Will Joe Biden Confiscate Your House so an Illegal Alien Family Can Live There?

Abolishing President Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy has had an immediate and catastrophic effect on our southern border. The floodgates are open. It is a crisis, no matter what the dimwits on CNN are telling us. I refuse to call it a “humanitarian” crisis, however. It’s a crisis for the American people who do not want these Third World hordes in our country, and who never asked them to come here in the first place.

I could also care less if they’re spreading COVID. I’m far more concerned about the fact that there’s nowhere to put them.

More than 100,000 illegals were arrested at the border in February. That’s the most since 2006 – another time when the politicians in Washington lured armies of illegals in with a promise of a potential amnesty package. If that turns out to be the new monthly average, that works out to a 1,200,000 foreign population increase in America this year. Are there enough empty apartments in your state to fit all of them? I’m sure there aren’t that many in mine.

The next few days should be pretty intense as well. Any illegals who manage to hurl themselves across our southern border before Joe Biden signs the $1.9 trillion “COVID” bill into law will be getting $1,400 stimulus checks.

Yeah. That’s in the bill. Illegals get stimulus checks. That $1,400 will be the largest amount of money that any of these people have seen in their lifetimes. A cynic might refer to that as an “incentive” to breach our sovereign borders.


Since the government is letting them in no matter what, the biggest question that affects all of us is: Where do we put them? I’ve seen huge influxes of illegal aliens and “refugees” in small-town America before – which is where the Biden regime will be busing these people. They’re not going to Joe Biden’s neighborhood, or Nancy Pelosi’s. They’re coming to your neighborhood. It’s not a pretty sight when they take over a suburban neighborhood.

First, they’ll start butchering animals in the driveway, so you might want brace your kids for that if they’ve never been exposed to farm life. Next comes the ramshackle tin sheds that they all erect in their back yards. Because who doesn’t need a crappy tin shed? Before you know it, your neighborhood looks like a shantytown in Peru.

And of course, they need lights for their tin sheds, so Jorge’s cousin who completed part of an electrician’s apprenticeship back in Guatemala will start tapping into the power grid for everyone. The strings of wires with sparks coming out of them are absurd. But at least it knocks out the power grid for your neighborhood every time it rains.

That was what my family lived through in Idaho a few years ago, when the Obama regime decided to give us diversity by flooding the streets with illegals and refugees. It drives down the property values of the people who live there, when a huge influx of foreigners takes over. It also drives up rents for everyone else, because it causes a housing scarcity for the locals.

This time it’s going to be worse than anything the Obama regime put America through. The Democrat Party has now become a fully communist entity. There’s no compromise with communists. They’re going to crush America with this flood of aliens, because they’re going to pull straight from the Karl Marx rulebook.

Need extra housing for people on the correct side of The Party? No problem!

Chapter 2: Confiscate all property belonging to rebels.

If you haven’t been paying attention since January 6th, you are the “rebel” in that equation. That’s according to the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, most current Members of the US Congress and the entire Biden regime.

If you question the legitimacy of Komrade Biden’s election, you are a dangerous domestic terrorist. An insurrectionist. A coup plotter. A “rebel.” And we know what communists like to do with the property of rebels.

Oh, well that could never happen here, right? This is America! I used to say that. In fact, I can remember the last time I said that. It was a year ago, when politicians started talking about an insane plan to shut the US economy down over a virus.

“15 days to flatten the curve? That could never happen here,” I said. Boy, have my eyes been opened since then.

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83 thoughts on “Will Joe Biden Confiscate Your House so an Illegal Alien Family Can Live There?”

  1. We the people of these United States Of America need to know just who is pulling Joe Biden’s
    Strings. He’s not coming up with this crap all by himself!! He can’t string three words together by himself. I for one didn’t ask those people to come here and I don’t wount them here!
    Whoever wrote the above peace of work , calls them “illegals” they aren’t Illegals once they cross our Border. The tax player’s of this Country Will take care of these people from now on.
    Very few will ever work a day in their life. Why would they, when the government is going to hand everything to them on a silver platter?
    I would like to see our Countrys people our own people taken care of first of all.
    We have people in this Country in need right now that can’t get help. Then we have people that’s like a Spunge, standing with their hands held out for more. The “majority” of those people are able to work for those handouts.
    People has their priority backwards. If they have priorities!
    We are deep in the gutters, and getting dragged deeper.
    While normal people are sleeping,
    Biden and his bunch of idiots are Flying these people into our States airport’s dumping them off at our front doors.
    Biden’s Democrats don’t even have the decenticy to let us know!

      1. Is it Susan Rice or Obama running the show? Or maybe both along with that dunce Harris! Definitely not Biden!!

        1. The bo’s 8 years of treason is the #1 instigator to be dictator & now a biden’s shadow of deceitful E.O.’s !

      2. It appears that the democratic leadership, The rich or super rich such as George Sorry Soros, Billy loose Gates, Nancy Pelosi, The Clinton’s, Anna worthless warrenty, Komedy Harris and who else? I welcome the immigrants on one simple condition, come in threw leagal means . The above, not us the Tax payers, should foot the billing’s for the illeagals . We have alot of our plates as it is and do not want any more burdens. So, the above mentioned I offer you this advice…..Shut the F….Up. Thank you.

    1. Wrong. They are illegals until amnesty or the legitimately become citizens. Bless your heart,Dot.

      1. Wrong the illegal part is now a sub-human weapons of mass destruction attack on U.S. Citizens Constitutional Freedom, Rights & National Security ! The biden commie, dem regime of deceit to be dictator is the #1asinine instigating enemy to use illegal foreigners as fraud voters & slaves for his own tyranny stench of abused power which is to be prosecuted high treason not impeachment indictments or congressional pardons ! Hang ’em hi !

      1. All these people need to be arrested for treason as they are destroying our Republic and don’t even have to fire a shot!!

      2. Whole damned dem leader cabinet are proven criminals of treason supporting biden and bo treason !

      1. The biden deceitful socialist, commie, china support has gone on for years & now a shadow marxist bo ! Many stupid dems libtards voting with fraud vote crimes of treason to create a U.S.A. islamic bo dictator s–t hole !

    2. Well said!! If there is any investigation needing done (just forget the Jan. 6th demonstration) then, it is the cancelation of millions of American’s votes in 2020. That is why they came to the Capital…to protest that NOTHING was being looked at as far as the fraud goes. And then we get someone like clueless Joe in office. HE CERTAINLY needs to be investigated, crimes proven and then jailed pronto! Then sent to Gitmo for further questioning and punishment. The American people have been traumatized enough…and it is time for this all to come to a head. We have already seen the absolute truth of how Trump and ALL of us were ripped off by the Deep State. WE WILL NOT LET IT GO!!! NEVER…for the sake of our next generations.

    3. Amen to the truth that this Marxism dictatorship we are seeing is taking place right in front of our very eyes and has been slowly coming for a long time , Curtis Bowers was a representative way back years ago when he was researching in the congressional library and read what Carl Marx stated he would take America down from within this is his Agenda, take prayer out of the school, that was accomplished in 1963, I was 9 years old and remember when we prayed in school. Then he had to break up the American family and to bring this about woman’s liberation , I was in high school by that time and remember how we were told we don’t need men, that’s definitely breaking family’s up, that was in the 6o’s-70’s. Then He had it planned to use Hollywood and the news coverage and then the political arena to control our great nation to then take down our nation from within parents and our Christian nation will have no control of our children and being brainwashed to bring communist Marxism from within , and this is why we are here now , may God help us and I pray fir our Great Nation the United States of America, Amen

    4. Those dam stupid ass SOCIALIST DEMOCRATS should be the ones to have to support and take care of all those thousands of illegals dump them in those idiots front yard starting with BIDEN, PELOSI, AN HARRIS. they want them here then they take care of them , The tax payers do not want or need them added to the Debt that all you IDIOTS have already made that will take several generations to pay not to mention all the free loaders that we are paying already, Then there is the druges and crime that comes with them again we have to much crime already why add more to it all.

    5. First was no brain biden & nowvit’s a total vacuum between biden’s ears that has imploded ! Confiscate biden’s home & all his stolen wealth to pay for eliminating his asinine dictator E.O.’s ! Indict him for high treason along with his shadow bo & all dem cronies execute ’em in public view as examples being #1 traitors & commies ! A very obvious crime of marxist, Islamic terrorist enemy attacks on U.S.A. is a biden, bo dictator assault to stop !

    1. NOW after 3 months of treasonous E.O.’s biden appears to be a #1commie supporting enemy to destroy U.S. Citizen’s Constitutional Freedom, Rights & National Security while supporting every U.S. enemy in the world ! These crimes of treason are now proof for indictments and prosecution not just impeachment ! Worst ever !

  2. Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE. If their pictures are in the Post Office, they should be on the same bulletin next to the other nine.

    1. That’s a fact along with every biden supporting dem leader & voting libtard that helped the fraud vote treason !

    1. WITH bo, rice as shadow wannabe dictators telling biden what to do with whole damned dem stench of treason !

  3. They are going to push the true American people of this country, to far and then the shooting will start, as we take our country back from these scumbag politicians and radicals……

    1. Ready, aim, fire. I have not forgotten what I learned in 7 years military. 82nd Airborne. Death from Above.

  4. This dumb SOB and his handlers are going to kill this country’s economy in 5 months.
    Before Covid Trump had the United States going strong economically and unemployment was at a record low.
    In just 5 months Biden and Pelosi have us in the worst condition in decades. They are divided the country more each day.
    The Democratic Party of old is now the American Communist Party. The same party that mentored Obama when he was attending Occidental College as a foreign student. Yes, foreign student!!


    1. Spot on Mark. The 2nd amendment is part of our constitution not for home invasions or car jackings or even coming home and finding my wife piled up in bed with some guy. It was written in to protect the society as a whole from a tyrannous government which is exactly what we have now with the democrat party. The only way to stop it is, well clean your guns boys.

  6. This is what communist regimes DO. They didn’t like how their population voted – so they importing new voters.

  7. The damned Commierats thought January 6th was scary wait until a few million Patriots come after them with ropes and guns ! It is my guess the DC National Guard will join us Cleaning Out the TRAITORS within our Nation !
    Our Fore Fathers stood their ground and cleaned out the Tyrants 245 years ago this time we will clean out the Commierat TRAITORS ! The SOBs seem to want a Civil War they have about pushed us to a breaking point !
    I for one will gladly send as many of them to their maker !

    1. The Government (Pelosi, Obama, The Squad, Harris) have requested a 1.9 trilIion dollars for EMERGENCY SECURITY AROUND THE CAPITOL! they have seen what is planned and they are going to do their best to stop the war against them, BEWARE!!!

  8. Oh, stop worrying! The GOP and our brave defenders in government and the military will spring into action to save us.


    Well, …….. right?

    Hmmmmmm …….. what are they waiting for?

    Oh, I see. They’re either too busy working to Impeach Trump a third time or are tied up taking Homosexuality is Cool, Choose Your Sex and Proper Pronoun classes in the barracks, Hump – two – three – four!

    Never mind.

  9. It’s time take back the USA!
    Our younger generation is split between brain dead not knowing right from wrong and REAL PATRIOTS!!
    Who will win?

  10. People stop! No time to write comments! But time time join together with other friends who believe the same thing as you. But be careful of wolf who mouth will be trouble for you! We know the truth will come out! Seeing it in ARIZONA soon Georgia! My first question why is JOE BIDEN MOVING SO FAST TO DESTORY EVERYTHING THAT WAA GOOD FOR THIS COUNTRY. DONE BY TRUMP? This is something strange if you look back on other president who follow another one! I do get the impression that SUSAN RICE IS WORKING WITH OBAMA, PELOSI, SCHUMER, AND OTHER TO DESTROY EVERYTHING BY TRUMP! So it does not effect their GOAL OF BRINGING IN SOCIALIST RULE! So what is needed done is we are going to have to push harder in getting these REMOVED AND TRY FOR SEDITION AND TREASONOUS AGAINST THE COUNTRY. They know they are GUILTY! ARTICLE 3 SECTION 3 state it AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION LAWS TO AIDING AND COMFORT THE ENEMY OF OUR COUNTRY! This mean they are to be REMOVED AND ARRESTED FOR PUTTING THIS COUNTRY IN HARM WAYS!

    1. You are right in your thoughts Wyatt, but who do we start with?, Soros and his Entities, Obama, or his direct connection to the Whitehouse ‘Susan Rice’?, or does the Bendable Basement Biden have a different set of Handlers?, Someone like China, Russia, or Iran, who just might have enough on Sleeply Joe to cause him to Bend in any direction they desire? I agree with the 120 retired General Officers who wrote the letter about getting Sleeply out of there. They see the light and they as some of us have, “Taken the sworn oath to defend the Constitution and this Country against all enemies – Foreign and “Domestic”. I wonder how much more the present Tyrannical Marxist Regime will get done before someone in authority will issue the “All Call”, and that’s not the ‘British are coming’ either.

    2. Not just the Guys!!!!! Us gals are ready also!
      We have our guns and ammo. We have trained and we know how !!!
      May be surprised but I am 77 years young and no one——NO ONE is taking my house or anything else. Have already took all cash out of bank so checks – etc can not be traced. Yes i am a TRUMPER ! i MAY BE GETTING OLD BUT I STILL HAVE A BRAIN.

  11. Did you people read this articleit’s a bunch of ..People writing stuff like this are just as bad as the lying MSM!!We need to land in the middle of this B.S. and the lefty B.S.

  12. Stop this silly talk about guns and counterrevolution that is fantasy land machismo. The real thing to do is vote this congress out ASAP. A dopey Boston U. Graduate from Queens NY has become a power in this country how? Failure of right minded people to vote. And we need these loud mouth somali Ilhan Omar and the Arab from Palestine determining our priorities and policies. Remember who brought down the 911 Towers it wasn’t a group of Israeli Jews. You know AOC and co. Think it unfair that Israel intercepts 90 % of Hamas rockets they think that Israel should let the 4000 rockets fall andvkill more Jews for the sake of what proportionality. Majority of Israeli Jews are refugees or
    Descendants of refugees thrown out of the Arab countries in 1948 i after living there for thousands of years. And guess what they are Jews of colour which seems to be important to people like the Mayorpof Chicago

    1. At the rate the Commies are progressing, this Country will not last until the 2022 election. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE VERY SOON OR WE MAY NOT HAVE AN ELECTION IN 2022, MUCH LESS 2024 !!!

    1. Absolutely not!!! It’s to change the voting block in America by importing illegal immigrants which will owe the Demorats for importing them. I will not let them have my home!! I live in CA and I’m planning on moving to FL, TX, or TN then the improvements are finished on my place to sell it!!

  13. Lets give them bidins , harris and all the democrats houses first they can get a lot of people in those big houses

    1. I was thinking the same thing … if Biden wants them so bad … move them into the White House and let them destroy the beautiful lawns and gardens.

  14. If our Republicans would do their job and bring charges against the demon-rats for treason we can start taking our country back. pervert biden, sicko obama, kameltoe, nazi piglosi, scummer, schiff for brains, and their co-harts need to be brought before a firing squad for treason. The Rosenberg’s chair is empty, fry them in that. The day they come to take my home that I worked 42 years for will be their last day on earth…. Republican politicians….WAKE UP!!!!!!!!

  15. There was a time when our elected officials took care of their constituents. It wasn’t that long ago.
    I have to say that when Obama gave his speech saying that he was going to “ fundamentally change America”, the chills ran through my body from head to toe.

    Why would anyone, any administration, want to take the measures that were put in place to grow a nation, with freedoms and liberties and opportunity for all, and put down the gavel to suppress that ideaology, ultimately killing our sovereignty and God given ways of life?!!

    We’re Americans, and as such… we are free to make choices, and pursue the qualities of life that our doctrines dictate. This isn’t freakin Leningrad for God’s sake!!

    But bring on the Obama administration and all of a sudden racial tension becomes an issue once again…. it was nice while the black-white thing was working, but these democrats have some warped need to want to bring us again to a point where we’re at each other’s throats.
    So senseless.
    Stupid really. In my experience, I never had any animosities while working around black people. But, the Muslim, foreign, POS ex-President for whatever reason, had to sic the blacks on the whites for what. Reciprocity?! I don’t get that, I’m a white man who’s made a comfortable living my entire life. Never rich, I’ve never owned a home, and I know plenty of Black people who have made so much more money than me in my lifetime. Which leads me to believe, that obviously we all have the same opportunity, it’s just a matter of how we take our choices and implement them into our lives.
    Anyone, in America, can (could?) achieve any goals they have. Anyone. All it takes it hard work and perseverance.
    I’m so tired of hearing about how oppressed the minorities in this country are. Get out there and get off your ass, and you can get anything you desire. Well, that’s how it’s been up till now.

    So Biden wants to now take our homes from us to give them to uneducated, disease ridden, peoples who can’t even speak our language and what…… put more CITIZENS on the streets of America.

    For fucks sake Joe, you’ve got 330,000,000 Americans you need to take care of before even thinking about this non contributing faction of illegalities who are wreaking havoc on our border cities, and bringing in the crime, sex trafficking, the drugs, MS13, terrorists from wherever.


    Americans come FIRST.
    This illegitimate regime can’t really be considered an American entity. All this handful of pigs are doing is wrecking this nation so that they may enrich themselves.
    Clinton’s- a crime family
    Obama’s- a crime family
    Biden’s- a crime family
    All democrats, and all untouchable.

    What’s wrong with this picture?!
    We need to take this cabal and eliminate it or the United States of America is doomed!
    These reprobates are not the people that need to be running our country.

  16. Let me know when the talking stops & the shooting starts.
    Until then I’m just locking & loading.

  17. SHIP those ILLEGALS back . . . ASAP and PERMANENTLY! The NEXT time they come BACK in – HARD LABOR in PRISON, to FIX out ROADS and INFRASTRUCTURE, with NO financial restitution. They are ILLEGAL! One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  18. Let them try. The dems had better come up with a figure for trying to steal my home which I worked hard for my entire life for. Plus I’m a totally disabled combat Vet. In other words let the worthless Commiecrats try. No threats just a FACT.

  19. WTFH is this FOOL of a “President” THINKING? Or IS he? He is patently certifiable as he is obviously stark, raving INSANE! Not even “classical” liberals (read “humanitarian s”) would stand down and meekly submit to such abuse by our government, so one can easily discern the degree of resistance which will be meted out by those of us with a more conservative ideology. It wouldn’t hurt for Biden and all like-minded Democrats to be subjected
    to a little Redneck “reeducation” and all which that might entail!

  20. The Only Way to Save the Nation at this Point is to Take Out Every Single Democrat/Leftist/Progressive that have Taken up Residence in Government form the White House to Your Local City Hall. All of the Alphabet Agencies are Corrupt and Full of DirtBags Who do the Bidding of Their Communist Puppet Masters. The Left-Wing Media Pundits Need to be Given a Dirt Nap as well since ALL They do is Lie, Lie, Lie, and Divide the People! Remember They Started this and They are Going to be the Big Losers, because when You Push People into a Corner Sometimes They come out and Bite Your Ass!

  21. The America I’ve known all my 85 years is gone! I really don’t think I’ll ever see it again. There aren’t enough God-fearing freedom-loving patriots left to bring about a proper turnaround. Too many Americans have let themselves get comfortable and apathetic. The frog is in the pot of water and it’s heating up!

  22. Only one thing to think about here, what is the military going to do ? Stand with the patriots , or follow the orders from a corrupt administration?
    Obummer did away with most of the good patriotic
    Commanders & replaced them with yes men. So watch which way the troops are leaning. As you probably already know this corrupt administration is already weeding out the conservatives from the military. Beware, be cool, be smart, be ready. Above all, be a American Patriot…!

  23. As I recall, there’s a section of our Constitution….that was written… directly due to
    the British chose to……force their soldiers into residing in Colonial family homes.
    In the Constitution…..the forcing of American’s to share their homes is unConstitutional.

    1. Words to the effect “No quartering of soldiers….” hopefully it applies to interlopers that come up the border!
      I don’t know how many can make it going through the “Darien Gap” from Colombia to Central America, the most dangerous place in the entire World!! Now it’s filled with dead rotting bodies, from people that just couldn’t last the treacherous journey!

  24. I am Proud to be an American. I believe in free speech, the right to worship God. They can not take that away from CHRISTIANS. If Biden wants the aliens here, then they can live in the White House and live with all the democrats. Maybe that will change their minds.

  25. The real Patriots in this country need to STOP TALKING AND GET ORGANIZED AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS TYRANY !!!!

  26. Cheryl,
    I am Very Proud to be a American,
    Born and Raised a American in middle Georgia . It makes me sick to my stomach to watch the United States construction being dragged through the coals and torn to pieces. I for one took the pledge to protect this country’s. construction to the best of my ability, and yes I am a “TRUMPER” and proud of it!!

    I can’t do any more, other than help VOTE that Helpless “B” out of office

  27. Any person who tries to confiscate my home for any reason is going to walk right into a face full of 12 gage .00 buckshot. I don’t have a lot but worked my ass off for 41 years and earned what I do have. Obviously that’s something I don’t want to have to do, but enough is enough,

  28. Here`s a way to save trillions. Put the Army to work laying land mines at the border. It would take 10 people the length of the border patroling with Drones.
    The end.

  29. Great idea! Let’s start confiscating homes to house the illegal aliens invited into this nation, but let’s do it logically. Multi-million dollar homes can house more people than working-class neighborhood homes, so start with them. I suspect that program will end long before we run out of the large homes owned by the 1% crowd, so the 5% crowd may not even be affected.

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