Weird: Michelle Obama Registered to Vote as a Man for 14 Years for Some Reason

President Donald Trump is running for reelection in 2024, as confirmed in an interview with New York Magazine last week. The only remaining question is whether he will launch the campaign before or after the 2022 midterms.

Knowing this, it’s now fair game to wonder who will be running against the Republican nominee for president. We know it won’t be the doddering old man currently occupying the White House. He can’t even ride a bicycle without flopping on the ground these days. So, who’s it going to be?

Michelle Obama is weirdly an odds-on favorite among Democrat voters. Fine. Let’s start vetting her. One researcher has uncovered something strange about Michelle Obama’s past and… now I have questions.


First, just a word to the 14 remaining Democrat voters working at MSNBC who think that Joe Biden is going to run in 2024 and be the nominee. He’s not running. He physically and mentally can’t do it. Stop embarrassing yourselves like this.

We know he’s not running because we now have it confirmed that Joe Biden wasn’t even fit to run in 2020. Tucker Carlson has reported, based on the testimony of a person who was in the room and witnessed it, that Joe Biden had to be doped to the gills before every public appearance.

There’s been some success in controlling dementia patients with barbiturates, and clinical research supports that idea so Tucker’s not out of bounds to suggest as much. Joe Biden was supposedly like a toddler before Doctor Jill Biden administered the drugs to him before public appearances. There’s no reason to believe that Joe Biden is not doped to the gills today as well. Anyway, he’s not going to be the nominee.

Which brings us to the weirdness of the idea that Michelle Obama could somehow become the Democrat nominee for president in 2024. To be fair, the only way I see that happening is if Michelle Obama gets all the primary debate questions ahead of her opponents and is allowed to read them off a teleprompter. She’s terrible in off-the-cuff discussions and not particularly bright. She didn’t get into Harvard like her husband, and it shows whenever she speaks.

But there is a major pipe dream out there that Michelle Obama is going to run and that she is somehow a threat to Donald Trump. But there’s one strange theory about Michelle Obama that has been floating around about her for years. One researcher decided to do some digging into Michelle’s backstory, and he decided to look into those claims – specifically, the claims that Michelle Obama is actually a man.

Filmmaker Joel Gilbert obtained Michelle Obama’s original voter registration card from Illinois from back in 1994. Voter registration cards are public records in Illinois and anyone who wants can look them up and obtain them through records requests. You have to wonder why no one in the Republican Party doing oppo research on the Obamas ever looked this document up in 2008 or 2012, when Barack ran for president and then reelection. The oddity that he found is that in the box for “Sex” on the form, Michelle Obama circled the M for male, instead of the F for female.

Gilbert dismisses this as a clerical error. He then goes to great lengths to explain that Michelle Obama is a woman and not a man, and that she’s never been a man, and yadda yadda yadda. But I think there are some other possible explanations for why she circled the M instead of the F.

All these questions speculating about Michelle Obama, of course, stem from a comment that Joan Rivers made about her: “You know Michelle is a tranny. A trans-gen-der. We all know.” A lot of people then assumed that Michelle is a man, following that video of her dancing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show in which she appeared have something large flopping around in her dress.

I’m not convinced that Michelle Obama is a man, and I think Rivers may have been hinting at something different. (Rivers never clarified her remarks, because she died in surgery a couple of months later.) Michelle Obama was registered to vote as a man for 14 years, and only switched her registration to F for Female in 2008 when Barack ran for president.

Not that I’m judging, but doesn’t a more logical explanation for this oddity seem like Michelle is actually a biological woman, who identifies as a man? Maybe she’s one of those “transgender men” who can get pregnant. As for what might be flopping around under her dress, I leave it to the readers to speculate about what a trans man might wear as part of her “lived experience.” The whole thing is weird, but it would explain why Barack Obama has always been so fascinated with transgenders.

One thing is for certain: When rumors like this start floating around again, we’re definitely entering another presidential election season!

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50 thoughts on “Weird: Michelle Obama Registered to Vote as a Man for 14 Years for Some Reason”

    1. I’ve been saying that for years and I don’t need
      A test to convince me I have all ways said she is Eric holder in drag funny funny Ha ha ha

    2. I watched “it” dance on that show and that circumcised penis flopping to and fro, up and down was so evident, I thought about hermaphrodite. A FREAKING SNAIL!
      Well, a snail is smarter than “””it”””!

  1. Once again, brings up the questions of there not being photos of Michelle pregnant or records of Michelle giving birth to their two daughters. Really strange. Will we ever know the truth about the Obamas?

  2. For the record, Michelle Obama was not wearing a dress when she was on the Ellen show. She was wearing pants and that center bulge was definitely not a sign of pregnancy.

    1. I was watching that show and she was wearing white dress pants and it did show a bulge in the groin area. She also had the same problem when when she was wearing a dress another time, which certainly was a bulge shapped like a banana. And also seen pictures of younger Obama being called: Bath house Barry because he was alsways frequently patronizing a men’s bath house.

      1. My assumption is that Obama is actually gay. I saw a pic of him with Michael Obama(the one parading himself as Michelle) That’s why he was the first president to push so hard for that clown community. But of course he waited until his second term when he was elected because he wouldn’t be able to stand again anyway. And he had the full backing of the media to do whatever he wanted.

    2. I noticed it said dress too, no big deal I guess. But with those light colored pants you couldn’t miss “it”!!!!! She also had a dress on in another video, I can’t remember where she was at though & the bulge was very apparent!!!!

  3. It explains a lot that thing we called a president once or twice is really a converted weirdo no wonder he’s bringing all this crap he likes the sausage never could stand the piece of shit this is why the world is like it is Biden is just finishing what the weirdo started and these people call themselves human how about demons

    1. It makes you wonder who are we as people if we vote for these characters?
      Usually where rhere is smoke there is a fire
      I hope she does not come even close of running for the white house because if “IT” does then it should be subjected to the tron test as the candidates for the papacy were subjected long time ago to make sure that the people elect the right gender

      1. Also, a CONSTITUTION test for ALL govt personnel!!!
        For that matter, ALL our students must pass a Constitution test to graduate.

  4. I’ m totally done with the dem party. You name it they did it OR will do it. But know one thing THEY HATE EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY, UNLESS IT SUITS THERE PURPOSE. YHE OBAMAS. WHAT EVER THEY ARE CHOSE TO HIDE IT. SAY’S A LOT FOR ME

  5. If true, they are in style since Tran is in vogue in this country now.. Obama is the 2nd 3 term President and currently to blame for our country’s present slide into oblivion completing His promise to change America for ever.

    1. When Obama was running for president he said he was going to give us CHANGE. So from his presidency I ended with nothing but pocket change.

  6. WOW! . . . SOUNDS like MICHELLE is REALLY confused – Like the DEMOCRAT party! One Enlightened Patriot.

  7. If Michelle is actually a man, I do not think the voters will care. We have been programmed to accept the LGBQ community.

    1. you could not be more wrong and you do not speak for the people who don’t live on a coast. LBGTQRSTUVWXYZ1234567 is not in great standing since they became public perverts and child molesters/abusers.

    2. That is what the fake news wants you to believe. The truth is most American’s think they are a bunch of weirdo’s. An abomination to God. His words. If big mike was a woman he would insist on a chromosome test.

  8. I do not care how people live their lives, except when they try to force their way of life into mine!!! I do NOT have to address them any way but hey you if I want to, nor do I have to put up with their bull excrement!!!

    Now the Obama’s are the worst thing that happened to this country, and Biden is just finishing off what Obama started! We do NOT want a repeat of the sheer asinine politics that the racist Michelle would bring to Washington. That is just giving her husband his fourth term, because he is the puppet master behind Biden now!!!!!

    1. Absolutely, Sleepy Joe isn’t running our country. It’s Obama behind the curtain directing the Biden administration.

  9. It is a man. All you have to do is research. They were created by the CIA to help destroy America, using the race card all of the way. Racist is their favorite word. They want us divided and fighting with each other. Do not fall for their BS. Also, daughters were on rental from the original family and they had to sue the obummers to pay them the 5 million they had agreed upon. The whole thing is one big CY-OP. We have to stop looking at this scum of the earth and use our heads. It is a man married to a gay person.

  10. Do not know if all the talk is true but I do know that I do not want the likes of Michelle Obama to be president. What next Daffy Duck?

  11. A man living in Chicago b/f Barry was a politician, signed a affidavit as to having a sexual relationship w/Barry…. And once it was in a back of a taxi as they were snorting cocaine. He spoke out, but it didn’t matter. Barry had already been groomed for taking down America. Too bad.


  13. Michelle is clearly a man! Body conformity proves it. And the “ bouncing bulges” does as well! If anyone would vote for “ it” they need a lobotomy!

  14. Bath house Barry wasn’t the first “ installed “ president..bush was..remember they kept recounting the Florida votes until they showed bush as a far as Barack well..sorry.. no good old boy and girl down south voted for this queer but no one questioned this oblivious corrupt installment..even Barack in a speech called Michelle ..Michael how many men make a mistake like calling their wife by a male name..she is not a woman..just a ugly man lying

  15. Wow. If this is all true, my question is, if it can be proved then prove it. Afterwards act on it. Yes we can say harmful things about anyone. But the proof is in the pudding. Once proved take ever legal action to remove such liars and filth. Let’s give this country back to the one that created it. He will soon take it anyway. Trust in Him, He is Alfa and Omega.

    1. Obama was not born in the US, has a fake Social Security Number from Connecticut, yet never lived in Connecticut. What is going on?

  16. Of course it was/is a man. That’s why Osama Obama got gay marriage legalized in 2015 when he lit the white house in rainbow colors. He was in there knawing that thang….uugh.

    1. Thank you!!! The moment I saw the voter card thing about Michael Obama I knew why that all the push for fag union was done by Obama. Because he is one of them. And just recently he criticized parents for trying to ban books for children that have sexually explicit images and ideas in them. He just like the rest is also a groomer.

  17. I have been saying since the first debate that Joey 2 scoops was high as a kite. I have seen many people that were high on drugs. Look at their eyes. Look at Joey two scoops eyes from 3 years ago and compare them to the debates and all major speeches he reads from teleprompters. He is an unelected puppet and he is doing serious harm to our Nation. Big mike is a tranny doing work as a distraction.

    1. It’s not Joe Biden that’s running our country. How can he when most of the time he doesn’t know where he is at.

  18. even if they get 100% proof, that won’t stop it from running for president.. they will allow it. I can’t imagine George Washington thinking to say… wait a minute.. make sure we make it against the constitution for tranny freaks to become president.

  19. Why doesn’t a known member of the press simply ask M. Obama why she registered as a male ? I know that will probably not happen but until at least the question is brought up in an open venue the question will linger and should be reason not to vote for this person. We need honesty not evasiveness. We got Slow Joe who did not campaign and we should not accept another highly questionable candidate from the socialists this time.

  20. Agreed. Why not just ask her why she registered as a male…if this copy is legitimate. You can do so much with photos these days to make them look authentic. Having said that, she is not very bright and might not even have noticed that she’d circled M instead of F. Her kids do resemble her, to a certain degree. How can you explain that, other than that she is a biological female?
    I dislike her as much as the next person here. What possible qualifications can she have to be president? (Though that has not stopped a multitude of unqualified people from running and winning.) All I have left to say is, “NO MORE LEFTIES!” We do not need to completely devastate the economic viability of this country. Thank you.

  21. Just look at this as another point of view if correct she is a transgender person that would make sense why democrats are pushing this agenda right now because she can come out now so they can push first transgender President I Put Nothing Pass Democrats Thay Are Great at Lying. Freedom of Information Act and Get A True Copy Of All Forms From Birth to Reg

  22. That explains a lot. Someone in the Obama family had to have a set since the Kenyan didn’t, so it might as well be Michael, oops I meant Michele.

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