Why Isn’t Ashley Biden’s Diary the Biggest Story in the World Right Now?

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 07: Livelihood founder Ashley Biden and Vice President Joe Biden attend the GILT and Ashley Biden celebration of the launch of exclusive Livelihood Collection at Spring Place

A poor single mom was sentenced to a month in prison this week. She had the misfortune of finding Ashley Biden’s diary back in 2020 and then selling it to Project Veritas. She had a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old at home at the time, so the $20,000 payday she received from Project Veritas was obviously a huge help to her.

She’s going to jail because of the contents of that diary, not because she committed any real crime. The contents of that diary should be the biggest story in the world right now.

For those who need a refresher on why this story is so important, here is what Ashley Biden wrote in that diary:

“Was I molested? I think so — I can’t remember specifics but I do remember trauma. Hyper-sexualized @ a young age . . . I remember being somewhat sexualized with Caroline; I remember having sex with friends @ a young age; showers w/my dad (probably not appropriate).”

Joe Biden forced his very young daughter to take showers with him and she wonders if she was molested.


Aimee Harris is the single mom who found Ashley Biden’s diary and tried to warn the world about Joe Biden. During her sentencing, Judge Laura Taylor Swain (a Bill Clinton appointee) called Ms. Harris’s actions “despicable.”

Aimee Harris was trying to warn the American people that a suspected pedophile was running for president in 2020. And she’s the despicable one? She’s been convicted of one count of “transporting stolen property across state lines.”

People have been far too dismissive of “friendly old Joe’s” creepy sexual behavior towards women and children for far too long. We’re all guilty of it. We kind of laugh uncomfortably sometimes when he’s running around sniffing children. We do that as a defense mechanism because the truth is something dark and evil and horrifying when it comes to this man.

Do you realize that Tara Reade, Joe Biden’s alleged rape victim from the 1990s, is still living in Russia as a refugee because Biden allegedly tried to have her killed? She was at a meeting with her publisher in Russia (since no publishing company in America would print her book) and was set to fly home to testify before Congress in a couple of days about how Joe Biden raped her. A sitting Member of Congress, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) called her and warned her that her life would be in danger if she came back to the US.

Imagine having to flee to another country because your rapist is so powerful that he can have you killed if you try to testify under oath before Congress about him.

Of course, Joe Biden has a long history of sexual creepiness that we’ve been chronicling here since 2020. When he was Obama’s vice president, Biden used to go for a nude swim every day. The female Secret Service agents on his detail wanted to kill themselves.

One Secret Service agent was disciplined when he tried to punch Biden in the face at the annual Christmas party at the vice president’s residence. Biden had grabbed the agent’s girlfriend by the breast as they were taking a picture together.

Then there are all the videos of the inappropriate touching and sniffing of kids. Normal adult men are not interested in other people’s children. We’re just not. The idea of running up to another person’s child and touching them is something that just doesn’t cross a normal adult male’s mind unless you’re shoving the kid out of the way of an oncoming train. Joe Biden does it because he likes touching kids.

Aimee Harris was not sentenced to jail time because Ashley Biden’s diary was false. She was sentenced to jail time because Ashley Biden was telling the truth about her creepy and disgusting father, who could very well be a serial pedophile.

A couple of months ago, a reporter lobbed a softball question at Joe Biden and asked him what the key to a long and successful marriage was.

“Good sex,” replied the creepy old man who currently occupies the White House.

One sharp Twitter/X user had the perfect response: “With who?”

How could any parent vote for Joe Biden in 2024, knowing everything that we know about him?

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38 thoughts on “Why Isn’t Ashley Biden’s Diary the Biggest Story in the World Right Now?”

  1. Sadly, too many Biden supporters have short, and selective memories.
    Unless MSM outlets like CNN and MSNBC broadcast this info 24/7
    for weeks on end, those who remain tethered will either never become enlightened, or convinced that ANYTHING inappropriate was ever caused by their “Saint Joe.”

    1. so true, sadly my own brother and his highly educated wife are oblivious to the fact that this has been going on for years because cnn & msnbc are covering up for Joe on a daily basis! where is integrity in news reporting gone to?

    2. I had a heated conversation with my sister suffering from TDS about the diary. She is a lifelong Fake news viewer. She said Joey 2 scoops did not have a daughter. The conversation detreated from there. God save our Country!

      1. A lot of people don’t know that Joe Biden actually had another daughter with his first wife.
        It’s alleged, that he put a hit on his wife and three kids, but the accident was botched. When he answered the phone he said they’re dead aren’t they? You want to show how clever he was.
        Can’t help but think that two boys that lived are his karma.
        So Ashley is actually his second daughter.
        Does anyone know who the mother is?
        Oh by the way Jill was the babysitter back then and she was married..
        God Bless America

    1. So true, but what I don’t understand, is Matt Gaetz of congress has not reported what this women told him that she was raped by Biden, told her not to come and testied, or she might be harmed, her life might be in danger. If she came back to testied in Congress thats a bunch of hog wash, Biden we have notice how he touches women, goes behind them and smell their hair or just to be near their heads, this is not knew, and touching children in a funny way.
      I remember when Biden was on TV said the childrens like to see his hair on his legs go up and down, at a pool.
      Did he have a bathing suit on, wasn’t it said one of the secret service saw him naked.
      This judge was covering for Biden, they should have removed him, no difference now with judges of today who want to charge Trump.
      Whats going to happen on the stormy Daniel letter that Trump found stating that she didn’t receive any hush money and didn’t have an affair with Trump. She said in the letter that it never happened.
      The story of hush money came from a reporter in overseas owned Tabloids. Will the democrates say its fake, probably! But her signature is on the letter that was found.
      And that could be proven is real.

  2. They say Biden has dementia. Hunters crack would have the same effect. He knows there is crack in the WH. He picked up a basket of it and started handing it out to the kids at Halloween and then said “I picked up the wrong basket”. So he knew there was a basket of crack there in the WH. He needs to take a drug test. We don’t need a crack-head running this country.

  3. So the actions of someone exposing abuse os despicable, but the act of molesting your daughter is okay? HELL AWAITS YOU PHUCKING POS!!!!

  4. Yes, it’s all true. If his daughter wrote about it in a diary, it must be so. Joe Biden is a corrupt as f**k pedophile!! As well as a few others in his administration.

  5. Biden a corrupt criminal woman abuser PEDOPHILE (with his daughter) – put him in prison – with Hunter and make them Bubba’s roomates = they like those guys in prison

  6. The Biden crime family Joe, wife, and son all need to be in prison for the rest of their life. They are all evil and need to be removed from the White House.

  7. Look people you know darn well that 99% of the media is not going to say a word about this . The millionaires and billionaires who own the media are behind Biden, why you might ask? These people who already have plenty of money, dont think what they have is enough. What they want is the same thing Biden and the Democrats want power, they want to be able to control and run everything that goes on in the world. What is happening here is also going on in most of the countries in the world.
    There is only a few ways to stop it. The first thing to stop is the control of Fed Now
    Once the IRS is incharge of every transaction we make or try to make. Then the democrats
    Control all of our money. And control what and what not we can buy. Have you not noticed that Biden is acting like a dictator already. He thinks he has the power to tell you what kind of cigars or cigarettes you can smoke. Or what kind of heat you can use.
    If Congress doesn’t stop this now the democrats will get away with doing this. This is why he is hiring 87,000 new agents to watch over everything you buy. It will be like a credit card company when you buy something. They either allow it or they decline it. This is what they are after and, once they have this they will control about 90 % of us. You have to do what they say you can or cannot they will have the power to cut you electricity off and your water, they can stop you from making your car payment so you lose it or your house or rent payments
    You could be out in the streets homeless in no time at all. Of course the first thing they will stop is the election, if they can control the FedNow they can also control you.
    You may think they wont do that but the real truth is this is exactly what they want. They want to turn our country into a dictatorship run by them. They have become power crazy
    Look Biden doesnt even care if this starts another Civil War. Then he will call Marshal law and there will be no election at all. You better tell your congressman to stop this now all they have to do is pass a flat tax bill and close down the IRS. Once the democrats control the IRS we are screwed

    1. Why does anybody act surprised at the news of Epstein’s “suicide”???? Biden was one of his travelers to Lolita Island! Why did that rotten judge put the young woman in prison for a month because she sold the diary?!?!!? Because Emperor Biden told her to do just that!! He probably punished his daughter for writing about it. You always see her at the top the steps when Brandon goes anywhere and she always has this “deer in the headlights” look on her face! I feel very sorry for her because she had a hell of a life as a kid and it doesn’t get better unless you have therapy to learn how to deal with your FATHER molesting you and being forced to take showers with a DIRTY OLD MAN!!!! Jill is a real nasty sicko herself to allow something like that to go on and having her picture taken with the man who molested her daughter, holding hands, kissing him, (blah, yuck) acting like they are the perfect picture of the happily married couple! Unless, she plans on getting rid of him after he completely screws up the country and they collect all the money they can….she dumps him in a “home” somewhere, or buries him on the beach and lives whatever life she has left!! Disgusting family!!

    1. You mean Satan, or Lucifer
      Prince of Darkness
      Lord of the Flies
      The Antichrist
      Father of Lies !??

  8. Biden is a threat to all Americans. He’s taxing the hell out of all of us, now he wanys to control our money, what we buy, what we donate to will all be monitored. So say, if they (the dems.) do not agree with how YOU spend YOUR money, they can freeze ALL YOUR ASSETS. Crazy Joe started working on this right after he got in office.. The only way to stop crazy Joe is by electing someone else, at this point anyone! Look at this inflation, gas and food prices, you think it was because of covid? Think again. Before he got elected we were self reliant concerning oil, joe shuts the pipeline down, why? The pittence he gave everyone, is it worth 4 more years under a senile inconciderate pedofile. Joe has to go. This great country cannot deal with 4 more yrs of joe and the dems. He’s gotta go…

    1. I believe that Obama has been running the show!!! The 2020 election was definitely fixed. I remember reading that Obama had millions of dollars sent to Iran the last night he was in office. They are now using those millions of dollars on destroying Israel now. My biggest fear is that they will rig this election so Trump does not win. How do we stop this!!!!!!!!

      1. “…WILL rig the election???”….what do you call what the democrat/progressives/socialist pigs, jackasses are doing now with the rigged “trials”?!?!?!?! If paying “hush money”, which he did not do, was a crime, then half of congress would be on trial!!! And Congressmen, THEIR “slush fund” or “hush money” was the TAXPAYERS MONEY!!!!

  9. This is supposed to be a Free Country with a Government ran By The People For The People and NOT a demonized dictatorship ran by the Democrats for THEIR SOCIALISTIC GOVERNMENT against The People’s WILL! I fear that many will perish in their fight for our Constitutional Rights and Freedoms at the hands of an immoral and tyrannical government. We need God now more than ever!

  10. Give me a break, there’s been a video of Bidum floating around where he’s naked hitting a naked Haitian teenage girl with a belt while she’s tied face down to posts driven into the ground. The Justice system AND the so called Journalists are covering for EVERY DISGUSTING thing this jerk has been involved in. It just proves that the so called “Elite” are deeply involved in this garbage.

  11. Everyone who had a TV should know Joe Biden was a Phedophile long before he was president. He was always fawning over little children on on the videos taken of him. People who voted for him are blind in visioln and heart!

  12. Biden IS A PEDOPHILE. Where is the evidence: I look at family dynamics and all the evidence shown in public irregularities. His two remaining children suffer from inconceivable addictive behaviors and immoralities. Though this may be simply learned behavior or even genetic, the admission of both remaining children coupled with the compulsive lying nature of Biden does seem to point to the deficiencies in that home. Biden lies, plagiarizes, self-promotes, has anger issues, no sense of true morality, and no depth of principles. He is a true flake. And all of that shows up in the admission of HIS DAUGHTER that they bathed together when she was still a child and became HYPER-Sexualized. He should be in prison…not just Hunter.

  13. Such examples have been out in the open for years now and nothing was being done about what was exposed! Lacking signs of the government intervention against Biden is tantamount to passive acceptance of paedophilia and an additional gig mark against Biden’s inclusion in these next elections! Epstein’s actions were very similar to the Biden’s mindsets, only Epstein was held accountable for his pervasive perversions and paid for it, Biden has yet to experience the results of his actions all as if these perversions were or all acceptable behaviors! We need to hold him accountable and prove such behaviors are not and will not be considered acceptable, as an example to any others that have such a mental illness and demand treatments be carried out to cure them of such socially unacceptable relationships!

  14. Pedophile Joey has some explaining to do, don’t you think. His action against children is undeniable as there have been several accusations over the years, and they were never pursued.

  15. I’ve been reading for years that ol’ slo’ joe’s a walking, talking (well, mumbling), perverted pedophile, or so the press seems to believe. I can’t help but believe that biden’s a pedophile from what’s been published via print AND other news sources throughout the world. Showering with your daughter, granddaughter, child who’s reaching puberty just ain’t right! In fact, I’d call it perverted, at least. Sick… IMHO.


  16. I’m a parent, a grandparent, a great grandparent & now a great, great grandparent & I wouldn’t begin to think of letting biden anywhere near my family. Though I somewhat defended biden in discussions with others in the past, these days I’m wholly convinced biden’s a federally protected pedophile IMHO. But, that’s what the demoncrats, liberals want evidently… pedophilia, incest, etc. So much for liberal morals, at the very least. IMHO.



  17. Politics has never been more evil! But it is just a sign of the continuing progress of Armageddon!!! Evil is what evil does!!!

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