Why Won’t They Just Admit That the Shots Are a Failure?

How many variations of this story have you seen since Joe Biden has been in office: A young, relatively healthy person is dying in the hospital, after getting vaccinated against COVID. Sometimes they’re dying from COVID itself, or sometimes from nasty range of side effects that the shots carry. That person’s last words are something along the lines of, “Gosh, I sure am glad I got vaccinated. If I had it to do all over again, I’d still get the shot even though I’m about to die from it. I just wish that more people would have gotten vaccinated, too.”

I’ll bet I’ve seen 150 variations of that same story since about April of this year.

Apart from the fact that many of these stories are probably fake, they do reveal something that is true, which no one in charge seems to want to say out loud: These shots are a failure.

Here are snapshots from a variety of recent news stories about the epic failure of these shots.

WBOY-TV in Clarksburg, West Virginia covered Gov. Jim Justice’s (R) press conference on COVID the other day. During the briefing, Gov. Justice stated the following:

“Over the last eight weeks, health officials have seen a 26% increase in cases among fully vaccinated residents, a 21% increase, among the vaccinated, in cases requiring hospitalizations and a 25% increase in deaths among those who have gotten their shots.”

All of those increases of people who are catching COVID, getting hospitalized for COVID and dying from COVID are among the FULLY vaccinated.


Next, the Seattle Times reports that two counties in Oregon have been forced to order refrigeration trucks because the county morgues don’t have room for all the bodies. (This is a scare tactic – these counties actually have pretty small morgues.) In Tillamook County, where 70% of residents have been fully vaccinated and they’re well past herd immunity, they’ve had six deaths in the last week. That compares to the five deaths in the county from coronavirus over the past 18 months.

With 70% of residents in that county vaccinated, COVID shouldn’t be spreading at all, according to Dr. Anthony Fauci and numerous other epidemiologists. But it’s still spreading, and they’ve had a spike in deaths. What’s the OBVIOUS conclusion from this?

In Israel, the government has all but announced that the vaccines are a failure after vaccinating a whopping 90% of their population. The government already has a vaccine passport imposed on its people, called the “green pass.” Without a green pass, Israelis can’t go to gyms, bars, restaurants, movie theaters, concerts and cultural events. But the government announced Monday that everyone’s “green pass” will expire six months after they received their second Pfizer or Moderna shot.

They can renew their green passes if they get a third booster shot. But they’re obviously not hopeful about that working either, since everyone’s green pass is set to expire again… six months after they get that third booster shot. It looks like Israel is planning to force everyone to perpetually get vaccinated for COVID every six months, instead of admitting the obvious: The shots are not working as advertised.

Another way of looking at it is like this: Even if a person has had two doses of the shots, health officials now consider them unvaccinated. Boy, am I gonna have fun with that at the next Thanksgiving dinner! I can’t wait to tell all of my snooty double-dosed relatives, “Akshually, you’re just as unvaccinated as I am, according to SCIENCE!”

Great Britain has another highly vaccinated population. Their health services just released some new numbers. Between February 1 and August 2 of this year, 742 people died from the “Delta” strain of coronavirus. 402 of those people were fully vaccinated, out of 47,008 confirmed cases. 79 of the people who died had received one dose and were “partially vaccinated.” 151,054 people who were unvaccinated caught the Delta strain, and 253 of them died.

In other words, a fully vaccinated person has a 1 out of 117 chance of dying from coronavirus (Delta), while an unvaccinated person has a 1 out of 597 chance of dying from coronavirus. Don’t get mad at me. This is mathematics. If a vaccinated person catches COVID, they are about 5 times more likely to die from it than an unvaccinated person.

The Biden regime and Anthony Fauci keep blaming the unvaccinated for all the recent coronavirus deaths. But aren’t vaccines supposed to actually protect people from catching a virus? When’s the last time you met someone who had polio, for example? The people in charge need to stop blaming the unvaccinated every time a vaccinated person catches COVID.

They also need to ‘fess up and admit the obvious: These shots don’t work. At best, the shots offer a limited window of protection – just a few months’ duration – against a disease that still has a 99.7% survival rate among people under the age of 80. They seem to be a temporary preventive medicine – not a vaccine. But I guess if they stop calling it a vaccine, they’d have to admit that all of their fussy little mandates are illegal.

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44 thoughts on “Why Won’t They Just Admit That the Shots Are a Failure?”

  1. Refuse to take the shot, throw away your face diaper, live your life! Refuse to comply! Begin the prosecution’s for all those involved in this worldwide scare tactic! My biggest question Still Remains; ” when is dr. Fauci going to be prosecuted for his crimes against humanity”?

      1. I have never heard the Democrats say the truth so why would Democrats all sudden tell the truth about the vaccines?

    1. Someone has a brain. Thank you for standing up to the sheeple. They bleat about the uninjected and proclaim we are the problem. But we still have a working brain and know math dosent lie or support the propaganda being spewed by media. Sheeple are motivated by TERROR so have become dangerous in their inability to think logically.



  2. A shot or two in the arm of Gene Therapy is not a vaccine. It is a form of mind control that should be resisted.

  3. Fauci will NEVER be prosecuted for his crimes against humanity because he is protected by Federal regulation. Not only is he a traitor to our Country, but he, along with the creep Soros, is also majority owner of Moderna Pharmaceutical, one of the two major suppliers of he worthless shots. The shots are not vaccines because they DO NOT protect one against COVID or any of its variants.

    1. So glad I’ve refused these “death sentences in a needle”. I’m terrified that if I take the jab, I’ll be MORE SUSCEPTIBLE to the virus. I know two people currently afflicted with the VID. Both are FULLY vaccinated, one is desparately holding on for dear life, these “vaccines” are anything but!!!!!!

    2. Did you see when Moderna applied for the patent on their mRNA shot? It was in December of 2019. When did the CCP Virus really hit the USA? It was in March of 2020 when all was closed down. Nothing unethical going on here? Correct?

    3. Not only is Dr. Fraudi heavily invested in the pretend vaccines, he also is a stockholder in Remdesivir, which has a 53% kill rate. His agenda is depopulation and he has the backing of powerful billionaires and trillionaires. He may not be prosecuted for his treasonous crimes, but there are ways to rid the world of such slime and those methods cannot be applied soon enough.

  4. These shots are nothing more than foreign matter and spike proteins, which produce factories of them and are being shed and shared with others. It’s population thinning, and well planned at that…..

  5. As far as Fauxcheat goes, he’s so complicit in this massive lie that it stinks. He’s also guilty of blatant criminal conflict of interest having BIG money invested in tho$e chemical toxin$ he’$ ramming into million$!


    So, where is the SOLD-OUT oozing GARBAGE we hired to defend us? Remember them? The people who laughingly swore an OATH the protect us and take a FAT paycheck every month? That GARBAGE?

    And the equally reeking GOP, where are they? Partying maskless and rubbing elbows with the Democrats and our brave defenders? All of them laughing it up and making jokes about the “little people” they have their boot prints all over?

    They have ALL collectively murdered THOUSANDS already and have no intention of stopping the slaughter. After all, after a MILLION abortions a year, whats thousands of Covid Vaccine deaths?

    God Help Us All. Satan, his Democrats, Globalists and Muslims now rule the world.

    Here’s an idea – why not vaccinate the ENTIRE Taliban?

  6. I have a 50% hearing loss & tinnitus in left ear from vaccine. It is a known side effect from vaccines but do you ever hear about it? Have to live with this forever now!

    1. Pat…. I too have tinnitus from a flu shot ( the only one I ever received, after a lengthy debate with my personal physician ) I caved to his whims and have paid dearly for that decision…… 13 yrs now with the worst noise in my head you can imagine!!!

    2. I have a friend who had the same side effects, so he did not get the 2nd dose of disability and death. And he still has the tinnitus and it is 2 months later.


    1. Like cattle led to slaughter FOOLS line up and get
      jabbed then develop a false sense of security. Why havent more people resisted or researched this before falling in line like zombies stick out their arms and say jab me. Too many people have fallen for this terrible vaccine and now suffer its hidious effects that is if they don’t die from
      Sad, sad situation
      I’ll take my chances never bought into their lies biden and fauchi and crew deserve to be forced to live the rest of their lives in HELL

  8. So people aren’t so much dying from covid=19, as they are dying from the shots instead. Hidenbiden, and his administration, has lied about everything else, no difference here. This is nothing but a population control, they have been talking about for years. There are 8 billion people on the planet, can’t feed them all, so kill off as many as possible, to make the earth a more livable place. Why are the vaccines being recalled, because they don’t work,but will kill people, eventually, and that’s what their made to do.

  9. The vax is a bio weapon which destroys the T cells and kills your immune system so you die soon. Which lowers world population which was the goal all along. There is no test for the covid PCR test does not work they can’t isolate the covid virus so how could they possible know a variant. JUST ANOTHER PSY-OPS TO INCITE FEAR IN THE SHEEPLES TO GET THEM TO TAKE THE VAX

  10. This article brings about more confusion in my life. I have been faxed ( 2 time ). I feel good, as does my wife, –
    both of us in our eighties.
    Are we to believe that we were vaccinated for nothing?
    Is all this hype about distancing, masking, and business shut downs incorrect?
    When will someone with authority find the correct answer and shut down all the fake news being spread?
    Am I to believe that all of our scientists, medical professionals are in the dark and have no legitimate answer?

    1. You’ve been led to believe that ALL scientists and ALL medical professionals are in the dark and have no legitimate answers. There is a growing contingent of MANY scientists and MANY medical professionals who are calling out the lies of Big Pharma and those sold out to the depopulation agenda. You need to get new sources for your news and quit believing what CNN tells you that ALL scientists and medical professionals believe one thing. Look up frontlinedoctors.com just for one glimpse at the truth. You’ll get other links from there. Just this week the American Red Cross announced that they will not accept blood plasma donations from people who have been vaccinated. Why?? Because the spike proteins (that are circulating in your vaccinated body right now) are in the blood and would infect anyone receiving a transfusion. That spike protein is what will kill you, by causing your immune system to exhaust itself trying to fight it off. When Fauci and his cohorts in crime create another “variant” and you are exposed to it, your immune system will not have the stamina to protect you. When you get some good solid news sources, you will find the truth. You will never find the truth on mainstream media.

  11. When dealing with an unknown, the first counter measure should be to identify the unknown factors and then proceed towards a solution. Since the origins of COVID-19, a efficacious treatment and a documented verification of that plan are lacking, it would be wiser to do what should have been done in the first place, namely, allow the disease to run its course while still pursuing an effective counter measure.

    This we should have done early on while working to ensure the safety of those most susceptible to the virus. Instead we initiated useless measures such as lock-downs and masks while allowing irresponsible governors to send COVID-19 patients back into the community of the most vulnerable.

    But if your goal is to ‘thin the herd’ whilst also addressing a desire for a Zero Population Growth agenda, then an alleged vaccine is the way to go as sterility-causing compounds can be added as a side-effect of the vaccine and hidden if able to be kept as non-lethal issues. There is also the added bonus of being able to seize more control over the lives of the citizenry whilst simultaneously curtailing severely their basic (and in the USA, Constitutional per 1st Amendment) rights.

    A good strategist could, therefore, use a simple virus to obtain enough power to override the US Constitution, eliminate Freedom of Speech, Worship, Lawful Assembly, determine (via vaccine passports) which Parties, Groups, Associations, etc could be ostracized, silenced and eventually interred and eliminated for non-compliance regarding a fully manipulated health issue.

    The true theme and end-result of the COVID-19 ‘Crisis’ s the seizure of power

    1. Read the Nuremburg papers about medicinal treatments put in place to stop another nazi state. It is unbelievable that the government sponsored doctors have completely disregarded these agreements reached by developed nations.

  12. I’ve noticed that when you watch people being given the shot 0n TV sometimes the needle does not pierce the skin easily and there is NO NEEDLE to be seen when they take the syringe away, I’ve seen this multiple times. You have to watch closely but there is no needle, Hollywood prop syringe?????????????

  13. These “death jabs” are what is causing the rise in “new cases”, the so-called “variant”, and numerous hospitalizations and THOUSANDS of DEATHS. In MY opinion, this is the “great reset” pushed by the COMMUNIST “new world order” that will fulfill the “bill gates wet dream” that these “jabs” will begin to control the population of the world. Wise up America, you have been CONNED, and attacked by a democommunist bought and paid for chinese BIO-WEAPON (with “dr” fauci stealing OUR taxpayer dollars) to fund his “change of function” research that was BANNED in the U.S. , to make the ‘virus more lethal to humans, so the “deep state” can push “altered non-vaccine “death jabs” on this country as well as the world.

  14. I would like to know what happened to all the people who died from attending the Trump rally in Alabama. There must have been thousands. I watched it. There were between 30-40 thousand people, very few masks, no social distancing, jammed up together for hours. Breathing on each other, touching one another. Doing everything Fauci said they shouldn’t. Why was there nothing in the press about it. Would have made a great story. “THOUSAND DIE FROM COVID DUE TO TRUMP RALLY”. That should have been headline news, for two weeks at least.
    Don’t tell me nobody died. That can’t be. After we have been following Fauci’s science now for about 18 months? But then, didn’t this same thing happen at all the Trump rallies? Didn’t the same thing happen at all the riots, burning and looting? Is it possible they have been lying to us for the last 18 months? That all the lockdowns, businesses bankrupt, Job lost,, people dying from the vaccines or ending up with a deadly disease from the vaccine was because they were lying to us? If anybody knows, I wish they would tell me, cause I am really confused about this.

  15. I am one of the top research scientists in the country. I have twenty publications and books on Amazon. I just finished my last book — MY LIFE MATTERS! — and I included a chapter entitled ‘COVID CRAZINESS EXPOSED’ which includes all the major scientists who have repudiated the masks, social distancing and especially this fake and dangerous vaccine that has killed over a 100,000 people and permanently maimed many more than that. I will
    gladly send you a free PDF of this book upon request. Just email me.

    Gerald N. Wright

  16. Gerald Wright here again…I will also send a free PDF copy of my most comprehensive book on
    Climate Change, entitled: ‘CLIMATE CHANGE CRAZINESS EXPOSED!’ It has a special Dedication
    to Rush Limbaugh who read my books and had a great deal of material against manmade climate change.
    Gerald N. Wright
    Biblical-Books.com & Biblical-Books Publications

  17. I am sick and tired of constant push to be vaccinated. Thank God Drs. In nearby Texas town is using Ivermectin. Tired of being told I am danger to vaccinated when actual truth is that they are dangerous to everyone as they carry virus and are responsible for variants. People—Educate yourselves—Don’t listen to propaganda. Just look at Israel.

  18. No one should be threatened with the loss of their job if they don’t want to take the vaccine. 

    A close family of my wife lost their oldest son 5 hours after taking the Pfizer vaccine. 

    No one should be extorted in this manner. 

    Mandated vaccines go against the freedoms we have fought for since the inception of our nation. 

    This needs to stop.

    Congress needs to protect our freedoms 

  19. The jab is really a three-stage biological warfare attack on the First American Republic. The first phase, largely completed, was the revelation of the vaccine and its intense politicization; this was intended to harm President Trump and facilitate the election theft for The Dotard, to prolong the plandemic and keep the pot boiling and to permit the pitting of the vaccinated against an unvaccinated “Other” that will be used for nefarious purposes later. The second stage, now underway, is the realization that the “vaccine” is not really a vaccine at all and that it does not really work; this generation of jabs is designed to fill human cells with spike proteins, incite a wide range of untoward effects and cause widespread death and infertility, contributing to the radical population reduction desired by Gates. The third stage vaccines will introduce foreign genetic material into the human genome to change people, deliver graphene oxide into cells that will tranquilize people and will implant nanosensors that will interface the human nervous system with artificial intelligence algorithms for purpose of control; this is why Schwab is behind it. The cumulative effect of the jab and the mandates will be the collapse of America, which is what Soros is after. This 1-2-3 punch will allow the Great Reset to be imposed, and meanwhile the Great Replacement of Renaud Camus will continue full-tilt, supplanting white by brown and Christian and Jew by mohammedan until America and Europe are turned into Amafrica and Eurabia.

  20. Well, almost a week since this article came out and what has changed? Nothing.

    The DemoCommies still refuse to admit the truth and have instead doubled down with their ILLEGAL mandates forcing that deadly toxin into millions more people.

    I predict that after the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th forced “booster” injections the Party Boss Democrats, surviving ILLEGAL ALIENS and imported MUSLIMS will constitute 90% of the US population. Illegals and Muslims are NOT being required to get the injections! The few meager surviving Americans will be their slaves.

    And THAT is what it’s all about.

    It’s too late for the duped Left to wake up. Also, our brave sold-out scum government defenders and the GOP are still working for the Globalist Left. If it were otherwise none of this could have happened.


    But at least the big majority of the Media will be out of a job with nobody to lie to. Few of them speak Arabic or Spanish.


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