TV newscast – to make it appear as if Biden is walking around and engaging in conversations with people and reporters.


The next obvious question is, “WHY?!” The most logical conclusion is that Joe Biden is not actually capable of walking around by himself and engaging in Q&A sessions with random people and reporters. Grandpa Bad-Touch is just too far gone.

Anytime you see Joe Biden try to walk from Point A to Point B these days, he gets lost and starts to wander off into the weeds until Doctor Jill or a Secret Service agent grabs him by the elbow and steers him back in the right direction. Think back over the last nine months that Joe Biden has been illegitimately occupying the White House. How many times have you seen him step off the Marine One helicopter and then wave at an empty field? I’ll bet you’ve seen that at least once or twice now.

One more example: Back in February there was a “live televised press conference” from the Rose Garden. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden were there and talking about the COVID relief package or something. But a guy staying at a hotel near the White House walked out on his balcony during the “live press conference” and pointed his camera at the Rose Garden. There was no one there.

And now the White House has sheepishly admitted that Joe Biden’s roundtable with business leaders the other day was, in fact, shot from a television studio made up to look like Joe is at the White House. They claim that the set has been erected in the Eisenhower Office Building across the street from the White House. I’m not sure why any of us should believe that at this point, considering the honesty deficiencies of this White House. For all we know, the fake TV set could be in the basement of Joe’s mansion in Delaware.

That big question comes up again: WHY? Why bother setting up a fake TV studio across the street from the White House, when they could just as easily set up cameras for a Zoom call roundtable in the White House?

Former Trump advisor Stephen Miller has the best theory about this that I’ve seen. Tucking Biden away in a fake studio allows him to then read his scripted answers to scripted questions from a teleprompter positioned directly in front of him – and there are no pesky media cameras around to see that Biden is incapable of doing anything besides reading that teleprompter. It also allows them to go back and edit the tape every time that Joe’s brain gets stuck, and he starts talking about the jargy trunalimunaprzure!

Hiding him away also keeps Joe Biden out of sight from the roughly 6,000 employees who work at the White House. That place always leaks like a sieve. But if no one is ever actually seeing Joe Biden in his diminished state, his handlers think they can keep up this charade that Joe Biden is running the country.

And that brings up one final question: Who IS running the country?

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58 thoughts on “White House Admits to Faking Joe Biden Appearances with Pretend TV Set”

  1. The question is now did he actually take the booster
    Shot that he is pushing on Americans. Most likely he has not had any of the shots. The same fake set was used
    as he tried to pass off what looked like a fake injection.

    1. I will tell you the shot KILLED MY DAUGHTER SENT A bloodclot to her heart.
      Joe Biden is a killer of the American people…

      1. Tell everyone you know and then some the more people are aware of the veil shots the better. we need to fight this war.

    2. The socialist left believe their lies and think we are stupid enough to believe the too. Counting the days until we can oust those creeps and take back our country.

      1. To Greta !

        That might only happen if the Marxists could not find a way to come up with millions and millions of fake ballots !!!! … again!
        They are very good with that and I’m sure would not think twice weather to do what they know better : stealing, lying , creating crises after crises!

  2. They have to be exposed before its too late for America. They have to be brought down the way they are bringing down the wall

  3. “roughly 6,000 employees who work at the White House”??????????? Really?????? How?????? WHY ?????????????

  4. Who’s running the country? Take your pick: Ron Klain, Susan Rice, Barack Obama, GEORGE SOROS, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, or any combination thereof…it DAMN sure ain’t Joe Biden! Of course, this is all pure speculation on my part and may or may not have any basis in reality.

  5. Joe Obidma took a shot? If he did it was whiskey in a victory toast with Pelosi and her vodka. I don’t think ANY of the top Democrat Brass or their lackeys are taking that phony brain-altering, heart destroying, untested, uncertified hodgepodge of chemicals soup.

    While MILLIONS of people all across the globe are DYING and getting serious side effects from it, not ONE top dog has been reported suffering any kind of side effect, being hospitalized or dying. NOT ONE.

    And look who they exempt! THEMSELVES.

    Meanwhile they continue to destroy the nation, wreck our defenses and slip further and further into Communism completely unhindered. Speak the TRUTH in public and the Media/Government combines to ruin you.

    So, where are our brave defenders and the GOP(LOL)???? Lining up for Fauxvid shots?

    1. You are absolutely correct! I am proud to say I am a Republican and short of rebellion the best we can do is vote them out of office! But then again the lying , cheating leftist, commie, socialist democrats will find a way to cheat again!!!

      1. To Dj :

        Exactly right !!!
        We could hope to throw all the marxists out but
        that might only happen if we, the people, would still count on our voting system, which by Nov 3rd
        2022 might allow the illegals to vote by the millions ( probably at least 30 millions – forget the pitiful 12-15 millions that the Marxists give us for about 30 yrs)

  6. Since they lied to us about this, what else have they lied to us about? They have, and will continue lying to us again and again. Have we had enough deceit yet? Once a liar always a liar. Truth is not in them.

    1. I have had more than enough of the lying communists and am ready to do something about it. We can not depend on the Republican Party to do the right thing. It is up to WE THE PEOPLE to take our country back and put the Democrats in jail who have broken the law.

      1. You are right, we cannot count on the Republican Party, they are all part of the political in crowd of Washington DC.

        Our best move is to get President Trump back in office. The second thing we can do may be the Convention of States movement.

        Nobody that is part of the swamp will help drain out.

    2. Marxists will always maintain their power and control by lying, cheating, destroying people’s lives,
      that’s in their DNA !!!

    1. NORDNEG…..I totallly agree with you…..It’s BHO III. His nasty fingerprints are all over everything that Biden is doing and all that he’s already done.

  7. Why wouldn’t they fake a meeting, the whole Biden administration is fake, a fake Sect. Of state,a fake Attor. Gen. And a fake Sec. Of Home Security. These are the same “three stoogies who are this weekend are in Mexico renegotiting the deal with the drug cartel for more money to the Biden Crime Family to keep our southern border open.

  8. I am telling ya, this theater is so close to a 60’s Star Trek episode called “Patterns of Force” it is as if the same script is being used now. If Bidet is really this incompetent and he is the person the voters elected but is not running the show, the American people have been taken for fools and are being played. It would seem the entire Dim party are snake oil peddlers just the same as OL, Bernout Slanders from Vermont.

    1. Maybe if Spock were to mind meld with Obidma? Naww, it would empty Spock’s brain too.

      But you’re right. Obidma is controlled from off camera at all times. His orders come from China. What a genuine pity that the New Woke Democrats can’t see that and know where it’s taking them.

      Straight into a dictatorial police state.

  9. The crooked district of crooks under a new world order democrat machine, that stole an election and a nation, and is working hand in foot with marxist, islamist, globalist, crime cartels to render the death blow to the Republic of the United States of America! The kingdom of darkness embodied in tyrants, tycoons, and terrorist is being prepared for the arrival of the Man of Lawlessness. The hell-bent ghouls have a one world view of hellishness to impose upon the peoples of the nations of this world! For power, wealth, and lordship!

  10. The ones running things are George Soros and Mike Bloomberg wheeling around all their billions of dollars because they hate America, just to name a few. We need a revolution in this country. In the words of Nathan Hale , “I regret that I have but one life to give for my Country “

  11. They lied and cheated to win the white house. They have no morals or consciences.. How long will they try to keep this incompetent boob as a front? If they hate this country so much just leave!


  13. Asshole Puppet Joe and the laughing hyena-cackler are both “fake” in everything they do or say. Neither of them should be in power. Neither know what is important and what isn’t.

  14. I also have read that he has several look alikes so who else is running the country other than third term Obama

    1. You know, the minute I saw the “bike ride with Jill “ to show us all how fit he is I said that’s not him! It’s All smoke and mirrors. The Emperor has no clothes. They truly think we are stupid

      1. Well, Christine, sadly, a lot of people in our country behave like sheep, a lot of the millennials have been brainwashed by the Marxists infiltrated into our universities, they cheated election after election and the so called “republicans “ / conservatives did almost nothing
        significant to put an end to corruption, lies, fraud, for decades !
        The Marxists always got their way !
        What happened after we elected the leader that
        finally listened to our voices and fought hard for us … what happened in Nov 3rd 2020 ??
        We all know what happened!!!

    2. His look alike is Arthur Roberts. The real Joe Biden had a massive stroke in February. He is on a life support machine in a coma with guarded entry. Arthur Roberts also has Dementia. If you look close , you can see the heavy makeup by his hairline. As for the person running our country is mainly Obama with the help of Valerie Jerret. This is considered Obama’s third term. Everything thing is fake and theatrics to fool the American people into believing something thats not real. Which is everything. The entire presidency is fake. Biden was not elected, he was selected as well as Kamala Harris.

      1. Coliflower, I think you have it right. I thought Biden had a clone. Didn’t know the rest about life support, but sounds plausible. Why can’t we get this out to the American public or Congress or are they all just playing the game???

      2. Exactly right !!!!
        This is Hussein O ‘s 3rd term !!!!
        He is the master puppeteer and surrounded by
        Valerie Jarred, Susan Rice and all the rest of the Marxists which have infiltrated our country while the American people have been busy working hard, pay their taxes, obey the laws and didn’t pay much attention to the corruption going on in the government.
        Now it’s probably too late !!!
        Welcome to the USSA

  15. Bidens administration is Pathetic totally Fake they don’t want us Americans to see the Truth what’s going on t destroy America that’s why we true Americans must get out and Vote these Socialist people out of office starting in 2022 and get our Country back before it’s to late.

    1. Sure, Johnny , you’re correct !!!!
      The only problem is that by Nov 3rd the marxists have all the power through Congress, Senate and
      also lots of “ executive orders” to change the election law, allow those probably about 30 million illegals to vote, raise the number of justices in the
      Supreme Court and basically do all the necessary damage so the coming Nov 3rd 2022 would mean
      nothing ( just like it happened on Nov 3rd, 2020 .

      So, we can still hope for the best and wait patiently
      meanwhile the marxists will do what they do best !

  16. Since they have been caught faking Joeys appearances maybe they could pull off his Dis-Appearance without getting caught. I don’t think anyone would look for him. Least of all, me.

  17. I think obomination through susan rice is running the White House. I can think of an interesting reason why they would need a studio off White House control. the WH logs in all visitors. perhaps he needs his doctors or for control doctors are needed more frequently than would be good for optics, but leaving for DE during working hours Monday through Friday would be bad for optics as well. They put him to sleep or get him under control and take him to the studio where he is kept happy being prez while others do the dirty work.

  18. They corporation of the United States has been infiltrated from the school boards to county offices, state judges, and representatives, even governors, by the CCP. Clinton allowed the CCP to buy businesses and farmland all over the U.S., and no President since has stopped this treasonous activity. Of course now Biden and family, members of Congress have vested business interest in China, they date Chinese spies, hire them a pages and drivers even, and no one is prosecuted yet. Trump let Killary go, called her and Bill, “good people”, and stands by this warp speed shots that have and well eventually kill millions. Trump hired swamp creatures, and threw away this closest supporters.
    NONE of those Crooks in Congress or government will $ave anyone or then U.S. God its now judging our country because of its total immorality and wickedness. The ONLY thing that can Save this country is repentance of your sign, and asking forgiveness, turning our hearts back to Jesus Christ. Will this happens, i doubt it because Americans loves its sin too much. Drag queens, and then cutting of 8 years old genitals, and same sex marriage, indoctrinating the young into sinful ideals. Jesus is returning soon, and will judge the wicked and send them to hell. Everything on the bible is coming to fruition, and soon God will pour out his wrath upon the earth. I believe that Jesus returns could be any day. Dont put your hope in many many here, give your heart to Jesus, while you still have time. One day he will return, and you will be left behind to suffer like man has never suffered before.

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